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"You have the power over life and death brother, decide which will die: the protestors or your friend" Logan stated softly, his voice emphasising his distaste when he said friend. He had never liked Elise.

My eyes widened as he spoke, I looked to Elise the same disbelief I felt was etched onto her face but the shock was soon overtaken by determination "Choose me" she said softly "You can't let all these people die Duran, choose me"

I looked away from her and towards my brother "Logan-" I started but he cut me off.

"If you will not choose, I will and they will ALL be executed" He said, his face was stoic and his eyes were cold as he glanced at me.

"Logan pl-" I tried again but was cut off for the second time.


I looked towards the protestors who were begging for their lives and back towards Elise who was telling me to choose her.


These people meant nothing to me, I didn't know them and nor did Elise but she waas willing to die if it meant they lived. My beautiful, brave, innocent Elise so willing to save others even at the cost of her life.


I felt my heart pounding in my chest, I closed my eyes and faced the floor replaying my brother's words in my head 'power over life and death'.


My breath caught in my throat as I looked back towards Elise, her eyes pleading with me to choose her as I opened my mouth.

"Let the protestors die" I whispered, looking into my brothers eyes.

The leaders of the small 'rebellion' all cried out in anguish as they were taken away by Logan's guards whilst Elise shouted at me "You can't do this, Duran you can't" as she was led out of the room by Walter.

I looked to the ground as I spoke again "I think this is where I should say I'll never forgive you brother" I faced him again, he still had that unreadable look on his face.

"I thought you wanted to save the protestors" Logan said quietly, his voice softer now we were alone.

"They mean nothing to me, Elise wanted to help" I answered obediently.

"That woman? You follow her orders?" He asked incredulous.

"No" I replied quickly "No... but it was the right thing" my voice ended in a quiet whisper, I didn't care about the 'right' thing the truth was the 'power over life and death' I loved it, having the ability to choose who lived it was... exhilerating.

I looked into his eyes pushing my darker thoughts down as I said "I won't forgive you for this Logan"


I waas brought out of my reverie by Logan saying "You have the power over life and death brother. Now choose"

I stood up and my my way towards my brother. I stood silently for a few moments before pulling him into a hug, shocking both him and all those witnessing the trial.

"Logan is pardoned" I stated loudly as I pulled away from the hug, I turned around and was faced with looks of disbelief off my 'friends' in the rebellion. Walter repeated what I said but even he, I could tell, was shocked.

"I know you will never forgive me for the things I have done, you to-" this time I was the one who cut my brother off.

"I forgive you brother" I whispered, shock covered his face before he smiled.

"Then we will defend Albion together Duran"


Once all the people had left only me, Logan, Walter, Ben, Page, Sabine, Kalin and Jasper were left in the room.

Logan stood beside me as the aged butler approached us, he smiled kindly at me as he said "I fully understand your decision, your majesty and support it completely" he looked to Logan and offered him a small nod before continuing "However I'm afraid I must return to the Sanctuary now, as you may have further use of it in the coming days"

I groaned softly "Can't you stay Jasper?" I asked whining slightly as he smiled "Hobson creeps me out, and he smells like Hobbes"

Jasper chuckled "I apologise your majesty but should you find yourself travelling again, you may have need of the Sanctuary therefore it cannot be allowed to fall into disarray"

"Fine" I said pouting as he wandered out of the throne room.

Kalin was the next to approach "I must return to my ships" she stopped beside me "It is a heavy thing to be the decider of fate, especially of your own kin" she paused before turning towards me "I know why you spared your brother but I hope that does not prevent you from keeping your promise to the Auroran people... do not abandon us as your brother did" I watched as she left smiling at her words.

I jumped as I saw Sabine in front of me causing Logan to chuckle "I must return to the mountains... my words are the same as Kalin's; do not break your promise to the dwellers is all I ask" with that he left.

This left Page, Ben and Walter facing me and Logan.

I sighed "Logan is my brother, and no matter what crimes he has committed he will always be my family... the only family I have left and I will never order his execution" I paused looking at each of them "We will never forget Major Swift" I said as I saw ben about to interrupt "He was an honourable man and didn't deserve to die as he did but killing Logan would not fix anything... and now he can help me save Albion"

Page spoke up then "You have done the right thing" her voice was patronizing "Killing him would have solved nothing, it would've said you were no better than him. But now you have proved to be merciful even to a former tyrant King"

I glared at her "I don't give a damn if it proves me to be merciful or not" I paused "Get out... all of you leave"

I sighed as they moved to leave "Logan stay" I said softly.

