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Break Away

Chapter 16

A small moan sounded throughout the room as a pair of green eyes opened. The brunette male groggily opened his eyes as was faced with a dimly lit room.

"Oh good, you're finally awake."

Half opened eyes turned to the side to see a fair skinned boy with short sandy brown hair with his bangs swept to the side. He wore a black sweatshirt and matching finger-less gloves and light grey pants that were tucked into his knee high combat boots.

"You've been coming in and out of consciousness for the past two days. For a second there, I was beginning to think that I killed you with an overdose of those sedatives."

Danny's eyes widen, now fully awake, and he looked around frantically. He looked down at himself to see he was sitting on a floor, propped up against the wall. He squirmed and heard the sound of metal clanking, making him realize that his wrists were shackled behind him and his ankles were shackled as well but remained in front of him. He glared angrily at the other, "Who the hell are you and want do you want with me?" He demanded.

Nossida grinned and walked over to Danny, bending down to his level and lifting his chin. "Seems like you really don't remember me…" He muttered and he searched Danny's eyes for any hint of him lying, to which he found none. Danny tense up as soon as he felt the ginger haired boy touch his face and his glare sharpened, "Don't touch me." He hissed through gritted teeth and snatched away from the other's grasp. Nossida snorted and grabbed his face once more, much to Danny's annoyance.

"You've definitely changed a bit from when we last met Daniel." Nossida started, "You're a bit more…innocent maybe? Your personality is more…"

"I don't know you." Danny cut him off, but his question caused Nossida to smirk, "Right, right—my name is Nossida Single and you, Daniel, are going to play a big part in my plans."

Danny scoffed but inside he could feel his heart drumming against his ribcage. "Oh please; like I'd ever help you." Nossida chuckled and gripped Danny's chin a bit tighter, "You actually think that you have a choice? Dear child, you are sadly mistaken." Danny growled, "What the hell are you calling me a child for? You look about the same age as me." Nossida's expression turned serious,

"But I'm not. Don't forget that fact."

Another growl rumbled in the brunette's throat. "You're nuts." Nossida grinned and let go of the fourteen year old. "Perhaps I am," He spoke as he walked away and to a glass case mounted onto the wall. He opened it and looked through before finding what he wanted and closed it, and walked back to the green eyed boy. He bent down to his level again with his hands behind his back hiding the object he grabbed, and smiled. "Now, as I've said before; you are going to help me no matter if you like it or not. I've got some unfinished business with a friend of yours." His head titled to the side in a thoughtful manner, "I believe she goes by the name Smith?" Danny froze and growled, "What the hell do you want with Cathy you creep!?"

"Hey now, there's no need for name-calling. That is unless you want me to call you Spikey?"

A pair of feet colliding with his chest was his response and he grunted in pain as he was pushed back.

"Call me that and I swear I will kill you."

Nossida growled and sat up grabbing the front of Danny's shirt and glaring into his wide green eyes. "Listen punk, I don't need to take your shit. I could easily just kill you right here, right now. Don't tempt me."

Danny's breathing came out in shaky pants as he felt his anxiety finally take over. His pulse was racing and his body was trembling a bit. "Y-You said t-that you needed me for s-some plan crap…" He muttered quietly and the grin once again returned to Nossida's face.

"I see that your anxiety is acting out; is it because you're scared Daniel?" Said boy scowled at the brown-eyed male with obvious hate in his eyes. "Shut up."

A laugh rumbled in the alien's throat. "You're interesting." He admitted, and lifted his other hand to show the object in it for Danny to see. It was a small black collar with a silver chain pendant holding a small blood red stone that was cut into a rhombus shape. "You see this? This is how you're going to help me." Danny's expression took on the look of wary as Nossida unbuckled the back.

"Hold still."

Before Danny could comprehend it, the collar was being wrapped around his neck and buckled in the back so that it fit snugly on his neck. He looked at Nossida questioningly, "How exactly is this going to make me help you?"

"Silence." He ordered, "I'm not done yet."

