Title: The Black Star

Author: AileenDickinson

Summary: His godfather is dead and Harry decides that it's time to cut the strings from the old twinkle eyed puppeteer, start revealing his secrets and live his life as he wanted to. There's a new star in the Black tapestry. Independent! Smart! Powerful! Harry - Character bashing- slash-

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Genre: Romance, Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Warnings: There will be Character bashing, mainly Dumbledore/Ron/Hermione/Ginny/Molly Bashing!

Slash pairing(s ?) . Don't like, don't read.

Author Notes: First of all, I would like to remind you that I'm Italian and there is a possibility that you will find spelling mistakes or the occasional wrong word, I will do my best to write correctly and double check.

Now, onto the story, I know that many love the old headmaster but personally I don't like him very much. Dumbledore will not be evil, but the greater good often makes him lose contact with reality and forget the difference between people and pawns, and the fact that everybody looks up to him like he can do no wrong does not help. Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Molly are another matter.

For those who follow my other story, Love of Legend, I'd like to say that I did not abandon the story. I found a bit of a writer's block, maybe it's because I have too many things I want to write about and no idea how to. I hope that maybe writing something else for awhile will help me.

§The Black Star §

-Chapter 38-

"What does it say?" Fred and George asked together leaning forward trying to read the words on the parchment. Easier said than done, it looked worse than something Ron could write, they complained earning a laugh from their brothers and few others.

Several hands moved to take the paper but Remus was quick enough to snatch it up before them. 'Thank you werewolf reflexes' he smirked. Since he wasn't forced to turn every full moon into a bloodthirsty monster he was very much in tune with his inner wolf.

"Aww man" the younger men complained and he just sent them a smug smile before leaning back into the embrace of his dungeon bat.

He snickered to himself, Severus was always sure to grumble and pout at the name, though he would never admit it.

"Read it out loud Remus" ordered Minerva in her best teacher's voice making her students, past and present, snicker at the wolf's pout.

"Fine, fine."

There in acid green ink was the list of Voldemort's soul pieces.

There were seven in total like they thought.

Diary- headmaster's office Hogwarts School- destroyed

Slytherin Locket-Black heirloom vault Gringotts Bank

Hufflepuff Cup-Black heirloom vault (absorbed from Lestrange vaults)

Peverell Ring-Gaunt shack Little Hangleton

Scar-Harry Potter- destroyed

Ravencraw Diadem-Room of Requirements Hogwarts School

Snake-location unkown

"It looks quite good" commented Harry with a smile.

"What exactly looks good to you Potter?" growled Moody "There are seven of them and the most are priceless artifacts!"

Harry widened his eyes comically moving his hands to his chest before saying in an awed voice "The Mad Eye Moody thinks I'm priceless! Oh, what an honor!" he exclaimed finishing in an high pitched voice reminding of a woman and mimicking fainting. They all laughed at that, glad for his attempt to defuse the tension.

"'Ry already destroyed the diary in the chamber of secrets in second year and I removed the shard from his scar. That's already two taken care of" commented Draco with a smug tone both from the heroic ,if not reckless, deeds of his husbands and from his own awesomeness.

"Another two are in one of my vaults and we can take them whenever we want" smiled Harry draping an arm over his still preening blond.

"The diadem is in the school and we can easily find it" added Neville "We already know where the RoR is and how it works"

"So we only need to actively hunt the ring and the snake before killing Voldy" summed up Charlie

"Yes and thanks to Draco's potion we can safely remove the soul taint from the .. ah, priceless artifacts without damaging them" smirked Severus at the disgruntled face of the old auror.

"Are you going to take care of them now or should we pass on the next order of business?" asked Andromeda.

It was a dark night without moon or stars, the icy winds coming from the sea were unforgiving in their sheer force. The little village built in a strip of land surrounded by forest on one side and overlooking the sea from the high cliffs on another was silent, the only noise coming from the wind and the objects knocked over by its force.

Seven figures stood vigilant on the highest peak of the cliffs waiting. They were clad in black armour and black battle robes made of basilisk scales, their hoods pulled to cover their heads and the lower part of their faces covered by a black silk mask leaving only their eyes visible.

