Title: The Black Star

Author: AileenDickinson

Summary: His godfather is dead and Harry decides that it's time to cut the strings from the old twinkle eyed puppeteer, start revealing his secrets and live his life as he wanted to. There's a new star in the Black tapestry. Independent! Smart! Powerful! Harry - Character bashing- slash-

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Genre: Romance, Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Warnings: There will be Character bashing, mainly Dumbledore/Ron/Hermione/Ginny/Molly Bashing!

Slash pairing(s ?) . Don't like, don't read.

Author Notes: First of all, I would like to remind you that I'm Italian and there is a possibility that you will find spelling mistakes or the occasional wrong word, I will do my best to write correctly and double check.

Now, onto the story, I know that many love the old headmaster but personally I don't like him very much. Dumbledore will not be evil, but the greater good often makes him lose contact with reality and forget the difference between people and pawns, and the fact that everybody looks up to him like he can do no wrong does not help. Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Molly are another matter.

For those who follow my other story, Love of Legend, I'd like to say that I did not abandon the story. I found a bit of a writer's block, maybe it's because I have too many things I want to write about and no idea how to. I hope that maybe writing something else for awhile will help me.

§The Black Star §

-Chapter 29-

Year Four

It was a few days into July that Draco started to feel a little under the weather. It was mostly tiredness and lack of appetite but he wrote it off as just needing to relax more and take it easy with the training for a bit.

As the month progressed though he found himself having frequent dizzy spells that he luckily managed to hide from Harry, the man was too overprotective and would have kept him in bed resting for who knows how long.

At the end of July he started feeling sick to his stomach. It was strange because he rarely got sick, even as a small child so maybe it was something that didn't agree with his stomach. Maybe too much chocolate pudding the evening before, his love for chocolate could nearly rival Remus.

For three mornings straight he woke up only to run to the bathroom and hug the toiled, how Harry didn't notice it was a mystery. The man had such a light sleep usually but then again he was training twice as hard than the others.

The morning of Harry's birthday was no different. He had to run into the bathroom to throw up what little he managed to eat the day before. It was starting to get frustrating, between eating too little and being sick afterwards he was always too tired that it was a miracle he could train at all.

He washed his teeth and went back to bed, careful not to wake Harry since it was still so early. He wasn't able to go back to sleep, so he settled for watching Harry.

The man had managed to become even more handsome growing up if that was possible. Or maybe he was just too biased about it.

Raising his hand he began to run it lightly through his black long hair. A light purr rose from Harry's chest making him chuckle, even in human form and sleeping he was still a big cuddly cat.

His life was so good now. He had real friends, his godfather was safe with them, his aunt was back in his life and he was married to the best man in the whole world.

Sure being trapped in the dome for years became a bit tiring after a while and he wouldn't mind a trip to Diagon Alley or anywhere else, but as long as Harry was there with him he didn't care.

Could things get better than that? Or maybe it was just too good to last?

Sometimes he felt like he was waiting for the other shoe to drop, he wasn't used to things going well. Usually something bad always happened to him at some point, and it involved his parents. Harry too wasn't a particularly lucky bloke, well he was lucky but only after getting into trouble.

Maybe he was just over thinking things, it was the hunger and nausea talking yes.

"Mmm, don't stop" came the mumbled request from Harry. While thinking he had stopped his petting and scratching waking Harry. With a smile he resumed.

"Happy Birthday love" he whispered, leaning in for a good morning kiss. It was slow and languid, his husband wasn't jet properly awake it seemed. With a smirk he decided to rectify the fact.

Moving so he was straddling the man he started to lay kisses all over his chest and neck, slowly grounding his hips onto the other's making him groan roughly.

Bucking his hips Harry rolled them over now wide awake and eager for what was coming next.

"Do you have anything planned for today already?" Draco asked from his position half over Harry's chest, trailing imaginary circles with his finger.

"No, do you?"

"Not exactly. I thought that maybe we could go for a ride with the pegasi or something else alone."

"I like the idea. Maybe we could take a picnic basket with us?"Harry proposed.

