The Final Time

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Future AU

Summary: Burt is hit with his final heart attack and Kurt is there for those final moments.

Pairings: Kurt/Burt!BondForLife, Kurt/Puck

The Final Time

Noah holds his husband as the man cries. That's all he can do now. Kurt can barely form a coherent variable of a word before he breaks down again. It's agony to Noah. He can see other people in the church giving them looks of sorrow and support, but that doesn't help. It's not even close. He himself would rather skip the funeral and follow Burt's message to be strong, and to be happy, but this is for Kurt. This is part of his promise to Burt at the family house and his promise to Kurt on their wedding day that he'd be a support to Kurt.

Burt had chosen to be buried in Lima along with all of the former Hummel family members. Luckily by now Lima had become a relatively peaceful area for people like Noah and Kurt or otherwise they'd be rioted out from their current position. Kurt had fallen over halfway through the powerful testimonies of the people that knew Burt and had let Noah hold him to his chest. Noah had kept one hand over Kurt's eyes when the boy started shaking with sobs every time he saw someone new on the stage. There were still sobs, but Kurt was instantly comforted by Noah's quick actions. His other arm was wrapped around his husbands' stomach area and he was holding on. Kurt was squeezing the life out of that arm, but Noah can barely feel it now.

Noah feels a few tears leave his eyes as he stares at the best coffin that they could get for Burt. He had made only one round around the trees at the Hummel family home residence before Kurt's voice had rang out.

'Daddy! Daddy please wake up. It's not time yet.'

He had ran. He was crying then too because he had only talked to his father-in-law a few minutes earlier. He still ran.

'Please, daddy. No. No!'

It had broken him to see Kurt struggling to hold on his still father. He had watched as Kurt had taken the mans face between his own hands and tried shaking him awake. This had only made the deceased mans hat fall off and for Kurt to start freaking out more.

'No, daddy. Y-you can't leave. Not yet!'

He had gotten to Kurt before the boy had managed to push his father's body off of him from how much he was moving. He had to drag Kurt away from the body, awake from the bench, away from the pond.

'Stop it, Noah. Get away from me. Stop. Stop!

Noah had had to trap Kurt against the car with his body while he called the police. Kurt kicked, scratched, bit, and spit on him in an attempt to break free. This was the only time in a long time that Puck was proud to be the masculine one of the two. Even when Kurt had said that they were done, getting a divorce, and that Noah was every derogatory term known to man, Noah had stayed strong long enough to get the police to send an ambulance to their location.

'I hate you, Noah. I hate you so god damn much. This is your fault. He's dead because of you.'

Kurt was exhausted within minutes and had fallen back into Noah's arms and cried. He had apologized later, but Noah had reassured him that it was all okay. He had to stay strong. That's what Burt wanted . . . that's what he wanted . . . that's what Kurt needed.

They had both paid more attention when after the police and ambulance had left to take the body to the morgue. They forgot at first, but the day before the funeral, one week later, to go back and see. The hat that had fallen off of Burt was still there, untouched by nature. They knew that Burt was still with them when a small patch of flowers had grown around the hat, surrounding it with so many colors and life.

Noah blinks and focuses back on the funeral. What had surprised him was the different types of people that had spoke for Burt. He had expected mainly politicians after the man spending his life after Kurt had finished high school in politics, but was met with many more. There were waitresses, 'Mr. Hummel always did his best to smile and tipped extra even when he was struggling to keep his garage open. He was so giving.' a few school staff, 'This man had started off defending those that wanted to love and had changed the rules of school. He led happiness and acceptance of any and all things into every room.' and customers that hadn't been to a Hummel Tire and Lube in years, 'What kind of man would give someone a free meal during a car inspection just because he wanted to? Burt Hummel.'

It was astounding to Noah at how many lives Burt Hummel had touched. He had taught people to be who they wanted to be, to never let anyone hold you back . . . to be you. Although his gravestone only mentioned him as a great father, husband, and friend, he was so much more than that: mentor, counselor, listener, healer . . . he was Burt Hummel. The greatest man to step on the face of the earth as far as Noah was concerned, knowing that many people agree.

He had never been one to cry in public, but that's because no one else is or will ever be Burt Hummel. He looks around to see so many more people crying. All of their friends that they'd been in connection with since high school were there to show love and support to the man that many of them had called their second father.

Noah feels Kurt shift and looks down to find his husband looking up at him. Within seconds, he has Kurt's arms wrapped around his neck and a wet face in his neck. He repeats it and finds himself needing Kurt just as much.

"I'm so sorry, Noah." Kurt cries into his ear. "He means just as much to you as to me."

"It's okay, Kurt." Noah squeezes tighter. "Just let me hold you now and you can hold me later."

Kurt nods eagerly into his neck. "I love you, Noah. So much."

"I love you too, Kurt." Noah whispers as he shuts his eyes and only listens to Kurt's heartbeat against his.

So I hope you enjoyed this final chapter to this three-parter. I hope I managed to pull some emotions from you at some point. :) Enjoy!