The room was dark, with only light from the moon to make things visible. From this light it was possible to see that there were 2 suit cases by the end of the bed.

The silence was disturbed by a tapping on the window, awaking whoever was inside. The figure on the bed pulled the pillow over his head. But the tapping wouldn't stop. With a grown he pulled the blankets off and got up. He walked over to the window and opened it allowing an owl to fly into his room. He muttered 'dame bird' and 'it's only 2 o'clock in the morning' before he took the paper that was tied to its leg.

Dear Reid,

I know it's really early in America so please don't blame Snowy. I won't be able to pick you guys up from the airport. Something came up and Draco has to work. I have asked my friend Harry to get you guys. Here is a picture of him. He will be there when you land. He will bring you to our house. I should be back by then. If not give me 30 minutes.

Can't wait to see you guys

-Love Hermione

Reid gave a tired smile and shook his head. He turned on the light and proceeded to get ready. After all he would be catching a plain in about 5 hours. He gave the owl, now named Snowy, an owl treat that he keep around. He used the extra time to make sure he had everything that would be needed for the course of the summer. Hermione said that if anything was needed that all he had to do was ask and it would be taken care of. But he would much rather just take what he needed.

About two hours before he had to leave the house he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. It rang twice before someone answered.

''Hello?'' A tired voice spoke.

''Are you still asleep Derek?'' He asked raising a brow.

''No! I have been awake!'' Spencer heard a bang in the background. He rolled his eyes.

''Ok well the plane is taking off in 3 hours. You're still going right?'' He asked his co-worker.

''Of course I am! I wouldn't miss the chance to eat Hermione's cooking!'' Spencer shook his head. Of course, that would be the one thing that Morgan missed about Hermione the most. ''Besides it's too late to back out now. Tickets bought, the bags are packed, and a whole summer off of work!''

''Well it's not really the whole weekend.''

''I know but hey I can dream can't I?''

''Sure, but remember the plane takes off soon.''

''I know I know. See you at the airport.''

With that Derek hung up. Leaving a shaking headed Spencer on the other side.

He made similar calls the rest, Penelope, Hotchner and his son Jack, Rossi, JJ, and Emily. Atlessed the rest were already awake doing the same as he was.

-2 hours later-

They came about an hour early because they weren't too sure how long it would take for all of them to get through security or how busy it would be. Which at this early wasn't too bad but there was still a lot of people around.

Now the whole group sat at the gate waiting to board. Jack sitting next to Hotchner playing a hand held game.

''Is Hermione still picking us up when we land?'' Penelope asked as she played with her key chain.

Reid shook his head. ''No, something came up so her friend will be picking us up and taking us to her house.'' She nodded.

''I still don't see why I had to come.'' Emily said crossing her arms.

''This is a free vacation. Are you going to spend the whole time there moping and just making the rest of us unhappy?'' Morgan asked her. To which she didn't respond.

''You haven't even met her yet.'' Penelope said with a bit of excitement at seeing Hermione again.

''So? She probably doesn't even want to meet me with the way you talk about how close she was to Elle.'' She said back.

''You are being such a stick in the mud.'' JJ said shaking her head.

Reid rolled his eyes at the way his co-workers were acting. Silently hoping they would just enjoy their time in England. It was for most of the summer and having connections there could help in future cases if it ever came to that. He knew Hermione was going to be introducing them to a lot of the people she knew.

''It's not like we get to go to England all the time and Hermione is paying for all of us, the least we can do is enjoy it.'' Hotchner said. Jack looked up from his game to his father, looking terribly bored.

''Is the plane here yet?'' He asked.

Flight 108 to London England is now boarding

Reid looked at the seven year old, impressed as he had great timing. They all stood up and headed to the line that was forming. It didn't take long to board. JJ sat next to Emily, who was glaring that back of the man in front of her. Behind them were Morgan and Penelope who were chatting quietly. Reid sat next to Rossi with Jack and Hotchner behind them.


Thankfully nothing went wrong. No arguing or anything. The worst thing that was going to happen was the flight time. But it was a good thing that the seats were comfortable or else everyone would have been uncomfortable and grouchy. The only thing that would really happen would be getting board. One can only read a book so many times in 4 hours before they got board of it and apparently Jack got board of playing his game. There was still another 4 hours in the flight.

''Mr. Reid,'' Reid turned to jack who switched places with Rossi not too long ago. ''can we play go fish?'' He asked.

Reid gave a smile and pulled out a pack of cards he had brought. He was planning on playing against Hermione. He wasn't about to let the boy be bored. Besides this might be the only chance any of them got some calm time. He knew that Hermione loved to plan things. She would defiantly have all sorts of things planned for them.


