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Chapter Thirty

She had to see – to believe, still though as she gazes at the peaceful face of her once mentor death fails to register. She is in the stages of denial, a fact she is well aware of, death is a recurring friend one she is growing used to seeing. Too familiar at times. Hermione wishes that she could change it the thought brings on a morbid snicker. The woman who can travel through time, is a woman bound by rules. A life for a life. To save McGonagall would mean forfeiting another life.

Minerva would never abide such a reckless act, nor would she wish her sacrifice to go in vain. It does not make any of this easier though. Here she stands seeing to believe. Minerva looks so peaceful now, no pain felt at death. Still scenarios run through her mind, what would have happened if she were quicker, would she have saved Minerva? What if she had paid more attention what would have happened? The truth will always come back to her; Minerva was in full control, she had already set her mind on saving Hermione.

Sighing, Hermione steps back from the table, slowly covering the Headmistresses face with a white blanket, the funeral is in the planning process. Soon they will lower the Headmistress to rest another great soul who lost their life for a cause that should have never started. I got it right in the end. The words whisper on repeat at the back of her mind, Minerva's last words. She blamed herself for Hermione's treatment all those years ago, Hermione never once blamed the witch.

"Rest in peace my friend." Hermione murmurs.

She will speak at the funeral, she owes the witch that, Hermione wonders who will take over Hogwarts now. Who will be the next Head Teacher? Where do I go from here? Croaker is currently in the process of clearing her name, baring all to the Minister of Magic. She still cannot show her face to the public yet, they will have to wait for the news to spread. Perhaps she should take up teaching; she always considered working at Hogwarts a professor of Transfiguration would suit her. Minerva always wanted the best for her; would she want Hermione to go Hogwarts? The last few years of cloak and dagger has been enough for her.

After Harry found them, Bella agreed to the meeting, since the Oath Keeper destroyed the Ministry of Magic, they have relocated to a dissuade building on the edge of Diagon Alley. Repairs are already under way to fix the building, but it will take a few months before anything comes of it.

Antsy is the best word to describe Hermione's current mood. She wants to see Bella; the witch went with Harry, wand in hand. Hermione tagged along but both she and Harry ordered to wait outside. No one who could influence the Minister could attend the meeting. Hermione would not take this; she would not allow the Ministry to trick Bella during the meeting, would not allow the witch to go without backup. Eventually, Mia stepped forward offering to be a witness to the meeting for Bella's side. With her assistant Alex as well to Hermione's relief, Shacklebot's court accepted this, much to the paleness of Kingsley's face. Only Kingsley saw just what Alex is capable of, his trusted court absent when it came to the fighting.

The wait is unbearable; it's how she finds herself staring at her Mentor willing the witch to wake up, to come back to life. To tell her that everything is fine. She wishes for Bellatrix except the meeting is still ongoing, she waits for the call.

The door opens disrupting the peace, clip clopping of feet echo in the cold room as a warm figure saddles up next to her. Together they stare at the recently departed on the cold slab in front of them. Closing her eyes, Hermione conjures up memories of school, when things were a little bit simpler. She would never guessed that leaving school after defeating Voldemort would mean more of a headache.

"I have your potions." The voice interrupts her.

"Thanks Luna," Hermione whispers glancing at her friend. "How you been?"

"I'm currently debating with the gnomes if I should relocate the shed, they say it's a temple and should not be disturbed, I offered to repaint it."

"Good." Hermione replies unsure where to go with that comment.

"Will you be attending your sessions again?" Luna asks.

"I don't know."

"We have much to discuss Hermione; this last year alone will be requiring numerous counselling."

Hermione smiles, after leaving school and joining the Unspeakables she would never had guessed Looney Lovegood from school would become her counsellor. Strangely, though it worked, she found herself opening up to her friend, knowing Luna would not speak a word to anyone else.

"Is that how you and Harry got close?" Hermione asks. "He was your patient, after his drinking got out of control?"

"You know I cannot discuss other patients."

"But it's how you two grew closer?"

"Harry is someone I trust."

"What happened to Neville?"

"Neville holds bitter resentment towards Bellatrix; negative energy can truly damage another spirit even without meaning too."

