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Chapter 1: Summer Boredom

Lily Evans was woken much earlier than she'd have liked one summer morning by a loud tapping on her bedroom window. Groaning, she rolled over and tried to ignore it. She couldn't remember what she had been dreaming of, which annoyed her because she knew it had been a good dream. The tapping started again, even louder.

"All right, all right, I'm up," she grumbled, and sat up. She saw a snowy owl tapping impatiently on her bedroom window. She opened the window and let her in.

"'Lo, Pinky," she said. Pinky was a stupid name for the owl, really, as she was all white and not remotely pink. It made no sense, but then again, neither did its owner, most of the time. Lily took the letter from the owl, and, while the owl took a drink from the water tray in her own owl's cage, she read the letter.

Dearest Lileth,

Alas! I am in the greateste depths of despaire! Mine mother informs me that thou canst not stay in our humble abode, as she hath promised her workmate that her son may dwell here. Damnest the witch!

Soreee, sugar high! I apologize for all the Shakespeare-talk, my dad is on another one of his 'educate her in fine literature and art and boring stuff' kicks. So far, I've looked at Monets, Renoirs, and Picassos, seen Hamlet, Othello and King Lear and gone to five different museums. I'd rather be in History of Magic.

Anyway, it looks like I'm destined for more boredom, because of mum's kind streak. I tried to tell her you could sleep in my room somewhere, but no way! Anyway, maybe it won't be too bad, I could have someone to play Quidditch with. I'm off to eat more Fizzing Whizbees, write back,

Love ya!

Lena xxxooo

Lily smiled. Poor Lena. She felt sorry for her friend, Lena's dad was a Muggle, and wanted Lena to know Muggle culture, aswell as magic. It bored Lena to death, though. She quickly replied to Lena's letter, and sent it off with her own owl, Orion, as Pinky was already gone. Then, still tired, she went back to sleep.

//James' house//

"Sirius! Sit still! You're giving me a headache!" James said. Presently, Sirius was bouncing around his bedroom. "Why are you so happy, anyway?"

"Well, my friend," Sirius replied in a fake poetic voice, "the birds are singing, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and," he said, then took a deep breath and shouted, "I HID A DUNGBOMB IN HANNA'S ROOM!!!!" This statement was accompanied by a bang and a screech of "AUNTIE ANNA!!" from down the hallway. Sirius smiled proudly and resumed his bouncing. Just then, the door opened and Remus and Peter entered.

"Which one of you was it?" Remus asked, grinning.

"ME!!" Sirius said, and resumed his bouncing. Remus shook his head. The door opened, revealing Mrs. Potter standing at the door, looking around suspiciously.

"James, did you put a Dungbomb in your cousin's room?" she asked sternly. James shook his head. "Then who was it?" she asked. Her eyes fell on Sirius, who was now literally bouncing off the walls (climbing up the corner, and springing back).

"SIRIUS ADALBERT BLACK!" Mrs. Potter yelled, and Sirius fell down, landed in the middle of the floor and smiled innocently at her.

"Yes?" he said, casually.

"Why are you torturing my only sister's child?" she asked. It was clear that after six summers of having Sirius hanging around her house, Mrs. Potter knew exactly how to deal with him.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about," Sirius replied even more innocently.

"Yes, you do. I have two things to say to you. One, you are never to do that to Hanna again. Two, please don't leave footprints on my walls," she said, and left the room. Sirius grinned.

"Oh, I can't find the camera. Have you seen it?" she asked, sticking her head around the door. Sirius debated what to say. He hadn't seen it since he and James had taken it apart to see how it worked. When it had been reassembled, it tended to blow up every time you tried to take a picture. James had said that maybe that time had just been a fluke, and that maybe things like that happened occasionally. However, since it had blown up, they couldn't try a second time. He chose his words carefully.

"Um … no, not recently," he answered, and she eyed James and Sirius suspiciously. There was a knock on the door.

"James, could you get that?" his mother asked. James opened the door, and found a brown haired woman standing at the door, looking nervous.

"Hello!" he said brightly.

"Hi," the woman replied. "I'm Helen. You must be James."

"The one and only," he replied, smiling.

"Is your mum here?" Helen asked. James nodded.

"Mummy dearest, you have a visitor!" he shouted up the stairs. "Her name is Helen!"

"I'll be down in a second," Mrs. Potter called from upstairs.

"C'mon in," James said, and Helen followed him into the kitchen.

"Sirius'll be staying with me while your parents are away," Helen explained. Sirius groaned.

"No offence, but I kinda want to stay with James," Sirius explained.

"Now Sirius, you know that isn't practical," Mrs Potter said, walking into the kitchen. "James is staying with a babysitter. I'm not subjecting Mrs. Figg to both of you," she went on. "And it's settled. You will stay with Helen." Sirius made a face.

"If the wind changes, you'll be stuck like that," Helen told him. "And you'll be stuck looking like your mum."

"You know my mum?" Sirius asked, with an even larger grimace.

"I have the pleasure of working for her," Helen said. Sirius still looked annoyed. "Cheer up," Helen said. "It's not that bad. I have a daughter about your age."

"Really?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah, her name's Helena," Helen told him. Sirius smiled and said goodbye. They went back upstairs and Sirius bounced around James' room for another few hours.

//Lena's house//

"Yay!! Orion's here!" Lena half-shouted. "Hello, Ori!" She flopped on her bed and read Lily's letter.


Aww, poor Lena! A boring summer! Well, we'll be back at Hogwarts soon. Ooh, I'm Head Girl!! I got the letter yesterday. I'm really excited!

