Title: The Black Star

Author: AileenDickinson

Summary: His godfather is dead and Harry decides that it's time to cut the strings from the old twinkle eyed puppeteer, start revealing his secrets and live his life as he wanted to. There's a new star in the Black tapestry. Independent! Smart! Powerful! Harry - Character bashing- slash-

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Genre: Romance, Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Warnings: There will be Character bashing, mainly Dumbledore/Ron/Hermione/Ginny/Molly Bashing!

Slash pairing(s ?) . Don't like, don't read.

Author Notes: First of all, I would like to remind you that I'm Italian and there is a possibility that you will find spelling mistakes or the occasional wrong word, I will do my best to write correctly and double check.

Now, onto the story, I know that many love the old headmaster but personally I don't like him very much. Dumbledore will not be evil, but the greater good often makes him lose contact with reality and forget the difference between people and pawns, and the fact that everybody looks up to him like he can do no wrong does not help. Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Molly are another matter.

For those who follow my other story, Love of Legend, I'd like to say that I did not abandon the story. I found a bit of a writer's block, maybe it's because I have too many things I want to write about and no idea how to. I hope that maybe writing something else for awhile will help me.

§The Black Star §

-Chapter 42-

Flashes of light lit the night everywhere. There was a lot of green and red. She looked around trying to understand where she was..Black clad figures with bone masks were running around wreaking havoc.

People was screaming and trying to save themselves. Little children were crying huddled against a wall.

On the ground she could recognize the mangled body of Lavander Brown after a werewolf caught up with her. Wide eyes forever set in a terrified look.

Sweet Dennis Creevy was half buried under the rubbles from a fallen tower and Ernie was bleeding profusely from the shoulder where his arm had been cut off not far from there.

Lee Jordan was protecting a group of younger students with the help of Alicia, Katie and Angelina, they were casting no stop and breathing hard from the exertion but there were just too many enemies for them to handle; if help didn't arrive soon they and all the children would die that night.

She watched helplessly as Professor McGonagall fell under the vicious bone breaking curse that hit her in the chest, ribs puncturing her lungs and heart, she died almost instantly.

A mad laugh resonated into the night, managing to cover all the screams and noises of the battle, making her skin crawl and blood run cold in her veins..

Luna woke up drenched in sweat and with her heart beating too fast. She shook Fred awake with trembling hands, she needed to tell him, she needed to help plan, she needed to protect.. she needed her husband strong arms to hold her tight and make the horror she just witnessed fade away.

"'Lu?" he asked, voice husky from sleep

"Vision.. so much.. death.." her voice was broken and her throat seemed to close in itself making it difficult to breath.

As fast as lightning he rose to hold her against his chest, one hand caressing her head and hair while the other rubbed soothing circles on her back.

"Shh.. you're safe, they are all safe. It hasn't happened and never will. We will make sure of it" he whispered.

"We saved many people already didn't we? We can do it again"

"Yes.. yes you're right." She nodded against his shoulder while taking deep calming breaths.

"We need to tell Harry and go to Hogwarts and protect them all.." she rambled after a few minutes of silence.

"Harry won't appreciate being woken at three a.m. love" Fred warned her.

"You're right again." She sighed.

"Did you see when it was?"

"There were pumpkins .. the great hall was decorated.. Halloween"

As soon as Fred gave the all clear Luna used the mirror to call everyone and set up an emergency meeting at Potter Manor, with Harry's approval of course.

She thought she was going to be insane with all that waiting, having to wait for an acceptable hour to call because 'there is no need to wake them all up and disturb them' he said. As if she didn't know it too! The time just decided to slow down to her immense annoyance.

Harry had firecalled Minerva, Filius, Shaklebot and Moody so they could join too and help them plan. Frank and Alice wanted to come too but they were not ready to handle traveling or tiring experiences, so Nev promised to tell them everything upon his return.

Now they were all seated around the circular table in the ancient strategy room of Potter Manor.

"Thank you all for coming so swiftly. We have much to talk about" Harry started from his position.

