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The Prestigious and Highly-Efficient Academy of Alter Waters
Chapter 1

Alter Waters was one of the most prestigious schools in Britain housing some of the most noble families, including royalty, and the most intellectual of minds. The school was almost 400 square metres of architecture plus however large the elegant gardens and sports fields and centre were. It had several stories with a very castle-esque feel to it. When Edd had first seen the school, it was from a distance, and he hadn't realised just how large the establishment actually was but he had still been rather impressed.

Edd wasn't any noble, his blood was positively commoner in every way, shape and form. He was one of those brains that got in on scholarships, him and his younger brother Jim. Edd had helped his brother study for his exams and they both managed to get over ninety per cent in every subject, one hundred in most as well. And so here they both were, Jim significantly smaller than Edd was sitting in close to him, obviously feeling apprehensive about the new environment they were about to subject themselves to. Edd gave all the support he could with his smaller frame and rue'd his genes, which had to be for the thousandth time, that he wasn't a little larger in stature.

Jim was only eleven months younger than Edd and so they were in the same grade, but his brother was smaller, even than Edd. And where Edd had the advantage of being tall, Jim was barely 140 cm tall. In fact, he looked nowhere near his age of fifteen, sixteen in nine months, he looked closer to twelve, or even ten. It was something that Jim had to deal with his entire life, small stature ran in Edd's family but Jim had got it worse than he had. He would constantly get bullied and even assaulted, by the larger, more barbaric of his schoolmates. His face and body were covered in bandaids or bandages from where he had been cut or bruised in an argument. Edd always tried to intervene and keep Jim safe but he had never had much luck protecting his younger sibling, thus the gene rueing that Edd found himself constantly doing.

As the tree's passed in the reflection of the window, Edd placed his hand on top of Jim's which had bunched up into a fist on the leather seat next to him. Edd smiled a reassuring smile and Jim smiled back, he hoped they'd be okay.

Feeling the leather of the seats as his hand left it's station, he remembered, suddenly, that he was travelling in a limo and felt himself being, perhaps stupidly, excited again. He had never been in a limo before, of course he hadn't, he was poor. But now he was being taken to school in one. Alter was a boarding school and the two boys' luggage had to be taken with them but even still, Edd hardly thought a limousine was necessary. Of course he wasn't complaining, limos were wonderful machines and the interior had been crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, Eddward could easily appreciate it and he did. It would also likely make him feel less distant from the other students attending the school as he was sure ordering a limo to take them to school would be something they'd not think twice of, his clothes would be ostracizing enough without him having to worry about his vehicle causing further question to his financial integrity.

As was explained before, the school looked significantly larger up close. The main building of the school was surrounded by a large brick wall that the top of the building could still be seen over, they had reached the gate that would allow them to pass beyond it and into the courtyard where he and Jim would exit and be shown to their rooms.

"Edd, I'm scared." Jim said in his soft and shaking voice. His big brown eyes shimmered as he looked into Edd's cyan ones. Edd sighed.

"Me too Jim." He replied. "But it is at the utmost importance that we attend this school, for our educations sake."

Even though Jim was his brother, Edd didn't really know how to comfort him in his fears, after all they were shared and there wasn't much Edd could do to protect him or change the situation. So he hoped that reminding Jim of the situation they were in and the importance of it would give him the incentive to build courage within himself. Still, Jim looked scared and Edd felt an unpleasant feeling in the pit of his stomach when he looked at his brothers face. He did all he could, covering the smaller hand in his own once more before the car came to a slow stop.

Edd got out as the door was opened for him and Jim followed, the driver said. "Your bags will be taken to your rooms, Felix, the gatekeeper, will show you to your rooms.

Jim grinned and said, "You have a gatekeeper here? That's just like hogwarts, how cool."

The driver looked down and smiled at Jim but Felix, who had just appeared next to him didn't look as elated. Edd wondered if he was pretentious and held his nose up at the idea that a person might go to a school without a gatekeeper or perhaps he was just bitter about his job. If he was, Edd thought he shouldn't have chosen it. He never understood that, you had a choice of what job you wanted to do so if you aren't happy doing what it is you do, it is your own fault. If you tried for something different but didn't make it, Edd thought, that was your fault too, hard work was necessary to get what you want.

Felix looked at the two through his devitalized eyes and said in a low, almost bored sounding voice. "Follow me." The boys complied.

