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Gold sat at his kitchen table drinking a cup of tea and pondered Emma's recent confession. She wanted what they had to last longer than their deal. He knew that when she discovers his true intentions for her she'll desire to take those words back and he'll have to manipulate her further to keep her with him. He closed his eyes and pushed back those dark thoughts. The Dark One in him always fought to possess everything around him.

Quit lying to yourself.

He was a possessive man by nature. Or at the very least had become one when he became the Dark One. Everything was taken from him before that fateful night when he took the Dark One's life. He refused to allow that to happen again. His first marriage was a complete disaster in every conceivable area where marriage was concerned. He was too weak and cowardly for such a selfish woman. Her beauty always allowed her to do as she wished and those around her were only too happy to support her vanity.

Vile thoughts rose upon remembering the night he had to tell Bae that his mother was never coming back. That look was the reason he killed Milah. The harm he did to her lover, Hook was simply a bonus. A lot of that anger stemmed from the fact he could have found Bae that day had he not been so wrapped up in vengeance.

Before he became the Dark One the idea of being a man that instilled passion in a woman would have been laughable. With his power came a carnal and mental lust that nearly devoured him whole. If it wasn't for his quest to find his son again he would have most likely followed the same fate as the previous Dark One. Despite his grotesque image, women were more than willing to give themselves to him and luxuriate in the possession that only a man with magic could offer. Seduction was a subtle art he learned well when needed. This skill gave him a discipline to harness his power instead of wasting it.

Then there was Belle whom he originally brought to his castle to taunt and break. He despised the simpleton princesses that littered the kingdoms and wanted to make an example out of one of them. She turned out to be quite the gem of a woman who was underutilized in her kingdom. Gold smiled at the taunting he did, the harsh treatments and every attempt to frighten her. He even made her wear the same dress for weeks on end. Through it all she was determined to be brave to do a good job so that every spare moment she had would go to reading books.

He didn't let it show but he caught her observing him, learning about his nature and not his weaknesses. There were times she read so much she fell asleep on the floor before the fire. Her dress almost caught fire a few times.

She was extraordinary in that she was nothing like the vain princesses he loved to terrify. Belle looked at things as they truly were. Because of her rare gift she saw aspects about himself he had long since thought forgotten. Belle was able to see that he could be loved and was able to love in return.

Emma was the same in that regard. She may not have Belle's grace but she saw who people were very quickly. He desired that she could see that he saw her more than a prize. Since they started this little game of theirs he felt less lonely. Not unlike the feeling he got when she opened up the curtains to allow the sun in the castle again. It felt warm.

A knock at the door broke him from his thoughts. The knocking sound was a surprise to him as so few ever attempted to even approach his door. All his mail was delivered to the shop so even the mailman was spared the fate of reaching his door.

The knocks became more fervent with each passing moment. He opened the door with a scowl to show that the interruption was not welcomed. His face changed when he saw Mary Margaret standing in the doorway holding what looks like a journal in her hand and tears running down her face.

Gold was always gracious when it came to Mary Margaret. She had never done anything to him or anyone in the old world or this one. He was rather curious as to why she was standing on his doorstep crying. "Ms. Blanchard, is everything alright?"

"No, Henry's in the hospital and they don't know what's wrong with him. Everyone's at the hospital and Emma and Regina got into a huge fight. Both are sitting in cells at the station right now, just to keep them separated."

He took everything in and realized that there was more to this story than what she had told him already. "What happened to Henry?"

"Why don't you tell me?" She pulled out the box that held the needle Henry took from his shop. "Henry was an excellent writer, he wrote things down in journals for a very long time. As his teacher I observe him from a distance."

Now Gold wondered where this was leading. "And what did Henry write in the journal?"

"That you're going to ensure that he'll live with Emma if he convinced her that magic was real." For the first time in a long time he saw anger in her eyes and sadness. "This is yours isn't it?" She held the box to him again.

"Yes, I was looking for that."

"You don't seem upset that Henry may be dying."

Gold scoffed and stepped outside and locked the door. "Come with me." He knew that she was driven her by someone and that they were gone. "We are heading to the station and we're going to get this sorted out."


Emma and Regina were no longer shouting at each other as Leroy threatened to sing show tunes off key if they didn't stop. Gold was rather surprised that they let the town drunk manage the very bars that were almost a second home to the drunkard.

Mary Margaret looked for the keys and let Emma out of the cell. "You have to see Henry as soon as possible. I'll explain on the way."

Emma didn't have to be told twice and left without looking back. Regina started screaming bloody murder at not being let out and that she had more right to see Henry than Emma.

Gold turned to Leroy who was more than pleased to see someone other than himself behind those bars. "You can go now Leroy, I think there is a drink at Granny's with your name on it."

Leroy knew a 'get out' when he heard one and left. It was also a good time to have a drink in his opinion this much drama makes him thirsty.

When Gold believed that no one else was around he approached the bars of the cell. "It seems that our positions have reversed themselves."

"Let me out! I have to get to Henry! He needs me!" Regina reached out attempting to take the keys from Gold's hands.

Gold was standing just out of reach. "No, he doesn't. You played the role of mommy for quite long enough. I was never going to offer Henry a way to get out of your grasp until you arrived at my house that night. Your self-destructive display convinced me that you are far too unstable to take care of a child. What were you thinking?!" He was upset with her for her actions and for almost igniting a side of his nature he hoped never to allow so much freedom again.

"I was thinking of revenge Rumplestiltskin. Everything I am is because you made it so. Now let me out!"

"So you could run and have another round with Emma? Henry needs Emma right now as she truly loves him. You want to love him as a mother but you are incapable of truly loving another because you cast the curse." Gold spat at her and threw the keys on a nearby desk. "Now I've got to leave. I have to witness a 28 year old curse be broken."

Regina was shaking with anger and shouted a round of curses she had not used in over 28 years. She then got to her purse and pulled out her cell phone. There was at least one person that can help her.

"Sydney, get to the station now. I need your help."

Emma raced to Henry's hospital room. She stood in the doorway to compose herself before walking to the edge of the bed. He was so still as if he was put under a sleeping spell. Tears fell down her face. It surprised her she felt so strongly for him, only knowing him for such a short time.

"Henry if you can hear me…" The words were caught in her throat. There were no words she could say that would wake him up, to fix whatever happened to him. The only idea that came to her head was using the same idea that Henry said over and over again that woke David up from his sleep.

She wanted it to work. "Please let this be real, Henry I'll believe in magic if you wake up. I'll believe you." She reached down and held Henry to her and kissed his forehead.

A flash went out from the bed and the room. Moments later Henry woke up and held Emma in a tight embrace. "Mom, you broke the curse! I knew you would!"

Emma started laughing as she discovered that magic was real. "Never mind that you're alright." She held him in an even tighter embrace.

Henry was eventually let go and he saw someone over her shoulder. "Mr. Gold! It worked, I get to stay with Emma right?"

Emma turned around to find Gold standing in the doorway to the room. He stepped in and closed the door behind him.

"Yes on both accounts Henry." He was calm and held a smile on his face and if Emma didn't know any better he seemed relaxed. "Emma, please forgive me the intrusion but I'm here to call in that favor you owe me."