"Bring in my special guests. It is high time we earn our reward," a cold voice called from the front of the room.

"Yes, My Lord," came the first reply.

"Right away, My Lord," followed the second.

Lord Voldemort watched as two of his lower-ranked Death Eaters turned sharply on their heels and strode out the door of the Great Hall. He listened attentively as their footsteps echoed down the dungeon stairs, the only noise in an otherwise silent Hogwarts castle. His remaining Death Eaters stood at the edges of the large room, leaving the center empty, the tables having been either unceremoniously shoved to the sides or damaged during the battle.

Come to me, the dark wizard called to his serpent, Nagini, who slithered from a sunny spot underneath one of the windows and raised her head to her master's lap. They came much too close, my precious. We must keep you safer from now on.

The reptile nuzzled the man's hand in agreement and hissed, Do not fret, we will have our chance of revenge on the boy. The serpent stuck out its tongue in anticipation of its next meal, and Voldemort chuckled darkly.

No, no, Nagini, I have a much better idea than that.

At that moment, the two Death Eaters returned, leading a small troupe of shackled teenagers into the hall. Jeers and applause erupted from the throng of darkly cloaked figures, but the two men leading the prisoners paid no mind, continuing to lead their charges toward the Head Table, where Voldemort sat in Dumbledore's former chair as if it were a throne.

"Welcome, Harry Potter and friends," Voldemort smiled, eliciting a laugh from his Death Eaters. Then, turning to his Death Eaters, he ordered, "Garthside, Blakemore, you can let them go now."

The two men threw the prisoners on the ground with disgust, and the teens landed on a heap at the Dark Lord's feet. With a wave of his wand, Voldemort vanished their shackles. Immediately scrambling to their feet, they stood defiantly against their enemy.

"We're not afraid of you!" Neville shouted, earning even more laughter from Voldemort's followers.

"I can see that," Voldemort mocked, and his crew of masked villains chuckled, as if on command. "How very brave of you – Longbottom, is it?" he raised his voice, as if giving an eloquent speech to his followers and captives alike, "I like to reward bravery. I despise cowards. Under other circumstances I would generously offer you a position in my rather exclusive group –"

Ron spat at the ground by the man's feet.

"—but seeing as how you children have proven to be quite bothersome to me, I'm afraid I cannot do that," he continued, paying no mind to his prisoner's reactions. "However, I am a kind man. What I can do is offer you positions in more mundane areas, such as cooking and cleaning this beautiful castle, which is to be my new headquarters and home." His Death Eaters guffawed.

"Hogwarts will never open itself to you, you know, when you have taken her by force," Luna warned with wide eyes.

"Silly girl. It already has. My magic is powerful, and the castle recognizes that. She has yielded to me, as will all, eventually. What say you to my offer?"

Ginny stepped up, "You are downright daft if you think any of us would willingly do anything to help you, even if it is cleaning your stupid headquarters!"

Voldemort issued a dramatic sigh. "I thought we might come to this. In this case, I have no other choice."

"We're not afraid to die," Harry Potter spoke calmly.

Voldemort suddenly became serious and dangerously dark. "I know, boy. I'm not about to make a martyr out of any of you; you do not deserve as much. If you are not inclined to work willingly, then I suppose I will just have to make you perform."

"Slave labor? Is that your idea of a fate worse than death? You're pathetic," Hermione taunted. Ron quickly put his arm around her, as if to protect her.

"You clearly misunderstand me, but I'm sure that things will become clear to you sooner rather than later. You will be helping revive a long-lost wizarding tradition." He turned to his Death Eaters, "Which of you feel that you deserve a gift from your Master for your good deeds?"

Bellatrix Lestrange's shrill voice was the first to ring out, "Ooohhhh! Pick me! Pick me! I've been soooo good, Master! I deserve a treat!"

"Very well, make your choice, but Potter is mine." Harry looked at the dark wizard, eyes devoid of fear.

Oblivious to this exchange, Bellatrix sauntered over to the front of the room, kneeled in front of her lord, and kissed his robes dramatically and repeatedly.

"Oh, thank you, My Darkest of Lords. I'm forever your humblest servant. Your gift will not be wasted."

Voldemort waved her away with annoyance, and the witch turned slowly around. She looked each of the teens in the eye, until her gaze fell upon Neville's face. A wide smile broke through her gaunt features, and she pointed to the boy, "Can I have the pudgy one?" Neville gulped.

After receiving permission from Voldemort, Bellatrix turned to the small vestige of Dumbledore's Army and pouted, "All you beauties would have been fine, but this one is special," and with a wave of her wand, Neville was bound from head to toe in ropes and levitated towards the door. Harry turned and made a motion to run after his friend. In response, Voldemort lazily flicked his wand and ropes coiled around the boy's feet and arms, causing him to land on the stone floor with a thump. The remaining five teenagers found themselves similarly bound, unable to move.

