Chapter 1

Ok so recently I've been watching Xiaolin Showdown on animeflavor. I never realized how much I missed the show. It's been sooo long since I've watched it. Kimiko is the same voice as the new Daphny from Scooby doo the new show—I can't remember the title. A Wooya well I can't remember who else she is at the moment, so here you'll meet my OC Akuma. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

Akuma* sighed as she lied in a tall tree off the side of a cliff. She had been in the area for just a few days. She was really enjoying the sun and napping in the trees—even though she was supposed to be searching for the person who brought her here. Akuma was a short girl with a pale tanned complexion, white and dark blue hair, who wore a typical Goth-punk attire with a black halter-top which exposed her belly and red jeweled belly button ring, a pair black baggy jeans and platform boots that laced up to her knees. She also wore a black silver studded dog collar around her neck. Her eyes—which were closed at the moment—where a odd shade of purple.

"Kya! A girl could really get used to this kind of life. Not at all like back home."She said with a sigh.

"Need I remind you that we need to be looking for the one who brought us here?" said a voice above her. Akuma looked up to see a strange black cat-like creature, it was no bigger than perhaps a large apple—definitely smaller than your average house cat with twin tails his eyes a piercing shade of green. She scowled.

"Relax Oni*, we'll find the guy—er guys—whatever." She said, the strange cat-like growled and curled up on the branch above her. "A little Cat-nap won't kill anything. You take them all the time."

Akuma's nap was cut short however by a sudden shift in the earth. She let out a yelp as the tree she was sitting on morphed.

"What the?" She shout then heard an exclamation of words.

gong yi tanpai

"What the heck was that?" Akuma grumbled to herself as she jumped from one tree to another—Oni hiding away inside her bag—the world she was once in had suddenly morphed into an obstacle course, complete with a swinging pendulum of doom. Akuma watched as a boy with red hair and a sort of steampunk looking outfit raced against a very large boy with blonde hair and a Texan accent.

"Oh what is this going on?" she asked as she and her pet Oni snuck their way towards the strange showdown. The Cat—Oni –growled climbing out of her bad.

"You really need to clean out this bag Akuma."he said then looked to the course, "It looks like a showdown of some kind, I haven't seen such a thing in quite some time."

"How old are you Oni?" Akuma asked placing her hands on her hips. Oni sighed.

"Is now really the time?" He asked perching himself on Akuma's shoulders, "Quick, get closer. I sense something powerful."

"Yeah, like the strange shift of the earth wasn't proof of that enough?" Akuma grumbled, but did as the twin tailed cat demanded, grabbing her bag and heading off toward where the two boys fought and from what she could see; the red head was losing. Akuma pursed her lips.

"You figure out what's going on yet?" she asked, Oni shook his head.

"I have not." He said Akuma scowled.

"kinda feel bad for the red head, yaknow I've always liked an underdog." She said, then saw something shine in the corner of her eyes. "Oh what's that?"

"Akuma, don't…" The cat said but his cries fell on deaf ears.


"Give it up Spicer, the golden tiger claws are mine!" Clay shouted as he ran ahead of Jack, who was falling far behind, and was about to grab the golden tiger when suddenly the showdown was over.

"What the heck?" he questioned as he saw the strange blue and white haired girl holding the golden tiger claws. He stared at the strangely attractive girl who was now holding the claws.

"Way to go Clay!" Kimiko shouted as she and the others ran up to him. Clay shook his head.

"I didn't get the claws." He said, then pointed to Akuma, who suddenly froze.

"Oh crud." She said noticing that she was no longer hidden behind the rock that once held the strange claws. "We've been spotted."

"Who are you? And why do you possess the Golden Tiger Claws?" Omi asked. Akuma stared at the bald monk. Akuma panicked and jumped back away from the group.

"Hey, back off!" She growled, "Or I'll…I'll use these on you!"

"Now calm down little lady, we aren't gonna fight you." Clay said taking a step toward her, "Just wanna know where you came from's all."

Akuma calmed a bit, "That depends who are you guys?"

"I'm Clay Bailey," Clay said introducing himself, "This is Raimundo, Kimiko, and Omi."

The trio behind him waved as he introduced them Akuma kept her guard up, not sure what to make of the three monks. She scanned the group sizing them up a bit before Oni purred from her shoulders.

