So its probably not much help but I thought seeing as we had such bad news yesterday I would post a second chapter of my new story up today :)

Lucy sat on the grass picking daisies in her yellow summer dress that Stella had brought her back from Greece last time she visited and her white sun hat. Danny and Lindsay were sat a few feet away on their picnic blanket, just chatting and watching their daughter. Soon Lucy got up and wandered over to her parents carrying all her daisies carefully. "I got you some flowers Mummy" Lucy smiled proudly placing them in front of Lindsay who was lent on Danny.

"Thank you baby, I think I'm going to make a daisy chain with them" She sat up and started to put the daisies together.

"What's a daisy chain?" Lucy asked sitting down in front of Lindsay, watching what her mother was doing.

"You'll see" Lindsay told her. Lucy sat silently watching Lindsay thread the daisies together. Once Lindsay was done she slipped the ring of daisies onto her wrist. "See, it makes pretty bracelets"

"I want a pretty daisy bracelet too"

"Well then you'll need to go get me some more daisies" Lindsay told her.

"But it takes ages to get lots of them" Lucy said sadly.

"Luce, it won't take as long if there are two of us doing it" Danny said standing up and offering his hand to her.

"You gonna help me Daddy?" Lucy smiled taking his hand and standing up.

"Yeah, come on lets go collect some more Daisies for Mummy" they both wondered over to where Lucy had just been and started to pick the daisies.

Lindsay watched them. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. She had the perfect little family. She rubbed her tummy knowing that in a few months her little family was soon to get a new addition. Danny knew she was pregnant but they were waiting till she was at least 4 months before telling Lucy. She watched as Danny ran over to Lucy who was bent over and wrapped his arms around her little waist and spun her around. Lucy squealed as he did so. Lindsay took the camera they had brought along with them out the bag and snapped a few photos of the two of them playing. Lucy was now on Danny's back and he was running around the grass making her laugh, the daisies long now forgotten.

Lindsay knew that accepting the job and making the choice to move to New York was the best thing she had ever done. She loved Montana and she missed her parents and brothers a lot but if she hadn't of moved she knew she would never have found true happiness like she had now.

She wouldn't have Danny, her cowboy. Who when she first started at the lab used to wind her up something rotten. She remembered her first day when Danny told her that she had to call Mac 'sir' she never felt more embarrassed when she realised that he had been joking and Mac had in fact hated being called 'sir'. He also used to annoy her by calling her 'Montana' a name she had hated to begin with but eventually grown to love.

She thought back to the time he had come out to Montana to support her through the trail, that's when she realised that he was not just some bloke from New York that she worked with, that he was something special. Then there was the time the first slept together on his pool table and how he had taken her shift the next morning, she still felt guilty that he had been beaten and tortured by them Irish mobsters, he had told her though he was glad that it was him it had happened to and not her.

Lucy and Danny had now wondered over to the duck pond that was in the park, he was knelt down next to her pointing out the ducks to her. Lindsay snapped another picture. Lucy then turned around and waved at her mother, Lindsay waved back smiling. Lucy was so much like her father, with her blonde hair, stunning blue eyes and that cheeky Messer grin. She also had Danny's sense of adventure and his stubbornness. She got a lot from Lindsay too; she had her nose, her face shape, the curls in her hair and Lindsay's peppy friendly personality. She had the best mix from both her parents.

She thought back to the time when she told Danny she was first pregnant with Lucy, she honestly back then didn't expect anything from Danny, she was prepared to raise Lucy by herself but Danny really stepped up and embraced fatherhood which came as a shock to her and the rest of the team but he was doing a great job of being a father, he was definitely one that Lucy could look back on in years to come and be proud of.

She noticed that the two of them were making their way back over to her. She knew the answer but she asked them anyway "Did you get me the daisies?"

"Oh no, we forgot to get them, I really wanted a pretty daisy bracelet as well" Lucy said sadly.

Lindsay looked at her daughters sad face "hey Lucy come here a second" she patted the space between her legs. Lucy made her way over and sat in the gap and cuddled up to Lindsay. "How about we share my bracelet?"

Lucy looked up with a huge grin on her face "Really Mummy?"

"Of course Luce, It's good to share right?"

Lucy nodded and watched as Lindsay slipped the bracelet of her wrist and put it on to Lucy's. As this exchange was taking place Danny had picked up the camera that Lindsay had left lying on the picnic mat and took a photo.

Lucy noticed the camera in Danny's hand "Can I take a picture of yous two?"

"Of course baby" Danny smiled handing Lucy the camera and going to sit on the mat next to Lindsay. Lucy got up and went an stood in front of the two of them.

"Mummy cuddle up to Daddy" Lucy said as she turned the camera on. Lindsay did as she was asked and moved into the gap between Danny's legs and lent against him while he wrapped his arms around her resting them on her stomach, he rubbed his thumb over her stomach gently and then whispered in her ear "how are you both feeling?"

"We are both good" She smiled at the camera as she told him.

Lucy passed the camera to Danny after she had taken a few pictures so he could see how they turned out. "These are good Luce" he told her "You could grow up and be a photographer one day"

"No Daddy, I wanna be a cop like you and Mummy, and work in the crime lab with Uncle Mac, we can then save New York from all the baddies together then.

Neither Lindsay nor Danny had the heart to tell Lucy that Mac would probably be retired once and if Lucy ever started working at the lab "You can be whatever you want to be" Lindsay told her, taking her hand and pulling her into her lap and kissing the top of her head.

All three were sat together cuddled up when Danny noticed a lady walking past with her dog "Excuse me" he called out and the lady looked up "I don't suppose you could take a picture of us?" he asked holding his camera out to her.

"Sure I can" She smiled and took the camera, taking a few pictures of the family of three soon to be four.

"Thank you" Danny smiled at her as she handed back the camera and then carried on walking her dog. Danny looked through all the pictures that were taken that day on the camera "We are gonna have to get some of these printed off Linds and put in a frame. I might even have to put one on my desk at work"

Lindsay faked being shocked "Danny Messer having a family picture on his desk at work, who would of thought it"

"Yea I know right, I never thought I'd be that guy"

"But you're doing a fantastic job of being that guy Danny"

Danny smiled at her and then noticed that Lucy was starting to doze off on Lindsay "Come on, shall we start to head back and put someone in the B-A-T-H" he spelt it because he wasn't ready to deal with Lucy's tantrum of having to have a bath. She hated them, especially when It came to having her hair washed.

"I think that sounds like a plan" Lindsay smiled kissing Danny and then started to help Lucy to her feet while also standing up herself.

They packed up all there picnic stuff and folded that mat into the bag, Lucy made sure her daisy bracelet was still on her wrist and then together they made their way back to the house.