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Yin watched Hei cook. He moved rapidly across the kitchen, hunger being his driving force. She tapped her foot to the rhythm of the rain and hummed a familiar tune from her past. Hei placed a cup of tea on the table near her and went back to frying the rice.

"Yin…" He addressed her, never taking his eyes off the stove. "…I prepared the bath for you" She stared absentmindedly at him as she drew the cup to her lips. Slowly she sipped her tea, brewed perfectly by Hei—he knew her well.

A knock on the door startled her and the tea swooshed from the cup, burning her hand. Hei quickly wet a towel, grabbed the cup from her and wrapped it around her fingers. She searched him, wondering if he would scold her—be he didn't; he never did. She sensed Hei switch to Li as he neared the door, ushering her in the next room.

Huang let himself in after Li opened the door. Hei dropped his Li persona.

"What do you want?" He asked the short man, not in the mood for missions. Yin poked her head out the bedroom she and Hei shared. It smelled more of him and less of her, but she found that comforting. The open window brought in the morning breeze, and the whole house smelt of rain. Chills tickled her shin and she realized how underdressed she was. Standing clad in one of Hei's long white button down shirts she rushed to find his robe.

"I have a mission for you two. You're to kill a man named Mr. Ramon. He has a business of disguising dolls as strippers and selling them to Syndicate's enemies. It doesn't matter how you kill him, just make sure you don't get caught."

"What of the dolls?" Hei asked, pushing food on Yin's empty plate.

"Don't worry about the dolls. Once they're out of the hands of that Ramon guy they'll go back to doing what they're programmed to do."

"When, where, and how long do I have to kill him?

"Get the rest of the info from Mao. I've already been here for too long." He let himself out of Hei's apartment. In silence, both mentally prepared themselves for the mission ahead. Yin nibbled at her food, every once in a while handing her another plate of food after he finished his last. As he ate she washed the dishes. Hei always left his place looking as if none really lived there as much as possible.

She'd grown accustomed to the old bare walls, the creaking floors and the lack of good hot water. She washed his last bowl as she chugged down his tea. Hei took Yin's hand and led her to their bathroom. He crouched down to his knees before her and looked up at her. She stared back, and he unbuttoned her shirt, never taking his eyes off her.

Finally she managed to say, "Will I be working at the strip club Hei?"

He paused, taken aback by her question. Thunder crackled, causing the walls to rumble. The rain came down harder, bringing them into a trance.

"I will never leave you alone Yin" He said, voicing the promise he'd told her again and again. He never failed to say it. Every night she fell asleep to those words, pushing past her barriers, reminding her of why she tried every day. He pulled her naked body into his arms, embracing her tightly. She let him. Yin blankly watched the ceiling, threading her fingers in his dark hair before she wrapped her arms around his strong frame. She balled her fist in his shirt, clinging to her protector, her friend and lover. They stayed like that for some time. Time doesn't exist when you're in love.

Hei felt warm wetness on his bare shoulder and he pulled her away to look at her. He softened his icy blue gaze as he wiped away her tears.

"Don't cry Yin, don't cry." He whispered, stroking her silver tresses comfortingly. Yin brought a finger to her lips to form a smile. She eventually broke free from him to climb into the tub. She relaxed under his touch as he bathed her like he would a child.

"Let me wash your hair" He said in her ear, brushing aside damp hair as he scrubbed her back. She turned her back to him, her face facing the tiled wall. Hei took off his tank top and gently pulled Yin's head back so it rested against his chest. She listened to his strong and steady heartbeat. He lathered his hands with the lavender shampoo he'd bought her and massaged it into her hair. She played with the soap bubbled on her body.

"Hei, could you love a doll?" "She asked, happy she was facing the wall and not his knowing indigo eyes. He stopped bathing her to turn her around. She tried to avert her eyes from his but he placed a gentle hand under her chin, directing her lovely lilac eyes back to his indigo orbs. He said with all the love in his heart,

"Yin…I could never stop loving you."

He put two fingers on either side of her lips and formed a smile.

"I love you too, Hei" She mumbled back, mesmerized by his loving gaze.

"Good" He nodded, "Don't ever question it"

He lined her up with the tub, his arm placed protectively on the small of her back as the other rinsed out the shampoo in her hair. He cupped water in his hands and ran it down her body, tracing every curve in her dainty form. Every where those fingers touched left a warm tingling feeling—a feeling still foreign to her, but she was sure she liked it.

"Hei, I feel funny" He chuckled softly, wrapping her body in his towel since he'd wrapped her hair with hers.

"Are you cold?" He asked, rubbing the soft fabric against her porcelain skin.

"No…it's a good funny." He cupped her face in his hands, loving how smooth her skin felt against him.

"Go get dressed while I bathe"

She complied, walking out the room trailed by Hei's long towel. He slipped out his pants and got into the water, splashing her lavender scent on his body. He bathed quickly, contemplating on what they'd eat later. He found Yin looking longingly at the rain as if fell and he watched her as he dried his hair with one of the towels she'd abandoned on a chair.

"Are you ready" He asked, reaching out his hand for hers. She glanced at it and took it. She felt complete again—with the rain, with Hei, with time. And if she could smile she would for the first time that morning; a real smile as she said,

"Let's go."

They shut the door behind them, hiding their precious love from the world. Their love was their treasure and forever it would be safe in the heart of their home, their bed, and their bellies.

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