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Timeline: Set after Chapter 183; "Just Have to Wash Your Face" and before Chapter 189; "Voice of Judas"

Pairing: Tyki Mikk x Fem!Allen Walker (aka Ellen Walker)

Warning: Graphic M/F Het, Fingering, Oral, Dub-Con, and Minor (because Ellen is 16).


He was jealous.

Jealousy was burning within that haunting golden gaze; it raged and filled the air around her with a chill that bit into the Exorcist's skin. Ellen fought to breath under that heavy frost that was all around her. The young woman's lungs aching with the effort to breath in such a dangerous cold.

Tyki Mikk was jealous with just the idea that Ellen Walker might have been with someone else. The Noah of Pleasure was looking at her with a possessiveness that shook the young woman down to her very core.

But yet that terror that danced along her pale skin and raised goose bumps in its wake didn't stop her pink lips from opening. That horrid and soul chilling panic didn't stop her from speaking words that Ellen really shouldn't be saying to a man that was looking at her with such a possessive look.

"You want to know who touched me?" Ellen hissed out, her silver eyes flashing coldly. The young woman's voice low and harsh, barely above a whisper. The Exorcist now pushing at the Noah's chest, demanding to be put down. "How dare you ask me such a thing, Noah."

All that Ellen could focus on was how this Noah was making an irrational demand to know something that wasn't any of his business. She was not his property, she did not owe this bastard any form of loyalty. He had forced himself on her, this man had no right to expect her to not be with other men just because he had taken her virginity.

Tyki Mikk had no right to be jealous!

"Let me go, Mikk." The young woman whispered in an unemotional voice. Ellen's heart was frozen, the blood in her veins just as cold as the air around her. Her mind was screaming something, screaming that she needed to run, that she needed to get away!

Ellen's rational mind was screaming of the danger that she was in, that Tyki Mikk was now dangerous in more ways than one. That this threat was far too great, that this man, this Noah that was looking at her with those eyes would destroy her, ruin everything that she had worked for.

Ellen Walker couldn't let that happen.

That desire within her was still burning strong, but Ellen couldn't let herself feel it. She couldn't let herself be weak when this kind of danger was so close. Ellen Walker was far from being weak. Ellen knew how to defend herself from the threat that this bastard posed.

The young woman needed to make this man understand, that this, that everything that had happened between them had been a mistake. That the fact they had sex almost four weeks ago didn't change anything, they were still enemies.

Mikk needed to understand just how ludicrous he was being.

"You have no right to ask me such a personal question, Tyki Mikk." Ellen hissed out coldly, the following demand even colder. "Let. Me. Go."

The Noah of Pleasure's intense and sharpening golden eyes narrowing at her words. The young white haired Exorcist could see his very being start to darken in outrage, it was unnerving her. The man's dark smile now bordering on vicious. "No right?" Mikk growled out, his voice low and sounding down right affronted at her cold denial.

Mikk pressing her petite frame harder to the cold stone wall, his long dark grey fingers strengthening their grip on the young woman's pale skinned thigh. The Noah holding it in its place at his hip, her other foot barely touching the ground. The man's other hand holding her left arm in an almost bruising grip now. "I think you've misunderstood what's going on menina. I have every right-"

Ellen's lips parted again, her voice cold, colder than the air around her, the young woman cutting the bastard off before he could finish speaking. "Does that bother you, Tyki Mikk?" The Exorcist spoke coldly, ignoring the gnawing fear in the back of her mind hissing warningly that she was in danger of awakening that beast within the man restraining her if she didn't stop antagonizing him.

The Exorcist's silver eyes narrowing and her pink lips twisted into an unfeeling but cold smile, because All that Ellen would allow herself to focus on was how she had to push this man away. The young woman refusing to look away from the Noah of Pleasure's burning and hard golden gaze.

Looking away would show weakness, looking away would give her bluff away.

"Does it bother you? That I've been with someone else?" The words past her lips in a mocking purr, Ellen pressing on. The young woman knowing that her words would make it very clear, make it so utterly clear that there was nothing between them that this bastard would have to release her, then they could go back to being enemies.

Everything could go back to being normal.

Why was there a sick weight settling heavily within Ellen's stomach at the thought of everything, her life, going back to normal? It was what she wanted, wasn't it? Ellen Walker didn't want her life to change, she was happy with how everything had been before this bastard had taken advantage of her moment of weakness.

"What made you think that I wouldn't be with someone else? I was drugged, you took advantage of me. I owe you no form of loyalty." Ellen continued, the Exorcist trying to ignore the fact that Tyki Mikk's person seemed to be loosing that overshadowing darkness, the man's features taking on a more probing look instead of looking so vicious. The Noah's golden eyes slowly loosing their burning and predatory sharpness when she had started lying about being with another man.

The Exorcist feeling like the more she spoke, the more her bluff was becoming transparent. Still, Ellen pressed forward.

"I'm an Exorcist, you're a Noah…" The look that now flashed within the bastard's eyes making the young woman trail off. The Noah's enraged smile twisting into a wide and truly sly smirk, his anger vanishing and his jealousy waning, being replaced with sly amusement and dear she think it, relief.

Tyki Mikk was then leaning in and Ellen was quick to turn her face to the left.

The young woman escaping another kiss.

