Chapter 6

It had been two days since Draco's meeting, two days since Hermione discovered Jack was a wizard. Today, it was meant to let everyone to relax. And today was the day the team would meet with Hermione's friends that she spook so highly of.

Reid was sitting at a picnic table in the garden of Hermione's home. She and Draco were currently standing at the grill. It actually shocked him that they were grilling. He knew that it wasn't her preferred method of cooking but she seemed to have the hang of it. Hotch was watching Jack, Rose, and Scorpius play tag. The rest of the group was spread out socializing with the friends and family of the Malfoys. Some people were still coming. For a moment Reid was shocked at just how many people his once shy cousin knew.

When they were younger she could tell horror stories of how the kids her age treated her. Not that her parents didn't try to do something, but nothing seemed to work. His aunt had actually thought about home schooling, but never acted on it. After she found out she was a witch, it was thought that it would help A LOT with bullying but even at her new school she hadn't gotten a break. She was never good at making friends. Neither was he but that was why they were so close.

He looked around at the new faces standing everywhere.

Harry had come with his wife Ginny, their 2 sons, James and Albus and their daughter Lily. James was a year older than the twins while his little brother was the same age as them. Lily was five. Both boys ran to play with the other three while Lily stayed at her mother's side.

Hermione had explained to him and Penelope that Harry had saved her from a Troll when they were 11. That explained why the Potter children called Hermione auntie.

Draco's best friend was also there, Blaise Zabini and his wife Pansy. Their 8 year old daughter ran over to play with the other kids.

A red head named Ron had come with his wife Lavender. Their son Hugo was the same age as the twins, or seemed to be.

One man named Theodor Nott. His wife didn't come with him which, to Reid, seemed odd. Instead he came with his 9 year old daughter Baylee and 6 year old son Mitchell. What was funny was that as the children got there they didn't so much as hesitate to run from their parents and play with the others. So far it was Jack, Rose, Scorpius, Marilyn Zabini, Hugo Wesley, Baylee and Mitchell, Albus, and James who ran around playing.

Teddy was hanging out with his friends. Archer had reappeared with his parents Mary and Norm.

Both of his parents were muggle born. His parents had a lengthy conversation with Draco and Hermione about the pink hair prank. Otherwise they seemed nice enough.

Another boy named Adam was hanging out with teddy along with his twin sister Jamie. Their looks were very different; Jamie had black hair and hazel eyes, while her twin brother had blond hair and brown eyes.

A girl named Victoire Weasley came as well. Apparently she had tagged along with Ron as her parents were too busy to attend themselves. She had gone over to Teddy and Archer. She looked to be a bit younger than the other two, but after asking Hermione about it he found out she was a 2nd year at Hogwarts, just 2 years below Teddy and that she preferred to be with Teddy and his group of friends.

Another Weasley there just waked in through the door, a George Weasley and his wife Angelina. Their son Fred was going into his 2nd year. He was just a bit younger than his cousin Victoire but they were in the same year. His younger sister Roxanne was playing with the younger kids.

A man who seemed like he was important had come too. Everyone greeted him. His name was Kingsley. Hermione had pulled him away for a moment but when they returned things seemed fine. He had a vibe that yelled power but yet at the same time, he was a kind man.

Draco's parents had come, much to his own shock. He knew that Lucius wasn't a big fan of Hermione and had been very cruel in the past. But it was still a surprise that he had smiled, SMILED, when Rose and Scorpius ran to him. He knew the man had finally accepted his cousin but perhaps it was from everything Hermione had told him about the man, still, it's a shook to see a once icy man be kind. He could only guess as to how Lucius Malfoy would treat 'muggles'.

A guy named Neville had come too. Judging by the way Teddy referred to him as Professor Longbottom then he guessed it was safe to assume he was a teacher at Hogwarts.

He didn't know why but he felt a pull to look over to the back door that leads into the house. But he did. When he did he was thrown off guard. His mouth fell open slightly, eyes wide. He could feel his heart rate increase slightly. There stood a beautiful woman with white blond hair that fell down her back in waves. It was tied off about half way down. Her eyes were a beautiful bright blue color, the most beautiful color he had ever seen, so unfocused and full of wonder. He couldn't take his eyes off her if he wanted too.

Her head turned in his direction causing him to look away, much to his dismay but he was embarrassed of being caught by such a pretty woman. A blush appeared on his cheeks. He attempted to hide the said blush but to no avail.

