Author's Note: Since I don't want to rewrite the book, we'll be skipping in a little.

Harry, Hermione, Sirius, Lupin, Ron and Peter Pettigrew walked out of the Shrieking Shack and back out by the now calm Whomping Willow.

Sirius walked out to look at the castle while Lupin kept his wand pointed at Peter Pettigrew. Ron sitting on the ground.

Hermione stayed trying to nurse Ron's leg while Harry walked over to Sirius. "Enchanting castle, isn't it? I never forgot the first time I walked through those doors", said Sirius.

"You did a noble thing back there, he doesn't deserve it", added Sirius. "I don't think my dad would want his two best friends to become killers. Besides, dead you're still guilty. Alive, we can prove you're innocent", said Harry.

"When you were born, James and Lily made me your godfather", said Sirius. "I know", said Harry, the man he had hated since Christmas, suddenly lost all that hatred.

This innocent man was his only real family left. They suddenly heard Peter. "Ron, you won't let them give me to the Dementors, I was your rat!", he begged.

"And you clever girl, you would spare me, won't you?", asked Peter when Lupin pulled him away. Sirius noticed Harry's protective look.

"She is very bright you know, the girl", said Sirius. "Hermione, yes she is", nodded Harry. Sirius kept looking back at Hermione.

"Your mother was also very bright, and muggle-born", said Sirius. "Hermione's muggle born too", said Harry.

"Really?", asked Sirius. "Now that I have the chance, you two looked so much like James and Lily back in the Shrieking shack", said Sirius.

Harry blushed. "Harry, I understand if you don't want to but if you ever wanted to live anywhere else...", said Sirius.

"What?", asked Harry feeling intense excitement. "I can come live with you?", asked Harry. "I understand if you choose to stay with your Aunt and Uncle", said Sirius.

"No...their horrible. I'd rather live with you", said Harry. Sirius smiled. "Muggles, such foolish people, aren't they? At least the ones who fail to see we're no different from them really", said Sirius.

"I suppose it depends on the muggle", said Harry. "Lily's parents were brilliant muggles, but her sister, nasty little thing", said Sirius.

"What about Hermione's family?", asked Sirius. "I never met them but she says they are proud of can they not be?", added Harry looking back at her.

"Are you two going out yet?", asked Sirius grinning. "What?", asked Harry red. Sirius chuckled. "Nothing important, you'll know soon enough", he said.

"Harry!", cried Hermione suddenly. They turned to see a full moon appearing through the dark clouds. Lupin who had been making sure Peter didn't escape froze.

His eyes turned blacker and fangs appeared. "Remus! Have you taken your potion tonight?!", yelled Sirius rushing over and grabbing him.

Hermione and Harry helped Ron up. "RUN! RUN!", yelled Sirius urgently as Lupin began to transform, he began taller, his clothes ripping off.

Peter suddenly looked at the three and smiled transforming into a rat and running off into the night.

He grew gray fur and a tail, and pointy ears with a wolf muzzle. Lupin threw Sirius off and howled. The were wolf snarled at them about to attack.

Suddenly Snape ran out. "There you are, Potter!", yelled Snape but he then heard the werewolf roar behind him.

The werewolf snarled and with his claws threw Snape down. Suddenly, a jet black dog leaped attacking the wolf, Sirius.

The dog snarled showing his teeth his fur on end. The wolf also snarled ready to attack. Both of them leaped and attacked each other.

The sound of growling, snarling, barking, biting, snapping, it was deafening. Hermione watched in horror, Harry holding onto her while Snape was by Ron.

The werewolf threw the dog down and was about attack Harry and Hermione again, Harry held onto Hermione shielding her.

The black dog snarled getting up and bit the werewolf's arm and ran off distracting him. "Sirius!", yelled Harry, he and Hermione followed.

As they ran they heard a dog yelp in pain.

They chased the werewolf through a forest. The werewolf was snarling and through the wounded black dog down a hill. Harry threw a rock at the werewolf, hitting his head.

The werewolf turned and snarled at them and was about to attack them, but he suddenly heard another werewolf howling.

He ran off. "Let's go!", cried Hermione, they ran down the hill to the black lake, Sirius was back in human form unconscious on his back, a slash wound across his chest from the werewolf.

"SIRIUS!", yelled Harry fearfully. "Harry...!", cried Hermione then and Harry noticed it became ice cold. The black lake froze and everything felt horrible.

They looked up seeing over 100 Dementors swarming down. Harry quickly pulled out his wand and so did Hermione.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!", yelled Harry, a shield appeared. "Hermione, help me!", yelled Harry urgently. "Expecto Patronum!", she yelled, but nothing happened.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!", she screamed desperately. A silvery mist came out but it wasn't strong enough.

A Dementor flew down and began sucking out Sirius's soul. "NO! EXPECTO PATRONUM", bellowed Harry, a shield pushed the Dementor away.

But suddenly, a Dementor swarmed down and began to suck out Harry's soul, causing Harry to collapse. "HARRY!", screamed Hermione fearfully.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!", screamed Hermione, a small shield emerged and pushed the Dementor away from Harry when suddenly another Dementor flew down.

It attacked Hermione, Hermione collapsed to the ground, unconscious. "Hermione, no!", yelled Harry. The Dementors continued swarming.

They continued sucking out Sirius's and Hermione's souls, also Harry's. But they were mainly sucking out Sirius's.

"No this can't be...NO! Not Sirius...Not Hermione! Not Hermione! PLEASE! NOT HERMIONE! If I lose Sirius, she's all I got left! PLEASE NOT HERMIONE!", Harry's thoughts screamed so loud if he was yelling the whole castle would hear.

The Dementors flew down again and one began to suck on Hermione's soul. Harry who was half unconscious pointing his wand. "Expecto...Expecto...Patronum...EXPECTO PATRONUM!", he yelled on the ground, a shield pushed the Dementor away from Hermione.

He tried to shield Sirius but he lost his energy. He used his last bit to protect Hermione. It hit Harry then, he was in love with Hermione.

He loved her with everything inside of him. And now he was going to lose her and his beloved godfather.

They would all be trapped as soulless bodies. Their souls trapped under the cloaks of Dementors. Was this really how it would end.

Harry didn't care what happened to himself at this point. He just wanted Hermione and Sirius spared. All this time his family would sacrifice themselves for him, just once he would sacrifice himself for them.

Suddenly, right when the Dementors nearly completed the kiss, a very bright light appeared from across the lake. It was in the shape of a stag, but there was a small glowing animal by it, it looked like an otter.

The two glowing animal ran forward and began sending the Dementors off. The stag galloping while the Otter ran and leaped. All the Dementors flew off, and Harry saw the two animals run back to two figures across the lake.

"", he asked but then he fell unconscious beside Hermione.