Instead of kissing her lips, the Noah of Pleasure placed a gentle kiss to her pale right cheek. The man chuckling lightly, the hands that had been holding her arm and thigh with a near bruising grip loosening their hold. Mikk's eyes narrowing and his hand slid up her arm to cup her left cheek.

Ellen found herself flinching at the gentle touch. Her silver eyes narrowing, but the young woman didn't fight the Noah when he turned her to face him. His golden eyes looking into her silver and his smile widened. "You're bluffing menina." The bastard's grin widened as the man's forehead came to rest against hers. "I'm still the only one that's had you, isn't that right amor? {love?}"

His callused thumb was then brushing gently against Ellen's trembling pink lips, her smile having fallen when her bluff and been called, the look in Ellen's eyes answering Mikk's statement without the young woman having to speak.

The Noah of Pleasure's eyes once again flashing with that horrid hunger. The young woman fought to turn her face once again, but the bastard wouldn't let her as he brought his mouth closer to hers.

"You should work on your bluffing skills querida, you seem to have gotten rusty." Tyki Mikk purred against her lips, before chuckling in amusement. "Don't ever lie to me about such things again menina." The hand at her thigh caressing her pale heating skin softly. "I think I'll let such a poor bluff slide just this once…"

The young woman whimpering as that fire rose, threatening to overtake the cold that reminded Ellen of the danger she was in, at the intimate touch. "Though, I will find out who marked you, and then we'll have to have a long chat about keeping their hands off what's mine." Tyki Mikk hissed out, his tone telling Ellen that the Noah of Pleasure planned to do much more than just chat with whoever had left the hicky on the side of her neck.

The hand on her thigh was suddenly moving, sliding easily along the inside of her thigh and Ellen choked back a moan when the pervert's long fingers reached her white panties. The Noah once again being much to bold, the man's fingers starting a smooth stroking motion against the already slightly wet fabric. Mikk applying just the right amount of pressure to make the young woman shudder with need.

"Stop this, Mikk." The Exorcist forced out between a few poorly concealed sighs and moans of pleasure. "I don't belong -pant- to you…"

Tyki Mikk was touching her where he shouldn't be touching her and Ellen couldn't find the strength to stop him. Her hips starting to sway with the movement of the bastard's hand heatedly. "Ah, but you do, my Ellen, my beautiful Ellen. Você é minha, minha amor. {You are mine, my love} You can't escape it." Mikk purred sensually against her parted lips.

The Noah placing a light kiss to her moaning lips a second later; the young Exorcist tightly shutting her silver eyes as Tyki Mikk's hand applied a little more pressure. That fire within her burning away that cold within her heart as the action seemed to only increase her pleasure.

Then two of the pervert's fingers were suddenly passing through the barrier of her panties and sliding into her wet burning heat. Ellen choking back a moan, the young woman's body arching and shuddering in lust.

The Exorcist's hands gripping and holding tightly to the Noah of Pleasure's white long coat. The bastard's fingers pushing in and pulling out of her wetness smoothly, Ellen fighting to regain control of herself through the cloud of desire settling over her thoughts of resisting, the need for release quickly taking over the young woman's petite frame as the man continued to finger fuck her skillfully.

Finally, finally after what felt like forever, the young woman forced herself to speak again. "Mikk stop-!"

"Shh, menina, why don't we take this somewhere else, somewhere your fellow Exorcists can't find us." He purred against her lips, before the wall that behind her was gone. Ellen gripping the white coat that Tyki Mikk was wearing to balance herself now. Her silver eyes wide as they fell back together, the last thing that she saw was the wide sinful smirk on the Noah of Pleasure's face…

The first thing that the young Exorcist took note of when she awoke sometime later, was the fact that her clothes had been removed. She was on her side, naked, and on a large soft bed that was definitely not hers. The second thing that Ellen took note of was that the black sheets that lined the bed were almost as soft as silk.

Ellen's pink lips twisted into a frown and slowly the Exorcist pushed herself up. A quick survey of her surroundings didn't amount to much however, as the room was almost completely pitch black.

On the floor and on a few small tables were candles, all lit and casting a dim glow around the bed. The walls of the room still cast in shadow making it impossible to know how large the room actually was.

"Good morning menina, did you sleep well?" A deep sensual purr sounded from the shadows at the foot of the bed, just beyond the candles lights. The young woman's head snapping to look in that direction, her pale cheeks heating to a deep red as the white haired Exorcist easily placed the voice as belonging to none other than the Noah of Pleasure.

Ellen's pink lips parted to speak, to invoke Crown Clown, but the pervert cut her off before she could even utter a word. "And don't even think about calling forth that bothersome Innocence of yours querida," The Noah said smoothly from the darkness, the bastard speaking up just as Ellen was about to do that very thing. "You won't like the consequences."

Ellen frowned at the threat, but for now resisted the impulse to invoke Crown Clown anyway. The memory of how this bastard had destroyed her weapon the second time they met came forth, and no doubt that would be the consequence if she did invoke her Innocence.

Then there the fact that the young woman was at a severe disadvantage of not knowing where she was. Ellen also having no idea just how much stronger Tyki Mikk had become since the last time they fought back on the Ark.

All three reasons making it clear that the Exorcist should wait to invoke for now.