"Luna, our resident seer had a vision last night. A very much troubling one. Voldemort is planning to attack Hogwarts on Halloween and if we don't do anything it will be a bloodbath" he told them, his face set in a cold mask.

A chorus of scared and outraged voices made itself known at his revelation. He sent out a pulse of magic that shut everyone up and raised a smirk in a very Snapeish manner. As if to say 'are you a bunch of children?'

"We are gathered here to plan accordingly so everyone is welcome to give his opinions and suggestions"

"They'll get into the school over my dead body!" swore Minerva enraged someone would dare to endanger children, the future of the wizarding world

"The best way to protect the castle would be being already there before the attack happens, since the wards don't consent apparition and entering by floo would take much time and we risk getting in each other way blocking it" observed Theo.

"How do we know he still will attack on Halloween though? Visions are subject to change in accord to the people's decisions.. what if we are not there the right day?" asked a worried Susan. She had the utmost of trust in Luna, but she said it herself. Certain visions happened no matter what or how hard you tried to change it, others could reveal themselves to be misleading changing with every doubt or new decisions made. Unfortunately there was no way to tell one form the other.

Just like prophecies, some said that they would fulfill themselves no matter what while others were of the opinions that if you left them alone nothing would happen.

"She does have a point" conceded Luna.

"This can sound crazy but what if we go stay at Hogwarts until then?" proposed Charlie. Initially he was met with incredulous looks and skeptical looks so he explained better "Look, if we're there we can work on better protections, set traps and wards, close off the ways of entry and shit like that"

"Actually.. it's a good idea" drawled Severus.

"Should we all go? And what about the kids?" wondered Lorelai

"Hogwarts has more than enough room for all of you, dear." Smiled Minerva, the part of her not worried about the attack was happy that she would have her old students around for a little bit longer.

"Before we leave, I have something to share with you" said Amelia.

"Of course"

"Well, I received a report yesterday from Azkaban. It was form one of the guards tasked to patrol the ward where Dumbledore is locked. He is showing clear signs of insanity and his condition is deteriorating. The guard was most concerned about the fact that the old fool had been muttering 'Potter must die' and was scared that he or his loyals would try and attack Harry." She told them

"it was probably in relation to the horcrux. Or his spectacularly failed attempts at world domination" sneered Draco from his position slumped on the chair. It was a behavior totally unbecoming of a Malfoy but man, it felt good every once in a while!

"Indeed. Even if he had some kind of plans he left to his order, I wouldn't worry. You could deal with hit blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your backs" Amelia smiked

"If he is in such a condition, he probably won't live much longer" commented Lorelai "especially if it was his magic sustaining his decrepit old body"

"Good Riddance!" the twins expalimed together with Sirius.

"How is the horcrux hunt going?" asked Blaise after they took a pause in the meeting for some refreshments.

"The cup and locked are dealt with" smirked Draco

"Yes and the elves I sent to tidy up the Black heirloom vault are showing signs of an hysterical crisis coming.. may have to give them vacation" Harry added sullenly. He had the misfortune to find out that an hysterical elf was worse than an hyperactive elf bent on saving you.

Merlin save them all!

"Fascinating but not pertinent brat" sneered Severus. He didn't care about his elves nor did the others.

"How cruel, Sevvy" Harry pouted before yelping when a stinging hex hit him in the arse, making Draco and the twins snicker.

"I took the liberty of going to Little Hangleton" spoke Bill before the thing escalated to a full out war. It happened more than he wanted to remember. "The shack was heavily warded from what my scans picked. There is certainly an horcrux in there, under layers of protective wards and curses. The ring itself may be cursed but there was too much to say for sure."

"Will you be able to get around the wards?" asked Filius

"Yes, it was nothing I can't deal with. I may need Harry with me though. Some of the wards over the ring were strange, I think they may be in parseltongue"

"No problem. We'll decide when later and go retrieve it together" nodded Harry.

"We can take care of the diadem when we go to Hogwarts" piped up Dora "And I want to kill that one!" She said, or more like pretended. It sounded something cool to do.