8 hours and 3 minutes later, the plane had finally handed. It was now 6 o'clock in England. Everyone got off feeling jet legged, which is normal for any kind of flight. This airport was completely packed. Reid was starting to wonder if he would even be able to find this Harry Potter. The whole group headed for the baggage claim.

Coming down the escalator a black haired man with green eyes holding a sign that looked like it was written by a child. Not that they would judge him. It just stood out from the others that were nice and neat. The sign read Spencer Reid and friends. They walked up to him.

''Are you Harry Potter?'' Reid asked him. The man nodded.

''I am, you must be Hermione's cousin.'' He returned the nod. With that the rest of the group went and got their bags. Reid had spotted his bags first and as he waited for the others he decided now would be a good chance to talk to Potter.

''That was an interesting sign you have there.'' He said pointing to it. He noticed the smile that appeared on the man's face.

''My 2 sons made it, along with Hermione's kids.''

''Just for the arrival of people you hardly know?'' And Harry nodded.

''Everyone is excited to meet you guys.''

After that they waited in silence for the rest of the group. Harry led them outside to the parking garage, where a big car was waiting. The put all their bags into the truck which was a surprise because it looked like it weren't going to hold it all. Reid suspected it had something to so with magic but wasn't going to ask. Then they packed themselves into the 8 setter car. The seating went like this: Morgan, Penelope, and Rossi in the very back, JJ, Emily, Hotchner with Jack on his lap, Reid in the passenger seat and Harry driving. It wasn't very cramped which was also good.


For a while it was a silent drive. No one really saying anything except for Jack who looked excitedly at the old buildings they passed.

''So how long have you know Hermione?'' Reid asked all of a sudden, breaking the silence.

''Um, since first, though at the time we weren't the best of friends, in fact she didn't talk to me for a while.'' He shook his head at the memory. ''looking back now I question how I ever survived.''

Penelope laughed. ''As we got to know her, she did that too, always the one to encourage everyone.''

''Yeah that sounds like her. She would bug us about homework, even after a long day of practice.''

They soon fell back into silence, after all it was awkward.


Harry turned onto a road that everyone else's somehow over looked. That in its self was unusual for them; after all they were trained to see these hidden things. It was part of their job. The next thing they knew was that they came to a large iron gate. It would be impossible to climb. On either side of the gates were stone Dragons looking down upon who ever entered the grounds. Their eyes were emeralds. As they slowly drove up the drive way they noticed statues of various creatures some of which they couldn't easily name.

Everyone, save for Harry-looked on in awe at the sculptures. Even more as the actual house came into view. Although it wasn't a house, it was a Mansion. It looked old, made of solid stone. Once the car came to a full stop they all climbed out. Hotch went to get the bags but Harry stopped him.

''Oh! Don't worry. I will have someone come get them and take them to your rooms.'' Harry then led them to the front door. He handles were carved into smaller dragons but this time they had ruby eyes.

Harry didn't even hesitate in walking in and so everyone did the same. Only to stop with wide eyes once more. They knew that Hermione and Draco were rich but this was totally unexpected. Derek's mouth fell open as they all took in the room they stood in. There was a large stair case in front of them, the steps made of marble. There was a large chandler above their heads. There were paintings on the walls. All of which looked very old.

''Wow!'' Jack said looking around. That led to the others to nod as the young boy spook what they all thought. Harry simply laughed at their reactions.

''That was our reaction too, we didn't see this place until after they got married.''

The next thing they knew a boy with brown hair came running down the stairs, stopping at the bottom two. He was wearing what appeared to be a school uniform. Black paints, a white button up shirt and a black vest with a griffin in the top left corner. His eyes quickly looked over the people in front of him until his eyes fell on Harry.

''Oh, it's only you Uncle Harry.'' He said coming down those last two steps but stumbled. ''I thought you were Mum.'' He shook his head.

''Hello to you too Teddy, but no, your mother asked me pick up her cousin and his friends from the airport.'' He said nodding toward the group who for some reason were being unusually quiet.

''Well Anyway I can show you to the parlor until mum comes home, she has your rooms set up but I don't know who has what room.'' Teddy said heading to the left. They followed suit, taking in all the details of the magnificent house.

Harry looked at his watch checking the time. ''I have to get going. Ginny wants to take the boys to see Molly and Author. Will you be able to handle things until your mother gets back?'' Harry asked Teddy who simply nodded.

''Mum trusted me enough to leave me home, I'm sure she will trust me with guests.'' Harry rolled his eyes before saying good bye to everyone and leaving.

Now all they had to do was to wait for Hermione to return.

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