Ellen's silver eyes glancing quickly around herself, the sixteen year old looking for anything to cover herself with, since her Innocence was out of the question for the time being. The Exorcist spotting and then grabbing the only thing that she could find to cover herself with, which happened to be one of the four pillows on the bed. "Where am I? Why'd you bring me here?" Ellen hissed, her tone demanding.

An amused chuckle from the shadows followed, the Noah of Pleasure taking a step into the candle light a moment later. Mikk's gold eyes flashing with his amusement over her questions, and over her attempt to cover her nude body and retain a sense of decency. Even though Ellen was sure that the bastard had been the one to undress her in the first place.

And only god knows what the pervert had done to her while she had been unconscious. That thought only making Ellen's cheeks heat in embarrassment even more.

"Your in my room amor." The Noah of Pleasure slowly made his way over to the foot of the bed. "And you know why your here." The hungry look in the man's eyes and lining his tone making Ellen shrink back, her heart once again pounding in her chest. Her fear of what she knew was coming growing as she realized that the bastard was only wearing a simple pair of black slacks and nothing else.

Mikk's dark purple hair was much longer then it had been back on the Ark, and at the moment it was pulled back in a low ponytail. The young woman had first taken notice of how long the man's hair had become the last time that she had seen him, the Exorcist blushing even darker as Ellen admitted secretly to herself that she liked his hair long.

The young Exorcist's silver eyes slid down to his completely exposed and well defined chest. Ellen begrudgingly let the word handsome cross her mind as she took in the Noah's appearance.

The Noah's body was toned and practically flawless, except for the scars that her Innocence had left him with. The first light colored scar cut across his dark grey skin mid chest, a second one crossing over the first in the same fashion that her own scar did...

Ellen hugged the pillow closer to her chest, the soft pillow providing her some kind of cover, hiding the mark on her chest as well as her pale breasts. Her legs pulling up just slightly, giving Ellen a little amount of security. The pillow held to her chest becoming like a barrier between Ellen and her tormentor. "Where are my clothes, Mikk?" the Exorcist forced out in a breathy whisper.

Ellen's heart twisting sharply within her chest at the fact that Tyki Mikk had the same scars...

The young woman feeling shame welling up within her, pain over the fact that she had the same mark, the same blemish on her body. "Crown Clown only harms that which is evil…" The words she had uttered to the level four Akuma that she and Kanda Yu had destroyed rang loud in her mind.

The young Exorcist snapped back out of her thoughts and sucking in a panicked breath when Tyki Mikk slid smoothly onto the bed. His burning golden gaze locked on her petrified and widening silver as he approached her, the man completely ignoring her question.

The sensual and predatory way the Noah advanced on her, the wicked grin pulling the bastard's mouth almost impossibly wide, and the lustful hunger burning within the pervert's narrowed golden eyes, all this very clearly telling the terrified young woman exactly what was going to happen to her once the pervert reached her.

The Exorcist found herself torn as the realization that Tyki Mikk was planning to force himself on her again rose in her mind. This fact filling her with fear, but also filling the young woman with a lustful excitement. Ellen shook her head in denial and attempted to push herself back on the bed. The Noah pervert closing in on her quickly and the young woman needed to have space between them.

Tyki's sly smirk widened, the bastard was quick to reach out and take a hard hold of Ellen's right ankle, the man roughly pulling the struggling Exorcist back to him as she tried to escape. The Noah suddenly between her legs and leaning over her, his smirk sinful.

"Cr-Crown-!" The Exorcist parted her lips and tried to invoke her Innocence, Ellen forgetting the threat the Noah had made not even a few moments ago, but the bastard apparently was expecting Ellen to not heed his warning.

Mikk swiftly taking a bruising hold of her left wrist and pressed it forcefully down onto the mattress, his smirk widening even more. The Noah's gold eyes narrowed dangerously as the man leaned in to sink his teeth into her exposed throat, though the bite not hard enough to actually break skin.

The action however was so sudden, unexpected, and rough that Ellen was forcefully jolted out of the summoning of her Innocence. A startled gasp was torn from her, followed by a whimper and a flinch when the Noah of Pleasure ran his tongue over the now highly sensitive place where he'd bitten her.

A heated kiss was then placed on the sensitive area following the lick, Mikk then hungrily placing kiss after heated kiss to the rest of her pale throat.

Ellen's right arm hugged the pillow closer to her chest, her pale white fingers curling into its softness. The sixteen year old's struggling having paused when the pervert had bitten her, and now in favor of shuddering in unwanted pleasure at the attention the Noah was paying to the pale skin of her neck.

However, after a long moment when Ellen realized what she was doing, her struggling renewing with vigor.

"Must we really repeat this amor {love}?" Mikk breathed against her heating skin. His other hand was then between her thighs, two of his skillful fingers easily finding and rubbing across her clit gently. The sudden touch electing a shiver of pleasure and a barely bitten back heated moan.

The bastard's fingers working tight circles around her clit, the action tearing a whimper of bliss from Exorcist. Her struggling once again waning in favor of shuddering and arching in pleasure. "Eu vou tê-la de um jeito ou de outro, querida ... {I am going to have you one or the other, darling...} so why not enjoy it menina?" Mikk groaned heatedly against her neck.

The two fingers that were torturing her by rubbing shiver inducing circles around her clit slowly slid down and were suddenly pushing their way up within her wet cunt; any fight Ellen had left burning away as a flash of pleasure raced through her. That fire spreading throughout her body from her lower belly. A horrid moan sounding from the Exorcist's parted lips before she could choke it back.

