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"Paul!" Shit. Sam. Annoyance rolled through me like a tidal wave. I was so close to her, yet so far from what I wanted. Getting off my knee's and jumped out of the shower.

"Get changed and meet me out there." The command in my voice was more than noticeable and I didn't even have to look at Bella to know that she would do as she was told. She would jump off a cliff if I told her too...Oh, too soon! I thought to myself.

Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my waist, I walked out of the bathroom and out to face the music.

"Sam." I greeted him, the anger in my tone very obvious. He had interrupted me at a very precious moment, and I was not going to pretend like I was happy about it. Sam stood in my living room, eyeing me up. There wasn't any judgement or anger in his expression, just calmness and a hint of worry.

Sam and Bella were very close, I knew that...So obviously he was going to worry about her, I should have expected him to come and see her the first chance he got. Stupid, Stupid Paul, I told myself off.

"Where's Bella?" He questioned me. If Sam found out about last night, he would murder me. Sam knew me, Sam knew what I was like and that isn't a life style he would want Bella involved it, it wasn't the life style she deserved. But that was all I could offer her, and she was MY imprint, so I think I could decide what was best for her.

"Just finishing up in the shower." That was an honest and truthful answer, I wasn't going to tell him the specific details, that was for my thoughts and my thoughts only. I had stopped walking and was stood about five foot away from him. Far enough away that if something, somehow did come up about last night antics, that he wouldn't be able to hit me. Not without me being able to defend myself first. Sam was watching me, studying me... He knew I had imprinted on Bella, he knew that at the beach. He had figured it out. Giving credit where credit was due, Sam wasn't a slow person, he watched and he studied and he was hardly ever wrong. I just hoped he didn't figure out about Bella and I last night.

"Is..." Worry spread across his features again. "Is she okay?" The sincerity in his voice was a breath of fresh air. He didn't care about Bella because he had to, he didn't care about her because she was my imprint and he had an alpha duty to, he cared because he genuinely cared about her.

"She seems okay. I haven't talked to her much about what happened...I don't want to push her to far to soon, if you get me?" I shrugged my shoulders, that and I was to busy getting high of the fumes that were her arousal. My dick threatened to get hard again. Think of something else, I growled at myself mentally.

"I just don't get it..." Sam sat on the sofa in defeat. He was always so strong, he had to be...He was the alpha. He had to put up with everyone else's shit, but no one ever expected to listen to his...I guess tonight, he needed to unload some of his stresses as well. "She seemed happy... She was okay. I don't get what had changed." Nether did I. I. I know I hadn't known her for very long, but for someone to be that sad, that desperate that they would take there own life...there was something more going on than what was on the surface.

"Like I said, we haven't really talked much about it...I sort of guessed she'd talk to me when she was ready...I didn't need to push her." It was exactly what I had been thinking, that was what the imprint bond did to you. Made you feel safe, needed, wanted... Like you could share anything with the other person, be anything with the other person, so I assumed she'd come to me when she was ready.

"Well...when you know, could you give me a heads up please? I need to know the warning signs for next time." It seemed like a reasonable request, but how could I break Bella's trust?

The shower turned off in the bathroom, and sure enough Bella walked out only moment's later with my t-shirt that she had been wearing earlier on. I just prayed silently that she had found some bottoms on miraculously and put them on because I don't think I could control my self if I got so much as a whiff of that perfect little vagina.

She looked beautiful, with the wet hair, the blushed cheeks and the doe eyes. She was an angel. MY angel.

GOD I shouted at myself inwardly...she wasn't mine...not yet at least.

"Sam." Bella breathed his name like he was the answer to all her prayers, like she needed him. A tinge of jealousy ran through me. She needed me, I knew that. But she needed me because the imprint told her she needed me. She needed Sam because she wanted to need Sam.

Sam stood as Bella walked straight into his arms and bear hugged him, tightly. Too tightly for my liking. The wolf inside me awoke and growled a little as well. He wasn't so keen on this exchange either.

With an apologising glance, Sam looked me straight in the eye. I didn't need to be in wolf form to know he was feeling a little guilty, knowing he was making me uncomfortable by having my imprint in his arms, but what was he supposed to do? She was fragile and he wasn't going to push her away any time soon.

"Hey Bells." Sam pulled out of the hug and I let go of the breath that I had been holding. Taking Bella's face in his big hands, he studied her face...What if he noticed the same look in her eyes that I did...the "I just got fucked senseless face..." My heart began to race, why was I so nervous? Because Sam would kill me? No that couldn't be it? Maybe that I knew Sam would try and persuade Bella to give me up in 'that way'.

Letting her go, they both sat. Sam in his original seat, Bella came and sat next to me. My wolf let out a satisfied hum. Even with Sam in the room, who she was meant to be all so close to, she chose to sit next to me. Her leg brushed mine, and my arm instinctively went around her.

Surprise coarse through me. Unless I was fucking someone, I wasn't one for physical contact. If you went around holding hands and hugging each other every two minutes, that's when feelings became an issue, but with Bella...I couldn't help it. I couldn't pretend like I didn't want too.

