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i had been on the USS Enterprise for 2 months. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, but i was careful not to let anyone get to close. I couldnt risk letting anyone find out my secret. nyota Uraha was my room mate and had helped me find my way round the first couple of days but i soon gained the reputation of being cold and distance, so must just left me alone.

i hissed slightly as my uniform scrapped against the cuts on my arms. i was lucky that no-one was paying any attention, they were all to busy talking about the three day shore leave we were due to start the next day. i had been invited to join the others at the best in the planet were were visiting. i had tired to decline as normal but had been cornered into saying yes. the problem on my mind was how was i meant to hid my arms when everyone was going ot be wearing swim suits.

It was boiling on the beach and i had gotten a few strange looks when i had arrived wereing a surfying suit with long sleaves and half legs. But my explination of really sensative skin soon stopped the questions, even though i didnt think they believed me.

I was enjoying myself and was letting my gaurd down when scotty grabbed me and flung me off the short peir. A scream and splash beside me told me someone had done the same to Nyota. I was shaking my head, trying to get rid of the water in my ears, when i realised the nyota was still screaming. i was about to ask her why she was screaming over such a silly prank when a burning sensation in my legs forced me under the water. i was consumed by pain when strong arms grabbed my shoulders, dragging me through the water, the burning in my legs growing with each second. As we reached the shore i blacked out, welcoming the darkness as a way to escape the pain.

3RD person POV

"Get her onto a bed. Chapel get an Iv in with the anti venom." Mc Coy ordered. Nurse chapel carefully cut away the sleeve of Sky's costume, consentrating on getting the i-v started.
McCoy was carefully washing Skys legs which were completly stripped from the jelly fish attack. she had been very lucky. This particular Alien jellyfish poison was slow acting. As long as the anti venom was given in the first 20 minuets there was a large chance she would recover completely. Her legs were going to take a long time to heal (as the skin regenerator wouldnt work on this type of wound) and would scare something bad, but she would live.

Her breathing had slowly returned to normal, and her pulse was steady and strong. Breathing a sigh of relief, McCoy turned to look at chapel only to tip his head in confusen as he saw her standing staring at Sky's arm. he moved closer to see what had he so cativated only to freeze at the sight of Sky's arms, littered with cuts. Removing the other sleeve proved her other arm was in a simular was a self-harmer and her secret was out.

Sky's POV

I slowley floated back to conceiousness and was aware of two things. First my legs hurt like hell. Second there was no way she was in her bunk, what she was laying on was far to uncomfortable.

Blinking my eyes i alowley taised myself onto my elbows. i recognised gteh medical ward and noticed the iv attached to one arm. My Arms. They were bare except for the bandages that someone had wrapped around the cuts i had made. Shit that meant someone knew. Looking around i was relieved that no-one was currently in the room with buring pain in my legs prompted me to look down. I was covered from the middle of my thighs down to the top of my toes. That was definently going to make walking difficult.

I was wondering if there was anyway of excaping and pretending none of this ever happened (not logical i know, but i was feeling very logical at the time) when the door to the doctors office opened and Dr McCoy walked in wearing his normal scowl.

"Good your awake. i know your legs are proberly hurting, but i need to change the bandages before i give you something for it."

I hissed slightly as he started to unwrap one leg, suddenly very glad that the bandages werenon stick. I resisted the urge to scream when i saw my legs covered in open wound like stripes, that were slightly weeping a yellow liquid. McCoy saw my expression and spoke.

"Your lucky that that alien jellyfish had a slow acting poison. UNfortunatly that same poison prevents us using the skin regenerator. So your going to have to heal the old fasioned way. Your going to be here a while."

He had finished one leg and started the other, talking all the time.

"We are going to be unable to prevent it scaring, but your going to live, thats whats important."

He had finished my legs adnd was loading a hypo.

"You also have sine interesting cuts on your arms. I am most interested in how you came by them.

I looked at his sharply. He stared back steaduily.

"now most of the time wounds like them are caused by the person themselves." he had unwrapped my arm and was running the regenerator over the cuts. "Want to tell me what bothers you so much you need to slice your own arms open?"

I winced but shook my head.

"I really dont want to talk about it. But if it makes you feel any better i give you my word that i wont do it again."

He looked doubtful but nodded.

"Like i said your going to be in here a whule to give your legs a chance to heal. Just know i here if you want to talk."

He pressed a hypospray to my neck, causing me to hiss as he injected me with what a guess was a pain killer. he began to walk away when he stopped suddenly, reaching for something in his pocket.

"i alomost forgot, this fell off as Spock dragged you out of the sea." he opend his hand to reviel a small silver cross set with small crystals. the chain that held it was obviously broken but i was relieved to see it as it was placed carefully in my hand.

"There isnt many who wear that symbol anymore. But i hope it brings you comfort all the same."

With that he walked off into his office, leaving me to peice together what must have happened.

i could remember getting thrown into the sea by Scotty and U hara screaming. then pain. so that was the jelly fish attack. The commander spock dragged me out of the water. But i couldnt rememeber him even being on the bech, let alone in the water.

I grasped my cross tightly in my hand, drawing strength from whant i symbolised. I would have to replicate a new chain, but i wasnt sure i had enough replicator rations to do it.

I sighed laying my hands on my chest still clutching my cross tightly.

3Rd person POV

Dr McCoy stepped out of his office, relieved to see his patient had managed too go to sleep without the need of a sedative. he could see the broken chain dangling out of her fist. He wondered at the cross it had carried. Most christians had be pecicuted to the point that there wasnt many left. he hadnt realised there was one on the ship and realised that she must had been keeping it secret. It was proberely a good idea too. While it was now allegal to percicute christians for their faith, many still did.
McCoy was broken out of his thoughts by the sick bay doors swishing open. He was suprised to see Mr Spock enter, hands clasped behing his back in his typical straight laced pose.

"Has she awaken Doctor?"

McCoy was surprised, Spock had come down to check on his patient!

"She awoke while i was chanigng her bandages, then returned to her much needed rest."
"Might i sit with her a moment doctor. I wish to talk to her should she awake again."
McCoy didint have a chance to respondas spock strode past and took the seat bnext to Sky's bio bed.


the pain in my legs woke me, draggine me unwillingly awak. But what really woke me up was the sight of the vulcan sitting calm as you please next to my bed.

My Grown of paibn must have alerted him to my neow awake stae, as he turned his attention to me.

"Lutenant Dawn."


i could count on two hands the number of times i had seen Commander spock and on one hand the number of times i had heared him speak.I cleared my throat.

"Commander, i must thank you for pulling me out of the water."

"No thanks are needed. it was logical for me to pull you out of the water as the venom doesnt effect vulcans."

I felt slight uncomfortable, and fiddled with my blanket avoiding looking at the commander. it would a been a lot easier if her had just accepted my thanks and left.

"lutenant, i ow you an apology. When removing you from the water, i broke the chain from around you neck.."

"commander" i interupted "its fine. you saved my life. i really dont think a chain is all that important."

"Never less, as i was responsible for breaking your property, it is only correct for me to replace it. May i see the broken chain so i might identify what i need to replace."

Numbly i handed over my pendant. His eyebrow rose slightly at the sight of my cross, before carefully examining the chain.

"18 inch, sterling silver." he handed it back to me. "i Will see to repalcing it as soon as i am able. Good day"

And with that he left, leaving me slightly shocked and more then a lttle confused.