AN UPDATE!? OMG. Yes! An update and it is the FINAL chapter of this Nick/Ellis FanFiction! Thank you to all the support from the followers and readers of the story you all made it possible. Keep in mind this is not the last Nick/Ellis fanfiction I do. Also, yes I know this is not how the levels really go, I know they go to Swamp Fever after Dark Carnival but I felt the need to end with a bang.


I did cry while writing this so have fun!


As horde after horde came and was destroyed, the familiar roar of the Tank quickly made every single survivor cringe and huddle together as the seemingly steroid induced monster began rampaging towards them. Would this be the end of the line? Ellis looked to the group and then to Ellis, fear written in his eyes, Tanks were something they hoped they would never have to deal with... They were closed off in the stadium... There wasn't much places to run. Fireworks exploded into the air with massive booms, Ellis quickly aiming and shooting the boxed bombs and pulled the trigger, the fireworks starting on the ground, the tank catching on fire. At least now it could be killed quicker with the fire sizzling on the zombies overly muscular body. The group began quickly begin shooting at the Tank, clip after clip on the tank though they had to spread out eventually when the tank got to close for comfort. The Tank targeted Nick...

Ellis gasped as Nick was practically back up into a corner, he pulled out a Molotov and threw it, the bottle landing perfectly onto the tank. The tanks caught fire immediately but it spared Nick the chance of being burned as it turned and ran towards Ellis though soon, it collapsed and died on the spot. Ellis laughed and nodded and the survivors gathered back up onto the stage. It was time for the grand finale, the fireworks shooting into the air and exploding into massive balls of light and flame. If that didn't signal a chopper nothing would.

As the endless horde resumed, Nick was injured, having been rammed by a Charger, Ellis hurried to get him back onto the stage. He bent over to tend to the wounds inflicted by being slammed into the ground. Nick was barely conscious as Ellis did so though another Tank quickly barged into the stadium. That Tank was a fucking ninja... Ellis didn't even realize until he heard Rochelle scream and felt the unrelenting force of one of the monsters fists pound into his back, sending him flying. Nick could only watch... The Tank quickly going to finish Ellis off. Though on the ground, Nick pulled out his pistols to shoot at the monster as it mercilessly beat on Ellis, it killed Nick... He almost couldn't watch until he saw the Tank fall. Coach was quick to help the Gambler up but Nick shoved him away before he could use a med kit on him. He limped as fast as he could to Ellis, the hoard ceasing for now until they started the fireworks again.

Oh god...

Ellis laid there, his chest having been literally beaten in... There was no way he could fix this, blood poured down the young mans lips. Nick stared down in utter shock as Elli's gaze slowly lifted up to the white suited man... He smiled a bit no matter how much pain he was in, and he was in utter agony... His ribs in places they didn't belong, his shirt down and bloodied. One of his legs broken though his head seemed to be ony lightly scratched. There was no way Ellis would make it... Not with these wounds and Nick knew it... But he denied it and tried to keep Ellis from realizing even though Ellis was fully aware he was dying.

"... That bad..?" he asked in almost a whisper as the fire works started again.

"... No... N-No you'll be fine..." Nick murmured with a gulp, gently scooting his arms underneath the kid and lifted him up a bit so that Ellis was in his arms.

"Ya don't have to lie... I'm gonna die... Right?" Ellis said seriously.

Nick felt hot tears gather in his eyes... Why Ellis? It was his fault... Ellis was helping him when the Tank came. Nick felt the tears dripping down and onto Ellis' slightly clothed chest. He pressed his forehead against Ellis' as he sobbed... Ellis sighed softly and shakily reached up to caress the other's cheek. He couldn't feel the pain anymore, the explosions and the noises from the infected drowning out... He felt... Happy, he was in Nicks arms... Why wouldn't he be? His vision became blurry and Ellis went limp Nick's arms... Nick looked down to the motionless Ellis and hugged the other close... Ellis was cold.