"Neville!" Luna shrieked.

"Don't worry, sweetheart," Bellatrix yelled back from the door. "This boy toy and I are going to have soooo much fun!" she cackled, sending shivers down the spines of his captured students.

"My Lord," a gruff voice came from the shadows, "I would like one of them for myself."

Voldemort simply nodded towards the five struggling figures on the floor, and a large, animal-looking man came and began sniffing at their throats. When he reached Luna, he stopped and murmured, "You're the one I've been waiting for." Without further warning, Fenrir Greyback hoisted the young woman over his head and practically ran out the door, paying no heed to the desperate shouts of the girl's former classmates.

"Good, good," Voldemort murmured. "Any other takers? How about you, Lucius?"

Lucius Malfoy stepped forward and bowed towards his master. "My Lord, my wife and I had been planning on indoctrinating our son on the wizarding companionship practices of old. We would be most obliged if Your Darkness would gift Draco a servant."

"Of course, of course," Voldemort smiled widely. "I approve most fervently, Draco. Do not be shy, boy. Claim your prize."

Draco Malfoy, his face even paler than usual, took a few steps toward the prisoners, his former classmates. Keeping his eyes averted from both Voldemort and the bound figures on the floor, he spoke to no one in particular, "I'll take the Weasley girl."

Ron and Harry both began to writhe and protest loudly, shouting curse words at the Malfoys. Voldemort, with a sigh, lazily flicked his wand, and gags appeared around the mouths of the two boys, whose muffled cries continued, much to the amusement of the dark wizard and his followers.

"Ginny," Hermione whispered so only her friend could hear. "Be brave. You can do this."

"You too, Hermione. I'll come for you if I get out."

Before the bushy-haired witch had time to respond, Draco had pulled Ginny to her feet. He untied to ropes that bound her ankles and knees together, grabbed her neck, and forced her to walk to where the rest of the Malfoy family stood. Lucius looked his son's choice up and down, and gave an approving nod. Narcissa bent her head towards her husband and muttered, "Darling, do you think we could –"

"Ahhh, Narcissa!" Voldemort's voice rang out, interrupting, "Are you also interested in taking one for your own?"

Lucius gave his wife a dangerous look, but the woman stepped forward and spoke, "Yes, My Lord. Lucius has often been away from home, and having a companion would be most pleasing to –"

"I will NOT have you sharing my bed with another, Narcissa," rang Lucius' booming voice. His wife turned to him, shocked. Draco looked at the ground, embarrassed by his parents' outburst.

"Darling," Narcissa spoke, more quietly this time, "Would you object if I chose the girl? Certainly we will not refuse the Dark Lord's offer."

"Very wise, Narcissa," Voldemort interrupted yet again. "You may have the Mudblood. I hope you get some good use out of her." Without another word, Hermione's body levitated towards the Malfoys, landing at Lucius' feet. Harry and Ron shouted even louder underneath their gags, their protests completely ignored. Lucius glared at the girl crumpled on the floor with repulsion, but looked up at his master and spoke, "Thank you, My Lord. We are ever grateful for your kindness."

At this, Voldemort stood up. "We have one left. Does anyone have want of the Weasley boy?"

No one spoke up for a few seconds, then a well-known voice spoke from the shadows, "If there is no other who desires the boy, I have use for him."

"Severus," Voldemort spoke with surprise, "I was not aware of your… inclinations."

"I am afraid that is not so, My Dark Lord. I simply need a servant more competent than a house-elf." The Headmaster then turned to his fellow Death Eaters, "However, if any of you have want of a scrawny ginger boy, I would be more than willing to lend him out on occasion." His comment was met with cheers from the crowd.

Snape walked over, yanked Ron up by his hair, and began marching him down towards the dungeons. Having finished distributing the prisoners, Voldemort walked over the where Harry lay, and waved his wand over the boy while speaking, "I will be with you shortly, boy. In the meantime, try to make yourself comfortable." Harry disappeared with a pop, and Ginny and Hermione screamed, earning them both violent slaps from Lucius.

"You are dismissed, Death Eaters," Voldemort called to the crowd. "For those of you who chose to remain in the castle or in the village, we shall be having a celebratory feast this evening. If you are returning to your homes, tomorrow morning shall be our next gathering. Congratulations, we have won the war."

With shouts of triumph, the masked figures filed out. Voldemort called to Nagini, and began strolling towards the Chamber of Secrets, where Harry Potter would be waiting for him.

Author's Note - All right, this is how this story is going to work: each chapter will be a the POV of either Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, or Luna. There might be a few other group chapters like this one thrown in as well. I'm planning on having an overarching plot, but this is basically a series of connected one-shots. This means that you are free to jump around as much as you would like. Happy readings, friends, and pretty please favorite and review