"Mm, why menina, your so wet and we haven't even started yet." the bastard's sinful voice breathed against her throat. "I can't wait to be within you again amor. Fazer de voce ser minha outra vez ... {To make you mine again...}"

A heated shiver raced along her skin as those horrid fingers curled just a little and then pressed deeper. The young Exorcist whimpering softly as Tyki Mikk's fingers continued to gently stroke her inner walls.

"Ahh~!" Ellen moaned when those wicked fingers pushed even deeper, curledand pressed against a place deep within her that made Ellen shudder hard in pure, almost overpowering, pleasure. The bastard's thumb moving to rub at her clit gently, Mikk starting a slow thrusting with the two fingers buried deep inside her wet heat, the pervert making sure to press against that spot at each thrust.

It wasn't long before the young Exorcist's hips starting to move with the seductive motion of the man's hand. Ellen biting her bottom pink lip and fighting to regain control of her treacherous body.

"Mikk -Ahh~ stop..." Ellen Walker choked out in between pants and a shake of her head. The young woman becoming desperate as the pleasure and pressure within her petite body was becoming so great, that she knew that if the bastard didn't stop soon she would reach orgasm with his fingers buried deep inside her.

The pervert's fingers finally became still after a long moment, the Noah sighing heavily, Mikk pulling back from kissing and sucking at her pale throat to meet her eyes. Tyki Mikk's golden eyes meeting her wide and bordering on begging silver with an exasperated look.

Ellen had only a moment to comprehend that look before the Noah was removing his fingers from her, leaving the young woman with a feeling of horrible disappointment and a feeling of deep frustration. The Exorcist had been so close to her end that another moment or so would have brought Ellen to orgasm.

Ellen's cheeks heating in shame as the young woman found that she missed the man's strong fingers being buried deep within her as soon as they were gone, and that she yearned for his fingers to return.

But then, Ellen found herself being filled with a horrible craving to have something else, something that would fill her more than the Noah's fingers and ease that wicked need burning through her veins, buried deep inside her aching heat.

The bastard brought her out of her daze of aching need, when he lifted her left hand from the bed and brought it up before his narrowing golden eyes. The pervert was looking her arm over with an appraising look, Mikk's gray mouth twisting into a thoughtful smile.

"I don't think I ever took the opportunity to really look at your new left arm menina. We were a little busy last time for me to pay it any mind." The pervert chuckled as he brought it to his chest, that horrid and sinful smile widening when Ellen flinched. The Noah drugged her black twitching fingers across the discoloration of skin on his chest, the 'scars' that her Innocence had left him with when she had tried to destroy his Noah.

"How could I ever forget what it did for me?" The Noah of Pleasure's tone was a deep sensual purr, his gold eyes once again burning into her terrified silver. The young woman now trying to pull her left arm away from the bastard's hold, but his grip on her wrist was like steel.

"Did you know that I've been with many women this past year?" Mikk spoke in that horribly deep baritone of his, The Noah's gold eyes sliding over her exposed skin hungrily. The Exorcist flinching, for some reason Ellen finding the man's words oddly upsetting, her heart twisting almost painfully within her chest.

The Exorcist didn't understand, she didn't feel anything for this man, he had taken advantage of her, and just like how she didn't owe him any loyalty, the Noah didn't owe her any in return.

But then if she didn't feeling anything for him, why did it make her heart clench and hurt to hear Tyki Mikk tell her that he had been and was having sex with other women?

"But no matter what I do, or who a have, I keep getting pulled back to you, minha querida menina. {my dear girl.}" The Noah of Pleasure continued. His other hand heavily caressing her inner thigh, only making the ache and fire between her legs increase despite the pang of cold pain within her heart.

Ellen narrowed her confused silver eyes at this pervert that had kidnapped her, who was no doubt planning on having his way with her before he would consider even letting her go. No, Tyki Mikk wouldn't just let her leave. Ellen knew the bastard well enough to know that he wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted.

That hand between her thighs moved up, his hand passing by where she really needed it, and continuing to blaze a burning trail up until it came to rest on her lower belly. The bastard hummed thoughtfully, his gold eyes falling onto the black pillow clutched to her chest like a lifeline.

"I've been with the occasional harlot, a few whores also." The pervert spoke the words with little car. His burning and haunting golden eyes narrowing just slightly when Ellen's grip on the pillow tighten at his words, but that didn't stop him from continuing. "I have even bedded my share of Noblemen's daughters, but you querida…"

His gold eyes flashed with something that Ellen refused to allow herself to identify. Her pink lips set in an emotionless line, her eyes becoming flat pools of gray. The storm of nameless emotions raging within her chest. The white haired Exorcist didn't understand why this pervert felt the need to tell her about his sexual exploits.

Why was he telling her any of it? Because it didn't matter to her! None of it did!

Ellen Walker didn't care. It wasn't any of her business.

The Exorcist didn't feel anything kind of affection for this man, she didn't. Whatever she was feeling for him, it had to be from the idea that Ellen had always thought her first time would matter more then just being another notch on a man's belt.

Ellen did like him as the vagabond miner, as a person, a friend, and fellow poker player, but nothing more than that...

