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I feel as if everyone of our steps are being monitored. Every look or word we share to each other is being monitored. They'll be waiting on it now. Our reaction on what Katniss did. Whether we think it was a helpless act of love or whether we think it was to outsmart the system. We have been firmly told to think the first.

We're all pretending to be fine drinking and laughing as we wait. But then I see a girl out of the corner of my eye waiting behind the set with us. She looks young perhaps 14. 'Could that be Snow's Granddaughter?' I think excitedly. It's the kinda thing I'd imagine he'd have her wear. Cute little lemon dress and frilly socks. But then I see a well groomed Haymitch take her arm. I look closer. Who is that girl? Then I realise exactly who she is. This is our Victor. Anyone else would be just as gobsmacked about her transformation. The fierce girl on fire now is being portrayed as a pathetic little girl and I have no idea why.

I scan the group in search for Cinna. Surely this couldn't be his work. I had seen his ideas and none of them consisted of this pathetic flimsy thing.

"Your creativeness have seriously gone down if that's your idea of a victory dress." I comment when I find him.

"She looks ridiculous doesn't she." He sighs.

"You put her in it brainless." I sigh placing my hand on my hip. His career is sure as hell gotta be doomed now.

"I didn't want to but it was the only way..." He stops himself about to walk away but I block his exit.

"The only way what?" I demand from him.

"That we could make her look like a reckless girl in love." He admits slipping away. So their little MockingJay is in bigger trouble than we realise. In fact unless she starts falling in love with that boy pretty quickly she's doomed.

My eyes catch on Cashmere and her brother. She is in a skin coloured dress plastered with a million light reflecting jewels. Pretty but a little too camera dominating in my opinion. To my surprise Gloss gives me an impish smile. Surely not? Can you imagine how crazy that would send Glimmer if her brother had some affection towards me. I can't help wonder what's suddenly caught this blondes eye tonight because he's never given me two looks until now. Blight's chuckling at my side. I'm guessing he saw the exchange. "Look at yourself." He sighs turning me to face the reflective windows.

Ok so I do look rather eye catching tonight. I've got a deep red dress on which leaves my back bare and only just encloses my breast.

I turn around and smile seductively at Gloss. Might as well have fun with that. It'll sure as hell wind his sister up.

It's almost show time though so all us Mentors begin filing out into our allocated seating. I link my arm in Blight's pulling him along with me. No doubt he'll fall asleep as soon as his butt his the seats. It won't matter anyway, the cameras barely come on us. Finnick and Cashmere have the cameras owned. Some years they're actually paid to pretend to be having a fling just to stir up at bit of gossip.

The lights go down and I focus my eyes on the girl in the yellow dress. The girl who is meant to be our MockingJay. Our leader. She's about as much of a convincing rebel leader as flipping Effie Trinket could be.

We all sit and watch our 22tributes deaths again. Mine are like stabs in the chest. Especially Erin's because I think she honestly thought she stood a chance. Finch's hurts harder though because I feel like I've just been killed myself.

She died by accident and that in my opinion is not fair.

Maybe she wasn't as good a fighter as I was but she sure as hell played my strategy well.

The little girl Rue from 11's death actually stirs up pain in side me as well because she was so young and should not have died in a place full of horror and badness. You could here a pin drop in the whole entire stadium as we get a final look at the young helpless girl laid in Katniss' arm. But they do not show her beautifully wrapped in flowers because that would scream rebel and right now Katniss must look nothing but saintly and pure.

The screen goes to all the kisses Katniss and Peeta shared. It goes to the time when he was at deaths door burning with fever and she kissed all the badness away. I almost see a look of terror in her eyes but it's not for him. It's for her. It's because she's scared of being alone again.

There's only one thing thought that comes up on the screen and makes me reconsider her and him. It's the point where she drugs him then risks her life to save him. I still don't understand why someone would do that if they weren't in love. But then again what kind of a person would she look like if she didn't try? How would her District greet her with open arms if she didn't even try to save him? The answer is she had too. Any good person would.

To end it all they show the best saver of her all night. It's her on the hovercraft screaming Peeta's name as they take away his lifeless body to retrieve. It's pretty convincing but it doesn't fully convince me. It just screams this 'don't leave me here. Not in a place I don't want to be in'. I come to the conclusion of one thing tonight. Katniss Everdeen saved him because she thought he deserved to live more than she did. Not because she was in love with him.

We all leave with cautious smiles on our lips. Even she does. She knows how much risks she's at I can tell. I doubt Peeta does though. He still thinks she loves him but he couldn't be more wrong. Right now they are probably devising some accident that will bring Miss Everdeen to her death.