Chapter 1- The Day the World Ended

A/N: This is an idea for the show. I know I've written about Finch being an uncle. And most of the stories are about Reese being a father, but how about Finch having a daughter and not just adopting his niece.

Harold Wren Entered his apartment and the nanny looked up from where she sat with his small daughter, Amanda on her lap as she read a story. "Daddy!" The girl shouted as she ran to him on her chubby three-year-old legs. After what had happened with the World Trade Center Amanda was his only bright spot. Since her mother had left him, saying she never wanted him or their daughter, Harold had tried to be the best father and mother his daughter could ever have. Harold gently scooped her up and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

"How's my girl?" Harold asked, kissing her cheek.

"I gave her her bath and she's already eaten dinner, Mr. Wren," Lori said as Amanda rested her small head on his chest. Harold gently stroked her mouse-brown hair gently.

"Thank you, Lori. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. And also don't let her see the news. She's too young to be seeing that," Harold said.

"Yes, Mr. Wren. I'll see you and Amanda tomorrow," Lori said, walking out the door.

"So, are you ready for bed, Amanda?" Harold asked, looking into his daughter's dark blue eyes. They had been her mother's eyes as Harold's blue eyes weren't this dark.

"But, Daddy, you just got home!" Amanda said, her small lip trembling.

"Amanda, it's late," Harold said, trying to school his features where she wouldn't see that her pouting amused him.

"Daddy, you promised to tell me a story," Amanda said.

"I did, didn't I?" Harold asked, feeling himself cave as he looked into his daughter's eyes. What was it about his baby that made him do this. His friend Nathan and Nathan's wife had said it was surprising that Amanda wasn't spoiled. Since Amanda was asthmatic, Harold had hated saying no to her.

"Yes, Daddy," Amanda said, with a cherubic grin.

"All right. You win. But let me get my tie off first," Harold finally relented. He settled Amanda on the couch and removed his tie and suitcoat. He then sat next to his daughter and began to tell the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Halfway through the story, he heard soft breathing and looked down at his daughter, sound asleep, her head on his knee. Harold gently picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, next to his. He covered her with her quilt, with the balloons on it, kissed her forehead, and watched her sleep, his hand on her small head.

Lori Talbot held her breath as her employer left the house early the next morning. For a year and a half, Lori had been a nanny to Harold Wren's daughter, Amanda. In that time she had hoped the man would fall for her, but apparently the little girl was the only woman in his life, besides his work. Never mind that he was almost her father's age.

Lori looked at the little girl as she colored a picture. "Who is that, Amanda?" Lori asked.

"Daddy," Amanda said with a slight wheeze. Amanda had asthma attacks, but fortunately they hadn't been overly serious.

"I'm sure he'd like that," Lori said. Just then a thought entered Lori's head. She was wondering how much Harold Wren really loved his daughter and would he miss the child once she was gone. True, it looked like the child loved her father, but her father was a workaholic and at three most children didn't see faults in grownups.

"Amanda, how'd you like to have an adventure?" Lori asked.

"Where?" Amanda asked, blinking her blue eyes inquisitively.

"Oh, still here in New York City," Lori said vaguely.

"Does Daddy know?" Amanda asked.

"He will. I'll leave him a note," Lori said, taking the pad of paper Mr. Wren left by the coffeemaker.

"Okay," Amanda said brightly as Lori wrote out the note, got Amanda out of her pajamas and into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and left the apartment.

Harold came into the apartment, holding a stuffed bear in his arms. Bringing his daughter home a gift from an expensive toy store wasn't that unusual. Finding the apartment empty was. "Amanda! Lori!" Harold called, thinking that if Amanda heard him she'd come running into his arms. Harold went to the coffeemaker and picked up a pad of paper, his heart dropping to his stomach as he read the note.

"Goodbye, Mr. Wren. I quit and your daughter is coming with me. Don't try to find her," The note was written cryptically in Lori's neat script. Lori had kidnapped his baby? Without even thinking about what he was doing, he got on the phone and dialed 911.