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The only sound in the forest besides the wind blowing through the trees was the sputtering sound of a yellow bug. Emma silently cursed herself for not getting gas before heading back home taking the scenic route. Eventually the car died and she found herself stranded.

Getting out of the car she decided to walk the rest of the way. It would only take an hour and it didn't look like it was going to rain anytime soon. After fifteen minutes she regretted her decision and found herself caught in a downpour. She was freezing and ran to what looked to be Gold's cabin ahead. As soon as she got close enough she saw that there was smoke coming out of the chimney.

She ran up to the cabin to find shelter from the rain. Part of her wondered if she should wait until it lets up or knock on the door and disrupt the mysterious and elusive antiques dealer. Soon she was chilled from the dampness soaking into her clothes. Her leather coat was not match for water and cool air.

She knocked on the door and Gold answered it surprised to see Emma. He could tell she was soaking wet and was starting to shiver. "Miss Swan, do come in."

Emma didn't hesitate and was thankful for the warmth that radiated from the fireplace. She never had many opportunities to feel the warmth of a room heated by a fire but when she did she found it far more comforting than forced air heating.

"Sorry to bother you Mr. Gold. My car ran out of gas and I didn't think that it would rain before I got home. You wouldn't happen to have a towel I could borrow do you?"

"Of course, come with me." Emma followed him to the bathroom. It was beautiful and she envied him his bathtub. It was the type that you could soak in for hours felling like royalty. Gold caught her eyeing the tub. "You could take a bath if you like. I can dry your clothes next to the fire. There's a bathrobe that you could use until your clothes dried."

Emma spoke through her shivers. "No, that's alright. I'll be fine."

"No, you're not. You're shivering. Just put your clothes outside the door. I'll collect them in a while."

Gold left without another word. Emma was rather cold and the idea of a bath was too tempting to pass up. She began to strip and was rather upset that her leather jacket was now going to be damaged from the rain. She pilled her clothes neatly and wondered if she should leave the underwear here. They would stay with her and she'll deal with them later. The closes were placed outside the door.

She turned on the tub and used some bubble bath that was available. The smell was incredible. Well when you collected rent from everyone in town you could afford to have a few luxuries. The water felt so good she melted.

Her thoughts began to head south as well and wondered what Gold's hands would feel like on her body. She normally didn't fantasize like this and felt rather bad thinking of the man that owns this bath in a very unclean way. Her fingers began to play and dance below and she thought of Gold's hands playing with her, his lips kissing her neck and him whispering some rather dirty ideas into her ear.

Soon she was almost at the peak and without thinking she screamed out. "Oh, God Gold!"

That very person opened the door to see what the matter was and a smile grew across his face. "You called?"

Emma turned mortified and out of breath. Her cheeks were flushed from embarrassment and her recent activites.

"I was…I am so sorry."

He approached the tub disappointed that his view was obstructed by the bubbles that were in the tub. He took a towel that she got from the closet and handed it to her. She didn't take it so he dropped it on the floor with a smile on his face. "There's no shame in fantasizing…Emma." He noticed her wet bra and underwear folded neatly next to the tub. He reached down and collected them. "I'll dry these as well."

"That's alright, they are not that bad."

"Oops." They fell from his hands into the tub. "Let's me get those." His hand reached down to collect the articles he dropped into the water. The invitation was there and she accepted and pulled his hand down into the water soaking his expensive silk shirt sleeve in the soapy water.

Gold pulled a small stool over as kneeling was difficult due to his bad leg. His hand was led to its destination. "Well aren't we at little dirty. Let's clean you up." He began to rub slowly and decided to use her underwear as a means to clean. The rough lace gave a pleasant textured feel and she felt herself once again building up in excitement.

"Please don't stop."

"Oh, but I'm afraid I have to." He lifted his hand out of the water with the underwear and bra. "These need to dry. But let's make a deal. You don't finish what I started I'll answer a question I know you want you ask me. What do you think of that Dearie?"

Emma nodded not able to speak at the moment. Gold stood and wrung out her underwear before leaving. Reality hit her as the door closed behind him. What was she thinking? She crossed the line from fantasy into reality and was surprised that one of the most powerful men in this town reciprocated her desires. Gold always has underlying motivations for everything and a part of her grew angry that she may be being used in some way.

That small kernel of negativity was swept away when she thought of his hands on her and the smell of his cologne around her mixed with something spicy that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She closed her eyes and focused on him again and held in a moan. That was it. She was going to get this out of her system before she went crazy.

Gold stood by the fire and waited for Emma to come from her bath. He surprised himself with his boldness. It wasn't unknown to him that there were women in Storybrooke that were attracted to him. Being a man with wealth and a dark reputation afforded him some sex appeal as this world termed it. Even in the old world there were women who were drawn to him. Though this was true it didn't make up for the fact that he was so forward with Emma, exposing his feelings towards her.

Emma was the first woman aside from Regina, in Storybrooke that wasn't intimidated by him. In fact she went out of her way to let him know that very fact. Seeing her so pliant was a delight he was going to take advantage of. He found a way to manipulate everyone in this town to his benefit including Regina. Emma was new and the idea of her as one of his assets was too good to pass up. The idea that she reciprocated his feelings only made things sweeter.