"So you dumped him?" Hermione sums up. "What about you and Harry is it serious?"

"He brings peace when life is turmoil."

"Well I'm happy for you both."

"He missed you dearly, he loves you, you know?"

Chocking on thin air, Hermione turns to her shrink playing with her ponytail. "He told you?"

"HE did, I think it's cute."

"You think it's cute?"

"Love in any form should always be expressed."

"Well you know I don't see him like that?"

"Why would it bother me?" Luna asks confused.

"I have no idea." Hermione answers truthfully, to this day she does not understand Luna. "Luna what I never understood is how you developed my potion?"

"I didn't, I was provided them."

"By who? If you dare say patient confidentiality I will personally set fire to this room."

"We will have to discuss your anger."


"Mia Rothstein provided me with information after she discovered you were my patient. She offered relevant files on her extensive research."

"Mia? Why didn't you tell me?" Hermione asks speechless.

Turning to Hermione, Luna raises a simple eyebrow. "Patient confidentiality. I could not discuss Mia to you as she is my patient as well as a colleague in medicine."

Over the years working with Luna, Hermine came to one very simple conclusion. The witch is not as foolish as she pretends to be. In fact, Luna is incredibly smart and skilled witch however unlike Hermione, the woman prefers to spend her time believing in creatures that may or may not exist.

The door opens once more interrupting Hermione's reply, a ministry worker enters nodding his head in greeting.

"Miss Granger I was asked to inform you the meeting is over."

"What of Bellatrix?" Hermione asks.

"I believe Miss Black is speaking with Mrs Malfoy in room twenty seven." He departs with another nod.

Luna pats Hermione's shoulder before wandering from the room, Hermione watching the witch leave. Sparing one last look to Minerva, Hermione departs the room, sliding the door shut quietly behind her. She heads in the direction for Bellatrix fear snapping at her heels.

Pausing outside the rather average door, Hermione can hear the raised voices of Bellatrix and Narcissa on the other. Steeling herself for the worst, Hermione slips into the room both Narcissa and Bellatrix pausing to look at her. The argument resumes once they realise who has joined them.

Bellatrix is pacing in the middle of the dusty room; Narcissa the voice of reason tries to calm her older sister from a recently cleaned chair. Sidling into the room, Hermione waits for someone to fill her in; will Bellatrix be returning to Azkaban?

"I will not accept this, my reputation will be ruined." Bella hisses.

"Your reputation is already in ruins." Narcissa sighs. "Bella think what this means. What this could mean."

"It will mean my end, it is all lies!" Bella fumes.

"What will?" Hermione asks, leaning against a column. "Someone care to fill me in."

Bellatrix refuses to look in Hermione's direction muttering under her breath as she paces the room. Hermione takes it as a good sign the witch isn't in handcuffs and still has her wand. Still though it makes the situation even more curious.

"Bella has been cleared of all charges." Narcissa informs Hermione.

Bewildered Hermione turns to the angry witch pacing. They cleared Bella of all wrong doings. Is that before or after both wars, what charges did the Ministry drop she has so many against her name.

"The oath keeper protecting Bellatrix died as a result her involvement in both wars has disclosed all information on her involvement. Bellatrix is hereby cleared of all wrong doings."

"All?" Hermione asks.

"All my sodding involvement!" Bellatrix snaps. "I am a free woman."

"But how?" Hermione question.

"Minerva McGonagall." Narcissa answers. "She was Bella's oath keeper, on her death documents, diary's memories have come to light. Bella was a double agent."

"I NEVER BETRAYED MY LORD!" Bella fumes. "This is all lies!"

"Does it matter?" Narcissa demands rising to her feet. "Think on it Bella you are free, why repute this?"

"Because it's all wrong!"

"Narcissa is right, Bella you could live another life."

"I owe the Longbottom's; I owe all my victims an answer. If I turn around and denounce everything I did was an act, all their suffering was for nothing at all. Some of them may consider me the best actress in the world; they will come to me for answers or worse to apologise. I owe them the truth. I never betrayed my lord not once."

"Bella this is a chance that will never happen again accept it." Narcissa orders, before tuning to Hermione. "According to the sources from McGonagall including her own memories Bellatrix would willingly come to her and pass information. She saved countless lives."