They stood unmoving to the untrained eye but their muscles were coiled, ready to spring into action. Long swords were strapped to their backs where they would not hinder their movements and still be easy to draw.

"Get in position" the figure in the middle ordered. At his command the other six vanished from their spots at his sides and took their assigned place around the village as to cover it all.

Not two minutes later several pops announced the apparition of a number of people while others appeared via portkey.

Those new arrivals started to throw curses around and wreak mayhem into the village. They couldn't wait to hear the screams of fear and pain coming from those filthy mudbloods and muggles.

Only, there were no screams. Not even a single soul could be seen in the town apart from the masked death eaters. Also their spells seemed to bounce off the walls of the buildings leaving no damage behind.

They stopped confused and looked at each other trying to understand what on earth was going on.

Their mutterings could be barely head over the howling wind when suddenly a scream pierced the air followed by another and another, in a never ending choir of terror.

Back with the leader figure of the seven, he had been the first to move onto the unsuspecting death eaters. With a few whispered words ten of them fell to the ground screaming in pain in what felt like an overpowered cricuatus curse mixed with a blood boiling one. Their screams had been the signal for the other six to move and kill.

Glowing eyes blinked slowly glowing eerily in the darkness of the night, the avada kedavra green sending chills of fear into their soul and they knew that they had no escape.

Somewhere else vines sprouted from the ground piercing the hearts of four men, followed quickly by nearby rocks flying into the air and impacting with heads killing them on the spot.

Hazel eyes watched it all with a hint of sadness "Mother nature is unforgiving this night" he whispered.

Blood dripped from the glinting sword held by the man kneeling on the ground.

"Such a Bella Notte to dance" he smirked as heads rolled to the ground followed by the dull thumps of the bodies.

At polar opposites of the town the same thing was happening. Agile fingers worked on the triggers of the shining silver guns, each bullet moving at great speeds, only a green afterglow could be seen, piercing their target and ending a life. Blue twinkling eyes watched it all as they cockily rolled the guns on their fingers in a way that would have reminded a muggle of a cowboy from the movies.

The hissing of the fire whip resonated into the night entrapping the bastards in her burning coils like a deadly snake would. Their screams filled the air but the winds washed away the smell of burning flesh. Onyx eyes watched it all impassive but at the same time eager to give those worms exactly what they deserved.

The last figure was almost petite compared to her six companions but just as deadly. Manipulating the winds to her will she sliced the death eater with invisible blades making them fall like leaves in autumn. Her violet eyes cold as ice and sharp as her elemental blades.

It took no more than ten minutes. Ten minutes and all the death eaters sent to raid the town were on the ground dead.

The leader reached into his robes and took out a small mirror. "Mission complete. Retreat"

Moody and Shacklebot watched it all happen from the safety of the cliff and were both unbelieving and terrified of what they just witnessed. Those brats were ruthless and efficient.

Back at Potter Manor the six figures re-appeared. They slowly took off their hoods and face masks showing their identities as Harry, Neville, Blaise, Fred and George, Severus and Daphne.

"How did it go?" asked Draco from his position on the couch. The other as eager as him to know leaned forward.

Luna had warned them earlier in the day that she had a vision and that Voldemort planned to raid the little village. So, obviously, they prepared and sent a .. welcoming party.

After putting the villagers into an enchanted sleep, they warded all the buildings against damage for the night. All thanks to Daphne and her magical wards, she could do almost anything she wanted with them.

Harry smirked wickedly in answer seating himself next to his blond. "Let's just say that the trash is taken care of"

"Seemed almost" "too easy" complained the twins.

"How did our guns work in action?" the blond seer asked.

"It was awesome!" they grinned.

"Do you think that Moody and Shack are alright or that we scared them?" asked Blaise with a hint of mischief in his voice.

They looked at each other then all said together "Scared" making the others laugh at the thought of the battle scarred paranoid auror scared of them.

