Can't Go Back
Part 1
Shaule Sachs

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Note: Based off of and continuation from "Return of the Fist" (RAAC:/pub/archive/anime-fan-works/Ranma/ranma.fotns.return-of-the-fist) by Anand Rao ( with permission and modification from the few issues of "Fist of the North Star" that Viz has released to the original, complete "Hokuto No Ken" series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara and currently-being-released prequel "Souten No Ken" (Fist of the Blue Sky) series by Tetsuo Hara.

Aimi Abukara stood in the deserted neighborhood of the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, and wondered again why she was there. For the past two years, Nerima Ward had been over-run by gangs and punks, who had driven out most of the people and businesses away. So much so that property values in the Nerima Ward were at record lows. Most of the Real-Estate Offices in Nerima Ward had closed within the last year, leaving Aimi's the last one.

She stood awaiting, since she was ten minutes early, looking over her shoulder, fearful that this was a trap of some kind. In the last year or so, it was known that gang members would lure their victims out into the open pretending to wish to engage in honest business.

But the voice on the phone was... too handsome (too masculine to be 'beautiful')... too honest... for her to believe that this was a trap. Plus, the voice was willing to pay twice the original price of the land. It was an opportunity Aimi could not pass up. Yes, she was a bit greedy... more over, she was lonely and hoping the man matched his voice... and was available.

At a few minutes before the set meeting time, a car pulled up the street giving Aimi some hope... only to be dashed as a young woman stepped out of the car. The young woman, Aimi figured to be around several years young then herself, had purple hair and an athletic built... Obviously, a female gang member... the worse kind. Everything to prove, and nothing to lose...

Aimi started to curse herself for letting her libido control her to the point where she was likely be killed in the next half-hour or so. Of course, it would be standard practice that she would be raped before she was killed. And having resigned herself to death, she found that she was actually looking forward to be raped. It would be the death of her but it would also end her dry spell of the last five years.

"Are you all right, Miss?" inquired the handsome voice that had brought her to her fate and broke into her train of thought.

Unbelieving, Aimi examined the person that spoke to her. He -- she know without a doubt that the person was male, she could feel it -- was wearing a pair of black, Kung-Fu slippers, black silk Kung-Fu pants (that fit very nicely, she thought), a red Chinese silk shirt, and a concerned face. The outfit hugged his form like a second skin, showing off his powerful, handsome form. There seems to be seven points on his chest that seemed to stand out, but she could not figure out why. Two points on top, two on the side, and three underneath, in the shape of the Hokuto Shichisei constellation.

She didn't know who the man was, but he had guts, she thought, to dress like the legendary Ranma Saotome once did, before he disappeared two and a half years ago, taking with him, Nerima's protectors, such as they were, the so-called Nerima Wrecking Crew.

Although, not a martial artist herself, she could feel the power and calm that just radiated off the man. It gave her a 'safe'-feeling.

Taking a deep, relaxing breath, she smiled and replied, "I am now."

The man smiled back, and she felt butterflies form in her stomach.

The young woman cleared her throat and spoke a few quick, yet quiet Chinese words to the man, reminding Aimi of her presence, causing her to frown, to which the purple-hair woman smirked at.

"Yes, to business," the man replied to both women with a smile that melted both their hearts.

Aimi just nodded her head, unable and unwilling to interrupt the moment.

"I believe, I've quoted a very reasonable price for the building and land, did I not?" the man inquired of Aimi.

Aimi started to say that it was at least tenfold what the current market was asking for, but the man, cut her off with, "I don't want to haggle on the price. I... We don't have time for that."

But before she could protect, the man moved back to the trunk of the car, removed a briefcase, which he then set on the hood of the car, took out a cashier's check and handed it to her.

"There you go," the man said, pleased with himself as if he had just made the 'deal of the century.'

Aimi looked at the cashier's check. It was drawn from the most prestigious bank in all of Japan, and recognized as legal tender in and of itself, although only cashable by her company. Whoever the man is, he had a lot of money supporting him, even if he didn't know how to make a deal.

"How soon can we move in?" the man inquired as she examined the check.

Aimi paused a bit, thought about it, and then replied, "As soon as you sign the deed."

Before the man could ask when that was, she remarked with her own smirk, "Which I have with me."

The man smiled in pleasure, and her knees went weak.

With an amused look, the Chinese woman helped Aimi to her car, where she got the paperwork and deed out of and returned.

