A/N: First fic ever, a build up to the series finale. Also Rated M for later chapters possibly.

Chapter 1: A Forced Respite

"See you next Wednesday, Doctor!" Clara Oswald said as she gave one last parting smile before scooting her way out of the TARDIS.

"Right! A Wednesday... definitely! Last Wednesday, perhaps!" The Doctor grinned at his truth, planning an exact date to arrive the blue box was, at best, difficult. His gaze lingered on Clara's departing figure, as the afterglow of the day's events washed over him.

"Impossible girl," he thought aloud, "A mystery wrapped in an enigma, squeezed into a skirt that's just a bit too... tight." The Doctor finished the sentence grinning to himself, and picturing the backside of his friend. A few moments passed before he stopped leaning on the console and mentally scolded himself. He couldn't afford to think of her like that. Not after Rose. Not after the Ponds.

The Doctor spun himself around, hands in air and smiled at the TARDIS console, before addressing it.

"So, sexy! I've got time to kill, well maybe... where should we go!"

The TARDIS whined in response, and the Doctor frowned in confusion. He wondered what could be the issue, nothing had happened to damage the ship, since he had ran into those salvagers, and that timeline hadn't even happened. The Doctor ran his calloused hands over the console before looking at the Advanced Monitor. If he didn't know better... he'd say she was throwing a fit.

"What do you mean I abandoned you Hedgewick's World?!" The TARDIS replied with a loud grinding, and whooshing sound. The Doctor furrowed his brow. The TARDIS had never acted this strangely, although it had been acting oddly ever since he had brought Clara onboard. He still hadn't figured out why the TARDIS and her didn't click. It had never been an issue with Amy, or Rory. Rose and the TARDIS got on well. Even Martha and Donna were liked by it.

The grinding and whooshing reached ear-splitting volume. The Doctor clapped his hands to his ear, and shut his eyes. The distinct impression of moving made him open his eyes, and curiously the overcast sky of London was above him, before the hard surface of concrete met his back, and the stinging feeling of pain engulfed his back.

"AGGH! What the bloody..." Whatever he was about to say was cutoff by the distinct whooshing sound of a departing TARDIS. The Doctor's stomach sank, coupled with the throbbing in his back, he decided Wednesdays needed to be done away with. "We will go directly to Thursday... or maybe Funday..." He sighed, stumbled to his feet and dusted his jacket off and spun around to the suburban home that was home to the Maitland's. "Well... guess it's time to explore the human side... maybe I'll have brunch! Brunch is lovely. Or get a dog! I sure do miss K-9."

He walked up the driveway and across the little stone walkway up to the door of the home of Clara Oswald, looked himself over in the reflection of the door's window. He smiled, fixed his hair, straightened his bow tie and knocked three times. He nervously wrung his hands as the sound of footsteps descending and approaching got louder.

The door opened and the warm, confused face of Clara Oswald came into view. "'Ello, Clara! It's Wednesday, not the Wednesday we planned! But it counts! Looks like I'm doing the human thing... you know... fish and custards, walking around! Couch crashing. Where's your couch!" The Doctor riffed this all to her whilst inviting himself inside and looking at comfy-looking red couch.

He smiled at her, wrung his hands and said,"This will be a grand 'ol time!"

A/N: First chapter ever! Sorry if it dragged, needed to set it up. Hopefully next chapter will have more feels!