~What Lies Hidden 1.5~


First; I'd like to make it clear that this is the same story. Just re-written with more Tyki/Ellen goodness added. This chapter has another page and a half added, with more Ellen dialogue also added as it was pointed out in a review (I went back through the review out of writers block…) that she didn't speak really at all throughout the story. So I when back thinking that had to be incorrect, only to find to my horror that it was true.

Second; the other "What Lies Hidden" will stay right where it is, and will remain unchanged. The reason for this is the reviews and favorites, and also because I like it as is. But then my obsessive nature will not let my 'baby' have Ellen being mute. So there you go.

I also plan to add a new chapter between chapters 5 and 6 to make it worthwhile for readers to read again. Hopeful this 1.5 version will be much better than the original. I also plan to combine "What Lies Hidden 1.5" with its sequel "Line of Sight 1.5" as I will also be re-writing a little of that story as well. Unless I have readers wanting me to keep them separate?

Third; "Line of Sight" will still be updated separately.

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Spoilers: There will be some if you have not read up to chapter 205.

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Timeline: set between Chapter 171 and Chapter 172; "What Lies Hidden" and "An Announcement from G"

Pairing: Tyki Mikk x Fem!Allen Walker (aka Ellen Walker)

Warning: Fingering, Het, Non-con/Dub-Con, Minor (because Ellen is 16).

Her whole body was burning with lust, the fire threading through her veins and down, the fire raging through her blood and throughout her body. Her petite frame shook and Ellen could feel the knot in her lower belly tighten, that ach between her legs increasing and demanding her to find an end, to find fulfillment.

She needed to find some kind of relief or she was going to go mad!

Her breathing was labored, her pale chest heaving, her lungs burning for air. The air, and everything else for that matter, was burning hot, and in turn making it hard to breath.

It made Ellen dimly wander if she was running a fever…

The young woman took a breath, her body shivering in need as she inhaled the smell of cigarettes and a heady mellow spice. His sent fanning the already blazing flames. The fire within her burning higher and hotter, her clouded silver eyes not looking away from the eyes of the one that she had trapped underneath her.

Crown Clown was activated, her Innocence restraining the man that she had pinned to the old wooden floor of her hotel room. The young Exorcist's once clean and organized room now in disarray from the short scuffle that had taken place only moments before.

Tyki Mikk lay under her, the Noah's mouth twisted into an amused and irritatingly smug smile. The Noah enjoying his new position a little too much.

The white haired Exorcist could vaguely hear the Noah say something crude, something about the compromising position that they had ended up in, but Ellen was finding it hard to concentrate around the burning need and the rapidly growing ach between her bare pale thighs. The young woman too caught up in the fire consuming her to blush like she normally would when Tyki Mikk would make such jeering comments.

Damn Komui and his stupid experiments!

Ellen wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for him! This was all his fault, if he hadn't spiked the European Branch's water supply with his newest potion this wouldn't be happening. The whole Branch was in chaos thanks to him!

Ellen had left HQ as soon as she could, fearing that something like this would happen. But the young Exorcist was regretting her choice, she just had to run into the Noah of Pleasure of all people!

Tyki Mikk and his irritating advances!

Said Noah was now currently trapped beneath her as the young woman straddled his strong hips, basically naked, except for the white ribbons wrapped tight around her bare chest and hips, giving her some kind of decency.

Ellen Walker's right hand was braced on the man's white clothed chest. The young woman's lust clouded mind easily, and shamefully, noticing how toned the Noah's chest was, among other things that her clouded mind was quickly taking note of…

Crown Clown's white ribbons were wrapped tight around the Noah's broad chest and strong arms, one white ribbon around his neck and yet more around his legs for good measure. The ribbons of her Innocence were then anchored into the wooden floor of the inn.

Tyki Mikk had once told her that his irritating ability of going through things didn't work on Innocence, a nice bit of information that he shouldn't have told her.

Ellen had barely made it to her room in this small little town without any incident. The young white haired Exorcist had then locked and barricaded the door, then quickly stripped off her clothes on her way to the small bathroom. The young woman stepping into the shower and turning the water to cold.

Ice cold.

She had been too ashamed and too embarrassed to try and relieve some of her frustration then. Though the cold shower seemed to have helped cool that burning fire after about an hour, so when Ellen had felt that the worst was over she had turned off the water and had left the bathroom in search of a towel…

The young woman shifted a little on the Noah's lap, the man's semi-hard erection rubbing against some very pleasurable places in the process, causing Ellen to have to bite her lower lip, the young woman fighting to keep back a needing moan. The Exorcist wouldn't give the Noah the satisfaction of knowing that he had gotten to her, or that she was having such trouble controlling her treacherous body at the moment.