Aimi set the paperwork upon the roof of her car, pointed out various places for the young, handsome, strong man to sign, and got down to business. Although, with the young man so close to her, it was a bit difficult to do. She had always prided herself on her work ethic, but something was different this time. It was not that she had such a dry spell, she's had them before... Although, never this long... No... There was something different about this situation.... For the first time since she moved to Nerima, she felt safe, secure, and protected.

The formality of her work were finished much too soon for Aimi's liking. Especially, holding the young man's hand as she handed over the keys to the locks on the property. She begun to fantasy if the old saying about warm, strong hands were true when she heard the revving up of motorcycle engines.

Aimi swore.

Her clients looked at Aimi strangely as she began to swear, but she did not care. She knew that many, before they struck, revved up their motorcycle engines in order to intimidate their victims.

Even before Aimi could finish swearing, eight motorcycles came into view. Seven of the riders were obvious male, wearing dog-collars, tight short-short, completely hairless from head to toe, and two straps that crisscrossed over their muscular chests. The effect, such as it was, was that the males were technically dressed yet completely exposed to any observer's viewpoint.

"Looky, what we hav' 'ere," one of the boy remarked, eyeing Aimi and the Chinese woman with hunger.

A female voice added, "Hmmm... fresh meat."

The female of the group, in contrast, wore skin-tight body-stocking, with armor-padding for her shins, knees, thighs, forearms, knees, and shoulders. At the woman's side was a sword.

//Crap. That's Tobira,// Aimi thought, knowing the female gangster's reputation.

Tobira licked her lips as she took in the young man's form and exclaimed, "yummy."

Aimi noted that neither of her clients were troubled. She wondered if they did not realize that they were about to be raped and killed, especially, the handsome young man. //Just when I finally find a good-looking, good-mannered guy... I'm //going to be killed,// she thought. She noted the puzzle look //upon the young man's face, as if he was trying to decide if this was //a joke or not.

The young man frowned at Tobira, and Tobira took an unconscious step backward. Startled, she withdrew her sword, slowly examined the steel blade, and remarked, "Looks like pretty-boy don't know his place..."

Looking straight at the girl, the young man asked in curiosity, "And that would be?"

Tobira looked a bit uncertain, yet tried to maintain her reputation, she replied, "Why, naked and licking my feet, of course."

The young man laughed and arrogantly smirked at the girl, "I think not. Especially, not to some uncute tomboy like you."

"Why, you..." with that Tobira charged at the young man with an overhead strike.

Aimi screamed and closed her eyes, unable to watch as Tobira would slice the young man to ribbons. She felt the Chinese woman's soft breath upon her ear, whispering to her not to worry. It was obvious to her that her clients had not a clue who they were facing.... Tobira was the city-wide kendo champion for the past several years, before joining the Snow Angel gang... She heard what sounded like a ring and she saw that the young man had foolishly blocked Tobira's sword strike with his forearm....

But to surprise of all, save the young man and the Chinese woman, when the bell sound cleared, Tobira's sword shattered into little pieces.

The young man seemed to disappear and reappeared behind Tobira, sending an elbow strike between her shoulder blades, which knocked her down and out, all before Aimi could blink.

The male gangsters just stood there dumbfounded. The young man seemly walked over to each one as if it was just the most causal thing to do and seemed to use a Shiatsu pressure point attack that dropped them to the ground.

The young man shook his head and remarked as he overlooked the fallen gangsters, "It is obvious Nerima has changed a bit since I was last here."

Shaken, Aimi hugged herself and only realized that she wasn't going to be raped and killed when the young man took her into his arms and told her she was all right now. Dimly, she hear the Chinese woman talk into a cell phone asking for a police car to come and clean up the gangsters. She snorted, knowing it would never happen. The local government and all had given up on Nerima over six months ago. She could only guess from the tone that the Chinese woman just learned that and gave out a curse.

"Language, Yukiko-chan," the young man remarked, softly. "Just call Sakura."

Yukiko just nodded at the young man's statement and began to call whoever this 'Sakura' person was.

"Sorry about this," the young man said with a smile.