Unfortunately for him his actions didn't go unnoticed.

''Spencer!'' He turned to see Hermione's mother, his aunt headed his way. She attempted to give him a hug.

''Look at you! You're so much taller than me!'' She said with a bright smile. It was true, she was a short lady and Hermione wasn't much taller than her mother. He practically towered over her.

''It's great to see you again Aunt Jean. How are you doing?'' He asked her.

''I'm doing wonderful. But enough about me, tell me, what are you doing now?'' She asked him.

''I work with the FBI, I analyze criminal behavior.''

''Really? That must be an interesting job.'' She said.

''It is, but it's dangerous work at times.''

''I'm sure it is.'' She agreed but her eyes looked to her daughter. Hermione smiled brightly as she flipped a burger. ''You know I worry about Hermione sometimes being around the pureblood-in-laws.'' She said suddenly. It disturbed him a bit to hear his beloved aunt to sound so bitter.

''You don't like the Malfoys?''

''No, not really, after everything those purebloods did to my daughter, I would have loved to have heard that they were in Azkaban.'' She crossed her arms, but her features softened. ''Sometimes the greatest, happiest, people have gone through the hardest times.''

''I know what you mean, we come across a lot of people like that.''

It didn't take a genius to understand what she meant. She was talking about how Hermione could smile so bright after everything she went through, which war can change just about anyone. For some reason it made him think of Ella. She had struggled to return to normal after she was attacked. That memory was horrible and he quickly pushed those memories to the back of his mind.

''It's good to see you again Aunt Jean.'' He said. She turned to him with a smile still on her face.

''Don't worry you'll be seeing me a lot.'' She then walked over to Teddy who greeted her with a hug.

''Spencer, come with me.'' Hermione appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his arm.

''H-Hermione! Where are you taking me now?'' He asked as he noticed the direction they were going in.

''I just want you to meet them, everyone else did.'' She said in a matter-of-fact tone.

''Lucius, this is my cousin Spencer Reid.''

The older blond haired man turned around, Reid couldn't help but feel intimidated. This man radiated power and money.

''Spencer Reid, Sir.'' He introduced himself even though Hermione did that for him. He extended his hand. But he didn't take it.

''Lucius Malfoy Hermione's father in-law.'' Of course Reid knew that but he wasn't about to correct to the older man. He stared down at him. Reid felt like he was under a microscope at how closely he was being studied.

The blonde haired woman beside him rolled her eyes.

''It's nice to meet you Spencer Reid.'' She shook his hand. ''I'm Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother.'' She said with a kind smile.

So this was the woman that Hermione talked very highly of. Honestly she seemed to have a look of superiority, yet she was so kind.

''It's nice to meet you as well.''

He didn't even notice that Hermione was disappearing as he talked with her mother-in-law.

''Hermione never speaks of what her life was like in the muggle world before going to Hogwarts.'' Lucius rolled his eyes in a child-like way. It seemed out of character for him. ''Could you, perhaps, tell us a bit about it?'' there was a glint of hope in her eye when she asked that.

But it was a bit confusing as to why she would be asking him about her muggle life. In a way it was entertaining that this Pure Blood wanted to know about what a muggle school was like.

So with some reluctance he told her what she wanted to know.

''She, same as I, were bullied a lot. It was very difficult for her to make friends.''

''Oh my…I figured something…I know Draco gave her a hard time all though out their school years…'' She didn't even finish that sentence.

''I honestly think that the reason she went to Hogwarts was so that she could find people like her.'' Reid whispered the school name. ''She always had a problem fitting in.''

''So she would feel excepted.'' Lucius finished.

Spencer wasn't really expecting him to say anything on the matter…


Hermione walked to the front door. Everyone was out back but there was one person that hadn't arrived yet and she was starting to become impatience. She had been extremely happy when she received a phone call and was told that a good friend had come to town. Of course being how she was, Hermione couldn't help but invite her to the picnic. But it seemed that she was running late.

As she waited for the knock, Hermione went over the new information she got from Kingsley. She had told him about his magical potential and to ask about what would happen to Jack when it would come time for his schooling. Of course he said that if he wanted to when he was older he and his father would have to talk it over with the head masters of the schools if he wanted to come to England for his schooling. She even asked him if she should talk to Aaron Hotchner about it or let it wait out until his letter came. He only shrugged and said ''that is something you will have to find out for yourself.''