Damn that fire and lust that was burning and eating away her will to fight back! Damn this pervert that was so irritatingly attractive and handsome! Damn this Noah bastard for constantly testing her will and his infuriating alluring smile!

The young woman would not let this man get past her defenses. The young Exorcist would not lower her guard, she couldn't afford to, not even for a second. This bastard was only in this for sex and Ellen knew his type.

Tyki Mikk was just like her master.

"I have never wanted anyone more than I've wanted you. Ter você sendo minha. {To have you be mine.} Ever since the first time we met, menina-" The hand that was resting on her belly moved up and ghosted across her trembling right hand. His dark gray fingers ghosting along her trembling pale white.

The sixteen year old blinking in deeper confusion at the Noah of Pleasure's words, the man's words throwing the young woman's will to fight back into turmoil. The man's words cutting through Ellen's thought's too easily.

"What are you saying Mikk...?"

That thoughtful smile deepened as Mikk's narrowed golden eyes followed the path his fingers blazed across hers. Ellen's cheeks darkening with a light blush, her face turning to the left and her silver eyes clenching closed against the terrible fluttering in her stomach.

"I can't begin to tell you how close I had been, when I had you helpless and weaponless back in China. The hunger to strip you down and take you right there! Oh my dear menina," The Noah breathed out, the man not answering her questions again. It was getting irritating.

The Exorcist could feel his eyes burning into her, the bastard daring to look at her when he spoke such awful words of desire and wicked intent.

Mikk chuckled darkly, his voice a deep and threatening purr heavy with lust and hunger. The grip on her left wrist almost painful as Tyki held it against his naked chest. "If you only knew how tempted I had been…" he whispered quietly, "But I didn't, our first meeting had been nothing but business."

Ellen could feel her body trembling and shaking, her ears burning with the sound of the Noah's sinful voice. He was working his way past her guard, past her knowledge that this man was just like her master. This perverted bastard had shown no shame and even admitted to sleeping with many other women besides Ellen...

The Exorcist couldn't allow herself to doubt what kind of man this pervert was, not even for a second.

He would say anything to get what he wanted.

When the man spoke again that lustful tone was lined with a hot anger, the young woman's heart almost skipping a beep at the lining frustration his tone conveyed. "Ah, but then you had to board the Ark menina." Mikk muttered angrily.

"You had to chase after that one woman, I had been so angered that you would dare come into my home and then refuse me-" Tyki Mikk hissed out, his left hand taking a hard grip of the pillow that Ellen still clung to. The young woman's silver eyes snapping open and Ellen's head turning to beg with this man not to take it from her, to not rip away her last defense from his burning golden gaze.

Suddenly Mikk's gaze softened, his wicked grin almost a true and sad smile as he spoke again. "I wanted to wine and dine you properly then, amor {love}, but you made it clear, oh tão claro…{oh so clear…}" The Noah chuckled darkly then, the sound sharp and cold, the sound so much like that horrid laugh that Ellen had heard from him on the Ark, when he had shown her just how powerful he was.

Right before she had tried to kill his Noah. Right before Crown Clown had gained its sword form, when he had caught her in that black vacuum of nothingness.

"Business always before Pleasure, menina?" He purred out in a wickedly sensual tone. His gold eyes now unforgiving, his eyes telling the terrified young woman more then she wanted to know. Tyki Mikk's gold eyes promising that this time there would be no mercy.

That he was done playing games.

That this was war, and he would not just walk away and leave her be.

He pulled the pillow from her hand harshly, the young woman crying out in protest. Though it did very little good, the man's horrid leer only deepening, and his eyes resting on the mark on her chest. Ellen could see amusement also now flashing within Mikk's eyes as he looked at the scar on her chest, the proof of what she was becoming. "Sorry, amor, not this time."

Ellen tried to cover herself with her free hand, but Tyki Mikk only laughed darkly and took a bruising hold of that wrist also. Before Ellen could even comprehend that he had even taken hold of her other wrist, both of her hands were being forced down onto the mattress and beside her head.

The man was then leaning down, his mouth and tongue scolding her pale skin as the Noah dragged hot kiss after hot kiss across her chest. The Noah of Pleasure nuzzling her right breast before he nipped at the soft tender flash roughly.

Ellen once again cried out, her cheeks heating to an even darker pink as the pervert's hot mouth slid across the mound of soft pale skin to kiss lightly at her harden pink nipple. The bastard's smirk was awful, she could feel it as it widened further against the flesh of her breast. Then the pervert was biting gently at the nub before he took the sensitive nipple fully into his mouth.

The young Exorcist fought to swallow back the moan that threatened to rip free from her lips, that ache between her thighs much worst and now demanding attention as the pervert smoothly positioned himself further between her parted thighs. Their hips now pressed tightly together.

Ellen fought to twist her arms free from the bastard's hold, her hips bucking as she tried to throw the man off her. The young woman inadvertently rubbing herself against the hardening bulge in the Noah's pants and electing a deep mute groan and a hard thrust of the man's hips.

The Exorcist fought and twisted as long as she could, Ellen choosing to ignore the confined and hardening erection now pressing tightly against her aching wet center. Ellen fighting to escape, before the waves of pleasure rose to wash away any thoughts of stopping the Noah from what he was doing to her.

His mouth was sucking and biting at her hardened nipple, Mikk's tongue and whole mouth worker to drive the young woman mad with pleasure, the man's hips starting a light rocking against her.

