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Timeline: set between Chapter 171 and Chapter 172; "What Lies Hidden" and "An Announcement from G"

Pairing: Tyki Mikk x Fem!Allen Walker (aka Ellen Walker)

Warning: Het, Non-Con/Dub-Con, Minor (since Ellen is 16)

Shame. Anger. Sorrow.


Bliss. Joy. Ecstasy. Lust.


In the last few moments Ellen Walker had felt them all.

Her silver eyes were lined with clear crystal tears. Her lower pink rose colored lip was pulled in just slightly, the young woman biting down almost hard enough to draw blood. The Exorcist brows knitted together as she fought not to whimper in pain, for the moment Ellen free from the lust that Komui Lee's blasted potion invoked within its victims.

An experimental jerk forward from the man pinning her to the floor ripped that pained whimper free however, a few tears breaking lose from her white eyelashes and sliding down her flushed cheeks and to the wooden floor of her hotel room.

The Noah of Pleasure breathed out a throaty chuckle. The man's free hand gently whipping away the wetness on the Exorcist's burning cheeks with a calloused thumb, before that same hand moved to once again run through her tousled wet white hair in a soothing manner. "Ah, don't cry menina…" The man whispered, his voice deep and thick with his lust and apology. "A virgins first time is always painful in the beginning. The good news," Ellen could feel Tyki Mikk's gold eyes burning into her, but she wouldn't look him in the eyes, not when she was like this. "Is that was the worst part."

Ellen Walker wouldn't look at him. Not when she was left feeling so open and vulnerable.

The young woman had known that the first time would hurt, the pervert didn't need to tell her that. Ellen was used to pain, she was an Exorcist and she could handle a little pain. Ellen just hadn't thought that it would hurt like this. The young woman wasn't used to this type of pain. Ellen released her lower lip and forced a shaky breath into her lungs. Her right hand, which was still fisted in Mikk's crisp white shirt, tightened. Her slim right hand shaking against his chest, her left hand still held firmly to the floor by the Noah, her black fingers twitching.

The young Exorcist shook her head as those horrible sparks of pleasure flashing within her blood and the lust started to return. That horrible need rising once again and igniting that awful burning fire within her. Ellen shuddered as that burning ach between her thighs renewed.

Her body was once again on fire, that horrid ach burning between her thighs easing just slightly when the Noah jerked his hips forward again, his erection pushing up into her just a little more, the painful sting all but gone now. "Just relax menina, relax and let me have you." Tyki Mikk breathed out in a heated groan. "Deixe-me dar prazer, querida, deixe-me tê-la apenas uma vez… {Let me give you pleasure, darling, let me have you just this once…}"

There was a flash of heated liquid pleasure within her lower belly as the bastard thrust again, the feeling making the young Exorcist choke on a horrible needing moan.

The bastard drew back his hips just a fraction then, before jerking forward hard, the hand pinning her left wrist to the floor flexing its grip as the Exorcist finally let out a pleasurable little moan. The throbbing ach between her legs was burning even higher in a wanton need for more, the young woman's body responding very favorably to the Noah's actions.

Mikk let out a sound somewhere between a groan and a growl at the needing moan torn from Ellen's parted pink lips. The Noah's hand moving from her white hair and down her bare side in a heated caress, before taking a hard hold of her lower thigh, right above her knee. Ellen's cheeks heating in embarrassment when the man pulled her right crème skinned thigh up and placed it high up on his broad black clothed hip.

At the same time Mikk shifted his weight forward, this in turn moving Ellen's body into a slightly different angle. "See menina, it's not so bad once you relax and allow yourself to enjoy it." The Noah purred in a breathless and ever so smug voice.

Anger burned forth, Ellen's silver eyes snapping open to glare burning fire at the man leaning over her, the Exorcist's pink lips pulling up into an enraged snarl despite that lust and need raging out of control within her. "You fucking bastard!" Ellen tried to hiss coldly, her eyes narrowing and her body shaking as the young woman tried to fight through the cloud of lust that was quickly taking over. "Get off me! Let me go!"

How dare he do this to her! She was an Exorcist, and he was a Noah! Her enemy! She was not some-some- whore that he could take pleasure in just because he could! The twisted Noah pervert!

But then, Ellen had encouraged this by allowing herself to take pleasure from grinding against Mikk in the first place. She allowed herself to be weak by not being albe to resist the effects of the potion, by not taking care of her little problem before hand in the shower, before this man, who had killed so many of her comrades, had the chance to take advantage of the situation.

"Don't think I've forgotten that you tried to kill my friends back on the Ark." Ellen whispered almost desperately, the young woman not sure if she was reminding the Noah of Pleasure of the advents of Noah's Ark or herself... "Or all my friends that you've murdered..."

