Hey readers! It's been a while hasn't it? More like four days. Well I just wanted to say that Trish and Dez will not be making lots of appearances in this story. Sorry Trez lovers. I'm not really a fan. I love there little love/hate relationship. I think they should stay acquaintances or whatever they are! Well excuse me for my mini rambling. Please enjoy chapter 3!

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Ally's POV

"Wake up! Ally! Wake up!" Mrs. Moon practically screamed in my ear. I jumped right out of my bed, and came crashing down on the ground. "Oh… Mrs. Moon… you didn't have to do this. I have this thing called an alarm clock. It wakes me up, without all the screaming and falling out of bed! Crazy huh?!" I replied dusting the lint off my pajama top. Mimi just smiled and shrugged before exclaiming "Technology these days! Alarm clocks… Back then all we had was the old rooster to wake us up. And if he didn't wake you up then old Papa gave you the old water treatment." I nodded before standing up. "Well Mimi was there any reason for waking me up or…?" Mimi's eyes widened before she began to jump up and down. "Oh yeah! The boys decided to head down to the farmers market. They used to love it when they were kids. Austin insists that you join them, so girly you have fifteen minutes to get ready!" It took every single muscle in my body not to scream. I could have been getting dressed instead of listening to her "back in the day" stories. I loved Mimi to death, but trust me. She had her moments. "As much as I would love to talk, I have clothes to put on! Bye Mimi!" I said shushing her out the room. After that I dashed to the closet and slipped on my emergency pair of Lucky jeans, a Abercrombie sweat shirt, and some plain Sperry's. As Trish would say "Not too flashy, but not too trashy." Once I ran a brush through my wavy bed head, I was down into Austin's room in record time. It took me approximately 6 minutes to get ready. Kudos to you Ally.

"Hey babe. I'm happy to see you awake and ready. I wasn't expecting you to be ready for at least another month." Austin joked sliding his arm around my waist and giving my forehead a peck. "Well you can thank your mom for that. Seriously Austin, I'm thinking of throwing away my alarm clock. Your mom has a gift. She knows how to annoy the crap out of someone and wake them up." Austin laughed before kissing me again. "Als please. No mom talk when I'm kissing you." I smiled. Austin made me so happy. Even if Ross hated me, there was no way I could lose this boy. Damn. Why am I thinking about Ross while I'm kissing Austin? "Oh look at Austin and Mrs. Good girl. What a disgusting couple." I heard a familiar voice say. Austin broke from the kiss to give his brother a death glare. "Her name is Ally. What? Did your stupid brain forget her name already?" Ross smirked before walking closer to us. "I couldn't possibly forget because, that's all I heard you screaming last night. I mean I know the expression is get a room… but you too might want to get a whole freaking island." Austin fought a smile before he saw the look on my face. I was steaming angry, and not in the mood. For Ross, or any of his perverted humor. "Look Ross. You disgusting creature. Just because you're a lonely horny teenager who won't get any. Doesn't mean you have to hate on Austin because he gets some twenty four seven." I then grabbed Austin's collar and brought him into a deep kiss. I grabbed his hair and pressed myself against him extremely hard. Moan after moan kept escaping my lips, and the kiss got hotter by the second. After about five minutes we broke the kiss and I gave Ross my famous eye roll before strutting down stairs. I had showed Ross. It had felt good to kiss Austin like that. I had never done that before, the feeling of raw adrenaline running through my veins was to die for.

A little bit later after the little "altercation" we left to go off to the Kissimmee, Florida's annual farm market. It was full of colorful fruit and vegetables, and there was tons of homemade jewelry everywhere. Old country music played in the background and couples danced silently in the corner. "This is so cute." I cooed to myself. Austin had stopped at a waffle and pancake booth, and Ross seemed deeply into his smart phone. I rolled my eyes at him. What kind of person comes to such a wonderful place like this and consumes them self in technology? "You think this is cute? Puppies are cute, kittens are cute! Old people dancing to back track country music is not cute." I found myself laughing, but I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. There was no way I was talking to that jerk. No way. "What…? Is little good girl not going to talk to me because of earlier?" I bit my lip as I tried not to speak. But I just couldn't be quiet. Ross needed a good old fashioned telling off. He has been practically begging for one, for quite a while. "You don't even know me! Why do keep acting like you know my personality, like you know my background! You keep calling my good girl. When frankly I'm not a good girl! Did you not see that make out session Austin and I just shared? That was pretty non- good girlish!" Ross just laughed before turning to face me. He leaned in to whisper something in my ear. "Well yea I guess you're right. Ally that was pretty hot." My cheeks immediately went red before I gave myself some distance. "W-w-what do you mean?" Right as Ross was about to reply, Austin ran up, his hands full of packages of pancakes. "Ally! Look! I got ten packages! They are all homemade. Made from fresh wheat, from Alpaca farmers!" Ross just shook his head before rolling his eyes. "Alpaca farmers? Bro you got issues." I couldn't stop the smile that came upon my lips. There was something cute about Ross. His brown hair was suddenly attracting and his body. Ohhh… his body. It had the right amount of muscles. Reality check Ally! He's only sixteen! Your 18! "Well age is just a number!' I exclaimed at loud. Austin and Ross both turned to give me a confused look. "What babe?" Austin asked sounding concerned. I quickly looked at the ground before giving him an uneasy smile. "Nothing… just… nothing.." Note to self. Stop thinking out loud!

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