Chapter 1

RowdyRuff Girls?

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock,Tick-Tock...

The sound of the clock was the only thing making noise in the silent room. Four boys were in the room. Two were sitting in the chair, on laying in a bed and another on the ground sleeping.

One sighed, out of boredom. Soon, soft snoring came from the one on the floor. One was trying to amuse his self by watching the beautiful world out the window. The other was mentally laughing to his self as he text someone on the phone.

"I'm so bored!" the boy with the red auburn hair yelled in a medium tone voice. His blood-red eyes, closing as he rubbed them.

"What do you suppose we do?" The blonde boy, sitting next to him, asked. His Dark ocean blue orbs, still looking out the window. The red-head just shrugged.

"Zzz" Was all you heard from the one on the floor. His ebony black hair in a spiky position, and his eyes closed hiding his forest green colored orbs.

The one laying on the bed, not paying attention to anything, had his royal purple eyes glued to the screen of his phone as he text away. On the outside he had, the world's best poker on. Not, even a smirk on his face, as on the inside he was laughing his ass off. Just didn't want the others to find out, who he was texting. He scratched his messy chestnut-brown, he exhaled deeply. Still not taking his eyes off the screen.

"Zzz..." One last soft snore came from the blacked ebony spiky haired 16-year-old before the room started to fill with foggy red smoke, making the color of the room change too. The spiky haired boy began to wake up and coughing. The others began coughing as well. Soon, a red lobster cross dressing creature appeared through the red smoke. He laughed viciously as his voices change pitches.

"Hello Boys!" He said in a high-pitched voice. The boys looked up and the bloody red-eyed one managed to say...

"HIM, Why are you here?" ...through his coughs. The red Cross dressing Lobster named Him, laughed even more.

"Why can't I just come see my little boys..." He said in his high-pitched voice again.

"Cut the bull, why are you here?" The greened clad said as the smoke began to clear.

"Fine! I'm here because, I found a way for you to kill...The PowerPuff Girls!" He Yelled, the last part in a deep demonic voice. The boys just sat there, with bored expressions. It's not the first time HIM came to them a plan like this.

"Wow, I wonder what it is now..." The blue-eyed one said sarcastically.

"The thing you boys have to do is find their weakness."

"And how are we suppose to do that?" The purple eyed one said in a bored tone of voice. A smile came across HIM's face.

"I'll show you." He said as he snap his fingers. A flash of red, green, blue and purple light went off in the blink of an eye and then the room turned white for a second or two and then everything went quiet. Him was gone and boys were nowhere to be seen. The only thing left after the event, were four girls. Their eyes were closed. They were in the same place as the boys and almost looked like them. The only thing different was...them being girls of course.

The one sitting by the window opened her eyes first. Her ocean blue eyes scanned the around the room she stretched. Her head throbbing little.

"W-What the hell happened?" She asked herself. Rubbing her head, she looked to her side and her eyes went wide. A high-pitched scream escaped her throat. She covered her mouth as the others awoke.

"Ahh! W-Who are you people?!" The chestnut-brown hair girl Screamed, covering her mouth after hearing her voice.

"What The..." The Blacked-haired froze when those two words came out of her mouth.

The red eyed one, sat there wide eyed and confused. The same with the blue eyed one.

Soon the room filled with awkwardness, and silence. Then it was all broken by an evil Demonic feminine laugh that led to red and pink smoke filling the room. The girls cough, fanned the smoke away. They ran out of the room and downstairs, only to find the source of the laugh.

At first they thought it was none other than HIM, but taking a closer look they saw it was someone else.

"Who the fuck are you?" The green eyed one said, with anger in her voice.

"Tsk,Tsk,Tsk, is that any way to speak to your Aunt, Butch." The lady who looked like HIM said. The girls raised their eyebrow. Everything was just so confusing.

"What the hell is going on?" The red eyed one said, with frustration.

"My little brother must've left you guys hanging, well good thing I'm here." She laughed.

"Just tell us what's going on!" The blue and purple eyed girls said at the said at the same time.

"Fine." She sighed.

"Him turned you into girls, and-"

"HE DID WHAT!" All of them yelled, cutting her off.

" It was part of the plan. We turned you boys into girls. You make friends with the girls and once you find their weakness, we destroy them." She said her voice changing Pitches like HIM.

They were still stuck on the part where they were turned them into girls. Their eyes were wide and in shock, while their jaw dropped.

"Close your mouths dearies." She told them. They were still in shock, but soon came out...


"Yup, and from now on you'll be known as the RowdyRuff Girls."

Their eyes began to twitch...

"Bri (Brianna),The Red RRG, and the smartest, & leader of the group." Brick cringed at the sound of his 'New' Name.

"Bobbi, The Blue RRG, and the sweet one of the group." Boomer facepalmed, at everything she just said.

"Bell (Belladonna), The Green RRG, and the strongest the group." Butch just plainly hated his name.

"Blair, The Purple RRG, and the Combination of the group (except the leader part.)" Blade groaned and covered his face with his hands.

"And I will take care of you, to make sure the plan goes smoothly. You can me Auntie HER, when no one is around."

"So what do we call you when someone is around?" Bobbi(Boomer) asked.

"Mom." She said very quickly.

"Okay, 'Mom', I'm Hungry. Fix us some food." Belladonna(Butch) commanded. The others agreeing with her (him).

Her glared at them.

"What? You said, you were our mom. Mom fix their kids food. We're hungry and you are our mom. Do get what I'm saying now." Bri (Brick) said. HER glared harder at them.

"Well?What are you waiting for, get to it." Belladonna (Butch) said. The girls (boys) all laughed before jumping on the couch and turning on the TV forgetting all about the situation.

Red and Pink smoke filled the room, knocking the girls (boys) out completely. HER smiled, as the smoke began covering her. Once the smoke became transparent, you could see HER had transformed into a human being. Long pitch black hair, Obsidian eyes, and an eye glass body. She was wearing a red sweater dress and knee high black boots.

She laughed, as she walked over to the couch. And looked down at them with a wicked smile.

"Sleep well, you got a lot of work to do tomorrow. And by work I mean School." She said, walking over to the door! She opened it and looked over back at the couch, she glared.

"Fix us some food my ass." She hissed lowly, as she walked out the door, slamming it behind her...


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