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The four survivors did what they could to sprint up the stairs, they panted deeply, the evac station at the top of thirty flights of stairs. The gambler, seeming to be the leader of the gang burst through the door, the four hearts dropped when they saw their only means of getting out of that god forsaken hell hole quickly flew off with other survivors who were there on time.

"Hey where is everybody?! Hellooooo! Anyone here!?" the capped brunette man shouted.

"This is not happening... This isn't happening..." The black woman beside the gambler kept muttering.

"Aren't they supposed to be saving our asses!?" the large heavy-set black male asked.

"... Looks like there's been a change of plans." The gambler finally murmured after watching the helicopters fly off.

"Well what do we do now?" The brunette white hick asked.

"... Look, over there. It looks like there's light in the distance... Maybe we should head in that direction." the black woman said with a nod.

"Yeah... We gotta go through the hotel though, it's gonna be rough." the gambler said and nodded.

The group began suiting up with left over supplies from the helicopter. They all got individual health packs, a handgun or an axe, or maybe even a crowbar.

"So, what are ya'lls names?" the brunette asked.

"I'm Rochelle..." The black woman said.

"Call me Coach." the heavy man replied.

"... Nick." the gambler in the white suit replied.

"I'm Ellis." the white brunette hick said, strangely enthusiastic. "Let's kill all sons o' bitches..." he chuckled.

Nick slightly stared at Ellis, what was with this hick? He was annoying and loud but somehow, Nick felt obligated to nod. Rochelle smiled slightly before they ventured downwards, the monstrosities attacking from all angles. Ellis pointed his pistol at Nick who jumped when Ellis pulled the trigger, shooting a zombie behind the gambler.

"Hey! Watch where your pointing that damn thing you almost shot my head off!" Nick hissed, Ellis just chuckled.

"What, scared Nick?" he asked.

"I'll give you something to be scared of if you're not careful!" Nick growled.

"Hush up you two! We don't got time for this bullshit!" Rochelle snapped, making the two men quickly shut up.

Bullets flew and shells fell as the four survivors battled their way down the dark staircase trying to get outside. Before the gambling man had a chance to comprehend, a smokers tongue wrapped itself around his chest, slightly making it harder to breathe, he got farther from the three until finally being able to shout.

"Ah! Get this thing off me!" Nick hollered, looking behind him to see the smoked getting closer and closer, he began panicking until it exploded of smoke.

"Come on get up Nick!" Ellis hollered helping the white clothed man out.

"I-I told you... To be careful..." he groaned softly as Ellis began helping him towards the safe house, it was only a few feet away but seemed like it was miles.

Coach and Rochelle went behind the pair and had their backs, shooting at anything that got in their way. The group panted when the red door finally closed and was barricaded, a huge sigh of relief filled the air. Nick panted and leaned against the wall, gently holding his side, it must have been worse than he thought since it felt like every breath he took his ribs were cracking. He groaned softly, luckily hey were only mildly cracked, but even so, it was all the more painful. Ellis then approached him and kneeled down, reaching for the others shirt, his arm was grabbed roughly.

"What are you doing?" Nick asked aggressively.

"Looking at the side you can't take your god damn hand off." Ellis replied narrowing his eyes.

"I'm fine, don't touch me." Nick spat, Ellis sighed and got up, walking away from the hurt man, he couldn't help if Nick wouldn't let him.

"Alright... Tomorrow we'll head out early, you think you can, Nick?" Rochelle asked.

"Yeah." Nick replied distantly.

"Get some sleep, we'll eat in the morning." she said, Ellis curled up on an old mattress, Rochelle in a corner and Coach sprawled out wherever he damn well pleased.

Nick looked over to Ellis, what was the real reason he didn't want to be touched by the hick? He scoffed softly and looked away before he eventually dozed off. Yes, he would admit it, he was bisexual, after sleeping with so may of the same gender, it would become normal to feel something for either men or women, but it was harder to admit he preferred men. He didn't have to deal with as much bullshit, unlike women who were always complaining about something.

Ellis slept deeply, he was exhausted... Even the spunky young hillbilly knew when he had enough. He thought about Nick, he was so hostile, he wondered why? He wasn't a bad looker, but Ellis wasn't really sure what to think. He just nuzzled into the side of his arm that he used as a pillow. He just wished he could go back, party with Keith and... Just be able to relax again. There was no time for relaxing in the zombie apocalypse, you mentally didn't have the capacity... He was woke up the next morning by Coach gently nudging his shoulder.

"Hey Ellis, time to get up." he said tiredly, Ellis groaned and slowly sat up, his body ached.

