Herobrine & Steve

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the characters in this story, nor in any of my other stories. I do not own Minecraft (though I wish I do), and most importantly, though I am addicted to Minecraft I'm still quite new on it, so please do not laugh at any of my suggestions or relationships in my story.

Chapter 1

The Twins

It was a cold and windy night on December 31st. A mother lay in Mayward Hospital, giving birth to twin boys. The father paced the waiting room, praying that his boys would be ok. His wife had been in terrible pain when he rushed her to the hospital. It had now been 3 hours, and he was getting worried. Finally the nurse opened the door and, without saying a word, Jack Stevens walked into the small room. There lay Lilly and her twin boys. One of the twins was bawling his head off, the other silent. Jack immediately turned his head to the quiet one. Jack picked the small boy up. He was barely alive, a scrap of meat on a few bones. But the boy was alive. Jack saw that his youngest son looked just like his dad. His dad was called Brine, but people called him Hero most of the time, coming from his personality. Mr. Stevens put the two names together, and made a name for his son. Then he needed a name for his other son. But he knew his name already. That night, an extraordinary connection was made. As they say, young the devil, old the God…

I know it's short but I'll make up for it. Anyways, how is this for a first chapter? I'd love to know what you think!