Drummers Anonymous: An Update on Konway's Korps

Ever since Dr. Konway had organized a corps to promote Leo the Patriotic Lion's next speech, which was a huge success, it was no surprise that the group continued to take delight in the music they played. With Konway, Commander Feral, and Lenny Ringtail, on fife, the SWAT Kats, their dark counterparts, Fango, and the Sergeant on snare drum, and Hard Drive and Lt. Commander Steele on bass drum, it was no surprise that they were a musical force to be reckoned with. But since David Litterbin had quit to do his show again, Dark Kat switched over to the bass drum. Also, if necessary for a drum solo, Feral, Konway, or Ringtail would play the snare or bass drum along with the rest of the troops.

Seeing as how the SWAT Kats and their dark counterparts were karate black belts, Konway decided to get involved himself. Soon, the rest of the corps were working their way up towards the black belt position in karate, taekwondo, and judo, with the notable exception of Dark Kat. "If I'm to defend myself, I can do it with my magic staff," he was known to say. "I will, however, use it for good."

But since the original intention was music, Konway also taught his troops to play the specific types of drums associated with the Orient and the martial arts involved. Thus, it was a common sight to see something like the Sergeant and Commander Feral in an organized match in time to a drumbeat.

Konway also ordered red band uniforms for the group via a special catalogue. They were the typical marching band uniform, and it wasn't uncommon for these kats to wear the uniforms. Konway chose red because "it is a sign of symbolism and power for a kat like me." Dark Kat was the only one that didn't have a uniform because of the clothes he was known for wearing as a former villain, but he was loyal to the group nonetheless.

All in all, everything kept everybody in musical shape, and all were happy about it.


SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron © Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network

Leo the Patriotic Lion © me