The Noah's burning golden eyes narrowed, his mouth twisting into an amused smirk from that irritating grin of his. "Oh, don't be like that menina." Mikk said in a low tone, his golden eyes flashing hotly. "Let's not let hard feelings over past events get in the way of us enjoying ourselves, querida {darling}."

Another shallow thrust and Ellen couldn't hold back the blissful moan that was torn free from her lips, the new angle only making the Noah's actions feel even more pleasurable. "And let's not forget what you did back on the Ark, Exorcist." The young woman turning her head to the left, her silver eyes came to rest on her restrained left hand. The Exorcist pulling and twisting it desperately, but the Noah's hold was like steel.

Fear of losing her weapon again made the young Exorcist bite her tongue on calling forth Crown Clown. Her clouding mind telling her that Tyki Mikk could, and most likely would, destroy it faster than she could invoke.

Ellen could feel that fire burning and raging to new heights, her willpower to resist wavering and almost crumbling as Mikk thrust again, harder this time, her petite frame trembling with the force. The Noah of Pleasure leaned down and the young white heard woman shuddered when she felt his lips ghost across the overly sensitive skin of her exposed throat. "I've been wanting to have you for age's menina, and here I find you oh so eager that you're practically begging for it."

Another hard thrust and the Noah groaned shakily against her neck, his hot breath burning her skin as the man exhaled a heavy pleasurable moan. Ellen could feel Mikk's grip on her left wrist loosen, Ellen realizing that this was going to be her last chance to pull her arm free from the Noah's hold. All the muscles in Ellen's body tensing, the young woman taking the chance and twisting her left arm free-

But then the Exorcist hesitated in attacking the man above her for just second-

This was her only chance!

Ellen had to take it, regardless of how much her body was burning and aching with desire to continue with this sinful act.

"Crown Cl-"

Ellen's second of hesitation cost her however, Tyki Mikk's now transformed obsidian clawed hand catching her left wrist in mid swing and mid invocation, the Noah wrestling her left arm back to the floor forcefully. "No you don't menina." The Noah hissed, cutting the Exorcist off and effectively stopping Ellen from summoning Crown Clown.

His long black fingers curled and pressed her black left wrist harder to the floor pointedly. The Noah laughing wickedly against her burning white skin, Ellen gasped when Mikk then nipped at her upper neck, just below her jaw. "Sorry about that menina, but you just feel so good and tão apertado {so tight}, that I forgot myself for a moment." He breathed in a dark sultry tone, his lust heavy and thick in his voice.

The Noah nipped at her heated skin again before continuing. "But don't worry, minha pequena Exorcista {my precious little Exorcist}, it won't happen again." Tyki Mikk growled threateningly against her pale white throat.

The Noah shifting his weight again, his left hand moving from her thigh to burn a heated trail up her side, only to slide around her waist and pull her shaking hips into a deeper angle and their bodies closer together. "I think it's about time you stop playing hard to get, minha querida Músico {my dear Musician}, don't you?"

The Noah pressed his hard thick cock deeper into her aching wet heat, before withdrawing slightly. Ellen's will snapping when the man thrust back within her slowly, that horrible ach between her thighs driving away anymore thoughts of stopping Mikk, her enemy, from having his away with her. That burning lust exploding in sweet bursts of pleasure as the man repeated the action, only harder and pulling his erection a little further out. Tyki Mikk thrusting back within her smoothly and without breaking stride.

The young Exorcist's legs secured themselves around Tyki Mikk's broad hips with no further prompting. This giving Ellen better leverage and greater pleasure as this allowed Mikk's hard shaft to press deep within her aching heat every time he thrust. The Exorcist's breathing quickly becoming labored, Ellen's pale hips rocking and following Mikk's quickening pace easily, the young woman's body seeking a better angle, seeking greater relief from the lust that was now consuming her.

Ellen ground herself against the man leaning over her, the young woman demanding a harder rhythm, Mikk's hot thick cock sliding in and out of her, the friction igniting that horrid fire in her blood even more. Her body seeking a hard desperate pace as the young woman panted, her chest heaving as she fought to get air into her starving lungs.

Ellen's back arched and her head tilted back in pleasure filled bliss. Her right hand pulling roughly at the bastards white shirt desperately, for what, she wasn't sure. The buttons of Tyki Mikk's shirt easily giving under the rough treatment, the young white haired woman tugging and pulling until the pervert's shirt was completely undone. The Exorcist's pale fingers then running over the man's toned grey chest passionately, the young woman too far gone within the sinful act of sex to realize what she was doing.