I walked over to him hugging him again "I missed you brother" I whispered into his neck.

"Brother I regret that my actions forced you upon the path you have led, but I cannot regret that they made you the man they are"

I looked up at him "Logan, since that day... I have had darker desires" I paused waiting for his reaction, when none showed I continued "I long to feel blood on my hands, seeping out of wounds caused by me, the light in their eyes slowly fading their life ebbing away"

No reaction showed on my brother's face "Please Logan speak please" I begged.

He sighed "Our father to felt those desires, you often asked why he hid himself from the world... well he looked demonic with horns protruding from his head, his eyes the colour of blood and his skin pale and waxy with dark shadows surrounding his eyes"

My eyes widened "Am I evil Logan?" I asked feeling once again like an innocent child in an older siblings presence.

"You do not feel morality, you said so yourself in this room so many months ago" I frowned as I remembered what I had said 'they mean nothing to me'.

"You said they meant nothing to you and you didn't feel guilt for having them killed, thats why you forgived me so easily... even though I executed Major Swift you have justified it in your mind because he was a traitor to me even though he was YOUR ally"

"You have known since then of-"

"Yes, but you left before I could confirm it"

I bowed my head jumping when I felt his hand upon my face, his fingers hooked under my chin and his thumb softly caressing my cheek. He pulled my face up so my eyes met his "What of Elise?" he asked softly.

I frowned. "She left the castle when you did" he clarified.

"Oh, she is my wife" I replied "I own nearly every house and shop in Albion there is just one I have left to purchase in Millfields and of course Reaver's manor"

Logan chuckled "Your wife resides in Millfields?"

"No two children I have adopted do, they are called Adrian and Rosalia they are twins both aged 12"

"You have children?"

"Nine" I nodded enthusiastically, Logan raised an eyebrow "All save one were adopted, two girls live in Driftwood Ivy and Azalea both sisters Ivy is six and Azalea is ten"

"You like children?"

I shook my head "Not really but they live with nannies and get better care than they would at an orphanage" I paused "Then in Brightwall there is Ben who is 11 with his best friend Dean who is also 11... and in the Mercenary camp there is Samara who is 14 and in the Dweller camp there is Luci who is 13"

"You have a child in the Mercenary camp?"

"Uh huh" I replied beaming "I'm good friends with Saker their leader after I spared his life and he's training Sammy for me because she's quite agressive and evil as the woman at the orphanage said so I thought it was best, plus she loves it there"

Logan chuckled "And your own child?"

"He lives in Industrial with Elise, I named him Logan after you which wasn't a popular descision with my wife as you can imagine"

"Come brother, I think Hobson is expecting you in the treasury" I groaned as Logan guided me out of the room before I grabbed his hand and dragged him with me.


I decided to leave the taxes as they were, and I also put 1,000,000 gold into the treasury from my own funds. Logan was surprised that I already had the money to face the Crawler, but was glad I wouldn't have to damage Albion any more than he already had and be labelled a worse tyrant than him.

I had told Logan he was to be my advisor now so he accompanied me to Bowerstone Industrial where I was to meet Reaver and Page.

When I arrived Logan stood beside me which caused Page to glare, Reaver just smiled and stated his proposal for child labour causing a disgusted look to appear on Page's face as she disputed his cause.

I turned to look at Logan as they argued "I don't think I should interrupt" I whispered raising a brow at Page who had drawn her pistol and was now pointing it at Reaver.

Logan rolled his eyes and pushed me towards them, since the trial he had become more laid back especially now he knew we were saved because of my investments and he had turned back into the person he had been before he had travelled to Aurora.

I walked towards them both "Page you shoot at Reaver and you will be facing a prison sentence" I said shortly causing a look of shock to appear on her face.

"How can you defend him your majesty?" she asked disgusted.

"Because I'm the King and he's my subject I will not condone his murder and if I find you have attempted it, the fact you helped me win Albion will not save you from execution" I replied harshly "Now let's make this a school" I said enthusiastically.

"I shall begin the necessary modifications at once" Reaver smirked at Page.

"Reaver, you are welcome to stay at the castle should you wish to" I said quickly before turning to Logan and taking his hand intent on dragging him off.

"Your majesty!" Page shouted causing me to turn in shock "You would invite this... monster to your home and would shun me from it?"

"You patronized me, you assumed I'd spared my brothers life because of what you said when it's because he's the only family I have" I replied calmly causing her to glare "Au revoir darling" I said mockingly before dragging Logan away with me.