al·i·bi /ˈaləˌbī/

1. (Noun)

A claim or piece of evidence that one was elsewhere when an act, typically a criminal one, is alleged to have taken place.

2. (Verb)

Offer an excuse or defence for (someone), esp. by providing an account of their whereabouts at the time of an alleged act.

"I bet it was that Beatles kid…"

"I hear that he broke into the Principal's Office and spray painted all over…"

"Well, I hear that he found a dead body behind the school…"

"Do you think that he put it there?!"

"Nah, but I bet he poked it with a stick…"

"With the way that he goes on, is it any wonder that he would lash out like that…"

"Is it true that he hit a teacher?"

"I'm telling you, it was Wally all right – He's always doing something stupid."

"He's such a loser…"

"I bet he thinks that his name is going down in history for this…"


"I didn't steal the Vending machine and if I did I wasn't alone." That's the first thing that Wally said once he's ushered to the Principal's office – He's about to drop into his usual chair, put his feet up on the corner of her desk and tuck his hands behind his head, but the scene before him makes him pause. There's blood almost everywhere and Wally immediately feels his own blood leave his face, making him feel faint and dizzy. He stumbled back and his back hit the door, his hand going straight for the door-handle, scrambling in a very un-badass way.

"Not so fast, Wallabee," the Principle said, "we need to talk about what happened here."

"Well can we do it somewhere else?" He asked, his world narrowing on the splatters of blood across the walls, which, not he can see them properly, aren't as big as he originally thought. To him it looked like someone had had a bare-knuckled fight in here, knocking over furniture, slamming into walls and he eased slightly.

Blood from a fight he could deal with. That was fine. That was something that he was used to seeing.

"Where were you last night, Wallabee?" She asked, tilting her head forward, looking over her red, cat-eye glasses at him.

"I was…Wait, you think that I did this?" He asked affronted. Yeah, he was a badass, but he wasn't stupid, and having a knock-out, Fight Club fight in the Principal's office was just plain idiotic.

The Principle just shook her head, her grey hair swaying with the motion, "Just answer the question, Wallabee."

"I was at home."


He clicked his tongue in annoyance, a growl almost sliding up his throat. "Yes." He said snappishly, his eyes narrowed.

She shook her head again, "I'm sorry, Wallabee, but I must insist that you answer more questions."

He hung his head in frustration, his fingers rubbing the back of his neck.

Why is it always me?


Kuki practically stormed into the Principal's office, blanching slightly at the blood stains on the walls and floor, but it seemed that she knew that they were going to be there because she just shook it off and faced the Principle with a steely glare that had Wally on edge, and he was the badass of the school.

"Why are you still questioning Wally?" She asked and Wally's eyes fixed on the fedora on her head that he had seen Hoagie Gilligan wear a few too many times, her hair gathered up inside. "I know who had that fight in here, and it wasn't him."

The Principle looked shocked at the tiny, oriental girl and Wally stared at her incredulously, his lips parted. What was she doing?

"You should have let him go when he had an alibi, but I did some digging and –"

"Miss Sanban, Wallabee doesn't have an alibi." The Principle said with a small smirk on her lips and Kuki whirled around to face him, fire dancing in her eyes.

"Of course he has an alibi!" She practically screeched, her hands finding the front of his hoodie and shaking him with too much force for such a small girl. He frowned down at her, confusion written across his face, his hands moving up to cover hers – he was going to throw her off, but her skin was warm and soft, so let his own fingers press against them…But he still frowned at her, because he was confused as fuck -

His thought process was interrupted when Kuki let go of Wally and he fell back into the chair behind him. He rubbed his chest and glared at her, but she had spun back and slammed her hands on the desk with such force that the thing literally rattled.

While that surprised Wally, the next four words she said almost floored him.

"He was with me."

A sudden, heavy silence settled over the trio – Wally tried to keep the look of shock and admiration off his face as he looked at the girl who he barely knew, but felt like he'd known for forever.

