Sky pov

I could feel the stares of the people around me burning into my back. My hand reached up to fiddle with my cross, but it wasn't providing the comfort it usually brought. I could feel tears welling in my eyes and bowed my head as everything hit me at once. My grandfather's death, my grandmother's disappearance, my brother betrayal, the jelly fish attack and now my biggest secret revealed. It was all too much and I could feel the sobs tearing out of my throat.

A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves round my shoulder and I breathed in the slight smell of old whisky.

"Damn it you green eared hob goblin. I said you could take her to lunch, not driver her into an emotional break down! Sky I need you to breathe for me, nice and slow."

I tried to follow the instructions but my breathing seemed to be getting faster the more I tried to slow it down.

"Sky you need to calm down or I'm gonna have to sedate ya darling."

The words were mumbled, and I couldn't really understand what was being said or even who was speaking. Something was pressed against my neck and with a hiss and a sharp scratch, cold liquid flowed through my vains, dampening my emotions and giving me a brief look at a concern McCoy, and slighty confused commander, before my world faded into blissful black.