The fire within her blood was flashing hotter then, the ach between her legs steadily increasing to the point that she wouldn't be able to resist her body's need much longer. Ellen knew that her willpower wasn't going to last, she was burning hot and Ellen was sure she would suffocate from the heat alone if she didn't find some way to relieve the growing pressure.

Her left hand, that was currently at the restrained Noah's throat, twitched and her fingers flexed. Ellen swallowed and her head tilting back just slightly, the young Exorcist finally losing the battle to keep her hips still.

Ellen was positive that she would have been fine, that the cold shower would have worked, if this Noah bastard hadn't been waiting when she had left the bathroom, leaning back in a chair and smoking a cigarette like he owned the place, like he belonged in her room.

It pissed her off to no end!

Ellen's pink lips parted and a soft moan ghosting past them as the young woman's body finally found some relief. The great prophesized "Destroyer of Time" shamelessly ground herself against the man that she had pinned underneath her. Ellen's eyes fluttering down and once again meeting the Noah's own.

The Exorcist watched as the Noah's dumbfounded golden eyes narrowed in confusion.

But the young Exorcist could see that spark of lust within that gold flare up also, Ellen could feel his arousal hardening even more within his pants as her hips rotated twice more before coming to a forced stop. Her bare chest heaving and her petite frame shivering as the man under her groaned.

Ellen had been mortified when she had opened the door of her bathroom and stepped out, completely naked into her hotel room, only to come face to face with a surprised Noah of Pleasure. The man had done a double take, the Noah staring for a long moment before a highly amused and rather hungry look was directed her way. Mikk chuckled slyly, his gold eyes not once looking away from her wet nude body.

That infuriating grin that she hated so much had nearly split his face in two. Tyki Mikk had then breathed out in a deep throaty baritone that had made Ellen shiver hard, "Ah, if I had known that I'd get a show, I would have come more prepared."

Ellen had quickly summoned her Innocence, having Crown Clown wrap a few ribbons around her naked chest and around her bare hips so that she wasn't nearly so exposed. Tyki Mikk had chuckled louder at her attempt to cover herself and then pushed himself up from his seat, Ellen's left hand rose to point at him threateningly.

"What in the blood hell are you doing here?" Ellen had hissed, the young woman for once not caring about her use of such horribly foul language, her tone and body language warning the man to not get any ideas.

Her cheeks heating with embarrassment as the young woman's eyes strayed down for just a second before snapping back up, the Exorcist quickly taken note that the pervert already had a few ideas.

This made very evident by the slight bulge in the Noah's dress pants.

It was now that the lustful ach and fire within her body started up again, though much worse than it had been before her hour long cold shower.

"I saw you enter this here inn about an hour ago, menina {girl}, and had thought that I should be a gentleman and stop by." Tyki said in his irritatingly smooth voice, his burning gold eyes sliding over her pale smooth skin with a hungry leer. "Mm, I am very glad I did. The view is absolutamente de tirar o fôlego. {absolutely breathtaking.}"

Ellen had not been able to understand the last part of what Mikk had said, but she could assume that it had been something vulgar. She had then growled out a warning for the Noah to leave, but that burning (and unwanted!) lustful hunger was scorching its way through her blood, making it all that much harder to keep her tone harsh.

Mikk had simply smirked wider, his grin stretching wide across his annoyingly handsome face. The man had the nerve to speak again and not heed her words to leave. "Why would I leave? Here I thought we could get to know each other a little better." Tyki Mikk had said in a low tone, shrugging his broad shoulders and shaking his head in refusal to leave, the Noah continuing to look her over.

That had brought them to their little scuffle, the pervert being his normally handsy self, just like in any of their previous fights. Though this scuffle had ended with Ellen being the victor and pinning the bastard to the floor of her hotel room.

"Careful menina, if you keep that up, I might start doubting your innocence." Mikk purred in a deep sultry voice, his gold eyes burning into her narrowed silver, snapping the young Exorcist out of her thoughts. Ellen could feel that throbbing ach between her legs increase as his smooth voice reached her ears.

"Shut up." Ellen growled out from between clenched teeth. Her eyes narrowing even more. Her hips once again grinding and rubbing again the Noah's stiff and still confined erection, the Exorcist's body seeking any kind of friction that might give her what her body was yearning and burning for. "Stop talking."

But Mikk only groaned low in his throat, the Noah sounding a little breathless as her grinding was proving to only encourage the man, in more ways than one as the Noah's arms tugged slightly at his bindings. "Ah, but I'm finding your behavior so amusing, menina." The man swallowed back another groan as Ellen's hips rocked and rotated against his clothed and now very hard shaft with a little more force.

