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~~Five years After Kyuubi Sealing~~

Hinata first met him when she was being bullied by a group of older kids.

Hinata was running with her head down, away from the pain of her father's words. She was heading to where she knew it was fun and made the pain go away. At least for a while.

Not looking where she was going she bounced off of hard flesh. Confused she looked up; she recognized the park to the right but not the boy she had run into. She tried to stumble out an apology but was too nervous. She looked down in shame.

"No, Hinata, you can do it, it's just two words." She encouraged herself.

Breathing in she prepared herself and looked up again with a little more determination.

"Think you're too good to even say an apology to us, Hyuuga?" the older of the three boys said. Hinata shook her head hastily. "What, too stuck up to say anything to us lowly people?" He pushed her. She stumbled to the ground. Hinata's lower lip trembled as tears swelled in her eyes.

He came out of nowhere with spikey gold locks of hair, facing his seniors he stood still in front of her. The blonde was glaring at the bullies with reproof, he couldn't believe the older kids were actually messing around with this sweet and innocent, indigo haired girl.

The boy stood his ground in defense of the girl behind him when the boys moved toward him.

"Cut it out."

"Can't you see we were talking to her, shorty?"

"All I see is a couple of bullying pigs." Hinata's savior said.

The bullying pigs, no doubt, took offense to this and charged the younger blonde with fists pulled back. Spewing insults as they pounded on him, he fought back as much as possible with his tiny body, determination showing in his eyes. When they were satisfied the blonde had learned his lesson, the bullies left. Even though he had bruises he looked back at her and smiled brightly. Hinata couldn't help but smile back. It was infectious.

Cerulean eyes scanned Hinata's body for any scratches. She noticed her hero's staring and covered her cheeks with her long sleeves as heat rose to her face in a blush.

He walked over to Hinata and said concerned "Are you hurt?"

Shyly, she shook her head. He smiled with whiskered cheeks. It took her breathe away.

"Well, that's a relief, wouldn't want a hime like you to scratch your pretty skin." Hinata blushed again. "My name's Naruto Uzumaki, the future Hokage and protector of this village. Believe it." Naruto stated confidently.

Gazing into the clear blues eyes of Naruto calmed her shy mind slightly and after a moment of awkward silence, Hinata remembered her manners and bowed "M-my n-name is H-hinata Hyuug-a. T-thank y-you for your k-kindness. I h-hope you didn't g-get hurt t-too badly."

A soft smile graced Naruto's lips in relief of having an actual response to his actions, besides glares from the villagers, he rarely got any interaction with people. Well, except old man Hokage. "No problem, it's part of my future duty to help people, might as well start now. See ya Hinata-chan!" He said turning and waved goodbye to her.

Hinata didn't want her savior to leave yet so she called out in a soft voice to Naruto. "W-a-ait!" He turned to her curiously. "W-would you l-like to play with me?" Hinata's voice was barely noticeable but Naruto heard and came back.

This was a significant moment for both Hinata and Naruto. Excitement coursed through Naruto, he never played with kids his own age or anyone for that matter because their parents kept them away. Hinata was eager because her social status of being the heiress of the Hyuuga clan head didn't allow her to play with other kids often.

Naruto pumped his fist and jumped into the air "Hai!" He exclaimed. After he realized his manners he regained his composure and nervously scratched the back of his head. "I would be very pleased if I could play with you. How 'bout we play at that park over there?" He said pointing to an empty playground with trees surrounding it.

Hinata could tell he was trying to contain his fervor to play and nodded enthusiastically to Naruto. He grabbed her hand, which resulted in coloring Hinata's cheeks, and ran with her to the playground. That day the way it felt for both of them to play with someone else was indescribable. They happily played until it was dark and the lights around the park turned on. Both of them knew that it was time to go home, Naruto and Hinata looked dejectedly at the ground not wanting the fun to end, but Naruto who always thought positively said "Let's meet here tomorrow to play again!"

Hinata was happy for the opportunity to gain a friend and readily agreed. Naruto waved goodbye to her with a wide smile and walked away.

Koh, Hinata's Hyuuga branch bodyguard arrived frowning disapprovingly in Naruto's direction and brought her to the Hyuuga compound. She fell asleep tired and bruised, after brutal training with her father, but she anticipated the fun she would have with her new friend tomorrow, which completely made up for it.

Looking back Hinata saw it was destiny that day to fall in love with Naruto. The two kids without friends, with opposite personalities, found each other.