"I didn't do it!" Bella argues. "We always knew we had a mole, Severus obviously came to light at the end, but there was someone else. Someone else who passed information on, they saved hundreds from slaughter but it was never me."

"As long as you're cleared it doesn't matter who it was, no one in their right mind will come to you to apologise you will be declared an unsung hero. Then the world will leave you be."

"The strangest thing out of all this, Professor Dumbledore also left his version of events. His own memories. Little strange don't you think?" Bella hisses glaring at Hermione.

"The man always had a screw loose." Hermione answers.

"Leave." Bella grinds out.

With a sigh, Hermione heads for the exit only for Bella to shake her head. "Not you, Cissy get out." Bella orders.

Rising elegantly from her chair, Narcissa spares Hermione one look before turning back to Bellatrix. "Just don't do anything rash. I miss my sister."

With those words, Narcissa vacates the room, the door shutting behind her with a click. Licking her lips Hermione turns back to Bellatrix who is staring intently at her. Hermione wants nothing more than to run into Bella's arm, it seems fitting to be standing in a room full of dust. The world has fallen silent nothing left but Bellatrix and she.

"You did this." Bella whispers, hurt lacing her words. "I remember Tom would disappear on a few missions I would catch him now and again talking to a stranger. A stranger wrapped tightly in clothes never able to see their face. You were there weren't you?"


"All those missions, you walked along side, you saw everything I did."

"Almost everything. I told you Bella, you have been my longest running project." Hermione answers. "I swore to clear your name."

"AT WHAT EXPENSE?" Bella thunders, striding across the room. "What of those lives destroyed?"

"I'm selfish." Hermione shrugs.

"You set this up? All of it?"

"I attended the meetings, I went under disguise, and I stole your hair while you slept soundly in your bed. I approached McGonagall passed on information, told her of meetings, plans and attacks. She became your oath keeper. Told me information that I would find a way to pass to you. For the record your crucio kills in the morning."

"I tortured you?" Bella asks aghast.

"Sometimes, the odd caught Auror would be me; I had to get information to you somehow. I could never risk giving you too much. So I would meet with Tom on some days." Hermione says wandering across the room to enjoy the view out the window. "We would hold regular chats, away from the madness he was alright to talk too. I met with Dumbledore a few times, under the disguise of Minerva, she did not mind. I never affected the time line; I merely helped to move it along. You were my greatest idea Bella; I knew I could save you."

Hermione turns to the horrified witch behind her, staring at her in disgust. Perhaps she went too far, but this whole thing would be pointless if Bella went back to Azkaban. So a few people lost their lives, its war, people die. She is just as much a killer as Bella and no one points their finger at her wanting her head.

"The winners write history, I made sure I wrote it correctly."

"Listen to yourself, your playing god." Bella whispers.

"NO!" Hermione snaps stepping forward. "I have lived my life answering the calls of manipulative men; I have gone through hell to have my life ripped apart. I tried to stop this a long time ago they took my opportunity away. I created you, you created me we cannot live a life without the other. We are bound by some magic beyond our control. I took control back, I saved lives, watched friends die repeatedly. I've died this is my second chance as well as yours. I never played god Bella, I merely made sure, and no one else did."

"What use is all this? If the time turner is killing you?" Bella questions.

"That situation has been dealt with."

"I thought you died." Bella breathes stepping forward she reaches out.

Hermione flinches from the hand, stepping just out of reach, Bella frowns not understanding. How could she let Bella touch her? Her body is no longer her own, the blood pumping is barely hers. There is little of herself left; her left hand side belongs to a dead friend. She is a monster reborn, put back together by Frankenstein.

"What?" Bella wonders, as Hermione stares at the outstretched hand.

"I saved your life, but you don't understand. I am not myself. Mia, she had to improvise…"

"I don't care." Bella interrupts stepping forward again.

"Bella, please."

"You made sure I lived, you planned my life you think I'm going to let you sneak away from this?"

"I'm a monster Bella." Hermione whispers backing into a wall.

"That's lucky, cause didn't you hear, I'm a monster too."

The warmth of Bella's hand rushes through her body, making her heart swell. It presses gently against her right cheek as Bella's other hand gently runs down her left arm. Her fingers graze the smooth wrist; she frowns looking to where mudblood used to be.

