Pret•ty /ˈpritē/ (Adjective)

Attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful.

It was a man's changing room tradition – trash the opposing team, make fart jokes, and go into in-depth discussions of the female population of the school.

"There's something about the way she moves, all soft and gentle that just makes me want to break her in, you know?" A round of cheers followed this statement and Wally opened his locker with such force that it bounced off of Wilson's beside him and almost slammed shut again.

"Oh man, if I could just get my hands on her. I'd love to be the one to pop that cherry!" Marcus exclaimed, jumping up on the bench and he began slow thrusting the air, his hands held in front of him as if his fingers were clutching onto hips. His teammates laughed and jeered, before Watson screwed the lid off his water bottle and upturned it over Marcus' head, drenching the guy.

"Come off it! I bet that some guy got there first."

"Or girl!"

"She's Asian, right? I've heard that they're into some kinky shit!"

"Only downside is that she has small boobs."

"Nah, I reckon there's a good handful there. And she has legs that go on for miles."

Wally could feel the anger slowly rise in him, but he stomped it down, breathed deep and slowly, focusing on the fact that his inhales were cooler than his exhales. He reached into his locker and grabbed his bandages and he began to wind the off-white material around his knuckles as he sat on the bench behind him, his back to his football team-mates.

"You're being unusually quiet over there, Beatles!" Brian shouted out, slapping his hand against Wally's shoulder.

"I don't have a lot to say." Wally said with a forced calm, slowly, slowly, slowly winding the white bandage around his left hand, counting to ten in his mind, just focusing on the action and ignoring the words…

"Come of it, Beatles!" Harry jeered, leaping onto the bench beside him, his legs on either side, "you always have something to say about the pretty girls – Hell, you've deflowered most of them!" This was met with a chorus of laughs and Wally smirked, curling his fingers into a tight fist, shadow boxing the air in front of him, his muscles flexing.

They weren't completely wrong; Wally thought as his carded his fingers through his blonde hair, letting the strands of his shaggy cut fall back into his eyes, he usually did have a lot to say.

But not about her. Never about her.

Kuki Sanban was that one girl in the school that most guys wanted, but only one or two of them had a chance with – So far, only Patton Drivolsky had been so lucky as to date her, but that didn't stop other guys trying.

Wally wouldn't try. There was no point. He knew, in his gut that he wouldn't have a chance with someone as beautiful and pure as her, that he would taint her life, leaving a wretched stain that she'd never be able to scrub clean on her reputation.

The resident badass with the purest girl – that was not an equation that had a decent answer. Instead, it would cause tears, heartbreak and broken promises and Wally just knew that he wouldn't be able to deal with hurting her like that.

She wasn't pretty, like Harry had foolishly called her – she was beautiful. Much too beautiful for himself, Wally thought as Watson made another derogatory remark towards the tiny Asian girl and his fist flew out on instinct, connecting sharply with his jaw, sending him reeling back. And she was much too beautiful for this group of saddo's.


A/N: This is a new series that I'm starting which, I'm guessing you can tell by the summary, is one-word prompts - None of the chapters/one-shots will relate to each other, and most of them will be AU's (the biggest one being Nigel doesn't leave for the GKND and will be present in most of these...I have a soft spot for Nigie.)

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