I've been waiting to do this, but now the time has come! I really disliked the first Nicktoons Racing due to its clunky controls and horrible back story. So I decided to make it better, using more famous Nick stars and making a sequel. I apologize to those who had to patiently wait for this, but now here it is. Enough talking, here it is. Spike the Seventh Element presents: Nickelodeon Racing II: The Return of the Grand Prix!

"WWWWWWelcome racing fans!" A black and white dog with a black shirt but no pants begins to talk in a microphone at the top of the announcer tower. "My name is Dudley Puppy, and these are the other announcers of this year's Nick Racing!" Dudley points to the giant fairy next to him.

"I am Jorgen Von Strangle. Touch me and I'll hurt you!" Jorgen exclaims in a big booming voice.

"Next to Jorgen we have all the way from New York, King Julian!" Dudley points to a lemur with a crown on his head.

"I like to move it, move it!" Julian begins to sing, but is cut off by Jorgen.

"Stop Singing!" Jorgen booms at him.

"Our final announcer is literally out of this world, Gir!" Dudley points to a robot, clearly dressed as a green dog.

"I'm way up high!" Gir cheers. "Everyone down there look like ants!"

"Now that we got the announcers out of the way, let us introduce all of our racers!" Dudley exclaims. "Let us first introduce the Nick Jr racers!"

"First up, we have Dora from the Dora the Explorer world!" Dudley says as her theme song plays and she walks out to the track.

"Vaminos!" Dora cheers

"Next up, we have Kai Lan from the Ni Hao Kai Lan world!" Julian says. Her theme plays as she walks out to the track.

"Ni Hao!" She cheers.

"Next up we have the pathetic, I mean, wonderful Pocoyo from the world Pocoyo." Jorgen says, unexcited. His theme as well plays, and he runs out to the field.

"Yay!" Pocoyo cheers.

"Next up, we have those two little fuzzy little bunnies, Max and Ruby from, that's right, Max and Ruby world!" Gir exclaims as they both walk onto the field and their theme plays.

"Now, let's not get carried away, Max." Ruby exclaims.

"Race!" Max, Ruby's little brother, cheers.

"Now that we got the babies out of the way, let's introduce the real racers." Jorgen mocks the others.

"That's not nice!" The Announcers can hear Ruby cry out.

"Looks like you made little Ruby upset." Dudley says to Jorgen.

"Let's just get on with this." Jorgen says.

"Next we have my partner in crime, Kitty Katswell from Petropolis!" Dudley announces with extraordinary excitement. Kitty then comes to the field, while the TUFF theme plays.

"You all have no chance against me." Kitty exclaims.

"Now coming to the field, the reigning champion of last year's race, SpongeBob Squarepants!" Jorgen says, as Spongebob walks onto the field, and his theme plays.

"I'm ready!" Spongebob shouts out his catchphrase.

"We have the person who should have been in the first year, and the kid I know, Timmy Turner!" Jorgen cheers on Timmy, who walks on the field and his theme plays.

"I've got magic in me!" Timmy says, trying to look cool.

"Hey, you went twice, it was my turn." Julian complains.

"Well I wasn't going to let some king announce the kid who has had his fairies for over 5 years!" Jorgen argues.

"You two are acting like children… younger than me!" They can hear Ruby yell out.

"Ooooh, she got you good." Dudley says.

"Danny Fenton!" Gir screams, breaking up the fight. Danny then walks onto the field, and his theme plays.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny cries out his catchphrase.

"Next we have Jimmy Neutron from Retroville!" Dudley cheers as he comes out and his theme plays as well.

"Gotta Blast!" Jimmy says his catchphrase too.

"Oh great, I'm stuck saying this kid?" Jorgen complains. "Fine, next we have… Sheen Estavez from…" He takes a big sigh. "…Planet Sheen." He does not look entertained in the least. Sheen comes out and his theme plays, making everyone hold their ears.

"What? It's a good theme." Sheen says instead of announcing himself.

