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After that fateful day, Miyagi completely stopped contacting him at all and did not even try going to his school again. Somehow, it should make him felt at ease, as he did not have to go through difficulties in avoiding the older guy all over again. However, deep down inside of him, he wished that Miyagi would still continue pestering him and contacting him. At least. But now…

Is this the end?

Where are my feelings leading?

Not only that, whenever he had the time after school, he would go to his father's university and either pass by or barge in Miyagi's office, trying to ask the older guy of his father's whereabouts, when in fact he just wanted to meet Miyagi, the latter would only reply to him like nothing ever happened between them. After all those months.

I think,

It'll be better,

If things just remain the way they are…

But how wrong he was to think that it would change for the better. For the better if things just remain the way they are. Back to square one. Back from the beginning. Miyagi as his ex-brother-in-law and him being Miyagi's ex-wife's little brother.


He mentally shook his head. He would definitely not going to let this end without conveying his feelings to Miyagi. But…

It was already too late…

He had already submitted the transfer letter to the school principal and he had already bought airplane ticket to Australia.

'Three days from now…' He glanced to the ticket in his hand as he made his way towards the university.

This time, he would convey his feelings to Miyagi…

For the last time…

Before he went off to Australia…

"What are you doing here again, brat? If you are looking for the dean, he's up in the office, as usual." Miyagi muttered, without looking back at him as he focused on going through his students' papers.

Well, at least he tried to.

When he was met with only silence, he slowly spun around and surprised to see the little guy quivered, straining himself from letting out a choked sob, as tears welling up his eyes.


"This is all your fault, Miyagi…" Shinobu squeaked out as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"What do you mean by that? How can it be my fault?" As far as he recalled, he absolutely was sure that he did nothing wrong at all. Never did he do anything that could hurt Shinobu's feelings. Not in his conscience though. Was there?

He gave a thought for a few more minutes before his mind came to a stop. Perhaps it was because of his coming home late that unconsciously made him lonely. Yup. That might be the case.

Miyagi approached the little guy and gently grabbed his shoulders, which made Shinobu surprised with his unexpected action. "I'm sorry, Shinobu-chin. For always coming home late and I never know that you would feel lonely-"

"Not only that!" Shinobu cut him off with his bangs hung over his watery eyes, hiding them from Miyagi's sight. "You…you're in love with your co-worker, right?" He finally managed to squeak out those words out from his mouth.

However those sentence really did make his guard down and somehow he felt it quite funny that he burst out laughing. Shinobu froze at the sight of him and speechless at the sight of the older man laughing at him.

Laughing at him…

Laughing for his foolishness…

A fool that finally realise the truth…

The truth that he was simply being a substitute…

"It's true, right?" This made the older man fell in deep silence. "You're only going out with me out of sympathy. After all, I'm just the substitute for your love towards your co-worker." He managed to whisper out as another tear rolled down his cheek.

"It's not like tha-"

"Yes! It's true! You are in love with him and you only accepted me out of your wimp! Not only that, I also saw you confessing your love to him the other day!"

Miyagi's eyes widened as those words sunk in his mind. The other day? He saw it? He let out a deep sigh as he scratched his head. He glanced at the younger man. He seemed to be exhausted with all of this.

All of this is just a misunderstanding, Shinobu-chin…

Mostly on your part…

"It pains me to hear it, to realize it, that you actually don't lo-"

Miyagi crashes his lips on Shinobu's, cutting him off and silencing him from continuing his words.

However the young man did not take this pretty well. He just could not take any more of this. Of him playing his heart. Of him tearing his heart apart. Of him breaking his heart into pieces. And these past few days, he had make resolution to finally let Miyagi go.

With the resolution kept on repeating in his mind, he mustered up his courage and struggled to push him away, trying to break the kiss. Plus, he hoped by doing this, Miyagi would understand.

However, what he did not expect was that Miyagi pulled him more as he began to kiss him in a desperate yet passionate manner by which instantly made him melted into the kiss.

After a few minutes of them making out, finally Miyagi slowly pulled away, leaving Shinobu panting and gasping for air, and this made the former smirked. He rested his forehead on his and had his thumb caressed Shinobu's cheek as the other arm encircled the latter's waist.

"He's not the one, Shinobu-chin."


"He's not the one. Not the one I love."

The little guy narrowed his eyes and scowled at the statement. What does he mean by that?! And it was very clear that he did confess to that Kamijou guy!

"Nope. You got it all wrong." Miyagi suddenly pulled away from him and ruffled Shinobu's blonde hair before making his way to his office desk in search for his cigarette.

When neither of them broke the heavy silence in the air as Shinobu still waiting in patience to give him the chance to defend himself, Miyagi took the cue not before puffing out a smoke from the cigarette.

"The confession that night was not for him, Shinobu-chin." This time, Miyagi let his eyes wandered at Shinobu's figure. He's becoming thinner than the last time I saw him. He let out a mental sigh.

"Then, if it was not for him, then whose?" Shinobu mentally slapped himself when he realized that he had squeaked out, which might make Miyagi felt that he was weak.

Suddenly, all he could see was a white ceiling and it took a few seconds for his mind to register his current position. He was being pushed on the floor as Miyagi hovered above him.


"It was for you." Miyagi's hands cupped Shinobu's cheeks and Shinobu could not help but had his eyes fixed on Miyagi's. For a split moment, he saw something flashed across those midnight-blue eyes but did not dare to conclude what it was. "I've been thinking of you the whole time."

As those words finally sunk in the little guy's mind, his face began to blush a beet redder and about to cover his face to hide embarrassment but to no avail, as Miyagi skilfully intertwined their fingers to make him easier to have a look at his little lover's expression.

This time, he mentally let out a sigh of relief as he saw the familiar love in those grey orbs, as he finally able to convey his feelings to him.

Miyagi slowly drew closer to Shinobu and settled his lips on his. This time, they both knew that their feelings were mutual. Minutes by minutes, the kiss became more passionate that Shinobu had to struggle to push Miyagi away but this time for a different reason.

"Miyagi, y-you're suffocating m-me!"

Miyagi realized that his little lover was in need for air, he grudgingly pulled away. He let out a smile and whispered in his ears, "It's not just me. You also did the same thing to me unconsciously…"

Shinobu blinked questioningly at his statement, not understanding even one bit of it as he cocked an eyebrow. "Wha-" Again, he was cut off as Miyagi continued their deep kiss.

If only you had known…

That you suffocated me…

Suffocating me with your love…

To the point I can't live without it…

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