Soon they were dressed and out in the grounds riding.

When they finally stopped Draco wasn't feeling very well and was regretting ever having the idea. He felt hot and sweaty, a little nauseous and had little black dots flashing in front of his eyes every once in a while.

He took a deep breath and tightening his grip on the Pegasus he made to dismount and join Harry.

It happened all too fast, Harry was already on the ground and when he turned to look at his husband he saw him paling all of a sudden while dismounting. He didn't have the time to put his feet on the ground that he was already losing consciousness.

Luckily Harry was close enough and with a few quick strides and his good reflexes he was able to catch the blond before he hit the ground.

"Draco! Draco!" he tried to shake him a little but he didn't wake up. Panicking he apparated inside the manor with Draco in his arms shouting for Andromeda while running towards the little infirmary.

"Harry, dear Merlin! What happened?" asked Andromeda upon seeing him and the unconscious Draco.

"I-I don't know.. we went riding and when we stopped he.. he just fainted" he stuttered "Please, do something!"

"Put him on the bed, dear. And breathe" she ordered him "It won't do him any good if you go join him on another bed"

She took out her wand and started murmuring incantations and talking to herself in between "He's a little dehydrated.. maybe a sunstroke. No, there's something else"

"Why isn't he awake yet, Andy?" Harry asked from the side.

"Don't worry dear, he's already starting to wake up" she reassured him. And just as she said Draco started to stir.

He groaned feeling like he had been run over by an herd of hippogriffs. Opening his eyes the first thing he saw was Harry's concerned face.

"Draco? Merlin you scared me to death! Are you alright?" he fired off while caressing his face and arms, as if he was making sure he was not injured.

"M'fine" he replied accepting a glass of water that Andy gave him and taking a sip gratefully.

"Draco, dear. I need to ask, are you sure you're okay? Nothing I should be aware of?" she asked sternly.

He bit his lip debating if telling her and worrying Harry even more or staying silent. The incident today though meant that Harry would be overprotective either way and he didn't fancy a repeat.

"Well.. I've been tired lately." He started, Andy nodding at him to continue "and.. in the last days I've been throwing up too. I thought I just hate something wrong but maybe it is a stomach bug"

"I will be the one to decide that, young man" she said before waving her wand again, a determined look on her face.

"Ah, ah!" she exclaimed.

"What?" they asked together.

"I just found out the reason for your 'illness' Draco dear." She stated with a smug smile.

"What is it?" "Why are you looking so pleased if I'm sick?" they asked at the same time.

"Just calm down. I never said it was anything bad. Merlin's beard, you two need to relax a little" she huffed "As for your condition. You're pregnant"

"What?" he yelped wide eyed. How was it possible, they were always careful.

"Pre.." Harry wasn't even able to finish the word, he was just looking at Draco's abdomen without blinking.

"I think we broke Harry." Andy chirped "Well I'll leave you two to talk and I'll be back later"

"Harry… Harry…. HARRY!" Draco shouted while slapping his unresponsive husband.

"Ow, that hurt Dray" he complained before remembering what Andy just told them. "We're having a baby" he whispered.

"Merlin, how did that happen" he moaned "Not like that, I meant that we were careful with the contraception charms!" he said at his husband hungry look.

"Well, we must have forgotten at least once but I don't recall.."

"My tattoo" Draco exclaimed "You jumped on me when I showed you my tattoo! You horny bastard, you got me pregnant!"


"Don't Dray me! How could you? You.. you.. you knocked me up!" he shouted.

"I.. it wasn't on purpose but I didn't think you would be so against the idea" Harry muttered with a hurt look in his eyes.

"I'm not.. I just…" Draco said between breaths "I'm not ready. I don't know how to take care of a baby, or how to be a parent. I certainly didn't have good examples growing up.. what if I'm an horrible parent?"

Seeing that the blond was working himself up he went to sit on the bed and hugged him close to his chest.

"Hush. Draco, we're in the same boat there. I didn't have parents and don't know how to take care of a baby, but then again no parent really knows the first time. You're not alone, we have each other. I'll be right next to you all the time and we have our family there to help us" he tried to soothe his husband.