Aimi just fainted into the young man's strong arms and inviting chest.
= - = - =

Aimi felt a cool cloth across her forehead fall off as she sat up. Since the last thing she recall was the appearance of the Snow Angel Gang, she quickly took in her surroundings. She appeared to be laying upon a small bed that stood in the center of a small room, that was basically bare save a set of empty shelves against the far wall. She noted with a slightly blush, that she wearing only a paper gown, such as one wore to be examined by a doctor. And with that though, the room took on the appearance of a simple, small examination room. Which, given her memory of the events just prior to her fainting, was probably within the old Ono Clinic.

"I see you are awake," a woman's voice interuptted her thoughts as Aimi checked out her outfit and room, wondering what was going on. She recognized the woman as the Chinese woman 'Yukiko' that was with that handsome... man...

Upon seeing her face, Yukiko smirked and said, "Sorry, girl... Lord Ranma-sama wasn't the one to undress you and examine you..."

Aimi blushed, at her embarrassment that her fantasy of being a patient of the handsome young man had not come to fruition.

"You do have a lovely body, my dear," Yukiko continued smirked.

Aimi blushed deeper, and her eyes went wide upon the realization of who must have undressed her and all then. Slowly recovering, she noted that Yukiko was wearing a tightly-fitting silk kimono that emphasized her womanly curves and athletic form. She frowned as she realized that Yukiko's chest was larger then hers and her waist smaller.

Yukiko lead Aimi out of the examination room and into the main hallway, where Aimi saw several other women, dressed as Yukiko, given an almost quasi-military look to the group with some unknown-to-her color-grouping, going around with boxes and supplies, obviously getting ready to reopen the old Ono Clinic.

Out of curiosity, Aimi peeked into the other examination room and let out a soft, quiet scream of surprise. There, in the other examination room, was Tobira, naked, collared, and chained to the floor in a kneeling position that looked a bit painful to her. Tobira's eyes were downcast, a slight blush on her face, a smaller chest then Aimi's (quick she was happy to note), and in a position that exposed Tobira's body to any passer-by.

"Nani?" Yukiko inquired of Aimi's scream. Seeing Aimi's notice of Tobira, she remarked, "You need not fear her, anymore." With a smirk, she continued, "My lord tamed her. She's just like a kitty-cat now." Towards Tobira, she questioned, "Aren't you, kitty?"

Tobira just quietly nodded her head in agreement and submission.

Aimi could only stare, the infamous gangster Tobira, accused of thirty-five rapes (ten of whom were male victims), fifteen kills (five of whom were police officers, all by sword), too-many-to-count criminal offenses, and leader of one of the most active gangs in Nerima, was just kneeling there, like a blushing schoolgirl on her first date awaiting patiently for her date to arrive. She wondered at the Power of that young man, 'Ranma' that Yukiko had called him, to have done all she had seen so far. She also pondered if they knew the Yakuza would not stand by and allow one of their members to held in such a way. Sometime told her it would not matter what the Yakuza tried to do, Ranma would be victorious.

"Yukiko-chan," Ranma growled in annoyance upon seeing Tobira. "That's not what I meant, and you know it..." He waved his hand towards Tobira, and the chains and collar fell off her.

Aimi just stared, while Yukiko swallowed, and Tobira looked puzzled. Both, Yukiko and Tobira looked downward, as well.

Ranma sighed, set a finger under Yukiko's chin, lifting her head up so he could look into her eyes as he said, "This ain't Joketsuzoku, anymore... We don't do things like that..."

"This one is sorry, my Lord," Yukiko exclaimed humbly. "Please, punish me."

"We don't do that either..." Ranma replied. With a smirk, he added, "Besides, you'd enjoy it too much."

Yukiko gave him a half-smile.

Aimi was puzzled, the only 'Joketsuzoku' she knew of were those crazy rumors of 'Joketsuzoku Amazons' that was supposedly apart of the legendary Nerima Wrecking Crew. //But Amazons in this Day and Age,// she laughed at her thought.

Releasing Yukiko's chin, Ranma turned to Aimi and blinked. "Sorry about this," he said with a grin that made her knees weak. He spotted a young woman in a green silk kimono and called out, "Shai Li."

The young woman, Shan Li, turned to him and asked, "Yes, Ranma-sama? What can I do for you?"

Aimi didn't like the look this 'Shan Li' was giving him. Nor the fact that she was as athletically built and beautiful as Yukiko, even if she seemed to have a chest-size on par with her own.

"Please find something for Aimi-chan to wear," Ranma stated in a calm voice.