"I'm finding it very hard to believe that you're a Christian at the moment, querida. {darling.}" Tyki Mikk breathed out, his hips fighting to not jerk up as Ellen rotated her hips again. That pressure in her lower belly flashing higher, the Exorcist now so close to finally reaching relief that she could feel the first sparks of pure pleasure flashing and burning along her nerves.

Mikk's mouth twisted into a devilish smirk, his gold eyes practically glowing in desire as he watch Ellen tilt her head back and moan softly, her pale hips not once stopping in their quickening motion against his confined and straining erection.

Dear god the man was going to make her- She needed to stop herself before it was too late...

"You're acting more like a little harlot then an Exorcist menina," The Noah of Pleasure purred out, lust and pleasure heavy in his voice. Another groan from the Noah had Ellen chancing a glance down, her silver eyes meeting his heated leer. The young white hair Exorcist's lust filled silver eyes narrowed and Ellen tried her hardest to direct an angered look at the man she was sitting on.

"I told you not to talk," Ellen half growled and half moaned in one last warning, "You're not allowed to talk-"

Ellen gasped in surprised pleasure as the Noah of Pleasure's hips bucked up before she could finish speaking, Tyki Mikk's devious smirk pulling just a little wider as her cheeks colored a darker pink.

"Don't move!" She hissed, her tone bordering on desperate, her left hand almost cutting the gray skin of his neck when Mikk started to move his hips in time with hers, the Noah pervert once again ignoring her warnings.

The perverted bastard laughed breathlessly as the white haired Exorcist bit her lower lip, the Noah thrusting up as Ellen pushed down, the two of them moving together in synced. The rhythm of their bodies quickly bringing the Exorcist to her end, her back arching and her head thrown back in bliss as that burning aching pressure between Ellen's legs finally snapped, her petite frame shuddering as her orgasm broke over her.

There was only one blissful second of heaven, then Ellen choked back a startled cry as she was slammed onto the cold wooden floor of her room. Ellen's Innocence un-invoking the second her orgasm hit her and the Noah of Pleasure was quick to take advantage of the opening.

Tyki Mikk's left hand shooting up and taking a bruising hold of Ellen's throat, then swiftly rolling them and pinning her petite body to the floor underneath his larger and broader body. His right hand taking an unbreakable hold of her left wrist and slamming it to the ground in a hard bone breaking grip.

A few long moments past, neither Noah or Exorcist moving. The only sound in the room their combined heavy breathing and panting, then slowly one silver eye dared to crack open…

The Noah of Pleasure was frowning darkly down at her, a look of heavy confusion and intense concentration on his dark face. The Noah looking more then a little disheveled, some stray strands of Mikk's dark curly purple hair having fallen out of its tie. The Noah of Pleasure's white shirt rumpled and a few buttons having come undone in the changing of their positions.

But then Ellen Walker wasn't looking.

She wasn't.

And if she was, it was because of the horrid effects of Komui Lee's stupid potion!

The Noah's mouth snapped into a wide and fiendish smile a second later, when the man seemed to take notice of her looking at him. Mikk's gold eyes burning hotter than that fire that had been consuming her only a few moments ago, that burning ach that was rapidly growing within her again...

Tyki Mikk leaned down and Ellen turned her head away and to the left, her eyes squeezing shut. The Noah chuckled in wicked amusement, the young woman could feel his hot breath against the shell of her ear as his spoke. "Did you enjoy that menina?" He purred mockingly as the hand around her throat loosened, then let go and slowly traveled south. "I for one enjoyed that immensely."

Ellen whimpered when his skilled hand ghosted across her right breast, a pleasure filled shiver racking her body at the unfamiliar touch. Her face flushing as that horrid demanding ach renewed between her thighs, only much worse then before. "I think you might have ruined my pants menina," Mikk's sensual and smoother then silk voice whispered in her ear.

Tyki Mikk's dark grey fingers slid around the soft mount of her pale breast in a slow circle, before they moved to brush across her nipple experimentally. Ellen gasped and bit her lower lip, her pink nipple hardening at the new sensation of being touched, her cheeks heating in shame when the man holding her to the floor chuckled in amusement.

"Ah, you're so sensitive, maybe I was wrong my dear menina. Tell me, are you a proper Christian woman?" The pervert breathed against her heated cheek, seemingly intrigued at her body's encouraging reactions to his light touches.

The perverted bastard pulled back to look at her then, his gold eyes flashing oddly as they burned into her silver, the young woman suddenly finding it hard to meet that lustful and bordering on ravenous look. Ellen was barely able to glance at him from the corner of her narrowed silver eyes.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and a startled cry was torn from her throat when the bastard pinched her nipple gently, prompting her to speak. "Tha-that's none of you're business!" Ellen growled out, hoping her voice would sound more venomous then it did. Hoping that her face wasn't blushing as dark as she feared.