The unfamiliar sensation at her breasts and the suggestive motion of the Noah's hips causing the young woman to shiver and moan despite herself. The pleasure almost sickening sweet, then the bastard pulled away from her right nipple with a loud pop.

Ellen was no longer fighting him; the only thing the young woman fought for now was to catch her breath. The Exorcist panting and moaning even louder as the pervert's mouth moved to her left breast, paying the same kind of attention to the hard nub that he found there.

Yes, by the time Tyki Mikk pulled back to take a look at her flushed face, Ellen couldn't seem to think clearly enough to realize that she had forgotten something very important. The Exorcist panting and aching in horrid, horrid need for relief. The young woman's lust clouded silver eyes meeting Mikk's amused and pleased gold.

Tyki chuckled, his eyes filling with pleasure to see the complete mess that he had made of the normally strong willed Exorcist with such little effort. His hands releasing her wrists and burning a hard heated trail down her shivering body.

The bastard shifting down. The young woman so focused on trying to pull her thoughts back from the hazy cloud of pleasure that was now making it so hard to think, that she could barely feel the Noah taking a gentle hold of her parted thighs. The Exorcist's eyes unfocused and staring at the blackness that was the ceiling, Ellen blinking in confusion when the Noah of Pleasure pushed her pale thighs further apart.

Ellen choking on her breath a moment later when she felt the pervert's tongue glide across her clit, her first reaction was to close her legs, but the bastard's grip was strong and Mikk held her thighs apart. "Tyki -Ohhh~ M-Mikk~! What -gasp- do you think -pant- your doing?" The Exorcist forced out, her hands gripping a fistful of the bed sheets and holding on tight, her back arching as his tongue repeated the action Ellen moaning heatedly.

Tyki Mikk pulling back just slightly and laughing breathlessly, the pervert finding some kind of terrible amusement at her reactions. "Mm, I love how you moan out my name menina." The Noah of Pleasure purred out in a deeply sensual tone. "Let's see if I can make you moan even louder…"

Ellen Walker shuddered and moaned shamefully as her enemy moved lower, working his tongue and mouth against her wet and aching entrance. Ellen's silver eyes widening and her fingers released their tight hold of the bed sheets and were suddenly moving. Ellen's hands unsteady as her fingers sank within the Noah's long dark purple hair. The white haired Exorcist torn between pushing the sick pervert away or-

-Or letting his horribly skilled mouth and tongue continue to make her body shiver and shudder burning aching lust. To let this man continue to make her moan shamefully in the blissful pleasure that he was invoking within her as his mouth worked hard against her heat. Ellen whimpering in conflict and tilted her head back as that sinful knot grew within her lower abdomen, her end so close that she could-

That she could-

Suddenly the bastard withdrew his mouth from her and Ellen couldn't stop herself from releasing a loud frustrated whine of complaint as her blessed end was once again denied her. The young woman even further torn by the sudden desire to push the man's head back down and make him finish her off...

Mikk groaned in response to her whine and nipped at the inside of her pale left thigh, causing Ellen to gasp and shudder. "Não me tente desse jeito querida ... {Don't tempt me like that darling…}"

The Noah was then taking a hold of her wrists and removing her fingers from his hair. Mikk moving back up her shivering and trembling body and pressing her wrists back onto the bed almost pointedly, the Noah of Pleasure leaning over her once again.

Tyki Mikk's gold eyes burning with dreadful desire as they met her needing and lustful silver. His dark gray mouth twisting into a terribly sinful grin. "You were moaning so loud menina," Tyki Mikk purred out huskily. "Did you enjoy that? A proper young woman like yourself?"

Ellen's cheeks darkened more, if that was even possible, at the Noah's words. That fire within her blood was horrible as it surge within her veins. The Exorcist shook her head in denial of the desire burning through her body.

"Of course -pant- I didn't." Ellen forced out defiantly. Her body aching for more as her mind screamed for Ellen to stop this pervert from touching her, from using her like some kind of needing and desperate whore. "It -pant- was vile."

The Noah of Pleasure chuckled in amusement, the pervert knowing that the young woman was lying about not enjoy his actions. Tyki Mikk was then leaning down to kiss her, but Ellen had just enough of her mind left to turn her face away. The man's hot wet mouth missing her lips and instead placing a kiss to her blushing cheek. "Why do you turn away menina?" The bastard purred against her heated skin. "Let me taste your lips…"

Ellen shook her head again, her mouth twisting into a deeply horrified frown, the sixteen year old mortified that the man would even try to kiss her after where his mouth had just been. "Th-that's disgusting! Not after- after- That!" The bastard had the gall to outright laugh at her as he sat back a little, the pervert laughing like he found her embarrassment and mortification absolutely entertaining.

There wasn't anything she could do. There was very little that Ellen could do about the fact that the Noah was going to fuck her again, but for them to kiss would only add more shame to this horrible act.

Kissing was an act of intimacy. This wasn't anything more than sex. Meaningless, detached sex…

Her eyes narrowed and that cold once again started to rise within her heart, though that ice didn't come anywhere close to cooling the fire burning within her body.

The act that was coming was supposed to be meaningless and detached. It was supposed to be about the pleasure of the one who was paying for such services, or just about the pleasure period. There wasn't supposed to be any kind of intimacy.