The alien raised his index and middle finger together and pressed them to Danny's forehead while reciting something in a language Danny had never heard before. Upon hearing the last line, a shocking pain shot through the brunette and his eyes were wide and his pupils dilated as he felt his body twitch and convulse in pain. A small scream escaping his throat through clenched teeth.

After enduring that for a few moments, his vision became hazy as it began to fade in and out and his eyelids began to droop. Seeing a grinning Nossida staring at him was the last thing he saw as he as everything finally faded into darkness.

"Goodnight Spikey."


Slow footsteps could be heard through the near empty hallway. Maria had gone back into the building and was now on her way to class, fifteen minutes early like usual. Her head was bowed as she gazed at the floor.

"Hey Maria!"

She froze upon hearing the voice that spoke her name and looked over her shoulder behind to find the blue haired boy walking to her. Turning back around, she sighed and waited as he caught up with her.

"Why did you leave at breakfast?" He questioned, and she glared at the floor. "I didn't feel like eating." She muttered, Chris raised an eyebrow, "So? You could have still stayed—"

"For what?!" She snapped, shooting him a scowl. "Just for what reason, did I have to stay Chris?"

He sent her a glare, "Well for one thing, it could do you some good to actually talk with people instead always staying alone. But I guess it was my mistake to believe that you would actually want friends."

Maria looked away as she felt a pang of pain in her chest, where Chris's words hit her. Her hands grabbed at her sleeves as they shook. With a quiet voice, she spoke her next words.

"I'm glad to know that's what you think of me."

She then turned away and began walking, masking the hurt she felt. Before she got too far though, she felt a hand grasp her arm. "Hey now wait just a second!"

The brunette stopped but said nothing.

"You're…You're shaking…" Chris said quietly after some time, he looked at the other to find her head once again bowed, her face curtained by her long dark brown hair. The prodigy felt the shaking intensify, "S-So?" Maria spoke, her quiet cracking a bit, "I'm c-cold now leave me alone."

"Pfft, yeah right." He spoke and gently pulled her back over to him. "Maria what's going on?" He inquired, "You've been acting strange ever since...Danny was taken." "Just leave me alone Chris, I've been the same as I've always been."


"No it's not."

"Maria, I've known you for at least two years at this school. You're one to blend in and stay away, but now it just feels like your avoiding me." She whipped around to face the boy genius; her eyes were angry and filled with unshed tears, "Yeah so what? It's not like you ever made an attempt to get to know me before! So why did you suddenly start now? Is it because of Danny? I bet that's why isn't it? You want to find Danny and once he is found you're just going to up and leave." She furiously wiped her eyes as the tears began to seep out, "Just like the rest of them…" She whispered, "…you don't give a damn about me…if it weren't for Danny I bet you would have never talked to me in the first place."

Chris wasn't sure how to respond, because he himself didn't think he would speak to her if it were not for his green eyed companion. But as he watched the angry girl before him, wipe away her tears continuously as if she didn't want them there in the first place, it was then that he realize exactly how she was feeling. Sighing, he walked up to her and raised his hand before flicking her lightly on the forehead through her bangs. He watched as she blinked in surprise, momentarily putting a pause to her actions. He watched as the tears flowed down her cheeks in thin trails and her wide blue eyes were staring at him cautiously. He exhaled silently,

"This is the second time that I've made you cry." He place a hand on her hand and brought the other one to wipe away her tears before pulling her into a hug. Maria was in shock as she was pulled against his body; warmth radiating from him and she couldn't help the few tears that escaped. She shut her eyes as buried her face into Chris's jacket, and he rested his chin on her head, listening as he spoke, "You can't keep hiding behind a mask Maria." He spoke, "Believe me when I say it's not worth it."

"I'm sorry." She muttered softly, "It's okay." He murmured and moments later, he felt her shaking begin to subside. The blunette let go and watched as she stepped back, and wiping the remainder of her tears away while looking at the floor. "You okay now?" She nodded slightly but refused to meet his eyes. Chris sighed and grabbed her hand. "Let get to class okay?" She gave another nod and he led her down the hall towards their destination.