"I do not sense any sort of danger from these four Akuma, it is ok to let your guard down." He said, Akuma relaxed a bit and smiled.

"I'm Akuma, Akuma Kitsune." She said then held out her hand for Oni to jump into it, "And this is Oni."

"Aw what an adorable little kitty." Kimiko said Oni growled.

"Well Akuma, where are you from?" Clay asked, Akuma chewed on her bottom lip before answering.

"Oh, around." She said, as Oni made his way back to her shoulders and climbed back into her bag, "Though I've only really been here a few days, I'm sort of looking for someone."

"Who could you be looking for in this part of the world?" Raimundo asked, Akuma shrugged.

"Good question." She said.

"You mean you don't know?" Kimiko asked giving Akuma a look of concern. Akuma shook her head and dug into her pockets, retrieving a slip of paper.

"I don't, but it's not the first time I didn't know who I was looking for," She said, "All I got was a note saying to come to this part of the world. So I did what I was told. Not easy getting around yaknow?"

"Perhaps you were sent by Master Fung?" Omi said.

"Master huh?" Akuma asked.

"But why would he send for her?" kimiko asked the others shrugged.

"Maybe she's another dragon like the four of us?" Raimundo said. Clay then turned to Akuma who was giving a confused look.

"You guys lost me at Master." She said, clay smiled warmly at her.

"Why don't we just take you to the temple and find out?" He asked, tipping his hat. Akuma's face turned a slight shade of red.

"Uh, sure. Works for me." She mumbled.

"Good idea! Master Fung will surely know the answer!" Omi said, Akuma looked to Oni who popped his head out of her backpack. She then shrugged and followed the four teens.


Once at the Temple Akuma stood in the front yard and gawked at the very large building.

"Woaw. Oni, have you ever seen such a big place?" She said amazement in her voice. Oni popped his head out from her bag and snorted.

"Welcome Akuma Kitsune , to the xiaolin temple." Omi said, Akuma looked down at the short boy.

"Impressive," She said, "You guys live here?"

"Sure do?" Clay said, "Now, why don't we find Master Fung and get things squared away."

"Sure thing Tex," Akuma said placing her hands on the straps of her backpack. "Lead the way."

Akuma walked next to Clay as they entered the building. Behind them Raimundo, Kimiko, Omi, and Dojo followed. Raimundo looked to Kimiko and Omi.

"Hey anyone else notice the googly eyes Clay's giving the new girl?" he asked in a slight whisper. Kimiko scowled.

"Clay and her? I don't think so." She said, "I'm sure he's just being friendly. That's how he is toward everyone."

"I don't think so, a guy doesn't stare at a girl dressed like that just to be friendly." He said, "I think maybe he has the hots for her or something."

"You mean Clay is on fire?" Omi asked. Kimiko shook her head.

"He's saying that Clay might have a thing for her, you know like a crush." She explained, Omi titled his head.

"I don't get it." He said.

"Then I can't explain it." Kimiko said facepalming. Ahead of them Clay and Akuma walked side-by-side.

"This place is really big, you guys ever get lost in here?" Akuma asked, Clay smiled.

"Nah, you get used to it after a while," He said, "Maybe after Master Fung talks to you I'll show you around."

"Uhm…cool, I guess." Akuma mumbled as they arrived at a large room where an old man with a blue and white robe.

"Ah, welcome young monks." He said to the group, "And welcome to you as well Akuma Kitsune."

"Master Fung, you know this strange girl?" Omi asked. Master fung nodded.

"Of course, it was I who sent for her." He said, Akuma scowled.

"So you're the one who sent that extremely vague note." She said, "Seriously, Oni and I had a hard time knowing what we were supposed to be doing."

"Why would you send for such a strange girl?" Omi asked.


"Because, Omi, Akuma Kitsune will be training with you all." Master Fung explained, "For she is the Xiaolin Dragon of Lightning."

So that's chapter 1, for once I didn't have such a choppy beginning. I'm very proud of that.

(*) Oni and Akuma both mean Devil in Japanese, though an Oni is really a type of Yokai, and can translate to devil demon or ogre. I gave them these names because—well Oni is obviously not your average house cat. Review please! Bye!