"Oh, that I would like to see" wheezed Amelia in between her laughter trying and failing to stop and regain her breath. Moments later Remus was kind enough to hit her with a sobering charm "thanks, now. I best go and ah.. send cleaners to the village before those muggles wake up to a nightmarish sight"


Yesterday night a group of aurors and the morguedepartement of the ministry had been ordered to the little village of Siren's Cove after receiving information about a death eater attack occurring in the very same place. The town is known to be inhabited by halfbloods, muggleborns and their muggle families, much like the famous town of Godric's Hollow, it is so not suprising that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named choose it as a target in his quest to get rid of those whose blood isn't pure.

When the ministry employees arrived it was to a bloody and gruesome sight.

The death eaters sent to raid the place were all lying dead on the ground. The aurors confirmed that while there are traces of incoming apparition and porkey, no one left by the same ways that night. There were no survivors.

Whomever the responsible was for this carnage did it effortlessly and efficiently, there were no traces of battle on the scene, before vanishing without leaving anything that could lead to their identities.

Some could say that those mysterious characters are dangerous and should be hunted down, as was suggested by some lords in the special session of the Wizengamot called in the first hour of the morning, probably scared that a new dark lord is rising, but I for one think differently.

For one there was no accounts of deaths or injuries within the population of the town, they were in fact in an enchanted sleep and unaware of the happenings in the outside. Even their homes had been warded to repel damage.

These people are doing the wizarding world a service, getting rid of the threat that loomed over our heads for the last two decades and maybe even working towards ending Voldemort's reign of terror. Something that for the longest time the ministry hadn't been able to deal with, only starting to take real measures with the elections of Minister Amelia Bones who freed the ministry offices from the death eaters operating from the inside and guaranteeing that those and many more wouldn't be able to harm a wizard ever again.

For now in regards of those mysterious protectors we should just wait and see that they have in store for us.

"Now we just need to hope they don't give us a stupid and ridiculous moniker" mumbled Theo from behind his copy of the Prophet.

"Like You know Who?" asked Fred

"Or He who must not be named?" pointed out George

"How about boy who lived?" sneered Severus taking a sip of coffee. His comment earning a laugh from the table and an exaggerated pout from said boy grown man. He really hated that stupid title.

"Ah, ah, hilarious coming from the dungeons' bat" he grumbled biting his croissant viciously.

"Children play nice" sighed Lorelai. Honestly sometimes those men seemed more childish than the kids!

Owls came flying into the great hall like every morning, only this time a familiar white owl was with them.

She stopped in front of Hannah Abbot and left her a letter addressed to the DA.

Squeaking in excitement she was quick to round up all the members into the RoR so they could read it all together.

Dear DA,

Wow, didn't think the idea was so successful that you would continue it this year too. Or that so many people would still believe in me, I'm honored to have your trust and loyalty guys.

You certainly asked a lot of questions, many that I can't give you an answer for at the moment but I'll try my best yeah?

First of all, yes the articles were true. I'm now 24 years old, married and with children. I have already taken my Newts and masteries so I won't be joining you for the last years at Hogwarts but that doesn't mean you won't hear from me anymore, that is if my age doesn't make you uncomfortable.

I also want to reassure you that Draco, Blaise, Daphne and Theo are on our side, without a doubt. I am very proud of you for giving the snakes a chance, not all of them want to become death eaters, most are just forced by their parents and scared by the idea of being disowned with no one else to help them.

Stay strong, stay united. Because only if you are united, all the four houses together, then we can really defeat Voldemort and the prejudice he spread into the wizarding world.

I wish I could write some more but I have a pair of four years old that are pretty demanding for their daddy's attention (who knew little kids could be this exhausting?!).

Feel free to write back anytime you want be it for a chat, advice or anything else. It goes for all of you.

P.s. if you need a hand I would ask Flitwick. He was a dueling champion after all and I'm sure he would be excited to help you in something he holds such a passion for.

Finally it was time. He couldn't wait to depart and see him again after so much time.

Slowly he buttoned the black jacket of his armour and slipped on the battle robe. He checked the pockets to make sure that everything he would need was in place and then strapped his sword onto his back, more of habit than necessity.

Moving silently he entered the bedroom to make sure the owners were asleep before moving on to the nursery.

"I'm going" he whispered to the figure sitting in the rocking chair.

"Be careful" was answer along with a small smile "I'll be waiting here"

He nodded before bending down to drop a feather like kiss to the small bundle's head, mindful not to wake the babe.

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