The inside of the school was simply breathtaking. High arching ceilings and luscious red carpets with intricate golden patterns. The walls were stone and paintings hung in the entrance hall along with some other decorations like pot-plants. It was all very rich looking and Edd began to wonder how much it all costed, only what he had already seen would cost at least a hundred thousand. The further they got in the worse it got, Edd literally felt like it was more money than he was worth. Jim on the other hand seemed to be past his anxiety and looked around in awe at everything.

They were taken past a couple of classrooms before they reached a stairwell that lead them to their dorm on the second floor. There's was the second boys dormitory, one of four. The school also doubled as a university and the dorms for the boys attending tertiary education had their own dorms as well which were located in a separate block. Edd had done his research on the school before coming here as he planned to continue to attend this school through his university years as well.

They reached a room labelled with the number twelve and Felix stopped, saying. "Now I'll drop you off here, Eddward, is it?"


"Your brother will be coming with me, he'll stay in block 1"

Jim suddenly became worried again and so did Edd. He hadn't suspected that they would be separated and cursed himself for not foreseeing it.

"Wait, why am I going to another block?" Jim asked anxiously, holding onto Edd's side.

"It's a space problem, don't worry, most of your classes are still the same, you'll be fine."

Edd pulled Jim away from his body by his shoulders and looked him in the eye. "You'll be fine." he said. "I'm sure your roommate will be lovely, even if he is not me. Like Felix said, we will remain in the same classes so you have nothing to feel fearful of. You know where my room is now so it will be easy enough for you to come find me if you require assistance."

Jim stared back for a moment, remaining silent before he finally nodded. "Okay." he managed weakly and hung his head as Edd straightened his back, looking at Felix. The older man came around then and opened his door with a key that he then placed in Edd's hands. As the door swung open he stepped in and said, "This is your new roommate, his names, Eddward, be nice."

Edd came into the room then, sparing one last glance back to a very frightened looking Jim. The room inside was pretty fancy as well, the other two boys had set it up with a television and a couch along with three beds, one of which, Edd assumed was his own. One of the boys was rather larger in stature, his face was square and his eyes were narrow but friendly looking. The other was short and stout, face rounder and eyes mischievous. His hair was slicked back save for a few stray hairs and Eddward found that he looked quite ridiculous, he wondered if that was a normal hairstyle for the rich, it didn't flatter this boy's features at all, but he kept his opinions to himself.

"Yeah, yeah Felix." The boy with the slicked hair said as Edd ventured further into the room.

Felix said to Edd, "Your luggage should arrive soon, I'll take your brother to his room." Edd nodded and then the door was shut.

At first it was really rather awkward. Edd had no idea what he should say or how he should act and he ended up just standing there and doing nothing and looking quite out of place. He scratched the back of his head, just under his black beanie in nervousness and looked from boy to boy nervously.

Finally the one with the slicked back hair said, "So your name is Eddward?"

"Please, call me Edd." Edd said more out of habit to hearing his full name then anything and immediately worried about whether he'd find it a too forward gesture of friendship. He hoped not.

"I'm Eddy," Eddy said.

"We have such similar names" Edd gasped.

Eddy smirked and said. "What's more is that my buddy here." He gestured to the other boy in the room, "His name is Ed. E-D"

"You mean our names are the same! Wow, what a coincidence." Edd said smiling a nervous, gap-toothed smile. "However mine is spelt with two 'd's. Still, how will we distinguish between each other, that may become confusing."

"My thoughts exactly." Eddy replied with a smirk on his face. "Well there can only be one Ed, so we're going to have to give you a nickname. How's double d sound to you?"

Edd shook his head and a look of uncomfort crossed his face. "I'm unsure I am exactly comfortable with that-"

"Great, then it's settled." Eddy interrupted. "Ed, say hello to our new friend."

"Hi double dee!" Ed said and Edd was surprised to find that his voice sounded well, there was no better way to describe it than, stupid. Edd felt guilty immediately after thinking it but it was true. His facial expressions and his face looked, out of it, as if he wasn't entirely there.

"Ed is a little stupid," Eddy said and Edd was mortified. "But don't worry about him, he's harmless."

Edd wondered if it was normal social protocol to insult one's friends in this academy. He hoped that it didn't happen to him too often, if people intended him good will than he would much rather them praise him or something. Taking one last glance at Eddy's mischievous smirk, he knew he was in for a long ride.

The first few weeks were the hardest. Eddy seemed not to care that Edd dressed in what some of the other students had called "commoner clothes" and Ed seemed ignorant to the idea of social difference completely but the others, namely the ones that had insulted his clothe's worth, didn't give him such an easy time. He had been discriminated against for his lack of money since his first class. He was sitting next to Jim and trying to find out whether he had survived his induction to the system before the class started when they were called a number of profanities and terms that essentially equated to "You're poor and I'm not, therefor you deserve harsh treatment."