It was only at that moment, that Aimi recalled that she was only wearing a hospital paper gown. One that left her backside completely exposed, and barely covered her chest and crotch. Yet, Ranma's calm voice kept her calm and relaxed. Without it, she knew she'd be blushing and making a fool of herself as she vainly attempted to cover herself.

In a short moment, Shan Li returned with a bundle of clothing, and directed Aimi back into the examination room. In which, she helped her dress in the skin-tight, silk kimono, hers a light brown color that went well with her eyes. The outfit did wonders for her figure, showing it off in a good way.

Aimi was a bit disappointed that Ranma was not there when she stepped out, again, with a bit of a bounce in her step for his notice. She did hear both Shan Li and Yukiko giggle at her actions, to which she just scowled back. She absent-mindedly noted that Tobira was still kneeling as she was, although no longer chained up, and was checking out her figure to the three women's.

Shan Li, then, lead Yukiko and Aimi back into the hallway and into the waiting room, where Ranma and another man were talking.

Aimi recalled that the another man was Police Captain Daigoro Hajime of the Nerima Police Force, one of the few to remain behind. In the news of the past year or so, Daigoro usually had a frown on his face and a tiredness in his eyes. But he seemed ten years younger, with a smile in his eyes as he talked to Ranma.

Daigoro spotted the three women and motioned them to join him and Ranma. Once they were close enough for him to give them the ole 'once-over', he whistled and exclaim, "Damn... Saotome-kun, they just come out of the woodwork for you, don't they? You are going to leave some for the rest of us, right?"

"It ain't like that, Daigoro-san," Ranma replied quickly with a cute blush on his face. "I wouldn't..."

Daigoro bursted out laughing, as an embarrassed Ranma tried to deny any hentai actions on his point.

Ranma scowled at Daigoro, "Ain't funny, man."

"You should have seen your face, Saotome-kun," he remarked with tears in his eyes from his humors.

//Saotome?// Aimi exclaimed to herself. //'Saotome,' he called him.... and she called him 'Ranma'... Could it be... 'Ranma Saotome?'//

With that, Aimi fainted.

Fortunately, for her, Ranma was able to catch her before she fell too far.

"I see the old Saotome-charm is still working," Daigoro joked.

Ranma was going to say something, but decided to keep his mouth shut.

Aimi stirred in Ranma's arms and muttered, "I just had the craziest thought..."

"Oh?" Daigoro remarked with amusement.

Aimi nodded and continued, "I just thought that he." She pointed to Ranma. "Was THE Ranma Saotome... Crazy, huh? THE Legendary Ranma Saotome came back to Nerima..."

"The?" Ranma exclaimed in surprise. "Legendary? Me?"

Aimi's eyes went wide, "You're, actually, the Ranma Saotome?"

"The one and only," Ranma stated simply confused. "Don't think I have any cousins or anyone with the same name... I don't think. Of course, Pop never really ever talked about family..."

"But... but..." Aimi stuttered.

"I knew I was the greatest martial artists," Ranma continued with a touch of his old arrogance, before stopping himself. "Still, legendary?"

"You did a lot of good, kid," Daigoro remarked with a bit of emotion. "Nerima hasn't been the same since you left on that training trip..."

Ranma just nodded, recalling his encounter with the Snow Angel Gang and the lack of activity in Nerima and he drove in. Curious, he asked, "What happened? I mean..."

Daigoro nodded as if expecting the question, "Well, after you left..." Ranma made a denying motion with his hands, but Daigoro continued, "I know... Training trip... You'd return as soon as you could.... But after you had been gone for six months, the Nerima Wrecking Crew fell apart without you keeping them together..."

Daigoro had a small, sad smile on face as he stated, "It was actually quiet here for a several months... Even that old leech was off somewhere... But without that old leech and the Nerima Wrecking Crew stirring things up, the Yakuza and other moved in. Fueled by the rumors that you weren't returning... and then something happened at the Tendo Dojo..."

Ranma interrupted, "Nani? Are the Tendos 'kay?"

Daigoro just shrugged, "They're as 'okay' as they ever were... Although, few see the Tendo daughters out, save the youngest for classes, these days..."

Ranma blinked then nodded his head. He turned to the two Chinese woman and said, "Shan Li-chan, you're in charge of getting everything ready. Yukiko-chan, go check what's been happening with the old -- with Elder Cologne -- I mean."

"Where are you going?" Aimi asked out of curiosity.

"Home." [=== End of Part 1 ===]

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