Hermione frowns turning away from the inquisitive gaze, if she tells Bella what she is, will the witch still want her? Two hands cup Hermione's cheeks pulling her into a kiss. A long loving kiss that steals all the air from her lungs makes her head dizzy. Her own hands take hold of Bella's waist, holding the witch close, a single tear escapes.

"It's okay I can rewrite it." Bella promises.

"I don't think, even your knife could break this skin."


"Dragon hide." Hermione winces.

Silence follows, making the feeling of dread jump back into her body; she can feel Bella thinking critically. Sweaty palmed, Hermione holds the beautiful witch in her arms, there is nothing stopping the witch from leaving her. Bella is free, she can have whomever she wants and nothing could stop her. Does not mean that Hermione will not kill the person.

"Can you breathe fire?" Bella finally asks. "Or did Mia get it wrong and you fart fire?"

The statement is ridiculous is makes Hermione burst out laughing, she pulls the witch tight laughing into her shoulder with tears pouring down her face. Bella is grinning into her shoulder a free woman. The loving chuckle Bella produces makes every hair on Hermione's body stand up. They are free. Both as crazy as one another, but they belong to the other.

"I love you." Bella whispers. "So very much."

"I love you too," Hermione, answers with relief. "For eternity."

"I can believe that."

"Want to go shopping? I need a new house."