Her unrestrained right hand rose. The young woman trying to stop that sinfully skilled hand from touching her as Mikk's index finger and thumb continued to play with her nipple, "Get your hands of me you pervert!" the young woman hissed, the Exorcist making a grab for the offending hand, but Ellen's slim pale fingers simply passed right through the man's wrist.

The young Exorcist growled in irritation. Her pink lips parting to invoke her Innocence without thinking-

Ellen cried out in pain when the Noah of Pleasure lifted her left hand up, only to slam it back down hard in one swift motion, his lips twisting into an angry sneer. "Try again and I will destroy it for good this time." The man growled out through his clenched teeth, his eyes flashing dangerously.

The look now flashing within the Noah's scorching golden eye reminding her to much of the monster that he had become back on the Ark…

Ellen swallowed and settled on glaring at the man above her. The young Exorcist's silver eyes flashing in defensive anger, then widening when the hand that had been cupping her breast moved down. The young woman's whole body stiffening, the Exorcist turned her head to fully look at the Noah of Pleasure, panic filling her eyes.

"Don't-!" Ellen choked back a cry of pleasure as his index finger slid across her clit gently, only pausing for a second to make one full circle, before traveling down further, the young woman sucking in a terrified breath and braced herself. Tyki Mikk's burning golden eyes narrowing and watching her intently as his index finger reached her wet opening, the man's finger only pausing for a second, before it slid slowly into her.

That burning ach between her thighs and the fire within her blood flashing hotter than it had ever been before at the new unfamiliar touch, the feeling of having something within her awakening a new burning and aching need within her very core.

The Noah's thumb moved to rub annoyingly soft against her clit as his index finger began to move within her achingly wet heat gently. The bastard's smirk pulling even wider as Ellen panted and moaned in want, before realizing what she was doing and trying to twist her hips away.

"I'll stop if you answer me menina. It's not a very difficult question to answer." The Noah leaned down again, kissing at her pale collar bone. The man's mouth burning a slow hot trail up the Exorcist's exposed throat.

"Are you a virgin?" Mikk purred against her neck as his lips continued their path up, finally stopping just below her ear. Ellen shivered and moaned. That ach and feverish heat demanding her to once again fine relief, but the young Exorcist had her pride.

It was already bad enough that she had shamelessly ground herself against her enemy and had found release, but Ellen Walker wouldn't lower herself to being a dirty whore by answering this bastard's unnecessary question.

"Yes." She whimpered out not even a moment later, as the man began thrusting his finger in and out of her wet heat just a little harder. Ellen's hips beginning to move with the motion of the Noah's hand. The young woman hoping that Mikk would keep his word and leave her be…

Tyki Mikk chuckled darkly then and Ellen could feel his grin widening against her burning skin. His fingers withdrew from her and Ellen swallowed and fought to even out her breathing.

The Exorcist fighting back her body's desire for more. The need for more, the burning aching pressure between her bare pale thighs was almost unbearable. Ellen Walker had thought that the lust and need was bad before, but this, this feeling eating away at her now was much worse.

"Que sorte, porque eu odeio ter que dividir o que é meu... {How fortunate, because I hate sharing what's mine…}" the man breathed against her skin, Ellen blinking in confusion, the young woman not understanding the man's words. Her silver eyes widened in alarm a second later when she felt the Noah's hard, and now free, erection press against her wet entrance.

The round head became seated against her, the tip of his thick hard cock sliding tightly into her and Ellen froze. The Exorcist's wide panicked silver eyes meeting the Noah of Pleasure's gold when he pulled back, a dark and lustful gaze burning into the frozen young woman wide silver.

Mikk's smile was truly wide and fiendish.

No. No he wouldn't. Tyki Mikk wouldn't dare!

The Noah's grin pulled even wider as realization of what was about to happen rose within the Exorcist's silver gaze.

It was now that Ellen found her voice. Her eyes narrowing in warning, her tone sharp as the young woman hissed angrily, "Mikk! Don't you dar-Ah!"

Ellen cried out as a horrid pain flared along her nerves, the pain overriding the pleasure, as Tyki Mikk thrust into her hard. His thick cock a tight fit and the young Exorcist whimpered at the burning pain, her right hand fisting into Mikk's white shirt, her vision blurring with unshed tears. The Noah of Pleasure leaned down to kiss her heated left cheek gently.

"Don't be so formal menina," The Noah purred out oh so sweetly, his left hand rising to run his long dark grey fingers through her tousled chin length white hair, the man's lips ghosting across the shell of her left ear to breath hotly, "My name is Tyki."


Menina = Girl

Querida = Darling

absolutamente de tirar o fôlego = absolutely breathtaking.

Que sorte, porque eu odeio ter que dividir o que é meu... = How fortunate, because I hate sharing what's mine…