Besides, this man had said that he'd been with whores and harlots. If that was true then Mikk should know that kissing was against the rules.

Mikk's hands releasing her wrists and sliding down the young woman's trembling body, those sinful hands reaching her bent pale legs and pushing them a little wider apart and arranging them around his broad clothed hips.

Her silver eyes slid away from the Noah's burning gold, Tyki Mikk sitting back even more, his lustful golden eyes looking the naked and exposed Exorcist over appraisingly. Ellen's mind clearing from the lustful haze that was making it hard for the young woman to think when the man's hands left her body a moment later.

The sound of Mikk undoing the button and zipper of his pants reaching her ears. Ellen looking at the man out of the corner of her narrowed silver eyes, the Exorcist refusing to turn her head fully and allow the pervert a chance at her lips. The man pulling his hard thick erection from his black slacks, the sixteen year olds eyes widening just a fraction at how long and thick his pulsing shaft was-

Ellen quickly glancing away before the perverted bastard caught her looking. The young woman's cheeks burning hotly and her pulse quickening in a mortifying mix of excitement and apprehension at just how well endowed the Noah of Pleasure was. The Exorcist's nude body quivering with lust and need, but her rational mind whispering for the young woman to resist, to kick the bastard Noah while he was otherwise preoccupied.

But then resisting wouldn't do her any good, Ellen knew that she was being held captive in the Noah's room, but then she didn't know where his room was, and if she could even escape this pervert's room if Tyki Mikk didn't let her go himself...

Ellen flinched at her own thoughts. That line of thinking sounding so much like an excuse, an excuse to justify herself and rationalize letting this happen to her again.

The Exorcist shook her head, forcing such doubt out of her mind.

The Exorcist didn't resist, Ellen Walker didn't fight as Tyki Mikk shifted closer and pressed the round head of his thick hard cock against her wet and aching cunt, the Noah preparing to enter her. The young woman's silver eyes turning to look up into the darkness of the ceiling and swallowing her growing nerves as the head of the man's shaft slid snugly into her.

The Noah of Pleasure wouldn't allow her to leave until this happen. The faster it was over with, the faster Ellen could be free of him. The sooner he fucked her, and let her go, was the sooner she wouldn't have to worry about him kissing her, confusing her and making her feel so oddly around him.

The flickering of the candles to her left drawing her attention from the darkness above her. Ellen's heart beat increasing to the point that it was almost pounding within her chest.

Candles, silk sheets, and kissing.

Her silver eyes narrowing coldly and her pink lips twisted with a deeper frown. The Noah of Pleasure was putting on a ridicules show. He must have forgotten the rules for this kind of encounter, or was purposefully trying to mock her.

Ellen remembering that he had asked her why she wouldn't let him kiss her. She should give him a better answer then the one that she had already given him.

"And besides, Tyki Mikk, one doesn't kiss harlots." She bit out coldly. Ellen could feel the man pause at her words, his eyes turning from his other task to look at her for a long moment.

But then the bastard chuckled darkly and the man's golden eyes were narrowing almost evilly. Ellen sucking in a bracing breath of air as the Noah's thick rigid cock pressed deeper into her heat. She was wet and slick and Mikk's hard long shaft sank into her easily.

The bastard Noah groaned heatedly, Ellen's wet cunt swallowed inch by thick inch of the man's hot rigid cock until Tyki Mikk was almost half way buried within her. The Noah of Pleasure pausing then to lean over her, one hand moving to run his dark gray fingers threw her chin length white hair, the man's other hand being placed on the bed in between her own hand and her head.

The Noah of Pleasure's grin was sinfully wide but odd, and Ellen found that for the life of her, she couldn't place why.

"Ah, that is very true menina. A gentleman doesn't partake in such an intimate act with those types of women." He said in a smooth sharp voice, his tone betraying nothing. Then his smile darkened and his gold eyes flashed. His fingers tightening within her hair and Ellen cried out in alarm as the bastard roughly forced the Exorcist to face him.

The bastard choosing at that same moment to thrust the rest of the way forward, Mikk moaning deeply in pleasure as his hard thick cock was buried to the hilt within her hot wet cunt. Ellen choking back a startled moan at the forceful entry, the action almost as violent as how he had pulled her hair.

The Noah making Ellen tilt her head back as he leaned down, his grin wide and fiendish before he crushed his lips against hers pointedly. Tears starting to gather at the corners of Ellen's wide silver eyes at the force of the kiss.


Ellen Walker didn't understand.

Tyki Mikk releasing her darkening lips only after a short hard kiss, though, he only pulled back enough to allow space between their mouths so he could speak. "How fortunate that you're not one of those types of woman, minha amor. {my love.}" The Noah purred out in a smooth sensual tone.

"Because you saw, menina," The pervert kissing at her lips gentler this time, almost sweetly, like he was apologizing for his violent behavior. "Just how much I hate the idea of sharing what's mine." Mikk shifted his weight and then jerked his hips forward hard. "You are mine, minha bela Musica. {my beautiful Musician.} Only mine." Her body rocked back from the force of the thrust, Ellen whimpering with that horrid lust, her lips parting to release a loud wanton moan, the bastard's smile widening.