"Sounds good to me, but first there's something I need to do." Bella promises pressing a kiss to Hermione's neck.

~~~~~ A Drop in the Ocean ~~~~~

Despite her best promises, Hermione finds herself back in St Mungo's waiting anxiously. A crowd has gathered outside the door held back by only Tonks and Harry. Nursing staff watch keenly in the corner. Bella is in her eliminate she has full control of the room as Hermione watches on.

Arms crossed, biting on her knuckle, Hermione glances to Neville standing next to her. She has never seen the wizard so pale she gently squeezes his arm. He fails to react; the man is almost broken next to her. After their reunion a couple days ago, Hermione has asked several questions, how did the witch survive the finally battle – she refuses to answer this question. How did she develop such a deadly version of the Crucio, the one she used on Hermione and once on the Longbottom's? The answer brought about an unusual request.

Hence their standing in St Mungo's with both Mr and Mrs Longbottom on the bed in front of Bellatrix and Andy. Wand in her hand, Bellatrix stares at Alice; Hermione knows the pair have an unusual friendship.

"My situation was compromised," Bella, informs those watching, Minster Shacklebot standing in the corner with nursing staff. "I could not pass information on to Dumbledore; however I knew the Longbottom's were at risk from my husband and his brother."

"Why?" Neville barely whispers his voice breaking.

"The torture of Death Eaters for information was held at the Longbottom's estate, in their basement. During our capture, we escaped but not without seeing your mother. The Dark Lord forbade us to go back, but on his death, the Lestrange brothers went anyway I tried to warn Dumbledore. I could not allow them to go alone so I went in hopes to prevent their deaths."

"Why was Barty Crouch Junior there?" Shacklebot asks.

"During our torture, Barty's partner was killed; he sought revenge on the easiest target possible. Since Sirius capture, we could not get revenge on our torturer, so they attacked the next best thing. The torture grew out of hand; I knew they intended to kill, so I intervened. Said we should spread a message of fear. I developed a new curse, similar to crucio."

"What is the curse?" Tonks asks from the background forgetting her duties and paying more attention to Bellatrix.

"A mixture of crucio, oblivate and a few other things. It sends the victims into mindless puppets, the only way I could protect Alice and Frank. I created a potion to heal them."

Stepping forward Andy passes two potions to each patient; Hermione waits patiently for the results. They may have tweaked the story slightly to suit Bella's newfound goodness. The curse is the truth Bella informed her that she created the curse not long after they created the potion to cure the oblivate spell. Ingenious really, but the question still remains have they left it too late to heal the Longbottom's.

They approached Andy for help, as though they were students all over again they redeveloped the potion, deciding to use a big dose. What happens now depends on the potion and if it should work, depends on the reactions from the Longbottom's.

Alice's hand twitches, as frank gazes down at his feet with a frown. Hermione dreads to think what it would be like effectively coming out of a coma to see a world passed the war over and their only child full grown. It will take getting used to, a lot of healing, a lot of therapy.

Cloudy eyes blink repeatedly, what Bella did miss out from her explanation was the curse also deals with eliminates from the imperius curse. Effectively sending the victim into a dream like state. Alice's eyes slowly begin to focus; a brow creases as she takes in all the faces watching. Unsteadily the witch rises from the bed, Andy staring in wonder a nurse next to her, checking vital signs.

"Alice?" Andy asks. "My name is Andromeda Tonks, you're at St Mungo's do you understand me?"

Confused eyes regard Andy before turning to Bella; Hermione grips her wand tightly. If this goes wrong, she will have to get Bella out of here before anyone can react. Hermione shares an uneasy look with Andy; both witches know the stakes of this meeting.

"Bella?" Alice whispers in confusion.

"Alice." Bella replies gruffly.

"Bella," Alice rushes forward engulfing Bella in a hug. "I am so sorry."

Speechless Hermione stares at the embraced witches the tears in Alice's eyes the haunted memories. It clicks, Alice blames herself for the torture of Bellatrix, and she knows the witch would seek revenge. Breaking the embrace as Frank stands up, Bella takes hold of Alice's hand.

"There's someone you should meet." Bella informs turning to Neville. "This is Neville your son; he's missed you a lot."

"You kept your word, you did protect him." Alice says squeezing Bella's hand. "My dear boy."

"Mum? Dad." Neville rushes forward embracing his parents as Bella sidles over to Hermione.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Hermione watches the family reunite. The speechless faces of all staring dumbly at the interaction before them. Hermione hugs the witch next to her, they are playing with fire, but this will surely clear Bella's name for all those who doubt. Hermione is no fool there will always be haters out there, but if she can convince most the world that Bella is a double agent then they have a chance. A chance to a life together.

"Well fuck," Nymph mutters. "I don't know bout anyone else but I could do with a drink."

"We'll have to postpone, I have some parents of my own to see." Hermione answers.

Alex is waiting outside the hospital for them when they leave, still weird for Hermione to walk freely with Bellatrix next to her. Alex produces a portkey and with dizzying speed, they rush to her parent's safe house. A small little cottage in Canada.

Walking up the icy steps, Hermione knocks on the door. The muttering voices of her parents bickering on the other side, the noise of the TV. With a squeak, the door opens revealing the broad chest of her father standing tall and very much alive in front of her.

"Hermione!" Her father chirps. "I was expecting the Pizza delivery man."

She cries with relief at her father's boyish grin jumping into his arms she hugs him dearly as her mother rushes in from the other room. Stepping out of her father's grip Hermione embraces her mother as Bellatrix and Alex sneak past into the warmth.

Settling on the sofa, Alex flicks through the TV waiting for Hermione to finish. Bella makes a beeline for the biscuits on the table, smacking Alex's hand away as she tries to nick one.

"Make yourself at home." Her father mutters shutting the door.

"Is it over?" Jean asks.

"Yes it's over."

"You are no longer a fugitive?"

"No mum both me and Bella are cleared of all wrong doings."

"So I don't have to go out in sunglasses and a scarf every day?"

Chuckling Hermione shakes her head. "Does this mean we can go back to Australia? I miss my boat." Her father questions.

"You are not having another blasted boat." Her mother fumes. "And you - feet off the table."

Hermione watches amused as her mother bats Bella's feet from the coffee table. Eventually the pizza does turn up; they all snack on the greasy goodness. Bella devouring most, how the woman remains slim is beyond Hermione. Alex is on her fourth beer, watching ice hockey intently discussing tactics with Richard. Bella is lounging on the sofa next to Hermione sipping wine and eating biscuits as Jean recounts to them her time in Canada.

"So shall I be expecting Grandchildren any time soon?" Jean asks.

Bella chokes on her biscuit; Alex spits beer all over the floor from laughing as Hermione performs the Heimlich manoeuvre on Bella. Richard is chuckling as Jean smiles at the red faced Bella.

"Just asking." Her mother says innocently.