~~16 years After Kyuubi Sealing~~ Morning of Genin Essentials Exam at Ninja Academy

Naruto and Hinata were sitting at the three person desk in class, when Kiba came up and sat in the seat on the right side of her. He had been noticing Hinata's figure lately and wanted her badly. Immediately after sitting, he turned toward her breaking into their comfortable silence and attempted to flirt "You know you're hot, you should go out the best guy in the academy, which is me the top dog." He ended with an arrogant tone.

A comment said towards her brought her back to reality. Leaning forward with his face in front of Hinata's was Kiba, the self-proclaimed alpha male. Hinata for one couldn't believe what she was hearing; a guy had just hit on her. What made it worse was that he wasn't even her crush. Red flushed her face in embarrassment and anger as she saw that Kiba was lustfully eyeing her, probably mentally undressing her.[*Nods head* Definitely.] She somehow felt like she was betraying Naruto by being gazed at like that. She was flustered and frightened so she turned toward her best friend and love, Naruto, hiding her face in his shoulder.

Naruto had noticed with disgust the male youth ogling her from a distance for a while now and when Kiba, one of his prank friends, made a move on her, Naruto clenched his jaw in anger, especially when Hinata buried her face in his shoulder to hide, which she hadn't done for many years.

Naruto smoothly said waving his free hand toward the trembling body clutching to him, "I believe Hinata-chan doesn't wish to be with you mutt." Then said with a hint of menace and a dark glint in his eyes "So... Back. The. FUCK off."

Kiba and Akamaru visibly flinched at the sudden animosity in his voice and started spluttering while backing away to his seat "Who died and made you Hokage?" Naruto's demeanor changed to one of amusement at this comment. Then with his free arm he gently smoothed Hinata's glistening blue hair and kissed her head tenderly trying to calm her down, but he felt more heat through his jacket and knew that she was flushing a deeper shade of red, for some reason. [It's obvious dumbass… OK I know I'm the one writing the fanfic…Jeez.]

She pulled away after she knew she was a normal shade of red. [Yes, normal…] His concerned blue eyes captured her pale violet eyes and asked "Alright hime?" She nodded in embarrassment and before Naruto could say anything further the sensei walked in.

Iruka-sensei called attention from everyone in the room, waiting until he had Sasuke's and Shikamaru's attention, especially Shikamaru, who had decided to take a nap before the exam. After swatting Shikamaru on the head, gaining a "troublesome" and a stare directed at him, Iruka turned to the class.

Once everyone was seated he said happily "Hey class, I'm happy to announce that the Rookie of the Year is Uzumaki Naruto!" Hinata congratulated Naruto secretly wishing she could be as determined as Naruto, he politely thanked her though he wasn't really interested in the Rookie of the Year award, "I mean that helps how on my way to being Hokage?" he thought, "although Iruka-sensei did say that he would buy me ramen if I did the work to be Rookie so… YAY RAMEN!..."

The fan girls of Sasuke caused chaos, indignant that Sasuke didn't get it and "baka"-Naruto did. They thought he didn't deserve it, even though they knew that besides Shikamaru, Naruto was most intelligent in the class as well as best at taijutsu, ninjutsu, weaponry, etc. but he was still goofy most of the time. Besides the fan girls and Kiba, everybody wasn't exactly surprised that Naruto was the Rookie of the Year, although Sasuke seemed slightly irritated.

Naruto knew they only called him "idiot" because the fangirls were obsessed with Sasuke and thought he was the best, at everything, and deserved everything set on a platter…being an Uchiha and all…Naruto rolled his eyes. Sasuke acted arrogant, thinking the same exact way the fan girls did, which is what pisses Naruto off most about him.

Naruto sighed when he looked at Sakura complaining to the teacher for Sasuke's sake, "I need to give up on her, I mean she clearly stated she didn't want to be with me. Argh, liking someone is so complicated."

After a couple Iruka Big Head Jutsu's at two particularly irate fan girls, Ino and Sakura, everyone finally calmed down.

"Okay, the exams to be a Genin are today! I expect all of you to do well. Once your name is called please come to the classroom across the hall to take the test." He introduced Mizuki to the class as the other examiner and left a teacher assistant in the room to call names.

Slowly, the classroom started to empty as the students trickled out of the classroom when they're names were called.