"I'm sorry 'Ry. I'm just.."

"I know love. We weren't expecting it and you don't like not being in control either." He smirked.

"You know, it means I'm nearly two months along if it was that time.." Draco trailed while looking at his flat abdomen "I'm going to get fat" he whined

"Not fat. Our child will be growing there" Harry corrected him and then he whispered huskily "I bet you'll look so sexy"

"Oh shut up" he said blushing

"You know, I think this is the best birthday gift I ever had" smiled Harry, his eyes twinkling brightly.

Andromeda soon confirmed that Draco was two months along in the pregnancy and prescribed him several prenatal potions, an anti nausea potion and made many recommendation about his training and what he should and shouldn't do in his condition.

Everyone was happy with the news even if Severus looked a bit green, he didn't need the proof that his godson and Potter had sex.

Draco's physical training had been changed to a very light workout and some dueling with many protections shields around his middle, courtesy of his overprotective half. That was only after he beat said man with a conjured frying pan over the head when he suggested that he should stop training in his delicate condition.

"Delicate my arse! I'm a man If you expect me to start making crochet or something you're sorely mistaken!" he yelled before throwing him out of their bedroom for the night and the one after until Harry gave up under a few conditions.

Along the lighter workload and the shields he also had to stop training when he reached the fifth month, something that Andy advised. He wasn't happy but it was better than being relegated to bed for half of the pregnancy because he overdid it.

All his magic needed to go to the baby to help him grow healthy and avoid complications in the pregnancy. Male ones were more delicate than a female one, the fact that they managed to conceive without a potion was a rare thing too, only the most powerful wizards could manage it.

That went to show how much both Harry and Draco were powerful.

In the end, he decided that he could live with it. Thanks to his bigger magical core he was a few steps ahead of his friends, even if still a lot behind Harry, so a few months of no training would not give him problems. Also he was the best potioneer among them, only second to Severus who had taken the blond as his apprentice and he was sure he would soon surpass himself.

Soon after came another good announcement. Fred and George had proposed to Luna and Daphne.

In true Prewett twins fashion they did something great and crazy. First the two couples had dinner together under the gazebo.

For the twins it was important to be together as much as they could. They had spent all their lives together and could not imagine living separated without seeing each other often. Thankfully for them their girls got along beautifully and didn't mind the double dates and spending time all four of them.

After dinner the couples separated.

Fred lead Luna towards the forest where he had everything set up. He really hoped his girlfriend would like it and agree to marry him.

Fred had spent the two days before around the forest catching faeries. Before he proposed he freed them and after dancing around Luna for a bit they positioned themselves to form the words 'Marry me?' while he kneeled in front of her showing the ring he picked out. It was a thin silver band with a princess cut diamond and two small sapphires at the sides.

Luna had been so awed and happy they she cried and wasted no time in saying yes to her boyfriend.

George instead went towards the lake. Like his twin, he too prepared days before for this night. He was quite jittery about it too. Luna was a simple girl and quite easy to please, but his Daphne had been raised like a princess and didn't want to treat her any less than that.

When they arrived at the lake Daphne could see many blue green flames scattered through the water. Slowly they floated above the water and after a few turns and twists they formed the phrase 'will you marry me?'

She gasped and turned to see her George kneeling on the ground. The first thing she noticed was the look of concentration on his face, telling her that the flames came from his elemental magic.

Then she saw the hope and small fear in his eyes. Silly man thought she would refuse his proposal.

In his hands there was a beautiful ring. It was an elegant silver band with a sapphire in the center surrounded by many small diamonds.

She smiled at him, her eyes a bit watery and ordered her fiancée to stand up and kiss his bride to be. The wide smile he gave her warmed her heart and she knew that she couldn't live without this man anymore.

Everyone had been happy for them, mostly because the girls supported the twins like their mother and half of their family never did. They made them happy and could also keep them controlled when needed be.

The elves were over the moon and made a huge feast. The news that there would be a baby to take care of, a little master, and two weddings was enough to make them excited like a squirrel on crack.

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