~~~~~ A Drop in the Ocean ~~~~~

15 years later…

With a happy sigh, Hermione clips her suitcase shut, blowing out the lanterns, she makes her way from her office. Tomorrow she is going on holiday; Bella and she are visiting her parents in Australia. A month away, a nice long break, something well deserved. She manged to avoid a financial disaster, organised peace talk with the Goblins.

Tomorrow though will be more stressful than her work will ever be, she will have to organise her family. Her four children and her aggravated wife, who is close to snapping point due to her work. They found out last minute there was a will left by Minerva, the witch could not resist tampering one last time. Hermione inherited some of the witch's books as well as her estate, while Minerva's last dying wish was to see Bellatrix instated as Professor of Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

The wish did not go without resistance, many not wanting Bellatrix as a Professor, however when the next school year came around Bellatrix was there waiting for the students. Strangely, it suited the witch really well she secretly enjoyed it. The students learnt to respect but love her; she found a passion in teaching. Currently Deputy Head teacher, Hermione knows in a few years Bella will make Headmistress.

Much to the enjoyment of their children who fail to get away with anything. She loves her children dearly, but they are a handful. El the oldest was born a beautiful girl, however her nonverbal and wandless magic became too much to control. Thankfully, Cissy stepped in, helped with their first child. Hermione gave birth to El, it showed, her blood flows powerfully through her eldest, the strength in her spells almost unrivalled with the cunningness of Bella. They used an ancient spell that allowed Bella or Hermione to impregnate the other.

Felix was born a year later, tall handsome; a true Slytherin the amount of trouble he creates is almost legendary to Bellatrix. He brought Hogwarts to a standstill in his first year caused a revolution in the House elf's and marched them through the school. Set smoke bombs off, wedge grabbers and hallucinating pots in teacher's rooms, prefect's rooms and the girl's lavatory. Her son who has a years' worth detention.

Ralph their second son was the one Felix could really do without influencing, both born to Bellatrix. Thick as thieves despite the age difference, the boys could always find one another. A constant reader, has read every single book in their library, talk his way out of anything. Including the fire, he started in the Ministry.

The last born her daughter, Hermione's beautifully dangerous daughter. Min – Minerva named after her Mentor, nickname the Phoenix. Her daughter who was flying unaided before she could walk, her daughter who lifted Bella's wand and knocked the witch out with a stupefy at the age of two. Their charming, sweet and cunning daughter who has all the powers of both her mothers, the smarts and intellect to rival most. Min who bloody refuses to do any homework and goes limp should Hermione attempt to drag her to study to do some work.

"Evening Paddy," Hermione greets the night man, reaching for her stack of letters. "Any news?"

"No ma'am we're all quiet." The man answers, signing her out. "You off on holiday tomorrow?"

"Yes, cannot wait." Hermione says passing a letter for the man to post. "I'll see you in a month."

"Very good," he nods as she walks away. "Oh Minister! This parcel came for you."

He jogs round the counter, handing her a brown parcel. Smiling, she thanks her guard before heading for her personal floo, being Minister has its benefits. With a whoosh she arrives home, locking the floo behind her, she unravels the parcel, slipping out the object inside. Smiling she plays with the bobbing dog. Croaker's idea of a gift, she returned to work for the Unspeakable, working her way up through the ministry until Minister.

Harry married Luna, they have yet to produce any children Hermione does not ask why merely accepts Harry as a great God Father. Min stole his Elder wand and sat on it. Alex remains in touch, Hermione eventually met her little girl, her sweet little girl who is deaf. She learnt sign language so she could talk to her. Fully grown up now and much to Alex's relief is not following her mother's example. She is a singer, doing remarkably well with thanks to Mia's intervention. She healed Jasmine and now she tours the world singing.

Much to Bella's nosiness, they discovered that Alex and Mia are currently in a relationship; Hermione knew it was not their place to interrupt. Bella ignored her and quickly taunted Alex, it ended badly for Bella, the witch got her arse truly handed to her. It asked for a rematch, and a second rematch. When her wife will learn to give up, Hermione will never know. It currently stands at 2-1 should be three, but apparently it does not count if Alex beats her during school break. Hermione just knows Bella is a sore loser.

