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Authors' Note: Werewolves were not considered vulnerable to silver until a 1935 retelling of an encounter with a werewolf. Since silver is associated with the moon, it seems a little odd that it would cause injury to a werewolf whose curse is governed by the moon.

Rituals and Consequences

by mmagicwolf and WickerChair

Chapter Eighty-One: One Heck of a Ride

Monday, July 22, 1991

Arcturus Black entered his study with wand in hand ready to cast an offensive spell at the intruder. Maximilian walked slightly behind Arcturus, his house elf magic almost humming in the tension. The study was in shambles; the books along one wall scattered over the floor and the rug that normally occupied the center of the room plastered against the opposite wall to the empty shelves.

Atop the rug were two figures, one a thin man of average height with his arms wrapped around a small child. As the seconds passed, the man shook back his hair and stared at Arcturus with his bare wand warily. "Did you set it to do that?" he growled.

Do what? wondered Arcturus. Does he believe that was deliberate? "Lupin?" he asked uncertainly, "Remus Lupin?"

"That was without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had with a portkey," grumbled Remus. He looked down at the child in his arms and turned him so that he was no longer trapped from behind. "Cub?" he asked, after a moment with no response, he repeated, "Cub, are you well?"

The only response was a shudder that wracked the small frame.

"Cub? We're safe now. You don't need to worry."

Another shudder wracked the small frame followed by a spasmodic heave that ejected what little the boy had eaten before dawn. His face went from pale to a pasty grey as additional spasms wracked his body, but he made no other response.

Remus released the straps of the boy's pack and stripped it from his still heaving body.

The boy struggled briefly reaching for the pack before convulsing again.

"Cub? I'm not taking it away; I just wanted to see if I could soothe the spasms."

"Buh," the boy tried to say before he retched again, bringing up nothing but bile. "Muh," another dry heave, "Boh."

"I promise no harm will come to you here," said Arcturus, watching as Remus tried to soothe the shudders that still wracked the small child.

"Moo," a caught breath, "Muh Boh. Say. Key say." Every word was punctuated by another heave.

"Maximilian, get the healers!" ordered Arcturus. The boy continued to vomit uncontrollably, and the spasms kept getting worse rather than better. Remus looked more terrified every second, and his eyes were beginning to glow amber in his worry and concern. Arcturus could feel the pressure of undirected magic gathering in the air and hoped that the healers would hurry.


"What the...?" exclaimed André looking at the destruction as he entered the study.

"Never mind," snapped Arcturus, "take care of the boy."

Tsubo had already drawn his wand. "Shimuzeru!" he snapped and an intense blue light flashed from the end of his wand. Just before it struck the boy, it encountered a flash of sickly yellow before dissipating into an array of small sparks. Tsubo frowned at the reaction. "Anzen'na," he said; a sharp stabbing motion released a blue light that was so deep that it bordered on blackness. Again the flash of sickly yellow, but the spell stuck and was absorbed rather than dissipating in a shower of sparks. Tsubo frowned more fiercely, "Anzen'na!" again the spell encountered the yellow field, slightly less sickly yellow than before. "André, cast anzen'na," ordered Tsubo before casting the spell again.

The boy convulsed again, and Remus' eyes almost glowed amber. "What are you doing?" he demanded. "I do not know that spell."

"Not spell!" snapped Tsubo. "Magic knows safe here." He stabbed again with his wand, "Anzen'na koko! Anzen'na koko, omo!" The last spell was barely slowed down by the yellow light, and the boy's convulsions eased. Tsubo stepped next to Remus and crouched down next to him. "Anzen'na koko, omo. Anata ni hakken, omo." His voice dropped to a soothing croon still in Japanese. "Anzen'na koko. Anata ni hakken. Omo, wakamono, anzen'na koko."

After a long minute, the boy's spasms ended, and Tsubo rose to his feet, only to be stopped by Arcturus' voice snapping, "What was that about, Tsubo?"

"Wakamono ga anshin shimasendeshita." Tsubo cleared his throat and tried again in English, "The young man did not feel safe. His magic reacted to what it saw as a threat. His magic objected, violently, to being co-opted to power a portkey. There is something else going on though." He looked at the boy more closely, and then almost jumped, "André, cast diagnostic."

André waved his wand, "Iniurius album," and watched as a roll of parchment and quill appeared. After four feet of parchment had been produced with no signs of slowing down, he turned to Arcturus. "You summoned us to deal with this?" he waved at the roll of parchment that was now almost six feet long.

Tsubo interrupted with a softly spoken, "Chiyu no shogai o risuto. Eigo." His wand briefly flared a soft green and produced a parchment of its own. His was much briefer than André's, and he turned to Remus with a stern frown. "Where did you find him?"

"Surrey, Little Whinging."

"Surrey?" demanded Arcturus. He began swearing softly but intensely. "Maximilian, prepare a room next to mine, please. He will need to be kept within the family wing for at least a week before it will be safe for him to go beyond the wards."

Remus looked puzzled, "What's wrong with Surrey? I've lived there for years."

"Of course you have," snapped Arcturus. "That is one reason that the portkey had such trouble with the wards." His continued cursing was interrupted by Maximilian's return.

"Room is ready for guest, Master Arcturus, sir."

"They will watch over him, Lupin," said Arcturus firmly. "You and I have much to discuss."

"Yes, sir," said Remus, watching his cub being floated gently at the tip of André's wand. The boy's pack rested at his feet, but as the boy's head passed through the door, it lifted off the ground to follow its owner, and a sibilant hiss quietly sounded, dying away as the boy left the room."


"Lupin, what is going on?" demanded Arcturus.

"Sir, I don't know. I located my cub in the muggle world and followed him by muggle means. I asked for the portkey because I couldn't take him to France by muggle means and do not have a place where he would be safe here in Britain during the full moon."

"Thus your request of me."

"Yes, sir. I needed sanctuary for Harrison."

"You know of the limits of sanctuary?"

"Yes, sir. You must protect him from all who may wish him ill for forty days."

"How did you know that the portkey would bring you to sacred ground where you could claim sanctuary?"

"Your activation phrase, sir, sanctuary."

Arcturus nodded. "He may require more than forty days of shelter."

"But in ten days he will be old enough to go to Gringotts and demand an audit of his accounts. He will also be old enough to request copies of his parents' and grandparents' wills. The forty days will be enough."

"And Dumbledore?"

"He won't realize that anything out of the ordinary has happened if I retrieve the letter. Since his Hogwarts letter will arrive tomorrow, it's unlikely that the cub will be well enough to read it. I'll return to Surrey in a few days and retrieve the letter. Then it won't register that he has left that terrible place. I can go to Diagon Alley under polyjuice to get his supplies if he is unable to go himself."

"And how will he get his wand?" snapped Arcturus.

"I don't know. Polyjuice does not change a magical signature. Perhaps he could use one of your family wands?"

Arcturus scowled, "It's unlikely that one will match, but we can try."

Translations of spells:

Shimezeru (Japanese) relax

Anzen'na (Japanese) safe.

Anzen'na koko (Japanese) safe here.

Anzen'na koko, omo! (Japanese) Safe here, Lord.

Anata ni hakken. (Japanese) Found you.

Omo, wakamono, anzen'na koko. (Japanese) Lord, young man, you're safe here.

Iniurius album (Latin) record injuries.

Chiyu no shogai o risuto. Eigo. (Japanese) Record unhealed injuries. English.