"Up next we have Otis from Back at the Barnyard." Julian says, and Otis comes out, driving his motorcycle to the center of the stadium. His theme plays as well.

"If you are to slow, then Mooove it!" Otis shows off.

"We have going to the stadium, the weird bee scout, Bessie… really long last name, from Mighty B!" Gir announces as Bessie walks to the stadium, doing a weird jig. While her theme plays.

"Bee Scouts!" Bessie shouts.

"We have Robot and Monster next, who will take turns racing each race!" Dudley cheers as they come to the field, Monster carrying Robot on his back.

"Buddies, bacon, boom!" They both cheer.

"Up next we have the very skilled and talented Korra from Legend of Korra! Thank goodness someone is worth racing here!" Everyone, even the racers, give him an angry look. "And, here she comes!" He changes the subject, as she walks to the field. Her theme plays as she says something deep.

"We are here to come together and have a wonderful time. So when we race, remember we are all like a big family and should treat each other with pure respect, no matter if we win or lose." Korra exclaims. She shocks the whole stadium with those sentences.

"She's… amazing." Ruby says in amazement.

"I've seen better." Otis says, unamused.

"That was an unexpected good speech." Dudley shockingly says.

"Up next, we have Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender." Julian announces as Aang walks to the stage with his yellow royal robe on. His theme plays as well.

"We come together to race, and so we shall." Aang agrees with Korra.

"Skipper is next to come to the field! Skipper, come on down!" Gir cheers. Skipper doesn't come from the entrance, but he comes from the ground instead.

"Afternoon, competitors. Don't get too excited, because I'm here to win." Skipper is also showing off.

"We have the beautiful, robotic XJ9, but people like to call her Jenny, from My Life as a Teenaged Robot!" Dudley cheers on Jenny, who comes though the gate like a rocket, surprising everyone. Her theme plays as she does a few flips in the air, and lands. The crowd goes wild as she cheers out.

"I'm ready to race!" Jenny cheers.

"Looks like we've got some stiff competition, Happy." Bessie says to Happy.

"That wasn't flying, that was… falling with style!" Skipper says in anger. Suddenly, with no intro, Zim bursts out and laughs.

"Bow down to me!" Zim commands, but no one takes him seriously. "I said bow down!"

"Oh yes, we have Zim, who rudely came in without intro." Jorgen says.

"Zim does not need an introduction, he needs abduction!" Zim screams.

"Also returning from last year, the runner ups, we have the two crazy, but quirky, Ren and Stimpy!" Julien announces as it zooms up on the gate, but they burst through the wall right next to it.

"Stimpy, watch where you're driving!" Ren yells at him.

"Sorry Ren, but we need to get to the stadium in time." Stimpy then stops and looks around, seeing as they are there already. "See? We're here." They awkwardly step out of the car and their theme plays.

"This theme? I wanted Happy Happy Joy Joy." Stimpy says upsettingly

"Never again, Stimpy!" Ren once again argues.

"Finally, the last racer comes from an unknown place. He knows many strange beings, and… Tak from Tak and the Power of Juju!" Gir randomly stops his sentence to introduce Tak, who walks to the field as his theme plays.

"It's been a long time since I was at Nick." Tak says, looking at all of the new racers.

"Now that everyone is introduced, it's time for them to train for the big races tomorrow! As all of you may know, there will be five cups, corresponding to each cash prize: Junior Cup for one hundred dollars, Rookie Cup for a thousand dollars, Amateur Cup for ten thousand, Pro Cup for one hundred thousand, and Master Cup for One Million Dollars! Everyone will get a chance for any or all cups. There are sixteen racers here, and 12 racers per race. Good luck to all of you out there, and don't forget the free dinners every racer gets for trying their best!" Dudley says to the crowd.

"We will see you tomorrow, folks!" King Julian ends the broadcast.

Time for a race… but not without driving safety with the one and only Ms. Puff! Tune in next time!