It wasn't something either one were unfamiliar with, though for different reasons, they had experienced discrimination before, Edd worried that they may start experiencing the kinds of discrimination they had in their old public school as well as the money issue. If that were to happen, Edd didn't think he'd quite enjoy himself as much as he wanted to, but he wouldn't allow it to interfere with his education, and he hoped that he could help Jim do the same.

Jim had apparently got it easier than Edd had. On the night he he moved in, Eddy wanted him to do all kinds of things to "prove his worth" like drink unusual concoctions Edd didn't even want to ponder the ingredients of or steal Ed's sister's cat, which he ended up doing against all of his better judgment and struggling. It was a rough night and Edd had gotten to sleep rather late, he almost didn't want to return to his room. Apparently Jim had two roommates. A boy named Nat that Jim had explained was rather eccentric but kept to himself, and another, rather large and, according to Jim, terrifying boy nicknamed Plank. Edd didn't know why anyone would want to be nicknamed Plank but apparently it had to do with the way he would sit and say nothing as well as referencing to his stature.

According to Jim, his night was relatively quiet. When he first entered, Nat had called him cute, which Jim was far too excited about and the two of them had a short conversation but other then that it was quiet and his roommates let him settle in without any hassles. Nat had commented on Jim's lime green woolen jumper that had one too many string's hanging loose but it wasn't nastily, it was inquisitive. He was asking if Jim had gotten in by scholarship or not basically. Edd was glad that Jim hadn't had too much trouble, but at the same time he really hated that he was stuck with two idiots.

The rest of the first week wasn't any easier for Edd. He quickly became disliked by many of the other students, not because of his social standing, but because he was affiliated with Ed and Eddy. Apparently the two were known for causing quite a stir and they had made themselves many enemies because of Eddy's pranks. Edd wasn't surprised there, nor did he blame them but he wished they wouldn't lump him in with them when they only shared a room. He had been yelled at, had been told that he was making himself look bad enough as it was without being friends with "those two" and he had been threatened as well. He was beginning to wonder if being friends with them was worth it.

Then he'd find himself endeared to Ed and his empty head and even Eddy's childish pranks sometimes brought a small smile to his face, especially when it was to get someone back for making fun of Edd. Even though they were trouble, they had warmed up to him easily, and unlike the rest of the school they weren't discriminating against him because of his lack of money. That made them worthwhile, Edd thought. And they had learnt not to interfere with his studies after he had blown a fuse at them for doing it too often. He'd been having a bad day in general so it wasn't entirely out of the blue, but now Eddy would keep his games to a minimum when Edd was trying to finish some homework.

Eventually Edd and Jim got into the swing of things, it seemed that Jim hadn't really made friends as he and Edd would spend time together alone most of the time on lunch breaks or before Edd returned to his room. But just like Edd, Jim had made pleasant acquaintances with Nat in his bedroom through small conversations before sleep. Jim was a lot more shy than Edd so he knew it would take the boy a little more time, Edd was glad he had met someone though, because he had quickly found out that it was necessary to have them in this school.

It was about his third week when he finally met him. He had known that the prince had attended this school before he even got there but he had kept the subject out of his mind when he was adjusting to the new way of life or his studies. The idea of a prince being in the same school as him should make him feel strange or excited but Edd only really felt bitter. He knew how the simple rich kids treated him so he had no doubts how a prince would. It made Edd angry that people judged him on the lining of his pocket rather than his personality or intellect. He had come from a poor area, sure but he had managed to get into Alter Waters, the most prestigious school in all of Britain by himself. He thought everyone should admire himself and Jim for that, but they didn't because they were more concerned about what family they came from.

It was his first physical education session since he had gotten there. Edd had managed to avoid it for the first two weeks but as much as he despised the slightest idea of the subject, it was a mandatory class to take and he was eventually coerced into going by the headmistress, who had turned out to be a lovely woman, surprisingly. In any case he had to go, but he wouldn't be happy about it.

He had to remind himself not to be mortified by the nakedness of the men around him in the changing rooms or even worse, find himself staring. He remembered that most boys found it entirely acceptable to strip off in front of each other as indecent as that was. But he ended up making himself obvious by headbutting a locker as he walked into it.

"Double d, what's the matter with you?" Eddy had asked.

Edd worried but was able to save himself with "I don't want to get changed with all these people around!"

Eddy gave him a funny look for a while and then said "Yeah, I hear ya. It's a little gay but you get used to it."