"You can't die god dammit!" he hollered as he heard the helicopter. "I won't let you die here!" Nick cried as he picked the motionless kid up in his arms,

He then broke for the helicopter whose wings were beating up above him, he couldn't let Ellis die here... Not where his body would be mutilated into a sack of putrid meat. He wasn't going to make it... He needed time... And it had run out. Nick's lungs were ablaze as he ran up the steps, feeling the thunder on his heels, he pinched his eyes shut as he ran, bracing for impact until he heard one of the firework packs boom, Nick looked up to see Coach and Rochelle shooting from their safe haven. It confused the infected while lighting them on fire, including the tank. It was do or die, Nick sprinted with his last ounce of energy and landed into the helicopter where he was lifted into the sky. Everyone was silent... Especially Nick who cradled the quiet Ellis... It was hard to fathom, Ellis had a smile, as if he had just fallen asleep, Nick couldn't bring himself to look down at the pale, lifeless face. He didn't care if Ellis 'awoke' in the middle of the flight and bit a chunk of his face off...

"... Is he..?" Rochelle asked.

"... Yeah." Nick replied coldly, bottling his emotions until he knew they were safe. "... I'm sorry... I know it's not safe... I-I... I couldn't leave the kid back there ya know?" Nick asked feeling a lump in his throat from when he spoke of Ellis.

"... We understand." Coach said softly.

"... Nick, how long has this been going on?" Rochelle couldn't help but ask.

It was a good question... It had felt like they had all known each other for a life time as if they were all old friends. Nick gulped and managed to force himself to look down at Ellis peaceful face.

"... A lifetime." He whispered softly, looking back out of the helicopter.

Nick stayed awake while the others slept, he had to incase Ellis wasn't... Ellis anymore. He knew he would probably be shot when they arrived at the military base for harboring one of the dead, but he couldn't give two fucks about what the military had to say... Because of them, innocent people like Ellis had to die while they held up in bunkers and sent pilots out to pick up survivors, as if there were many. The thought made Nick's blood boil and his body tremble as tears finally escaped his eyes. This had to be a fucked up nightmare... Anything but this... He'd rather wake up in a safe house with zombies banging down the doors with Ellis then this... At least then they would have had the kids enthusiasm. When the helicopter arrived at the military base, guns were pointed at Nick who carried Ellis.

"Is he alive?" A soldier asked.

"... No." Nick replied.

"Drop the body and back away slowly, he could be carrying a virus." the soldier demanded.

"Kiss my ass... It's because of people like you hes fucking dead!" Nick screamed.

"Drop the body or we will fire!" The soldier hollered.

"Fuck you!" Nick snarled and the soldier cocked his weapon.

"Stop." Another voice added, Nick looked over, it was an older man, in his mid forties. "... How long ago?"

"... A few hours." Nick replied and the man seemed to go into deep thought.

"... He would have changed by now if he had a virus... Do you... Want to bury him?" the man asked, Nick looked down to Ellis and back to the man, nodding silently. "... Then you may..." the man replied as the group of soldiers lowered their guns.

Nick stood quietly at the grave that he, Rochelle, and Coach had made for Ellis alone, he didn't dare let any of the slimy military men touch him. In Nick's hand... Was Ellis' hat. Should he say something? He was alone so he could say anything he wanted... He cleared he throat softly and looked at the cross.

"Uh... Hey Kid..." Nick mumbled softly trying to keep his composer. "... Look I... Know we weren't the best of friends at first... I... Was kind of an ass." He said as he gripped the hat firmly. "... But uh... That doesn't mean I ain't gonna miss ya." he said and felt his heart clinch. "... I'm... I'm sorry Ellis... I let you down this time... I miss ya already." he chuckled and wiped his watered up eyes. "... I guess I just wanted to say... Thanks... You saved my ass back there and without you... Well I'd be dead now... But... I'd trade places with you in an instant..." he said softly. "... I'm gonna head inside... It's fucking cold out here... Maybe we'll meet up again sometime... Yeah... I'd like that... Maybe start over.. Spoil ya rotten." he said and felt his jaw lock up, his breaths were shaky from holding the emotion he had yet to set all free. "... Guess I'll see ya around kid... D-Don't get into too much trouble while I'm not lookin' after ya..." he said and wiped his eyes, he then turned around to see the older man, he was in charge of the base it seemed.

"... How long have you known that kid?" he asked.

"... A lifetime." Nick replied.