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I love nights like this, huddled on the sofa by the fire. My floppy head rests in his muscular chest as I trail my fingertips up his abs. The question still puzzles me to this day. How was this man not taken already. How come girls hadn't fallen at his feet before he began mixing with me.

"How many girls have you been with?" I ask him sitting up and taking a sip from my glass of sparkling wine. Probably not the most weather appropriate drink but you can't beat the feelings of liquor seeping down your throat.

"A couple." He says absentmindedly pulling his fingers through my ragged hair.

"Who?" I perk up in curiosity.

"All sorts of different girls. I dated the milkman's daughter for a little. She wasn't much of a catch. Then I went with a girl who'd been around the block too many times for my liking." He says with a smirk on his lips laughing at the memory. I butt in before I hear anymore.

"And then me?"

"No. They classed me as their 'boyfriends' you never have. So no I've only ever been with 2." He grins raising his shoulders.

"Ha ha. Just because I haven't stamped a frigging badge on your chest doesn't mean you're not mine." I retort pulling my face close to his so I can taste his breath on my lips.

"But if I'm not your boyfriend are you saying that its an open relationship?" He chuckles mischievously running his fingertip up my back. I let out a laugh throwing my head back. He likes this. Winding me up.

"No. No I wouldn't be happy if I saw you making out with someone behind the sheds." I laugh.

"And why's that?" He whispers holding my two hands and pulling me forward so my face rests inches from his own.

"Because you have me for that." I whisper seductively pulling back teasingly. Looking him up and down and biting my lip, I pull away tauntingly taking a sip of my wine.

"And how about you Miss Mason? Who've you been with?" He asks as I trail my lips around the glass. Still facing away from him, I reply.

"The two you know about and one other but that was one serious drunken mistake." I cringe.

Sprinkled with glitter and bronzer than the foundation on some of the Capitol freaks, I picture that drunken fools lips trailing down my neck that night.

"Who?" He asks.

"I'm not even saying because its sick." I shudder blocking the image by pressing my fingertips at my eyelids.

"I can take it." He whispers in my ear.

"Gloss Cassiterite."

"Hmm not quite what I thought you'd go for." He smirks.

"You're not mad?" I ask.

"Well I wasn't classing the girls I've made out with drunk but we can do that." He smirks but I crush my lips to his shutting him up. We're both laughing too hard to kiss for much longer though so his lips are replaced by his arms around me.

"What the hell had you been drinking to do that?" He chuckles as he strokes the longer bit of my hair away from my eyes.

"I have no clue but I couldn't remember a thing and I threw up on Silver." I cringe remembering what Finnick had told me and the breakfast where they gave me that deadly silent treatment.

"Silver meaning lavender dyed skin stuck up escort Silver?" He asks me with a grin. I slap his arm in frustration.

"She's not like that. You don't know her." I disagree. He doesn't disagree because he knows how much I care for this woman.

"If you like her then ok." He smiles kissing my upper lip.

"I do." I smile leaning in and deepening our kiss.

I push him onto his back and kiss him with more passion. I ravish every second and adore every ounce of closeness.

A giggle escapes my lips as he holds my hips in a ticklish way. I'm just trailing my lips down his neck when I hear my door fall open.

"Doesn't take you long to worm your way in does it." A drunken Blight exclaims. His voice is rough and ragged.

"Heard of knocking?!" I spit back at him bouncing onto my feet. How dare he? How dare he come in here and criticise Chuck when he's the drunken idiot he is?

"Didn't think you'd have this kind of company Jo. From what you said a couple of weeks ago I thought you weren't quite over the last!" He shouts flinging his arms about in the air.

"The last? You mean Jack Greene? The boy who was killed and you blatantly let me grieve alone! So don't you dare blame me for being selfish!" I scream at him.

"I'm just saying Johanna, that you can't be hurting that bad." He snarls turning on his heels.

"Don't walk away from me." I shout at him. Chuck is holding my arm telling me to leave it but I'm so mad. How he could he even say that I am not hurting bad? How could he possibly think that? There's not a day that goes by when I don't think of that boy. That I don't ache in pain.

"Why sweetheart? Because I'm right? At least with Finnick, he knows who he's kissing. Bet he doesn't even know a thing about you?" He says in this patronising tone that hurts more than anything.

"He knows me! He knows enough!" I scream.

I look at Blight with pleading eyes. Please don't tell Chuck want I did. Please don't make him think of me as a filthy prostitute who let her family die.

"Does he know why you have no family Johanna?" He asks bitterly.

"Please." I beg from him. "Please Blight don't." I whisper.

"Oh be happy Johanna. But don't come crying to me when it goes wrong." He says turning on my heels.

"What like if he dies?" I demand from him. He turns to looks at me. "Well I wouldn't come anyway because you don't care!"

"I care Johanna. I care." He says stumbling back out my door leaving me with a confused man staring down at me.

His mind must be flooded with a million and one questions. "Please don't make me tell you." I whisper a tear dropping from my eye. He blots it with the tip of his thumb.

"I won't." He whispers. "I won't." He lifts me up and I snuggle my face into his chest.

"I'm sorry." I whisper as he presses his lips to my forehead. He kisses my lips softly then replies: "you don't ever have to be sorry."