The Final Time

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Burt is hit with his final heart attack and Kurt is there for those final moments.

Pairings: Kurt/Burt!BondForLife

The Final Time

"Did I . . . did I ever tell . . ." Burt's chest shakes a bit as he has a hard time breathing, a hard time getting his words out. "Did I ever tell you about . . . how I got the shop?"

Kurt bows his head over his dads side, the older mans hand clasp between his, pressing a soft kiss to the knuckles. Of course he had heard the story. He remembers the first time . . . the fifth time . . . the hundredth time . . . but none of those matters. He wants to remember the last time . . . the final time.

"No dad." Kurt rolls his face so his cheek is now resting against their intertwined hands.

It's killing Kurt now. His dad is in this hospital bed. This bed. The one that he's to die in. He's been here for a few days now and the doctors have already warned Kurt about the . . . about the end. But there's nothing anyone can do. This final heart attack was his final downfall.

Burt smiles at his son. He knows the boy is just humoring him, but it's making him happy. He would happily die right now if he could see one last smile on his sons face.

"Well . . ." Burt's breathing is irregular. "It started . . .i-it star-" Burt cuts off with a loud cough.

Kurt quickly stands up and takes the cup of water from the bedside stand. He angles the straw to his dads mouth so the older man can take a drink. Kurt watches as the pale man drinks. Burt's face is pale and dry, thin and not him. Kurt removes the cup and sets it back on the stand. Instead of sitting back in his chair, he moves to he's sitting right beside his father on the bed.

"G-guess I . . . guess I won't be able to tell you that story." Burt chuckles weakly.

Kurt purses his lips and nods. "That's fine dad. It's best to save your energy."

"Who cares about energy!" The mans voice raises a level for those few moments he tries to make that firm statement. "I can use all of the energy that I want to because it means that I get to spend time with you. That's all that matters. You and me." Burt grabs Kurt's hand and squeezes tightly. "You . . . and me." He says slowly as he looks at Kurt with wet eyes. "You hear me?"

"Yeah, dad." Kurt smiles. "I hear you."

"Good." Burt smiles before he relaxes into his pillow. "No matter what happens here, know that-"

"Please don't, dad." Kurt shakes his head and looks down to their intertwined hands. "You don't know what's going to happen. You don't-"

"It's my time, Kurt." Burt sighs. "You think I don't know what you and the Doctor are talking about when you exchange those glances before leaving the room." Burt chuckles. "You're not that clever, kid. You may be in charge of any medical decisions, but I know you." Burt turns his head to look at Kurt's downcast eyes. "You're more clingy than usual. So tell me, how much time do I have? H-how much time do I have left with you?"

Kurt keeps his head down as he shuts his eyes, feeling the tears burn behind them. "H-he said . . . maybe to the end of the n-night." Kurt tries to keep his voice steady, but that fails.

His dads hand tenses within his own. "Oh."

Kurt's heart was already breaking before that word was even muttered. Luckily when the doctor told him this, he had his husband at his side to support him and to mutter sweet and loving things in his ear for the next hour before Kurt decided to rejoin his father until the end. He's not gonna leave until either his father dies, or the doctor informs him that they were wrong and that his father will make a miraculous recovery. It's nigh impossible of this happening, but he'd love to hold onto the false

"We're going to make the best of it then." Burt's voice snaps Kurt out of his daze.

Kurt's eyes widen as his dad reaches down for the small tubes that are connected into his arms. "What are you doing?"

"We're getting out of here." Burt mumbles under his breath.

"No." Kurt reaches across with his free hand to stop his dad. "Why would you . . . what are you trying to do here?"

"I'm not going to spend my last moments lying in a hospital bed when I could be doing something with you." Burt looks at Kurt with determination. "Your last memory of me will not be one of me in a hospital."

"Dad. Dad!" Kurt has to raise his voice when Burt continues to try and get the IV and every other piece of hospital equipment ejected out of his body. "You need to stay here. You can barely move as it is. You w-won't last once we leave the hospital."

Burt looks at Kurt with a lone tear falling down his cheek. "I am not going to let my heart decide whether or not I get to be in the hospital. Screw my heart. The damn things been faulty for years. I've only listened to it when it comes to you and your mom." Kurt bites his lip. "And right now, weak heart or not, I know that I don't want to be here. I'm not going to be your second parent to die in a hospital."

Kurt's bottom lip quivers as he tries to keep his voice steady. "You're staying, dad. You're staying hear and you're going to live as long as you can. You're not going to leave here and cut off whatever amount of life that you have l-left. You're not, dad."

Burt sighs and lets himself relax back into the pillow once more. "Kurt . . . if I'm going to stay here, then you need to leave."

Kurt's jaw drops. "W . . . what? What do you mean? D-do you not want me here?"

Burt squeezes both of his hands and Kurt's hands within them. "I love you here, Kurt. I don't ever want you anywhere else, but I also don't want you to see me die here. I was able to save you from watching your mother, but you're not a kid anymore. I can't stop you from watching me die, or watching my heart give out. What I can give you now is . . . is that chance to see me somewhere where it can be just you and me. If I'm not going to make it through the night, then there's no point in letting my final moments be in a dull hospital bed when I'd rather be somewhere else with you. Please, Kurt. Do this for me."

Kurt slowly lowers his head so his forehead is pressed against their clasped hands. A steady stream of tears transfer from his face to their hands. Burt releases Kurt's other hand so he can reach out and place it on Kurt's head. It's a heartbreaking situation, but Kurt knows what he needs to do.

Kurt slowly lifts his head. "Where do you want to go, dad?"

So this is a small and quick multi-shot. I know it's a bit depressing, but let me know what you think.

And no, to the people that will talk or complain about it, Kurt's husband is not Blaine. I don't write him. Maybe in the future as a prop, but not now. :)