A deep guttural groan from the Noah of Pleasure only served the make the frantic burning need within her burn higher, the Noah's hips now moving to join her body's heated and demanding rhythm. Tyki Mikk hissed through clenched teeth, the Noah soon fighting to slow their hard pace. Though the task was proving to be difficult with Ellen's body refusing to stop in its search for relief.

Mikk's golden eyes were once again burning into her half lipped silver, once Ellen's clouded silver returned to meet his lustful gaze. "Foder. Se eu tivesse conhecido você seria tão dispostos, eu teria feito isso mais cedo, menina. {Fuck. If I had known you would be so willing, I would have done this sooner, girl.}"

Ellen's pink lips remained parted as the young woman gasped and moaned, her silver eyes burning with lust and the only thought on her mind was getting what her body so badly needed. Her heart was thundering within her chest, her blood rushing and burning through her veins in ecstasy.

The world around the young Exorcist was nothing but blurred colors, Ellen Walker felt nothing else but ecstasy and pleasure. Ellen's only coherent thoughts solely focused on the man above her and what he could give her in this moment. Tyki Mikk thrust into her harder, his grip on her pale thigh hard and bruising, the fingers of her left hand clenching into a fist as the fire threatened to burn her live.

Sparks of liquid heat flashed with ever thrust of the Noah's hips, blazing, twisting within Ellen's body, driving her mad and making her even more desperate to find her end. The young woman's bliss was almost at its peak, Ellen was so close to that blessed end that she could taste it on her tongue.

"Oh God-!" Ellen gasped in-between pants and moans. A hard bite to her left shoulder made Ellen choke back a needing whine. Her pale white skin flushed and burning, her back arching more and her hips pushed back against the Noah's, his hard shaft throbbing and twitching within her, Mikk's well-defined muscles straining to slow this horrible act that she was partaking in.

"Don't invoke your God's name when you're with me, menina." Tyki Mikk hissed against her neck, his tone lined with a dangerous undertone. "The only name I want to hear," He continued in a smooth husky voice, another hard, barely controlled thrust following. "Is mine, leaving this pretty little mouth of yours, in a sweet cry for more."

Ellen moaned heavily and shook her head, her silver eyes burning into his flashing and hypnotizing gold as the man pulled back and finally managed to slow his thrusting hips and in turn delaying Ellen's ultimate pleasure. Tyki Mikk watching as she twisted and writhed underneath him. Her rose pink colored lips parting and the Noah's dark gray mouth twisted into that irritatingly smug leer of his.

"Mikk-! I-I'm so-close! Don't you dare-sto-p!" Ellen started in an angry growl, her voice heavy with lust and desperation, then breaking as a pleasure filled moan was torn from her throat. The Noah jerking his hips forward hard, a sharp jolt of pleasure burning way the threat that was just on the tip of her tongue.

"I told you to not be so formal, menina." The bastard purred oh so sweetly, his gold eyes flashing darkly and burning into her very soul. "Call my first name, cry out my name as I make you mine." Ellen whimpered, Mikk thrust again, then the Exorcist cried out as that horrible ach finally, finally broke for a second time.

Her whole body snapped tight, her silver eyes wide as the pleasure from her orgasm washed over her in intense waves, Ellen's mind lost in bliss. "Ah-! T-Tyki!" Her voice called out in a loud desperate scream.

Mikk's gold eyes were now burning with sinful satisfaction at hearing his name leave her parted lips. The pervert's gold eyes filling with a dark thrill at hearing the young Exorcist scream his name in her moment of utter fulfillment.

Tyki Mikk thrust a few more times, the man swearing a short moment later. Ellen's mind slow to comprehend exactly what was happening, the young woman still recovering from her orgasm and now cooling blood. The Noah groaned breathlessly in pleasure, his hips now jerking in shallow thrusts, heat blooming into existence deep within her heat as the bastard shuddered on top of her.

One, two pants of cooling air later found Ellen finally able to think clearly again. That horrible burning need and lust finally fading for good, leaving the young woman with only the heat from the man still pinning her to the cool wooden floor.

Ellen's pale white cheeks turning a dark burning red, her silver eyes widening and her heart clenching in terror as realization of what just took place came crushing down onto her. The young woman tensing when the pervert chuckled breathlessly, the bastard's own breathing labored, Mikk finally letting go of her left wrist and pulling back and away from her after a long moment. Ellen flinching as the Noah's waning erection withdrew from her in the process.

"Sorry about that menina, I got a little carried away." Tyki Mikk said, his deep and smooth voice sounding breathless, the man's words barely registering with the sixteen year old Exorcist laying unmoving on the floor. The Exorcist's pale chest heaving as Ellen panted and fought to even out her own breathing.