Hinata was nervous to say the least, but she was determined to pass the exam with high scores to hopefully be on the same team on Naruto. Naruto serenely stared out at the clouds with a restless twitch of his foot every now and then; he was running out of his limited amount of patience to stay still. Until he heard his best friends name called and felt her rise from her chair. He spoke in a confident voice to boost her confidence because he knew she was lacking in that capability, "Meet you outside once we get our headbands."

Her nervousness went away with the words he spoke and with a smile and a nod toward Naruto, which he returned; she gracefully walked to the exam classroom with her chest thrust out with Naruto-induced confidence. The students left in the class being all guys, stared as they noticed the shapely figure walk out of the room. Drool crept out a particular guy's mouth and he wiped it off his chin after clearly finishing his lustful fantasy of the beautiful girl.

It was Kiba and boy did Naruto know it. Naruto was sort of okay with the staring because what guy couldn't be enraptured by that beauty, but the blatant disrespect of Hinata's virtue by Kiba was thoroughly pissing him off. Naruto let loose a guttural growl toward him before realizing his mistake and went through the exercises he was taught by old man Hokage and Ero-sennin. He closed his eyes and assumed a lotus position. "Breathe in, breathe out - don't pay attention - breathe in, breathe out… to the obvious mutt…no douche…nope dumbass… not quite… to the obvious dry humping motherFUCKING son of a BITCH!




Breathe in, breathe out…

…Breathe in…Breathe… out…



Naruto exhaled and opened his eyes calmly after his named was called last. He briskly walked over to the test room and opened the door. Iruka-sensei welcomed him and encouragingly waved him to stand in front of himself and Mizuki.

"Now I want you to do the Body Replacement Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu and Clone Jutsu."

Naruto with confidence did each respectively and quickly without saying their names aloud, that point surprised the teachers. The last jutsu Naruto did with a little of what he likes to call 'flare' by adding a hundred more clones then necessary.

Iruka's eyes widened and said "Naruto, it wasn't really necessary to create that many. But otherwise, you pass."

"I only wanted to make sure I made enough to pass the test and thanks." Naruto innocently said grabbing his new headband from the table Iruka-sensei sat at.

Suddenly, his mischievous nature took over and he crossed his fingers for the Kage Bunshin Jutsu as he turned around and replaced the regular clones with them. He performed his Sexy no Jutsu on his clones and he sprinted out the door. He chuckled with a sly fox smile when he received the data from the Kage Bunshins he used, which had left his sensei's on the floor with nosebleed's.

Naruto was already out the front door to the academy by the time his sensei's came to. Not finding Hinata at the entrance he went to the tree swing beside the academy having felt her chakra signature there. She looked up as she heard his approach. There was reproach in her eyes with a blush a tint redder than usual. With that stare Naruto knew she had watched with her Byakugan as he used the Sexy no Jutsu.

Naruto was almost guilty for using it but his prank caused too much to laugh at to be feeling guilty about it. Pranks always brought out his devious nature, which caused him to say "You didn't enjoy the show hime?" He slowly pulled her off the swing and into a tight hug.

Hinata almost forgot what she was angry about by the time the hug was over, almost. She was embarrassed by the implications of that comment, but eventually she giggled despite her anger a few seconds ago. He smirked.

Hinata's giggle was the heavenly tinkling sound of bells to Naruto, a reason why he loved to play pranks besides it just being a part of his normal behavior. He wanted to hear her laugh as much as possible. Naruto held her out at arm's length with a soft smile as he soaked in the sight of her giggling body. Hinata was trying to control her laughter as she remembered her sensei's faces at the sight of the jutsu. Finally, she succeeded much to the disappointment of Naruto.

"You really s-shouldn't have d-done that kind of j-jutsu to them t-though." She said seriously.

"I would do anything for you to laugh hime. I'm glad you passed the exam as well." Naruto said gazing into Hinata's violet pearl-like eyes and fingering the new Konoha head band around her neck.

"T-thanks. I c-couldn't have d-done it without y-you." Hinata said nervously. These sorts of actions always make her wonder if he subconsciously plays with her. [Weird, it's like he's flirting with her without realizing it because he's so dense! *Gasp*]

She tore her eyes away, her face heating up and asked curiously "W-where did you l-learn that j-jutsu?"