About five minutes later Emma wrapped in his bathrobe emerged in the living room. Gold motioned for her to sit next to him on the couch. She sat and allowed Gold to wrap one arm around her shoulders to gently pull her against him. His other hand reached between her legs. "I am pleased you are a very curious person Emma." His mouth was at her ear.

"What…wa..what are Regina's plans to get rid of me as Sherrif?" Gold played with her while she asked her question.

"A smear campaign using one of her lackey's." He stopped his motions and brought his lips to her ear. "Let's make another deal. You get to ask up to five more questions as long as you don't fall over the edge. If you do I get to have my way with you every day for a week if I so chose. If you manage to ask five questions then you get to ask me one question a day for a week. No question is unanswerable. So do we have a deal?"

Emma thought for a moment of the advantage she would have if she could ask five questions. She learned enough to know that for him a deal was a deal even done in jest or a dare. Well why not take a gamble and see what she could learn. She nodded then answered. "Yes, we have a deal."

"Excellent, my dear. Now ask before I get you too worked up."

Now her mind went to the next question. "Why did you help me become the first place?"

"What an interesting question. Now let me see…"

"Quit stalling and answer!"

He chuckled in her ear. "I believed that it was high time that Regina had some competition. You were the perfect choice."

Emma didn't waste any time with the next question. "Why does the town keep electing her if they don't like her?" She barely got the question out.

"She has a lot of influence in the town and many owe their wealth to her."

"How long has she..she been..Mayor?"

"Twenty-eight years."

Emma grew upset. "Answer the question!"

"I did Dearie and I am not lying. Next question."

The fourth question came out easily. "How did you end up owning most of the town?"

"I made a deal with Regina years ago. One more question Dearie."

Gold kept the pace of movement at her core steady and he knew before she did that she would not make it.

Emma was working on asking the question as she realized that it was almost too late. "Why haven't the people here…they….oh..ooohhhhhaaahhh!" Emma couldn't hold back and came before she could finish the question. She was a mix of elation and disappointment.

"What a beautiful sound. I'll enjoy your company over the next week." He looked over at her clothes. They were far from dry. Another hour would do them good. He could think of so many wonderful things he could do in an hour.

Emma came back to reality now that her brain was in place again. She pulled away and turned on the couch to face him. "What does this mean now? I have no interest in a relationship."

"Not a conventional one but a relationship we will have." There was no way he was going to let the opportunity slip from his fingers. He had to keep her in Storybrooke.

"You certainly are sure of yourself." She huffed looking at her drying clothes. At least she won't have to stay here for much longer. "Too bad you're wrong. I'm not looking for anything."

"I do believe your clothes are dry enough. It has also stopped raining."

Gold slowly stood up and collected her clothes placing them next to her. "I'll keep the underwear as collateral in case you decide not to live up to your side of the deal."

Emma slowly recovered and realized what had happened. She was mortified now that her senses were returning to her. "You can't be serious."

"I am very serious when I make a deal, Dearie."

"It's for one week, fine." She stood and took her clothes save her underwear and got dressed in the bathroom.

When she emerged she found he wasn't there. A moment later Gold emerged from what she could only assume was a bedroom. He changed his shirt and put on one of his jackets. "I'll take you home Emma."

"Mr. Gold…"

"Mr? I think you can drop the formalities after soaking my fingers. Just call me Gold from now on."

"It's stopped raining, I can walk from here."

"I am driving into town anyway."

Emma accepted his offer realizing he would counter any excuse she could come up with. As soon as she stepped outside it started to rain again setting her fate into stone.

"You seem embarrassed Emma. I had fun. You seemed to have enjoyed yourself as well."

"Please Mr…Gold I feel rather foolish and I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me." The idea that he expected her to believe there was an actual deal between them was still unbelievable.

He opened the car door for her and she got in and waited for him to get settled into the driver's seat. "That you are an attractive, intelligent woman who needs some attention?"

Emma felt very uncomfortable now. She was not used to compliments real or not. His words were genuine from what she could tell and settled into her seat as he drove her home.

They drove in silence with Gold holding a subtle smile on his face. Emma cursed herself for not getting gas for the car or bringing an umbrella. Now the smug bastard knew she was attracted to him and every argument she had with him could be twisted into foreplay.

"Other than the obvious what else will you have me do during the week? You're a man that knows that value of things and I know I'm worth more than a few romps around town."

Gold's smile faded for a moment then returned. "You seem to think I have ulterior motives behind my attraction for you."

"You made a deal with me instead of having sex."

"Is that an offer then?" He inched in wondering if their dalliance will last longer than a week.

Emma shook her head. "No, an observation." She noticed that he didn't answer her question. "What else could a Sheriff of a small town offer the mysterious pawn shop owner who also owns most of the town?"

"I said have my way with you not have you do favors for me. Now if you find that you are not in the mood I could always change each arrangement into a favor I could call in anytime I wanted." Gold's smile grew almost to the point of showing teeth.

Emma was very happy to see her apartment. She got out of the car without a goodbye and made her way to her apartment. Mary Margaret was at work thankfully. Some space was what she needed in order to deal with what happened and what was going to happen throughout the week.