"What happened Bella?" Sam went straight in with the tough easing her in gently... I held my breath again. As much as I wanted to say to Sam to take it easy...I couldn't. I needed to know as well.

Bella swallowed hard and reached for my other hand, the one that wasn't around her...She began to play with my fingers as she took a deep steadying breath. The movement was comforting...not only for her. If she needed me, even if it was just to play with my hand, to get her through this, she could have it. I would give her the world if it meant she felt a little better...if she'd smile for me again, if she'd moan for me again...images began to flash through my head again.

STOP! I screamed at myself...think about Bella. I took a deep breath. Sam had stayed silent and was watching Bella intently as she went over the events from the night before in her head. Tears began to well in her eyes. Anger and hurt surged through me. All I wanted to do was make it better...but I couldn't. Not this time.

"Bells..." Sam pushed when Bella still hadn't said anything. Bella's eyes flickered to me, she was looking for reassurance, reassurance that everything was going to be ok...and she was looking for it from me. With a simple nod of the head, I gave her all the strength I had to give. We all needed to know what was going on...what had happened.

"Well...I guess...I guess I better start from the start..." And so the story began.


I took a deep breath. I was going to have to speak to them about it at some point. Tell them about...HIM. Tell them about him leaving me. Tell them about the fact, I couldn't get over my mothers death. My mind whirled around, I just needed to start from the start and go from there.

Looking at Paul, I needed his support, needed to know he was going to be there. He nodded his head at me, encouraging me to go on, to explain. And that was all I needed. I knew he would be here.

"Well...I guess..." I took another deep breath. "I guess I better start from the beginning...A few months before my 16th birthday, that's when I had first saw him. Edward." The thought of him brought back memories. He was two years above me, but he was the most gorgeous human being I had ever met. He was perfection. With the messy copper hair and the chiselled jaw line...He took my breath away. "At first, I just crushed on him from afar, but one day outside of school, he walked straight into me. Not on purpose of course, but all my books, they went everywhere and he helped me pick them up. From there we got talking." I didn't want to bore them with the details of my first love, they didn't need to hear that...and they certainly didn't need to think about it either. "I will spare you the details, but basically he broke my heart. He left me one day, all of a sudden and by myself...the day before my 16th birthday in fact. I wasn't looking forward to my birthday after that...but mum insisted. She wanted to make a big song and dance out of it, and Sam you knew my mum."

Looking at him, he looked me straight back in the eye and smiled.

"Well, anyway...she kept going on and on about my birthday and just wouldn't leave it...I woke that day, had breakfast, did presents, it was just before lunch when she collapsed in the kitchen. You know all the basic details, rushed to hospital, diagnosed with cancer..." I took a deep breath. "But it was her death two years later, that I find really hard to understand. One moment she is here and happy and singing...the next nothing. Like a hole is you can't fill it. How are you supposed to deal with that? Move on from that? "

Tears had started to stream down my face and splashed onto my hand...where it was entwined with Paul's. I smiled at our hands. We were connected...we were always going to be...I just knew it.

"It was my 19th birthday only the other day..." My voice cracked...stopping me from speaking...

"It's okay Bella." Paul was soothing me, comforting me... My heart was breaking, but unlike was bearable. He was here, he would protect me. I just knew it.

"3 years since we found out the news that broke my life in two." Sam wasn't looking at me anymore, he was looking at the floor...thinking, remembering.

"I just, I couldn't handle being here without her anymore..." I looked at Paul. "Or I thought I couldn't." I added quickly. He needed to understand, he was making me feel better, he was mending me...and there was nothing he could say or do that would change that. A smile subtle smile, lingered on his lips. I smiled back, this was hard and I was hurting but he was making me feel better.

"Bells." Sam was watching me again. "Em is having the pack around for dinner...obviously if you don't feel up to it, I understand, but if you want to come..." His voice trailed off. Sam didn't cry, at least not in front of me. Was he making an excuse to leave the house so he could go and have some time alone for a while?

Paul spoke in my place. "You go Sam, I'll let you know if we are catching you up." Sam stood. His tall, lean frame hoovering for a second before he walked away.

"Do you want to go?" I was so scared of Paul's reply, I didn't dare look at him...

"I'll go wherever you go, okay?" The tug in the bottom of my stomach flared...I wanted him. I needed him again. To touch me, to kiss me, to be inside me. After the chat we had just had, this was an unusual response, after the tears and the heart ache, I should be moping, but inside, I was burning for him to make love to me again.

Arousal saturated between my legs of thoughts about what we could do danced in my head. Oh god.


Her arousal hit me in the face. After everything she had just been through, she was ready and waiting. I was beginning to understand why she had been chosen to be my imprint. I needed her now. I needed to finish what I had started.

Standing, I took her hand and led her to the bed room...again. There was no resistance, Bella followed me, like the submissive she was made to be. Opening the bedroom door, I walked in and threw her on the bed. Her legs automatically opened, inviting me in.

She had no panties on...AND SHE WAS WET AND WAITING.

Stalking towards her, I licked my lips, and knelt between my legs...taking a deep breath.

Now where were we?