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Today is the day I go home and I will not lie I'm excited. It seems every little rule Finnick and I set became oblivious. Since for whatever reason this is a repeat of last year. We both wake up and we're both in my bed.

"What're you doing." I groan shoving him off the bed. He falls with a thud on the ground. Wow my head hurts.

"You should be thanking me. Would you prefer I left you to wind up in Gloss

Cassiterite's bed?" He asks me with his eyebrows raised. I close my eyes trying to so desperately to remember last night and this is exactly what I came up with:

I'm sat on a shimmery gold armchair trying to get my head around all the alcohol in my system when the hunk of District 1 Gloss came over to me. On any other day I wouldn't have taken two looks at this man but the alcohol has placed a covering over my usual judgements. I knew he had his plans to seduce me since the beginning of the evening.

"Johanna. You look...Unbelievable." He compliments me kissing my hand. I smile confidently. The alcohol does that to me.

"So I've been told. So please enlighten me as to why you're suddenly talking to me?" I ask taking hold of his hand so he can help me up. There's this playboy look on his face as he looks up and down my body.

"What can I say? You caught my eye." He smiles sliding his fingertip from the bottom of my back to my ribs. Then he strokes his tanned finger over my lips.

"Whatever would your sister say?" I laugh but allow him to pull my lips to his. It doesn't feel right but I feel like a bit of fun.

Our kiss deepens and I can feel his hand going down my pants when I hear a loud groan.

"Johanna come on." I hear Finnick sigh.

"Oh leave her alone Merman." Gloss murmurs as his lips move to my neck.

"Get off her! She's drunk." Finnick snarls at him tugging on my arm.

"Never bothered you before has it?" Gloss retorts. That's when I remember Finnick pulling back his fist and sending Gloss to the floor.

"What's with you? She isn't even yours?" Gloss demands from him.

" I won't let you take advantage of her." He snarls at him taking my hand and getting me out of there.

When I break away from the memory of last night, I take a few deep breaths and pull my fingers to my lips. "Please tell me I didn't heatedly make out with Gloss and that you didn't knock him to the ground." I whine planting my face in my pillow.

"Oh yes you did and..and you'll never believe this. You even moaned that I brought you home." I'm glad he finds all this funny because I sure as hell don't.

"Ugh I can still feel his lips on mine." I cringe.

"Awaiting that thank you?" Finnick hints as I rock backwards and forwards.

"Thanks a fucking bunch Odair!" I sigh. He smirks happy enough with that.

"You're absolutely welcome you dirty stop out." He smirks hitting my butt as I climb out of bed.

"Please tell me Silver doesn't know?!" I cringe as I pull on my dressing gown. "You not remember the part in the taxi when she was lecturing you and you threw up on her heels?" He asks me tenderly.

I groan daring to leave my bedroom. I'm either in for the silent treatment or an oh mighty lecture.

It turns out I get the silent treatment from her and Blight. Finnick is finding it all too amusing though. "Of all the bloody boys in this town." Blight comments as he butters his toast. I yet again stick to water.

"I know. I mean Gloss Cassiterite. You're lowering your standards there Jo." Finnick has to input as he sips on his coffee loving everything minute of this. I give him a kick. He's meant to be on my side.

"God! I wish he got such a lecture every time he goes making out with random girls! I'm leaving today anyway, it's not as if I'm signing wedding papers." I snap grabbing my cup of coffee and flouncing in my room.

Get me out this frigging Capitol before I end up punching someone myself. I pack my bags yet again bunging in all the clothes I've gained this year. I do however leave one behind- the red dress which I can still smell Gloss on now.

"You not taking that one Girlie? Thought you'd like it." I hear Gaia say from behind me. She sounds quite disappointed.

"I did until I found myself kissing flipping Gloss Cassiterite in it." I sigh. She knows I'm mad but she lets a small smirk come to her lips. Gaia's like the cool Mom.

"Oh keep that head of yours screwed on Girlie. See you next year." She tuts kissing my head then leaving.

"Bye Gaia." I sigh continuing with my packing. I've decided to not say bye to the other Districts because news spreads like wildfire in here and I'll admit Im embarrassed. Frigging Gloss Cassiterite. What was I even thinking?

I'm fully packed so I drag my case out of the room.

"Packed?" Blight asks me.

"I'm guessing I'm out the doghouse then?" I smirk as I pull on my jacket and boots.

"You've done worse." He smirks tapping my cheek then going off to fetch his bag. I guess I have.

We're heading through the hallway when I suddenly catch a glimpse of Cinna. "Wait two secs." I ask of them holding up my hand then running over to him.

"Cinna I'm going home!" I call. His face saddens slightly but he pulls me into a tight hug.

"Didn't think they'd have you out of bed for days after last night." He says. I'm not sure what that comment was meant to mean but I can't help hear a slight bit of jealously in it.

"You only get one ticket home. Take care Cinna. I mean it. Don't go getting involved with the wrong things." I tell him firmly. He could do well for himself and he'd be stupid to throw that away for a cause that has little certainty.

"I'm in with a cause that can only be right. Bye Johanna." He tells me kissing me cheek. I smile.

"Bye." I wave walking away. Such an intriguing character he is.

Finnick is loading my suitcase into the taxi when I catch up with them. He slams the boot lid shut and turns to face me pulling me into a tight hug. I feel as if we've grown up a little. I know longer think he loves me and I no longer partly love him. I feel as if we've finally grown up enough to just be friends and not question it.

"See you next year." I grin leaning up to give him a kiss. He gives me a tight squeeze lifting me off my feet.

"See you at the double Q. Call me when your home. Be good." He tells me kissing my hair then helping me into the car. I give him a wink.

"You too." I smile blowing him a kiss just as the door hits the receiver. What a year. Both my tributes dead in 9minutes. Turned into an official Rebel Agent. Made out with Gloss Cassiterite. And finally matured enough to let Finnick Odair go. I think it's time for home.