Like I promised. Here is the epilogue.

Life after the final battle was peaceful and happy.

Harry and Draco went back to live in Potter Manor with their children. Harry took up his seats in the Wizengamot and worked mostly from home for his Lord duties, administering his properties and businesses and founding several charities. Draco taught at the school until Christmas when finally Severus managed to reach an old student of his to take on as apprentice and fill the position, then he went back to his experimenting and suppling potions to the hospital and several apothecaries.

Soon after they found out that Ron, Ginny and Hermione had been found guilty of attempted murder of a Lord Consort and two heirs of the Most Noble and Most Ancient Houses of the wizarding world. For that they had been given five years in Azkaban following by social services, their wands already snapped and prohibited from buying another one again. Arthur had been true to his promise and threw them out of his house; while the Grangers wanted nothing to do with Hermione, she was not the daughter they raised they claimed.

Dora kept the defence position for a couple of years, she enjoyed teaching and it was a good job. Especially since she was planning on more children.. Bill claimed his seats on the Wizengamot too and worked for Gringotts on demand as a cursebreaker.

Charlie didn't want to go back to Romania so he settled for the smaller dragon reserve in Scotlan, which was closer to Hogwarts and his wife who worked as resident healer there.

Fred and George opened their dream prank shop in Diagon Alley, Prewetts Prank Palace, and it was immediately a great hit with the public. Luna became a journalist for her father's newspaper, which became as famous as the Prophet very fast while Daphne too claimed the Greengrass seat.

Neville opened his greenhouses helped by his mother who decided to be a 'stay at home granny' as she liked to call herself. Frank, who had been given the de aging potion like his wife, took back his position as senior auror though he worked on training the recruits at the academy.

Blaise and Neville also claimed their house seats like their friends Theo and Susan did, the last whom had been hired as a healer in St. Mungo.

Remus and Severus kept their teaching jobs, though Severus was forced by his godson to claim the Prince seat and participate on the meetings.

Sirius got back to being an auror and became quickly the new Head of the DMLE. The big surprise though was his relationship with Amelia. It came out that during the first war they had been engaged too, Amelia thought he was guilty like the others since she didn't have proof of the opposite and was crushed by that. What no one knew was that she was still in love with him and after the final battle she finally consented to give him a second chance. They were taking things slow but that didn't stop Sirius from dreaming of a wedding and children of his own, especially since that de aging potion had worked wonders to them.

All in all they were all happy and looking forward to the future together..

First of all thank you Shadow Phoenix 16 for the suggestion of the name 'Prewetts Prank Palace'. I will end up using it again in other stories probably XD

Secondly, I almost can't believe it but this is the end of the wonderful journey that had been my first completed fan fiction. It was difficult at times but so very rewarding too. Thank you everyone of you for staying with me all this time and encouraging me with your kind words and support. It means more than you can imagine.

I am now more confident in myself and my ability to write something good than I was when I first started and I plan to take fully advantage of it.

A possible sequel of this story is in the future though I'm not sure when I'll be able to start. At the moment I have 'Never Betray a Fox' already going and I started a collaboration fiction which will probably end up being an extremely long saga. Since I'm not able to work endlessly on the same thing all the time, there will be other stories and possible one shots popping up every once in a while, as you can see if you read the long shot I posted just yesterday.

I will however keep you updated and as soon I decide to start with 'Black Star-The Sequel' I will inform my faithful readers, probably by updating a notice in here or in any other on going story.

Once again, thank you all!