He let go of Hinata, to her disappointment and answered "The old man was looking in on the hot springs with his crystal ball and got a nose bleed." Hinata sighed when she contemplated this part of the jutsu. "Then I just used the Transformation jutsu combined with the Kage Bunshin I learned with Ero-sennin, to get the result you saw. Pretty simple, right?" "Pretty nude, Naruto", [pun intended…] Hinata thought, but kept to herself, she hoped she wouldn't have to see him use it again, it was embarrassing. At the age of sixteen he obviously has already uncovered the secrets about a female body, which disappointed her, Hinata had hoped she would be the one to show him. "He probably wouldn't like my body, anyways". She knew she was well developed, she was a D-cup, but she didn't think she could compare to other women. Her heart squeezed in pain at the imagined rejection by the love of her life and she hadn't even confessed yet.

The whole time Naruto was recounting the origin of his original jutsu he was focused as always on Hinata. He noticed when she let out a disheartened sigh and her hands fluttered to her developing breasts. His gaze widened when he had a revelation. She still didn't have confidence in her figure despite being chased after by the mutt earlier… "Which is still fresh on my mind", he thought ominously. "She probably thinks she isn't as beautiful as the women I made shadow clones of." [Very insightful, thought only half right, Naruto. *heh*]

"They have nothing on you Hinata-chan." He said firmly. His long spiky blonde hair shadowed his face as he thought about what to say to strengthen her confidence.[Like the Yondaime's hair]

She gasped and was only slightly surprised when she realized that Naruto had already figured out what she was thinking. He could usually tell what she was thinking. Then she naively thought "But how does he know that I'm prettier?" She then bravely, for her, voiced the thought.

He chuckled, bothered and looked back up at her eyes "Weh-l-l… I could go and get all the names of the boys in the academy that think you're pretty or the girls who have you as their top potential rival in love or the evidence of many boys who definitely jerk off to you." She gasped at first and then turned confused at the end. Naruto definitely knew why she was confused, and he thought she was so damn innocently cute for it.

Angelically with the sun rays glowing around her head as the sun slowly travelled down to the horizon, she asked "Umm…What does j-jerk off m-mean?"

He mentally slapped his forehead, "Man, I am so going to hell for corrupting this girl."

After Naruto told her the basic idea with a slight blush, she flushed a vibrant red. Taking a moment to cool off by fanning herself with her hand, she heard Naruto's stomach growl. She giggled, which made Naruto smile wide and say "Now that's out of the way, let's go eat ramen." He eagerly guided her to Ichiraku's.

The words she longed for him to say earlier were "Because you look beautiful to me." Those words were what really mattered to her. She only wanted to be beautiful to one person, Naruto.

~~Night of Genin Exam~~

After eating with Hinata and while receiving cold glares from people they passed he dropped her off at the Hyuuga compound. Then Naruto ran to training field 43 to meet with his sensei, old man Hokage. As Naruto was running, the Hokage waited for him, reminiscing on the day Naruto had asked him to train him. [Like any old man would…]


The Hokage heard a soft knock on the door, looking up he said "Come in."

A small seemingly reserved boy came to a stop in front of him. The Hokage smile gently like any grandfather would do and prodded "If I remember correctly you wanted to ask me something earlier." He nodded in response. "Well, what is on your mind?" No one ever came to the Hokage with nothing to talk about.

"I have decided I want to become the Hokage to protect everybody, especially you, Hinata, Iruka-sensei, Teuchi and Ayame and be recognized by people. Then they may realize that I'm not so bad and acknowledge my worth. So I came to formally ask to be your apprentice." Naruto respectfully bowed after the request. Naruto's vivid blue eyes keenly watched his Hokage contemplate the request.

The old man inhaled through his pipe as he thought, "He reminds me of the fourth Hokage way too much with his mannerisms."

While Naruto thought, "Man, smoking looks so cool!"

"Alright, on one condition. We're going to have to straighten out what you think a Hokage is but otherwise you must fervently train with the thought of protecting the village. My teachings are specifically for the protection of people. Since you're going to become Hokage anyway might as well start with the basic thought on every Hokage's mind." He said with smoke seeping out of a grin.

"I accept your condition." The blonde boy then jumped into the air and happily yelled "I'll become the best Hokage to ever protect this village. Dattebayo!"
Sarutobi almost face palmed and thought "Or maybe he's a lot like her mother but just trying to mature faster." That worried the old man, not many six year olds are this mature. "I hope the villagers aren't treating him too harshly. I shall send more ANBU to his apartment regularly."