There was a solid knock on the door that pulled Hermione out of her thoughts and with a sudden exciting feeling; she swung open the heavy wooden door. A smile spread across her face.

There stood another brunette, her hair down to her shoulders, wearing a red sleeveless shirt, and black shorts with flip-flops. Sunglasses sat on top on her head. Her suit case sat behind her.

She looked at Hermione and soon a smile that matched hers appeared.

''It's so great to see you.'' Hermione said as she pulled her friend into a hug.

''I can say the same, Hermione.'' She returned the hug.

''How have you been doing?'' Hermione asked her, her eyes swaying to where a scar will permanently be.

''Much better, but how about you?'' Her eyes went to Hermione's arm to which she smiled.

''Never better.'' Both of them laughed at the sad joke that only they could ever truly understand.

''Now c'mon, everyone is out back.''

''Do they know I was coming?'' She asked as they walked thought the big house and to the open double doors.

''I haven't told anyone, I thought it would make a great surprise for them.''

Hermione smiled as she and the mystery guest walked into the sunlight once again.


Reid was talking to Neville Longbottom after he managed to escape the many questions of Mrs. Malfoy. So far he had learned that he was the Deputy Head Master under Minerva McGonagall.

Out the corner of his eye he spotted blonde hair and blue eyes. She was chatting away with Blaise and Pansy.

''Uh, do you know who that is?'' He asked pointing to the woman that caught his eye.

Neville looking in his line of vision and spotted who Reid was talking about.

''Of course I know who that is, that's Luna Lovegood. She is one of Hermione's closest friends, and also my ex-girlfriend.'' He said with a shake of the head. ''Luna broke up with me saying that the stars had something greater planed out for her.''

Just when Reid thought the man was going to say something bitter, he just smiled. ''She was always a loony one she was. But I think that's why everyone cares for her so much, like an annoying little sister.''

''Luna…'' The name rolled off his tongue in such a way it felt normal. As if she had heard him say her name, she turned and looked at him with unfocused eyes but he didn't turn away. Not this time. She sent him a smile before returning to her conversation with the Zabini's.

'Wow' was the only thing that came to mind.

Hermione came back outside but this time with a newcomer. For a moment Reid thought it was another person of which he would have to remember their name but it was a shock that he recognized this face. It had been a while since he had last seen her. She hadn't left under the greatest of terms but he still considered her a friend.

''Elle Greenaway? Is that you?'' He couldn't help but ask. He shocked himself that he was so shocked. After he said the name other members of the FBI: BAU team looked over.

She smiled a sweet smile and sent a wave their way.

''Hey guys, long-time-no-see.''

Penelope about tackled her as the rest of the team came up to share their good feelings of seeing a friend. Hermione got to work introducing Ella to everyone she has never met, mainly those from the wizarding world.


In a dimly light room, things were not as cheerful as it was at the Malfoy home, no, in fact it was quite the opposite…

''You idiot! I gave you strict instructions to follow! How the hell could you have possibly screwed it up?!'' A figure yelled at a smaller one. The voice was famine like.

''I-I'm sorry; I don't know wh-what happened. One minute-''

The sound of hand hitting flesh cut off the other person's words.

''I don't want excuses! I want some damn results!''

The other figure that was now on the ground had covered her cheek with her hand. A nasty red mark began to form. Tears of pain slid down her face.

''I-I'm sorry.''

''Sorry doesn't cover it! Because of you, it's only a matter of time before the ministry finds out more about us!''

The figure sighed, calming down slightly, but crouched down to the other person on the ground in an intimidating way. Without hesitation, or a blink, the figure grabbed her chin with some force and made her look up. The grip caused her to silently cry out in pain as the unnamed figure's long manicured nails dug into her skin.

''Now listen to me and listen good,'' She nodded, although it wasn't much as her head was held in place. ''I want you to move on to the next person. I will NOT tolerate anymore failures. Do you understand?'' She asked in a calm yet threating voice. Once again she gave a difficult nod. ''Good,'' She said and threw the other girls face from her hand, as if disgusted by it.

She turned her back to the girl as she silently rubbed her now sore cheek.

''Get out of my sight.'' That was all that was said before the other girl ran out of the room.

The figure moved to one of the walls in the dimly lit room. It was full of newspaper clippings but there was one thing that was similar about each and every one of them.

A sadistic smile came across her face as her hand went over one of the many pictures of a platinum haired man.

''Don't worry my love. Everything will be set right soon.''


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