He reached over and rubbed his own shoulder, he sighed and looked over to Nick, he was still asleep against the wall. Ellis couldn't help but worry and quietly trudged over to him, kneeling and reaching down, slowly lifted up the others shirt, there was a nasty bruise, enough to make Ellis cringe. He shook his head and looked over to a med kit that was stationed next to Nick and as quietly as he could, unzipped the bag. He reached in to see if there was anything to help take some of the pain away. Ellis, painfully slowly, laid Nick onto his back.

"Ellis what are you doing?" Rochelle whispered.

"Nothin." Ellis replied.

Ellis opened Nick's shirt and took out a small bandage, placing it over the bruise and used some medical tape to secure it, he made sure it was tight, hugging the bruise. Nick groaned slightly and Ellis hurried to close Nick's shirt before he got the wrong idea. Ellis then got up and walked over to the table full of ammunition and reloaded his pistol, putting in fifteen bullets, then putting as much as he could carry in a bag on his back that was protected by the med kit. After he was finished with taking care of himself he walked back over to Nick who was just starting to wake up.

"Mornin' sleepin' beauty." he snickered.

"Shut up hick." Nick grumbled tiredly.

"Here, shut up and take'em." Ellis said, handing over a bottle of pain pills.

Ellis was surprised to see that Nick didn't coldly brush the help off, Nick hesitated but took the pills and swallowed a few. Ellis held out a hand for Nick to take to help him up. Nick took Ellis' hand and sighed when he stood up, he was still sore but... for some reason he felt a bit better than he expected. He reloaded his gun and got ready before everyone nodded to one another.

"Hey overalls..." Nick softly called to the young brunette following after the others.

"Hm? Yeah?" he asked.

"... Thanks." Nick said, making Ellis beam a smile.

"Don't worry 'bout it." he replied.

The survivors fought countlessly, the building having caught fire and was bound to come down any second. Upon reaching the elevator, they panted, already exhausted, Nick having to take more pills. The air began getting harder to breath in, the elevator filling with smoke.

"Oh shit... We're gonna have to book it for the safe room." Coach said.

"How's this, when those doors open, run like hell and we should somehow survive." Nick said sarcastically.

As the elevator hit the first floor, Ellis and Coach pried the door open, the four dashed out, it was so hard to see and no one could tell if they were shooting at zombies, or others of the group. Ellis choked on smoke, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. His eyes watered and his chest felt like it was on fire. He collapsed to his knees, his vision blurry from the smoke. Suddenly he was hauled up by none other than Nick.

"You're ot dying now, overalls." Nick said but even he had to admit, it looked hopeless...

"Hey! Over here! I found the exit!" Coach called, Nick quickly moved as fast as he could, Ellis trying to help Nick with his arm around the gamblers shoulders.

When they got outside, Ellis sucked in a large amount of air he craved. He groaned and coughed violently, as did the others.

"Get up guys this isn't over!" Rochelle said, a charger roaring in the distance.

Ellis got up weakly, his hands still slightly trembling as the group began making their way towards the safe house, it couldn't have been much farther could it? Ellis failed to realize a spitter coughing up a large amount of acid in his direction before it was too late and apart of his body being burned by the fluid. Ellis yelped out and stumbled back, holding his right bicep, it sizzled slightly, the area turning very red.

"Ellis! Come on were almost there!" Rochelle encouraged.

Even though there were some tears in Ellis' eyes, he kept going, though the more he used his arm and went without treatment, the worse it got. The four barged into a safe room and practically slammed the door shut behind them. It was then Ellis slightly cried out and almost contemplated chopping his arm off and risk becoming a zombie. Nick was by his side quickly and took out his med kit.

"I was saving this for me but... What the hell right?" he asked and took out some Aloe Vera and bandages.

It was painful to look at, the area was inflamed and severly burned. Nick was as careful as he could to slather the cream like jelly onto Ellis' arm and wrap it. Ellis groaned and whimpered softly at the contact with his arm and did what he could to keep his dignity and not cry. When it was over and done with, Ellis was out like a light.

Poor kid...

Nick thought as he sat a few feet away from the sleeping young man. He grunted softly as he felt the pain in his ribs come back... He felt something else there too. He opened his shirt only to see a small bandage on his internal wound, he raised his brows, he didn't remember doing this...

"Ellis did that while you were asleep... He's a good kid." Rochelle said with a small smile towards the sleeping Ellis.

"... Stupid hick..." Nick grumbled softly but didn't move to take it off.

Nick sighed as he laid his head against the wall while everyone slept, he moved a bit closer to the brunette hill billy and looked over his arm. Ellis, still asleep, leaned over and rested his head onto Nick's broad shoulder. Nick tensed and looked to the sleeping man, Ellis looked so innocent while he slept... It was almost too attractive to leave him alone. Nick just stared off into space, eventually falling asleep, his head falling gently onto Ellis'.