"Hello everyone. SpongeBob Squarepants..." SpongeBob appears.

"And Ruby here." Ruby follows.

"Well, we finally made it to the end of our story, and so let's end with a contest!" SpongeBob says.

"As you may have figured out, we made quite a bit of references to a lot of different things in our story. But how many did we make?" Ruby asks.

"That's where you come in! The basics are simple: The one closest or right on the spot with how many references we made will win!" SpongeBob laughs.

"Tell them what they could win, Kai Lan!" Ruby takes it to Kai Lan.

"You can win a Mystery Package! There are four mystery packages, and this is the way you could win them...

Perfect Score- All Four Packages!

Great Score- Three out of Four Packages!

Close Score- Two out of Four Packages.

Wrong Answer- 1 Package for participating." Kai Lan explains.

"Now, before we kick off this contest, we need to set a few rules." SpongeBob says. "Let the Rule Queen herself explain." SpongeBob directs to Ruby.

"Thank you SpongeBo... wait, did you call me Rule Queen? Oh, you'll get it when you least expect it. Anyways, here are some rules:

Rule 1: The references can be of anything except Scenes from Nick shows... well, those on air right now. Extinct Nick shows count.

Rule 2: You can guess up to Three times. The closest guess will be your final answer.

Rule 3: You do have permission to return to previous episodes and look around, don't be shy!

Rule 4: You can post your guesses either in our PM or Review. Either way, we're getting your guesses!

Rule 5: Songs played in chapters or sang by characters do not count as a reference.

Here's a hint- some chapters might not have references, while others might have more than one, so keep a good eye out!

This contest will end on December 31st, that gives you a week.

Let's see how much you know, and good luck!" Ruby waves goodbye as they leave.