Out of the corner of her silver eyes Ellen could see the Noah's mouth twist into a frown as he fixed himself, his gold eyes narrowing at her still frame.

The Noah shifted; Ellen could feel Mikk cautiously moving a little closer to her unmoving body, but Ellen was careful to keep her silver eyes on the ceiling, her heart still beating painfully within her chest.

"Menina? Are you alright? Ei, eu estou falando com você. {Hey, I'm talking to you.}" The Noah's tone was low, and for a moment the young Exorcist thought she could hear concern in his deep baritone, even if she couldn't understand most of his words. A strong hand reaching out to touch her and Ellen felt rage burn deep within her chest, though Ellen couldn't deny that burning hunger to have this man touch her again…

To feel his rough finger tips slide over her skin and… and…

Oh god. They just-

He just- and she-!

Her left hand jerked up and off the floor, Ellen's pink lips twisting into an angry snarl. Her bare feet pushing her shaking body back and away from the man that had just took advantage of her. The young woman needing to have distance between them. The Exorcist's silver eyes burning with mortification, Ellen's heart was twisting painfully within her chest and filling her with shame.

"Crown Clown!"

Tyki's dark lips pulled into a wide viciously amused grin as he rolled to the left, avoiding the white ribbons of her Innocence. The Noah was then on his feet and taking a few quick steps back and away from the obviously infuriated woman. "Now just a second menina-" The man started, his eyes narrowing and his hands rising in a placating manner.

Ellen was on her feet, her left hand raising in a shaky warning, her pink lips pulled back into an angry sneer. "You fucking pervert!" She shrieked, her voice breaking and shaking with her humiliation. "How dare you take advantage of-of-!"

Tyki- No, Mikk tilted his head to the side, one fine eyebrow corking up and the man's infuriatingly handsome face twisting into a look of amused confusion. Mikk's dark, long purple ponytail sliding over his broad shoulder to fall down his back as he shook his head and sighed in exasperation. Tyki Mikk's gold eyes once again starting to explore her exposed fair skin without consent. "Ah, but menina, I believe you took 'advantage' first."

Ellen's silver eyes narrowed and Crown Clown was once again wrapping white ribbons around her chest and hips. Ellen flinching at how stiff her body was becoming, her anger threatening to give way to her shame at this fact.

"That wasn't my fault! Komui and his god damned potion- I couldn't control myself you bastard! Why do you think I was taking a cold shower?" Ellen hissed out, her pale cheeks heating as the young woman fought to explain her earlier behavior.

Ellen frowned darkly then, why was she explaining herself to this man, this perverted Noah bastard that had just basically raped her?

Mikk paused, his gold eyes blinking sluggishly. The Noah looking genially confused for a long second, before the man's amusement was slowly bleeding out of that haunting golden gaze. Realization of what just took place, realization that she had just been 'playing hard to get' slowly dawning on him.

"Menina- " The Noah hissed out and Ellen shook her head, cutting the bastard off, her silver eyes narrowing. Mikk's guard was down; Ellen seeing the opening that the Noah was so obviously giving her…

She took one step forward and Crown Clown's white ribbons were shooting forward. Tyki Mikk jerked back and with two steps the man was gone, phasing threw the door and the dresser that the young Exorcist had pushed against it.

Ellen growled in anger. Her body shaking, she stood there for a long few moments before slowly sliding to her knees. Ellen's silver eyes slowly moving down to look at her trembling body. The young woman taking note of the already forming bruises on her hip and thigh, of the bite mark on her left shoulder. Her pale white cheeks darkening when her eyes fall upon the thin trails of red and white on the insides of her upper thighs.


In just a few short hours Ellen Walker had not only disobeyed the Black Order by leaving HQ without her 'Watch Dog' Howard Link, but the Exorcist had also just committed treason by having sex with Tyki Mikk, the Noah of Pleasure…

Unprotected sex.

With the Noah of Pleasure.

And the perverted bastard had come inside her…

Terror and panic seized a hard hold of Ellen's heart as everything sunk in.


Portuguese translations by BelleTiger BT! : )

deixe-me dar prazer, querida, deixe-me tê-la apenas uma vez = let me give you pleasure, darling, let me have you just this once.

minha querida menina = my dear girl

minha preciosa Exorcista = my precious little Exorcist

tão apertado = so tight

Ei, eu estou falando com você. = Hey, I'm talking to you.

Portuguese translations by HTranslator

Minha querida músico = My dear musician

Foder. Se eu tivesse conhecido você seria tão dispostos, eu teria feito isso mais cedo, menina.

= Fuck. If I had known you would be so willing, I would have done it sooner, girl.