She makes herself a drink, throwing a biscuit to the dog sniffing at her feet, the house quiet. Stepping up stairs she pokes her head into El's room, the eldest still awake spares her a wave glued to her computer. Smiling Hermione retreats contemplating entering Felix's room, but thinks better of it. She peeks her head into Ralphs, before quietly entering and removing the book from her sleeping son's face. She sneaks from the room.

The last stop is Min's the door creaks slightly as she opens it, two big eyes staring up at her from the floor, their other dog Elvis sleeping at the foot of her youngest bed. Min's relationship with animals is truly special they seem to love her.

"Mum?" Min whispers groggily hair tussled.

"Hey," Hermione whispers entering the room, stepping over the snoozing dog she kneels next to the bed. "You alright."

"Going on holiday tomorrow." Min murmurs.

"Yeah, you excited?"

"Get to see Nan and Pap, go out on his boat again."

Hermione smiles, assuming her mother does not poke holes her father's boat. "Yeah, we've got a lot planned."

"Mum, you think I'll ever be a great duellist? I want to make a change."

"Oh sweetie, you already have made an influence, one day you will be ever so brave and you will save me."


"Yep," Hermione smiles brushing the hair out of Min's face. "I had a choice to make and you were the only one strong enough to help me. You remember me telling you about my Mentor Minerva?"

"She was brave, intelligent and loyal to the end?"

"That she was, the bravest woman I know, and I knew that you would live up to that name. What made you ask anyway?"

"Felix said I had gumballs for a brain that if I thought too hard my head would be mushy and maggots would crawl from my ears."

Wincing Hermione knows she will have to have a word with her son in the morning. "What did El say?"

"She said he is a fine one to talk since she saw him picking maggots out his ears the other day. Then she froze his feet to the floor and mum had to break him free after she stopped laughing."

"Your sister is a smart girl."

"She has a boyfriend."

"Oh does she?"

"She told me not to tell you… ohm."

"I won't tell a soul." Hermione promises pressing a kiss to Min's head. "Sleep well my little Phoenix."

"Night mum." Min mutters. "Oh I set fire to the shed again after I flew into it."

"It's alright I needed a new one. Night night."

With a smile, Hermione shuts the door behind her, before mooching to the bedroom. Entering quietly, she sees Bella stir under the sheets even to this day; the witch will never shake her predatory instincts.

"I got another howler from Molly," Bella says roughly. "I sent her exploding paint balls in return I put your name on the card."

"That isn't helping the situation." Hermione reproaches.

Shrinking out of her clothes, she heads to the bathroom to do her usual night-time routine. Dabbing her face with a cloth she re-enters the bedroom searching for her nightwear. The Weasley's did not take the aftermath well. Especially Molly Weasley, she kicked up as much fuss as she could, to a point where even Ginny tired off it. She moved to America married a wizard over there, the rest of the Weasley's carried on as normal. Now and again Molly will resurface preaching to anyone who would listen send the odd howler.

"Leave your clothes off." Bella instructs as a whip lashes out curling around Hermione's wrist and pulling on to the bed. "Your wife is horny, she needs pleasing."

"Also very demanding it would appear." Hermione whispers against a swan like neck.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how demanding."

The rope binds Hermione's hands pinning them to the bedpost, she swallows as dark eyes glow in the shadows. A warm naked body pressing into hers as kisses trail down her stomach. They both know Hermione can break out of the binds, they have learnt a lot about her powers, her strengths over the years.

"I found a book earlier by the way." Bella says offhandedly. "Something about the sleeping mosses. You heard of it."

"Sort off," Hermione answers distracted by the wand trailing down her stomach. "What of it?"

"Just interesting to read that's all, got bored with it mind you left it somewhere in the library."

"Why you mentioning it?"

"I don't know, just felt I should, I feel like we've had this conversation before…"

"Déjà vu?" Hermione says arching into the touch.

"Possibly, made me think though, what would you wish for?"

"For my wife to get on with things." Hermione whispers darkly.

"Well someone's impatient; you can't rush these things, takes time."

"Take all the time you want but it doesn't mean I won't break out these bond… oh god yes!" Hermione breaks off as two fingers slip inside.

Her left hand snaps the bonds holding her she grabs the witch above bringing her into a hot kiss. Tongues duel teeth nip as they fight for dominance. Another finger joins the others and she breaks the kiss grasping the headboard for support as Bella pumps in and out without mercy.

