Cheyenne Wintree

Not even listening to her friends, Cheyenne laughed fakely. She was waiting for Alena to approve her transfer. Staying here put her on edge. Her mother was pretty close to pulling her out of the House of Night, and into the slot of 'Subject Two'. That put her on edge. She didn't like having to watch her back wherever she went. Ailith, the Queen Bee of their table continued on, telling them about how ridiculous her ex was sometimes. Ailith used guys like must girls used lip gloss, interchangeably and not with a lot of thought. Cheyenne was the opposite: unattainable.

Or, she claimed to be. Actually, she was taken, but not by someone her friends would find at all acceptable. Two years ago, when she'd arrived at the House of Night, tear streaked and begging for sanctuary, he'd taken pity on her. He'd taken her to the High Priestess, Selene, who had sent her to Alena. Selene had avoidance issues, so Alena did most of the serious work around here. Cheyenne told her about what her mom was trying to do, and Alena kept her here, telling her not to worry. It was impossible.

A year later, it became possible. Cheyenne by then had a pattern established, meeting up with Tony when her friends weren't around. They were decent friends, except for their dismissiveness of anyone they saw as beneath them. That was her biggest concern, a forbidden romance, until she met Thorn. Yeah, she'd known Shae, but Thorn wasn't Shae. Thorn was dangerous. Thorn had warned her, and it had let to her not being able to face her own family. She had an affinity for truth, she was sure that thorn hadn't lied.

The idea that she could lose it all terrified her. She liked this life. She had an affinity, she meant something. Alena had spent a year trying to book her a transfer. Tony understood. He would either transfer with her, or they would make it work. She just didn't want to lose it all, like Thorn had. She didn't want to ever know how it felt to say that you were what remained of a dead person.

"Are you even listening?" demanded Ailith furiously, glaring at Cheyenne. If Cheyenne had ever known a bitch, it would be her. Ailith's normally beautiful face was twisted in an expression of anger. Ailith looked innocuous enough, big blue eyes, straight black hair. She was gorgeous, of course, but Cheyenne didn't trust her any further than she could throw her. She actually nicknamed her Lilith, and it had stuck in her mind.

"Same deal as last week, dumped guy, got new guy. Am I right?" she asked flatly. She was the resident ice queen, so a little bit of condescending was expected. Cheyenne was supposed to look down on everyone. It was her role, and today she was pissed off, because she was probably spending her last few minutes here with a group of lemmings. Everyone but Lilith was at least nice, but Cheyenne didn't get along with Lilith. Not in the least.

"You really are a heartless bitch," Ailith snapped back, her eyes fixing on Cheyenne. Cheyenne supposed they were opposites, Ailith tan and brunette, Cheyenne fair and blond. But their eyes were similar. Blue. Cheyenne just didn't use them to burn, not like Lilith did as she spoke.

Fortunately, they were saved by the transfer, "ladies, ladies. Bloodshed does not become you," the guy had the closest looks to how I'd picture an angel. He has spiked chestnut brown hair that looked artful, like someone had run their hands through it. His eyes were a really pretty shade lost between green and brown. Cheyenne wanted to reach out and touch that muscular, almost statue-like body. And she was taken. And an ice queen. He knew it, too. She could tell from the way his lips twisted into an expression that was all fallen angel.

Ailith, doubtlessly noticed as well, because she smirked her way through introductions, the same expression making her look like a she-demon. "Oh, Cheyenne, This is Malik. He's a sixth form transfer." The possessive way she sat, leg draped over his put Cheyenne on edge. Who did Lilith think she was!? And if he was new, how much was Lilith throwing herself at him?

"Don't worry, Malik. Oddly, we're not all as demonic as she is," she remarked, a big smile plastered on her face. Lilith upped the ante, sliding almost into Malik's lap. Malik just smirked at her intentions showing in those eyes of his, which were darkening. Fortunately that was when Alena arrived.

Alena coughed, "Ailith, I was under the impression that that was why we had rooms," she remarked dryly. Then she smiled at me, "Cheyenne, if you could come with me," she didn't say it like it was a question, more an order. Cheyenne didn't mind, she got up and followed Alena out the door, never bothering to look back.

Once they had arrived in Alena's office, she smiled, "Cheyenne, we're looking into transfers. So far only one school has confirmed. It takes time," she explained, "but I think others soon will," she added. Cheyenne looked around the room, noticing a stack of transfer papers there all stacked up.

"So send me to the first one then. We've been through this. I need to go," Cheyenne responded, "where is the first one?" she asked, excitedly. She hoped it was somewhere nice, like Paris. At this point, she didn't even care though; she'd go anywhere to be safe.

"Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am denying it. You see, Cheyenne, there is always upheaval in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recently, their High Priestess has been investigated and exiled by the High Council. She's made it into the biggest media shitstorm I've seen since, well, Salem," Alena sat back, looking as though she was very tired, "and besides which, Daryl's daughter was just Marked. You will not be as endangered with Daryl hellbent on getting Nicole back."

Her words hung in the air between the, before Cheyenne spoke, "does she know?" she asked, looking out the window to see Thorn talking to Nicole. "Oh, damn. You know her being here puts me on edge!" Cheyenne cried, "there's something… wrong about her. It bothers me." She sat down; clutching her head, feeling the headache looking at Thorn always gave her.

"How sensitive of you," Alena remarked. Cheyenne pretended to listen to Alena talking, but she kept tuning it out. She felt a tickle in the back of her throat, and it was freaking her out. Fledglings didn't get sick. Not without bad things happening. Cheyenne wasn't ready to die. She wasn't Buffy; it wasn't like she could miraculously be dragged back.

Then, the world, or her world, broke apart with one sound. She coughed. She tasted something she knew she couldn't be tasting as she hacked again. She spit out some of the metallic fluid, not believing her eyes as it tinged her hands red. "Alena!" she cried, crimson tears pouring from her eyes, obscuring her vision.

Alena ran for the door, getting towels, and of course, a certain young fledgling who had been waiting timidly outside. Cheyenne continued to sob, "Nyx!" she cried, "why?" the word tore from her lips in an almost guttural cry, accompanied by more blood. Then, she felt arms around her, male arms. She blinked her tears away, feeling only the burn in her throat and the lifting feeling of her heart. Tony.

He had blood matting his curly brown hair, blood finger printed on his black framed glasses, his clothes, and probably his wiry body were covered in it, but he had never seemed more beautiful. Her lip trembling with pain and sadness, she whispered, "I want you to keep me." Then, she kissed him, her bloody hands knotting into his hair.

Tony deepened the kiss, not minding the blood that flowed into his mouth from hers. He was a fifth former, he had never tasted blood before, but Cheyenne knew the taste. It was darkly addictive. She wanted him to remember passion and blood, not her weakly dying in his arms. Alena came running in with towels to see the two lovers embracing. She let them be, hoping Cheyenne's last minutes were good ones.

Tony released her, looking into her blue eyes one last time, "I love you, Shy," he whispered, biting his lip and then kissing her again, making her consume some of his blood as well. He wanted to stay with her too. He held her, singing to her and stroking her hair until long after Alena, covered in blood from the clean up, left and Cheyenne's body drooped limply in his arms.

"Cause I'm Broken, when I'm lonesome,

And I don't feel right, when you're gone away."

Okay, I do not remember this scene being this sad! Lyrics at the end are from Broken by Seether. I don't own them Grr! More soon, KShade out.