After all how many people could boast about having killed an horcrux, one of the darkest magics existing?

"Of course, Dora"

Arthur Weasley was not having a good day. Not at all. First he got woken up by a leak in the ceiling, then his favorite work shirt got ripped while he tried putting it on. The only other one not dirty was a pink –previously white- one that his wife had washed along with Ginny's red sweater. Pink was not his color.

Then when he got down for breakfast there wasn't anything to eat, but only his ranting wife over the daily prophet.

She kept ranting about how they were insulting Dumbledore –such a great man!- calling him insane after they had the audacity to lock him up in Azkaban like a common death eater. She firmly believed that soon they would release him. He was the one who would lead them to victory and leader of the light after all.

If they were lucky enough they would convict Potter instead, the brat was unstable and dangerous, she continued.

He tried to tune her out while he looked for anything edible to eat before going to work. Sadly she noticed and proceeded to scream at him for the next half an hour for ignoring her. Hence he was late for work, his boss reprimanded him and he was struck with the pile of paperwork while his colleague got the calls and actually got to use his wand.

Since he was made aware of his children disowning themselves from the family he had been depressed and was finding his wife's behavior harder and harder to tolerate.

They were right. She had been overbearing and nagging and controlling and cruel and much more with the children. And he had done nothing.

He had always let his wife rule the house, mostly because he was never there, and always at work trying to bring back enough to maintain his ever growing family.

He had once suggested to take a pause to Molly. It was after Percy was born. Three children were already a lot to deal with taking into consideration how little he earned. She had none of it, she accused him of not loving her and the children, cried and despaired for days until he gave up. It wasn't until the healer told her she couldn't have anymore that she decided to stop.

Arguing with her never brought much if not stress for him. So he didn't. And now he was paying the price for it.

He really hoped that things would get better. Maybe Molly would calm herself and so would the children, then they could become a happy family once again.

He could only hope.

When lunch time came around they had talked about anything they could think of. The finer details would need to wait until they were to Hogwarts.

Using the Marauder's Map while planning for the attack was useful, incredibly so. But certain things needed to be seen in person to be sure that they would work.

Minerva had done her best to make sure that each one of them would have their space and feel useful while waiting for the attack to come.

She knew how they became when bored especially Sirius, the Prewett twins, Harry and Nymphadora. Bill and Charlie had their moments too along with Draco.

Nope. She didn't want so many marauders with nothing on their hands to do while inside her school, Godric knew it wouldn't survive the experience.

Andromeda was unsure if going too or not, in the end they decided that she would have a smaller room assigned to her with a working floo connected to her home so she could come and go when she pleased and still have her time with her husband.

Neville too was unsure. He didn't want to leave his parents alone at home at such a critical time, so he asked for something similar to be done for him only the opposite. He would spend his days at home while his parents were awake and then go back to Hogwarts to Blaise. He was glad no one had a problem with it, instead they encouraged him to bond with his parents and help them as much as he could.

As a side thought, Neville remembered to invite Harry and his family for lunch the following day. Alice had been demanding to see her godson and was most excited at the prospect of meeting his children too. Harry of course was eager to accept, he too was looking forward to meet the woman and her husband. He knew the she was best friends with his mother and maybe able to tell him some stories too.

Lily's portrait talked a lot with him and told him of her days at Hogwarts but he knew that she was hiding some of the adventures and funny moments she got into, she was probably avoiding letting him know to set a good example and hiding it from James because she always reprimands him for his pranks.

"It's good to see you again Amelia" greeted Sirius. They were the only ones left behind into the strategy room and he took the chance to talk with her.

"Indeed. The last time I saw you was before that Halloween" she said.

"I.. I was an idiot that night and I was already punished for it, more than plenty. Don't give me the cold shoulder, please" he breathed out, dragging an hand over his face and through his hair.

"It wasn't my intention, Sirius." She sighed "some things are harder to forget than other though"

He looked at her with pained eyes "I see.. I'll give you more time then." He smiled, although it was forced and left.

He needed his little marauders to cheer him up a bit.

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