"Mine…" Bella hisses into the crook of her neck biting down on the soft skin.

"Oh god, I'm yours always yours."


She comes to the word breathing deeply lost in the smell of her wife; she is too wound up for her own good sometimes. Bella is grinning, well this just will not do. Lurching forward Hermione traps the witch beneath her, pinning Bella's wrists with her hand. Watching the witch squirm beneath her.

"I'll never grow used to this, the great Bellatrix Black squirming like a bitch in heat."

"Fuck you." Bella growls.

"Oh I plan to do more than fuck, you see I have a month off, I plan to make full use of it. Happy holidays."

~~~~~ The End ~~~~~

Authors Note: So here it is Ladies and Gentleman the last chapter, this is the end my friends. So this last part of this chapter will consist of me discussing the stories. Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to all those loyal to these stories. The ones who have followed from the start your encouragement has never wavered. To my fans who joined part way through it brought new hope that the story still intrigued. To all the guests, some of you have been loyal from the very beginning you pushed me to finish these stories so thank you. I cannot express my gratitude to you all truly your response has always amazed me. It is crazy to think that caught in the mist uploaded on the 17/03/2013 a whole 3 years ago.

So I would like to take this opportunity to explain the creation of these stories starting with Caught in the Mist.

Caught in the Mist was created as an experiment into the human mind. What aspects can you create as a challenge for someone to face, what defines courage? These were the questions I asked myself as I wrote Caught in the Mist. As you all know the story hit a problem, I ran out of ideas and it was left abandoned for some time. None the less the story was always meant to lead on to Turn Time, there was no doubting this. Regarding Bella's wish, it would have been pointless to wish for Lord Voldemort to not die by Harry's hand. Since technically Voldemort died by his own spell the wish could never happen. If Bella ever did make the wish she would have effectively prevented Harry from killing Voldemort at the end of the final battle. Such are the risks of making a wish. As for Hermione's wish to meet Bella in another time, it caused a ripple through time that thrust Hermione into continuous role until the wish could finally complete. As in regards to the end of the story I always knew it would lead on to Turn Time.

Turn Time, was a story I fell in love with, I've read numerous time travelling fics but not many dealt with a battle hardened Hermione. So the story brought a new aspect, how far can you push a character until they break. Most of you will think well the character breaks when the author wants them too, but it really doesn't work that way. When you write, you create an idea, a scene when it comes to actually putting it on paper it ends up completely differently. So I kept pushing Hermione's character giving her all these challenges until it felt like the right time for her to break. Maybe I'm evil but it was the intention behind the story, exploring characters taking a character much loved by fans and changing them into another while making it believable. There was no way Turn Time could have a happy ending, I am a big sci-fi fan so I stuck to my guns in this area. Turn Time would always lead on to the next story A Drop in the Ocean which would tie it all together.

A long came A Drop in the Ocean I truly enjoyed writing the story, however it was a lot simpler to write, because the story was a big finale. Tying in all the loose ends, the story finished a lot quicker. I managed to complete it without even taking a year haha. So the story behind this was how much can I trick the reader. Make them go on a journey give them different hints and see if the reader can put the picture together. This was the intention, I have written horror, thriller and adventure. This is the first I have written a thriller/crime story where the clues lead to the end. All these stories have been a test of my skill as a writer, to see if I can link each story to the other. It is also the first time I have ever finished a story let alone 3.

A lot has happened over the 3 years I started writing for this community, during the time of writing ADITO I thought after I finish this story I will probably leave fanfiction. I've ran out of ideas and move will on, that this is it I've finished now. However as you all know Fractures came around and I may have another idea forming in my head. For not though my focus is on Fractures and writing my original story.

Much love to all you guys below is a list of characters in the story:

Mr & Mrs Rothstein - Own character.

Mia Rothstein - Own character.

Saul Croaker - J.K Rowling created Croaker as a Professor and unspeakable - mentioned by Mr Weasley in the Goblet of Fire.

Andrew Cutter - Own character.

Alex aka - Eloise Mintumble - created by J.K was a Unspeakable who went too far back in time and died as a result.

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