"Since your hyped to train I will give you weights you need to wear all the time, especially when you train, these are called chakra weights and you change the weight by increasing or decreasing the amount of chakra in them." He pulled out scrolls and weights, after channeling chakra into them to make them a decent amount of weight he placed them in front of the wide eyed boy.

Naruto felt heavy and slow as he moved with them on his arms, legs and hips.

"Meet me at training field 43 at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. Oh, and read these scrolls before you get there." Old Sarutobi firmly said in teacher mode.

"Hai, Hokage-sensei." Naruto replied respectfully after he grabbed the scrolls that his new teacher put on the desk.

============Flashback End=============

Sandaime Hokage smiled in greetings to the blonde haired genin before him. "I see you passed." Naruto nodded excitedly. "You realize you are now expected to live the life of a shinobi and follow orders as directed by your superior officer." He said this particular bit because he knew Naruto would have trouble following the directions of anyone who thought they were better than him.

"I do Hokage-sensei, as long as they earn and respect me, I will respect them in return." Naruto said with a grave tone.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from my apprentice. Now as you know you will now be performing Genin duties with a team and you won't be able to practice with me as a result, not that I did much in the first place. My Hokage duty usually required my attention and you've been neglected a bit by me as a result. I have trained you so you are able to use the Saru-Double-edged staff, which is what you decided you wanted to learn the most from me. Now it's time for you to move on from me. Your new sensei and Jiraiya should be enough to satisfy your craving for learning and training." Just as Sandaime and Naruto were wondering where Jiraiya was he appeared in a puff of smoke beside his old master the Sandaime.

"WHOAH! Naruto you were able to pass Genin exam?!" Jiraiya said pretending to be shocked by pointing a shaking finger at Naruto's head band.

Even though Naruto knew Jiraiya was joking he still felt like he was being looked down upon. Many things he had been remembering lately had made him confused and somehow pissed.

============Flashback… Again…=============

On his way to his apartment he stopped by a store to get some cooking ingredients, which like every shopping trip he ended up walking out the store door with only a couple yen.

"When will they realize that it's wrong to overprice when it's on sale. Jeez, I'm only six years old, why do I have to deal with this shit." Naruto sighed. Standing outside the store entrance he then looked at the darkening sky with worry. "Not good."

Before he could hurry home he was painfully grabbed around the back of his neck with a rough hand.

The hand belonged to a Chunin who had seen the blonde demon walk out the store with food; he was disgusted to say the least. "You have a problem with paying the price you should, demon?" The Chunin said in the kid's ear, making Naruto shiver. He then shoved Naruto over to the dark alleyway beside the store.

"This is not going to turn out good. I mean I just bought these." Naruto thought, scrambling to pick up the scattered vegetables. He righted himself when he heard a SHING of metal.

He slowly turned saying, "Couldn't we work out our differences with something other than violence?"

"Apparently not." He thought when the only response from the Chunin was a hate-filled glare. Not wanting to waste the money spent on the groceries, he put them on the ground to defend himself.

Other bystanders saw this happening and decided to join the ninja in assaulting Naruto with words filled with hatred and malice. It soon turned into a mob bent on injuring the innocent blonde emotionally.

The Chunin ninja unhesitatingly swiped at the young man with a kunai, Naruto dodged with as much speed as he had. He wasn't however quick enough to avoid the Chunin rank ninja. The metal pierced through the flesh and muscle covering the front of his hip. Naruto screamed in pain, a burning sensation started as hot blood poured over his black shirt and down his pants, it felt like someone was constantly searing his tissue with fire.

Some people in the crowd gasped in concern of what the Chunin was doing to a kid.

Then the Chunin let go of the knife in disgust as the demon's blood poured out. Naruto placed trembling hands around the kunai and onto the wound; he winced as the sharp metal scraped against skin tissue. Resisting the urge to pull away his hands, he pressed down on the cut trying to stop the blood loss and raised one hand to hover over the handle of the kunai. He took a steadying breath closing his eyes for a moment and quickly opened them pulling out the ninja knife with a harsh gasp.

"This is what you deserve, Kyuubi spawn. My wife died because of yo–" He never finished what he was going to say because a sword suddenly appeared bursting out his chest. Blood simply drained from him as he fell to the ground dead, revealing an ANBU with a dog mask.

Many in the crowd gasped as they realized he had been killed because he broke the Third Hokage's decree. They all went to leave the area so they wouldn't be killed as well for participating in the mob.

"Remember not to do this again or you will all be killed." The ANBU said simply before they all left. He turned with concern toward the boy as he realized that he was staring at the corpse.

