Ok, so this is my first fan fiction, and truthfully I'm a little nervous! I don't own American Girl or any of their characters (shoot). Sorry for any historical inaccuracies; I barely understand modern politics, let alone ones that happened two hundred years ago! Anyway, hope you enjoy, and please don't judge me too harshly! :) Also, sorry if something gets cut off or anything; I'm still trying to figure out this thing!

Part 1


"Felicity?" She looked up from her sewing, startled. Ben should have left by now, yet here he was in the parlor doorway. "What are you still doing here?" she asked. He held up the small satchel with his few belongings in it. "Almost forgot this," he explained."Of course you did," she muttered. The date was October sixteenth, 1777. Ben had turned eighteen the day before, and today he was leaving for war. Possibly for a year, probably for three years, possibly forever. Felicity tried not to think about this. "Lissie?" he asked, coming over to her. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing," she said. "I'm just sitting here sewing. Or I suppose it could be called sewing if you looked hard enough." He grinned. "It has gotten better," he complimented. "And by the time I come home, you will be a regular seamstress." How sure he sounded he would come home without a scratch! "Well," he said with a sigh. "I should be going." On the inside, she thought, "No! Don't go! Stay home with me and be safe!" Instead, she said simply, "You probably should." He held out his hand. "Goodbye Felicity." She shook it. "Goodbye Ben." He turned to go, but she still held onto his hand. He frowned. "Is something wrong?"

"No," she said. "Good luck."

"Thank you," he said skeptically. He turned again, and yet she still held on. "Lissie?" he asked. "Are you all right?" "Of course," she answered. "Adieu." "Adieu," he said cautiously. He turned once more, and she threw herself around his waist. "Ben, don't go!" she cried. "Why, Lissie," he said with a smile. "I didn't think you cared."

"Of course I care!" she said. "You're one of my closest friends and the older brother I never had. And you could go missing, or be hurt, or- or killed." She whispered this last part. "Felicity," he said softly. "Look at me." She tilted her face up, and he stood her up all the way. "I'd rather die in battle," he said. "Than live a hundred years without knowing you." Tears stung her eyes. She wiped them away. "Well, don't die," she said. "You'd leave a lot of people grieving."

"I'll try not to," he promised. "I'll be all right. I'll miss you, though. All of you."

"I'll miss you too," she said. "But I'll write to you every day. You'll know about everything that goes in around here, though not much does."

"I look forward to it," he said.

"But- promise me one thing," she requested.

"I'm listening."

She paused, then said, "Please don't come home engaged to be married to a fellow soldier's sister." Ben raised an eyebrow. "I could lose an arm or leg or even my life," he said with a grin forming at his lips. "And you're worried I'll come home married?" She smiled sheepishly. "Well, don't worry, you have my word," he assured her with a laugh. "But really, Felicity, do you really think I'm one to do something like that?"

"No," she said. "I was teasing." "Partly," she added silently. They were quiet for a second. Then she said quietly, "You don't have to do this, you know."

"I do," he said. "I want to. Don't you want to live in a country that's free?"

"Well, yes," she admitted. "But I don't want to lose you." He took her hands, and her heart fluttered. "You won't," he promised. "I'll come back. Maybe not in one piece, but I'll come back." She thought of Ben with only one arm or leg. The tears spilled over. "Oh Ben!" she cried, hugging him tightly.

"Shh, Lissie," he hushed, his arms around her trying to console her. "Don't cry so. Tis better to lose a limb than a life, is it not?"

"I suppose," she admitted. "But I don't want you to lose either."

"I won't," he promised. "But just in case something happens-" He took his signal whistle off his neck and pressed it into her hand. "Keep this." She looked at him, surprised. "Won't you need it, though?" she asked. He shrugged. "I can get another somewhere," he said. She fingered it as if it were made if gold. "But-but I haven't anything for you to remember me by!" she argued.

"Felicity Merriman," he laughed. "I couldn't forget you if I tried." She didn't know whether to take this as a complement or an insult. Before she could really consider this, though, her father poked his head in. "Ben?" he asked. "Are you ready?"

"Yes sir," Ben replied. "I'm just saying goodbye to Felicity." He turned back to her. "You will write?" she asked.

"As often as I can," he promised. "And now, Lissie, I really have to go."

"Wait!" she exclaimed, grabbing his hand. "Will- will I ever see you again?"

"I doubt it not," he said, secretly quoting Romeo. "Ben?" called Mr. Merriman.

"I'm coming!" he called back. He ran towards the door, stopped short, ran back to Felicity, and kissed her quickly on the forehead. "Goodbye," he whispered. Then he was gone. Felicity stood there stupidly for a second. What had just happened? He had kissed her. She touched her forehead. He had kissed her? Who was he and what had he done with Ben? Well, forget that. He had kissed her! "Why are you still standing here?" she thought. She ran upstairs to her bedroom and opened the window just in time to see him walk out the front door. "Ben!" she called. He turned, and she shyly blew a kiss out the window. He smiled and waved. Then he left. She watched his back until it was just a speck, then sank down to the floor and cried silently.