She was all kinds of crazy, and he kind of liked that.

"Miss Sanban, are you…aware of what you're saying?"

"You mean the truth?" She asked in a sickly sweet voice and reached behind her for Wally's hand and he took it after a moment's hesitation. "I was at his house. All night."

His jaw dropped open at that and he had to feign a coughing fit to cover his surprise as she pulled him from his seat. "You might want to go find Joe Balooka," Kuki said over her shoulder as she led Wally away from the blood splattered room and The Principle's half-horrified, half-enraged face. "He can tell you what you need to know."

Then the door closed.

"Kuki, what the Hell was that!"

"Shhh…" She pressed her finger to his lip before leading him down the corridor and away from The Principal's office, and towards the cafeteria. It took Wally a moment before he realised that they were still holding hands but, if she wasn't bothered by it, he wasn't about to complain.

They walked into the cafeteria and sat in the nearest empty table that was surrounded by similarly empty tables, sitting opposite each other, their arms rested on the top, but their hands were no longer clasped together.

He cleared his throat before he leaned forward, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "So, why'd you lie for me?"

Kuki shrugged, one of her hands reaching up for the Fedora on top of her head and twisting it off, her hair falling down her back like a straight, black waterfall and Wally's eyes tracked it, watching the way it curled and swayed, the overhead lighting picking up various shades of brown. He bit his tongue and forced his eyes to look into hers, but she was looking at the fedora, unaware that what she'd done had been so alluring to the teenage boy sitting opposite her. "I know that you didn't do it."


"I give you more credit than that." A smile crept up on her face as she pushed the hat toward him slightly, the sleeve of her jumper falling back to show her hands, even if just for a moment. "And I did some investigating. Turns out that Runt and Wilbur thought it'd be funny to run a Fight Club in the Principle's office, you know, right under her nose. But they got a bit too rowdy."

"They're idiots," he mentally shook his head at them, wondering who on this planet would pull a stunt like that...Fight Club? Sure. That's what basement's were for. "You know if word got out about my…alibi…and it probably will, then your reputation will most likely be ruined."

She seemed un-worried about that and tilted her head to the side, her light brown eyes catching his and he was drawn in by the emotion swirling in them – for someone who he'd barely had a conversation with before, she was easy to read.

Difficult to predict though. He liked that. He liked a lot about this girl, he thought as she leaned closer. The tables around them were full of other students now, and some of them had their eyes glued to the couple as if they were a bad car-wreck and, he supposed in a way, they were.

The Badass and the sweetheart – if someone told him that she had woodland creatures help her with her household chores as she sung and danced around, he would believe them. She was sweet, lovable Kuki and he was…He was Wallabee Beatles and he broke everything that he touched.

That thought had him retreating and rising from the bench seat, an apology getting lodged in his vocal chords before she let out a sound of panic and he was being yanked down and he found a set of soft, sweet lips pressed to his dried cracked ones.

His eyes widened in surprise as a silence settled over the student body of Gallagher High – someone dropped their lunch-tray at the shocking display, while someone else hitched a breath and a few more gasped dramatically…But he tuned them all out, instead reacting to the kiss he was being given...should he react or pull away?

He went with Plan A. Just as Kuki was starting to move away, dejectedly, his hand cupped her jaw and pulled her forward almost desperately and she smiled against him, her fingers sliding from the material of his hoodie to wrap around his shoulders, pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up and towards him, so that she was kneeling on the table and he stood at his full height, putting them at roughly the same level as he nipped her lips with little, sipping kisses, one hand sliding under her jumper, stroking her smooth skin.

At that moment he didn't care that almost every student, and most of the teachers, was focused on them, all he cared about is that she was kissing him, pressing her body against his and he had to resist the urge to moan when her tongue flicked his lips. He broke the kiss and, panting, he took her in. Her hair was slightly messy from the hand that was now buried at the base of her skull, her lips were full and her face was flushed.

As far as he was concerned, she could always be his alibi.


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