Edd wanted to shoot himself in the head. It being "gay" was the least of his worries. Why did Eddy have to be so crass? In the end though he gave in to that too, despite his insecurities. He got changed, rather embarrassingly and got out in time, with the rest of the students.

Edd had sat down next to Ed and Eddy as Jim was in a different class, and looked at the instructor begrudgingly. He was a burly man with chest hair that poked out disgustingly from the top of his shit and the expression of a misanthrope that he wore constantly. Edd found him rather intimidating and hoped that the interaction he had to have with him was kept to a minimum. He had been trying to find some other place to stare rather than the instructor when he saw him.

He wore a red baseball cap that had been turned backwards with spikes of his red hair poking out from the hole place just above the velcro straps. On anyone else it would have looked stupid but it somehow managed to look fine on this boy. It wouldn't be the look that Edd would send him off to the prom with, but the very fact that it didn't make him look ridiculous and hood meant something. When his face turned a little more in Edd's direction, he saw that the boy's eyes were green, but from his distance that's all he could work out, his lips were blushing and red, full but not overly as they hung open slightly. His jawline was strong and Edd's eyes trailed down his neck to his collarbones and gulped.

He turned to Eddy patting him on the shoulder. "Who is that?" He asked

Eddy turned to look and see who Edd was talking about and when he did his brows crossed angrily. "That's Kevin or should I say prince kevin." Eddy's voice was dripping with contempt when he said prince. "I know he's a prince and all and you probably want to say hi because of that, but leave him alone, that guy is an asshole and he isn't worth your time, Double d."

Edd thought that was about accurate, he had suspected as much and Eddy had just confirmed his deductions. There was no way he'd be interested in talking with the boy even if he was, and Edd indulged himself when he admitted, that he was rather attractive. That didn't matter, he didn't want any more trouble to disturb him and his studies. He lifted a hand up to adjust his beanie on his head that he refused to take off even now and he paid his attention to the teacher.

The instructor had made them run laps for the first day, this was the exact reason Edd hated physical education. Laps were cheap and unjustified labour. Nothing was learnt from running laps and even if the main purpose of physical education classes was to force students to exercise, it was "physical education" not "physical exertion". Edd was feeling fed up when he returned to the changing rooms. He almost didn't care about the amount of boys that would be around him while he changed he was so furious. He stared at the ground as he walked, tired and irritable when suddenly.

"Oof" Edd collided with the floor faster than he knew what was happening. The pain in his rear caused his eye's to close for a while before he opened them and stared up to see what it was, or rather who it was that he had run into. Edd's heart sank.

Standing in front of him and, idly, Edd noticed that the boys crotch was eerily close to his face, was Kevin, the prince. He was shirtless and Edd couldn't help but noticed how defined his muscles were and tried to stop the flush that came to his cheeks.

"Shit dude, sorry-" Kevin had begun when Ed had suddenly stood up interrupting him with.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention, I was at fault, I will not allow it to happen again." He shut his eyes as he spoke frantically and felt slightly dizzy as he began to worry. He did not want to make enemies with a prince; he did not want to make enemies with an attractive prince. He was just about to run away when he opened his eyes and he saw Kevin's up close.

They were green, like he had seen before but they were so beautiful, lime in the centre with flecks of yellow extending to a forest coloured outer ring. The light reflection that made his eyes shine was the cherry on the top of the cake, the eyes almost seemed to be voids or black holes, sucking him in. He felt like the floor had suddenly been swept out from under his feet when suddenly, reality came crashing down around him and he was standing in front of Kevin, the prince, with a dumbfounded expression on his face, likely looking like quite the fool. He wanted to die.

Edd ran to his bag and left the changing rooms as quickly as he could, being extremely careful not to run into any more people. He hadn't changed back but at this point, but he didn't care, he could change in his room for christ sakes, he just needed to get away from that man. One more second - if Kevin had caught on to what was happening, then Edd would be dead right now, as literally dead as he wished he was now, metaphorically.

Again, Edd rued his small stature, and the nature of this school. All he wanted was to study, was that so much to ask? Why did he have to run into people that would hate on him for something he couldn't control and that he was actively trying to fix? He just wanted to get on with his studies so that he wouldn't have to worry about people looking down on him, he'd be held in high regards with a diploma. That's all Edd wanted, he couldn't wish for that moment to come any sooner.

Edd didn't attend any more classes for the rest of that day but it was okay because he spent his time working a week ahead of everyone else. He drowned himself in work and then went to bed early, before Ed and Eddy got back from their own classes.