A pat on the shoulder brought Naruto back to reality, stopping him from staring at the Chunin's body for too long.

"If you stare too long it'll be burned into your retina's." Inu-mask-ANBU said half-jokingly, although he was serious about it, it can happen.

After several minutes he took a deep breath to collect himself, only to wince in pain when it stretched the wound on his hip. The dog mask ninja noticed this as he was sealing away the dead Chunin.

"Take it easy, though you should go to the hospital." Though he said it lazily Naruto could tell he meant well, so he decided to follow his instructions. Taking a shallower breath this time he pushed himself to his feet and bent to grab his bag of food hugging it tightly to his wound to stop the blood loss. He left slightly crouched for the hospital.

Almost out of the sight of the dog ANBU, his tiny body stumbled but righted himself again.

"Should I-?... Nah." The ANBU dismissed.

~~A little Later~~Still in Flashback

He was treated, although a bit grudgingly, from a grouchy nurse on the night shift. He returned home slowly to not aggravate the wound.

Unlocking the door to his apartment he dragged his feet into the kitchen and he put his groceries away. Naruto turned.

His usual bright cerulean eyes dimmed. Minutes passed by as he stood gazing lifelessly at his empty apartment.

"I'm home." He said.

He turned his attention down at himself and pulling at his torn jacket and bloodied clothing, he thought, "Man, I need a shower." He quickly stripped and threw the clothes into the laundry closet. Turning toward the bathroom naked he walked in and turned on the shower to warm.

He stepped under the lukewarm waterfall and let it rinse and calm his body until his wounds fully healed in the shower. Naruto shut off the water and dried himself off with a towel, and then he scrutinized his smooth healed skin and whispered "Only a demon could heal this fast."

============Flashback End=============

Obviously Naruto felt something emotionally snap at Jiraiya's comment of him actually being able to pass test.

"Don't underestimate me Ero-sannin! So now my sensei doesn't even believe in me?! Who the FUCK couldn't pass that piece of shit test?! [Ahh, the irony.] Naruto shouted blasting air around him in anger.

Both the Hokage and Jiraiya were stunned beholding the rage before them. They rarely saw him this mad and wondered what happened to make this kid so pissed off.

"Whoa gaki-"

"Don't. Call. Me. A. Fucking. Brat. Jiraiya." Naruto said. "Okay… mental note, do not call Naruto a brat when pissed off, that ran chills down my arms for some reason. Whatever is eating at this kid is serious if he started calling me by my name." Jiraiya thought worried.

"How did the smiley Naruto turn into an angered Naruto in the span of a minute? Obviously Jiraiya's and his mother's influence but…Bipolar?...Nah….Multipolar… Is that even real?..." As the Hokage left the scene to go to his office musing himself with his thoughts, Ero-sannin thought "WTF?! Did the old man just leave me to deal with this?"

Jiraiya's face became serious as he saw a flash of emotional pain in Naruto's angered face.

His shoulder length blonde hair shone red with the setting sun as it was whipped back and forth in his anger. Then his eyes started to glow blue eerily until he cocked his head up. Naruto could feel tears trying to break free as he realized who he was really mad at.

"When I was little a Chunin attacked me. The crowd and him said I was a demon and didn't deserve to live. I didn't want to fight the villagers, I want to protect them, yet he stabbed me like I'm nothing but a waste of space. Why do they make my dream of protecting them so hard to do? Why did they hurt me when I want to protect them, especially from myself? It hurts, sensei. Why does it hurt so much?" He said in broken sobs, water pouring from his eyes. Naruto fell to his knees, his hands clutched to his chest in pain.

Instead of giving into temptation and whipping some town's people's asses, he faced the heart wrenching sight in front of him and embraced his apprentice in a very uncharacteristic fatherly hug.

After the sounds of Naruto's pain stopped, Ero-sannin said to Naruto in a fatherly voice, "You did nothing wrong first of all. It's because you love the village and the people in it that it hurts so much when they do that to you. You have a lot of love for people who don't know you or love you yet. It may take some time but they will realize their deeds were wrong and will come to you asking forgiveness. Understand?" Naruto nodded with cloudy eyes.

"Now, they are hurting you because they think the Kyuubi is you and you are the Kyuubi, which is wrong. I know you know that but" Stormy blues eyes stared at the Sannin and he asked "how are you going to prove them wrong?"

End of chapter 1

Author's notes:

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