Anyway, my sister is driving me MAD! 'Tuna's got herself a boyfriend, and she never shuts up about him! You should see him, he's really ugly, and overweight. His name is Vernon Dursley. What a stupid name. His initials are V.D.! Hehehe.

Anyway, since your owl has so rudely awakened me this early in the morning, I'm going back to sleep and dream about all the detentions I can give to Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew now I'm Head Girl!

Gotta go,




Lena grabbed her quill and wrote back to Lily. Just as she was sending Orion back with her reply (Orion was a much more patient owl than Pinky), her mother knocked on her bedroom door.

"Darling, clean your room, won't you? Anna will be here any minute," her mother said. Reluctantly, she picked up all her clothes and stuffed animals, and then sat on her bed, reading Teen Witch Weekly.

"Honey, come here," her mother called after about fifteen minutes. Lena headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. When she saw who was standing in the kitchen, her jaw dropped. Sitting at her kitchen table, playing with a saltshaker, was Sirius Black. As in, one of the most popular boys in the school. He looked just as shocked to see her as she was to see him. Although they had been in the same house for six years, they had never really talked.

"Hi, Lena," he asked.

"Hi, Sirius," she replied.

"Is Lena short for Helena, then?" Sirius asked. Lena nodded.

"Helena, take him up to the guest room, would you?" her mum asked.

"Yeah, c'mon, follow me," she said, and led him up the stairs to the room, and he left his bag in. They stood awkwardly in the hallway for a minute or two. The reason that the two of them had never spoken was that they had their own friends, and Lily and James weren't exactly friendly, so there were two sides: Lily and her friends Lena, Ally and Kim, and on the other side, James and his friends Remus, Sirius and Peter.

"I'd better say goodbye to Mrs Potter," he said. Sirius went downstairs.

'Oh, my god, I have got to owl Lily!' Lena thought and ran into her room. She scribbled a quick note to her best friend, and then called her owl.

"Oi, Pinky, c'mere," she said. The owl flew over and she attached the letter to her leg.

"What did you call her?" came a voice from the door. Lena jumped. Sirius was standing at the door.

"Pinky," she answered.

"I like it," he said. "James called me weird 'cos I named my owl Mary."

"Mary's a normal name," Lena said, puzzled. "Why'd he say you were weird?"

"It's a male owl," he said, and Lena laughed.

"That explains it, then," she said.

"So you agree with him that I'm weird?" he asked.

"Yeah, but they say it like it's a bad thing," she replied. Sirius nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, we're both weird! Who're you writing to, anyway?" he asked.

"Lily," she answered, and Sirius grinned. Because of the enmity between Lily and James, Lily was a target for a lot of the pranks played by the Marauders.

"Don't tell her that I agreed with James, or she'll kill me," Lena said.

"So how's our favourite target this summer? Is she looking forward to seventh year?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah, because she's Head Girl," Lena replied. "She's already planning all the detentions she's going to give you." Sirius grinned broadly.

"You're joking!" he exclaimed. "Is she really Head Girl?" Lena nodded.

"Not me, even though I am a prefect," Lena said, pretending to be jealous.

"Oh, but this is too perfect! James is Head Boy! Ooh, they're gonna have loads of fun this year, aren't they?" he finished wickedly.

"Yeah!" Lena said, grinning also. She wrote a P.S quickly, then let Pinky out the window. It looked like summer might not be so boring after all …

//Lily's house//

Lily sat at her desk, writing a Potions essay. She was getting very frustrated.

"That's it!" she exclaimed. "Enough! I'm taking a break," she said out loud to no one in particular. Just then, Orion swooped in her open window, clutching Lena's reply. Lily opened it and began to read.


Congratulations! You're Head Girl! You are Dumbledore's pet, do you know that? Tsk, tsk.

I'm glad you feel sorry for me, but it's not enough. I want weekly updates on your sister and V.D.! Yes, that is a horrible name! What colour hair does he have? I need the info! Ooh, and who's Head Boy?  Do you know?

Anyway, I'd better go, mum's friend'll be over soon,

Luv ya!



Lily found a clean piece of parchment and started to write back. She was halfway through the letter when Pinky flew into her room, carrying what must have been another letter from Lena. Puzzled, Lily read the letter.


Sorry about the extra letter, but I had to tell someone! Sirius Black is staying at my house! Oh my god! His mum is my mum's evil boss, but James' mum brought him here. Small world, huh? He'll be here for the rest of July and all of August.

Write back,

Luv ya!



P.S. I know who's Head boy. Wait for it … James Potter! Level with me, Lilz, do you like him? Tell me the truth!

Lily gaped at the note. James Potter Head Boy? And Lena was stuck with his best friend. How dare Lena ask that about James Potter? She most definitely did not like him. She finished writing the letter and sent it off with Pinky.

//Mrs. Figg's house//

James was sitting around reading Martin Miggs when Mary swooped in and pecked him on the head.

"Oi, watch it!" he exclaimed, and took the letter from him. The owl perched on the coffee table and stared at him. Rubbing his head, he read Sirius' letter.


Hi! How's Mrs Figgy? Are you having fun? I am! D'you know Lily Evans' best friend, Lena? She's fun!

I'm staying at her house. Apparently, her mum works for my mum. That has got to be the toughest job ever. It was  hard enough living with my mum, what would working for her be like? Anyway, Lena's hyper, like me! Oh, Lily's looking forward to school this year, d'you know why? 'Cos she's Head Girl! Looks like you two are going to be spending a lot of time together at school. Are you looking forward to it? Bet you are, you horny git!



Furious, James scrawled a reply to Sirius, and gave it to Mary. Sirius may be his best friend, but he was really starting to annoy him.


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