"Ah, yes my menina, cante para mim... {girl, sing for me...}" Tyki Mikk purred heatedly again her throat as he thrust again and again, the rhythm hard and ruthless. The feeling of his hard thick cock moving hard and rough within her sending fleshes of liquid pleasure pulsing and burning along her nerves and through her veins.

"Tell me how good it feels -groan- to have me fuck you again -pant- amor." The Noah breathed darkly against her neck, his heated words followed by hard and needing kisses and nips to her throat and collarbone. "Tell me how much -pant- you want it."

"Oh~! More! I'm so -gasp- close!" The Exorcist's hands once again gripping the black bed sheets to steady her rocking body, Ellen's hips moving in sync with Mikk's hard fast pace. Her pleasure almost blinding as the young woman arched against the bed, her orgasm ripping through her after a few more hard ruthless thrusts. "Ahh~ Yes!" Ellen shuddering and crying out loudly and without shame, causing Mikk to groan darkly against her neck.

The perverted bastard forcing his pace to slow as Ellen road out her orgasm. His sinful mouth and tongue biting, licking, and sucking at her neck, no doubt leaving more than one mark on her pale throat.

His hot rigid cock sliding in and then pulling almost all the way out of Ellen's wet heat, the Noah's hips pausing. The young woman thinking for a second that he was going too pull out of her. The Exorcist realizing that the pervert was groaning with the effort to hold himself back, the Noah fighting to even out his harsh breathing.

The Noah of Pleasure was at the edge, the man close to cuming, the man's body shuddering with the effort to hold his hips still and not continue to fuck her until he reached his own completion. "You're so hot and tight, menina, just like the first time -groan- I had you." Mikk moaned breathlessly. "I want nothing more than to cum inside this delicious heat of yours…"

The man chuckled wickedly, then hissed through his teeth, his body shuddering in pleasure as he thrust his hard cock back within her wet and tight cunt. Ellen's inner walls pulsing around his rigid shaft in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"What do you think querida? Should I taint you again?" Tyki Mikk purred huskily, placing a kiss against her pale throat before pulling back so he could look at her. "Should I cum within your nice tight heat?"

Ellen shuddered, her silver eyes narrowing at the bastard's words. "You can't -pant- you pervert, you're not wearing a -pant- condom." The young sixteen year old hissed out, her body still shivering with pleasure.

Another slow withdrawal and Ellen could feel how close his hard erection was from pull out of her again, the Exorcist's narrowed silver gaze holding Tyki Mikk's hungry leer. The bastard wasn't using any kind of protection, he couldn't cum inside her. He knew that, he knew that he would have to pull out of her.

Tyki Mikk practically snickering in amusement at her words, like Ellen Walker was the one being completely ridicules. "And why would that make a difference, menina?" purred out in his irritatingly deep baritone, his voice lined with his enjoyment over the scandalized look now falling over the young woman's face.

Her lips pulling in to a horrified frown once her mind comprehended the Noah's words fully through the tingles of pleasure that she was still feeling after her orgasm, "What?" The young woman almost growled out in panic. Ellen's hands releasing their hold of the bed sheets to push at the Noah's naked toned chest. "You can't-!"

The bastard's smile snapped into a wide dark grin, the look burning in the pervert's golden eyes wicked and sinful. Tyki Mikk jerked his hips forward, and not breaking stride, thrust a second time. Mikk shuddering hard in pleasure before the Exorcist could finish. Mikk's strong muscles tensing under her fingers and Ellen felt horror seize hold of her heart.

"Wait! You bastard!" Ellen cried out a second to late, a pleasure filled hiss escaping through the pervert's clenched teeth, Tyki Mikk's hips drawing back and snapped forward again, hard, a heated rhythm of shallow jerks fallowing a second later as the bastard groaned heatedly, his face contorting with pleasure.

Ellen felt a warm wetness blooming within her lower belly as the bastard came within her. The young woman's silver eyes widening with mortification at what the bastard had just purposely done.

He- he- Tyki Mikk had just cum inside her! Ellen Walker couldn't believe the man's audacity!

The young Exorcist grit her teeth "Bloody hell!" the normally proper young woman swore, her silver eyes burning with her anger and horror, tears started gathering at the corners of her wide silver eyes despite Ellen's best effort to hold them back. "You bastard..."

Tyki Mikk chuckled breathlessly at the look on her madly blushing face and angered words. The Noah of Pleasure than spoke in a joyful purr. "Talvez desta vez vamos ter sorte e ser abençoados ... Não seria maravilhoso menina? {Maybe this time we'll get lucky and be blessed... Wouldn't that be wonderful menina?} Then you really would be mine, wouldn't you amor {love}?"

Portuguese done by BelleTriger BT! :

Você é minha, meu amor. = You are mine, my love.

Eu vou tê-la de um jeito ou de outro, querida ... = I am going to have you one or the other, darling...

Fazer de voce ser minha outra vez ... = To make you mine again...

minha querida menina. = my dear girl.

Ter você sendo minha. = To have you be mine.

oh tão claro… = oh so clear...

Não me tente desse jeito querida ... = Don't tempt me like that darling…

meu amor. = my love.

minha bela Musica. = my beautiful Musician.

cante para mim... = sing for me...

Amor = love

Talvez desta vez vamos ter sorte e ser abençoados ... Não seria maravilhoso menina? Então você seria realmente a minha. = Maybe this time we'll get lucky and be blessed... Wouldn't that be wonderful menina?

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