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Charlene's POV...

I bit down hard on my lower lip to keep from crying as I watched the Doctor and Rose goodbye scene in the last episode of the second series of Doctor Who. It was called Doomsday, a rather appropriate title if you asked me. This had to be the fifth time I watched this scene. But even after seeing it that many times, I always cried during it and I knew it would be like that every single time even if I didn't want it to. I recently got into the Doctor Who show after randomly watching the first episode, Rose; on my computer. To say I was now obsessed with it was an understatement. I heard a knock on my bedroom door but my eyes were still trained on my computer as the last part of the Doctor/Rose scene played. I wanted to finish this scene. Even though it was sad episode, I loved David Tennant and Bille Piper's acting in it. Tears immediately filled my eyes at the sight of Rose crying on my computer screen as she asked,

"Am I ever going to see you again?"

"You can't."

"What're you going to do?"

"Oh, I've got the TARDIS. Same old life, last of the Time Lords. "

"On your own. I ... I love you. "

More tears filled my eyes at those words but I forced them not to fall. But I knew by the end of the episode, I was gonna break down like I always did. My thoughts broke by the Doctor speaking on my computer.

"Quite right, too. And I suppose, if it's one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler..."

And I broke down just like I knew I would. I sobbed out loud, covering my mouth with my hand to cover my other sobs as the Holo Doctor disappeared and Jackie, Rose's mum, ran towards her daughter to comfort her. Rose had met her half-way and they hugged each other.

I closed my computer and shut my eyes tightly. I hated this scene so much! Why did this have to happen to the Doctor? To Rose? It just wasn't fair!

"Um ... Char..."

With my eyes still filled with tears, I looked up and saw that it was my best friend, Megan Swann. I managed to speak, but my voice was shaking.

"What are you doing here Megan?"

"Don't you remember we have that big English test at school tomorrow?" Megan questioned with raised eyebrows. "Aren't we supposed to study together for it?"

"Oh sorry, I forgot." I sniffed as I wiped away my tears.

Her eyes filled with concern. "Are you alright?"

I nodded and told her. "Yeah I'm fine. I was just watching the last episode of season 2 of Doctor Who. I always cry during the end of it because Rose leaves." My eyes filled with tears again, "It's just so sad."

"You and your Doctor Who," Megan said amused. "How you got so obsessed with this show I have no idea."

"I'm not obsessed with it," I protested but it was a weak one because I knew that I totally was.

"Yes you are."

I went to protest again. I stopped before I could, deciding to give up on trying to deny it. "Fine. I'm obsessed with the show!" I threw my arms in the air as I huffed, "Happy!"

"Very." Megan grinned as she flopped down on my bed.

I got off of my computer chair and grabbed my purse. It was on my desk. Once I got it and had it over my shoulders, I looked at Megan. Luckily my tears were long gone by now.

"Come on," I told my best friend. "Let's go to your house to study."

"Kay!" Megan got off of my bed and was the first one out the door. I followed her.

It was because of this that I didn't see my computer start to open up, flashing this bright light but it only lasted for a second and the computer closed again with a silent click...


After getting back from Megan's, I had dinner with the family before deciding to go to bed early. I entered my room and headed to my computer. It was still closed just like I left it. Biting my bottom lip, I stared at my computer wanting to watch more Doctor Who. But I knew I had to go to bed so I would be able to take that big test tomorrow. Stupid school…

I started to head to my dresser to get my pajamas but stopped, looking towards my computer again, thinking about going over there and watching more of it anyway and that's what I decided to do as I shrugged my shoulders, thinking,

'What the hell?'

I quickly went over to my computer and opened it up. Since it was still on the Doomsday episode, I went and closed it, revealing the main screen of the Doctor Who TV Show on Netflix (where I watched the episodes at). Looking through the list of seasons and its episodes, I thought about which one I wanted to watch. It didn't take me long to decide. I picked the episode where Rose was first introduced which was titled, 'Rose.'

I clicked on the episode and it started to play. I never finished the episode because I fell asleep. Because of this, I missed something that was going to change my life forever. All by itself my computer made the episode start from the beginning and then a strange light filled the screen. The light seemed to float out of my computer and it covered my entire body. When the light disappeared, I was gone...


"Charlene, come on now, wake up!"

I groaned as my eyes fluttered open at the sound of an oddly familiar voice. It didn't take me long to realize that I was in a bed. I sat up quickly and ran a hand through my already messed up blonde hair. Why the hell was I in a bed? Didn't I fall asleep on my desk in front of my computer? I was so confused right now… If there was anything I hated in the world, it was being confused.

"Charlene? Sis? Are you alright?"

The same voice that woke me up broke me out of my confusing thoughts. Her voice sounded so familiar to me. Not only that, why did she call me sis? I could already feel a headache coming on. I rubbed my temples and I looked towards the voice only to scream at the sight of Rose Tyler staring RIGHT AT ME! I was beginning to feel dizzy and felt that I was going to faint at any moment. Giving into it, my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I fell back on the bed, everything going black.