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~~Morning After Genin Exam~~ At the academy

Naruto arrived at the academy and waited at the entrance for Hinata to show up. He was openly glared at by the parents dropping off their children. Naruto ignored the looks and scanned the incoming people for Hinata.

He spotted her, "Morning Hinata-chan!" he waved eagerly.

Hinata heard him and seeing the wave tried to return it but she was nervous and it caused her to make a jerky waved, which she blushed at. She was anxious but she hoped she could be on the same team as Naruto.

If Naruto was emotionally broken he didn't show it… unless the occasional random perverted thoughts that now crossed his mind counted.

"Why hello there melons…" Naruto thought as Hinata jerked her hand in a wave that caused her breast's to jiggle, which could even be seen through her bulky coat. "OH my God. I just thought something perverted about hime. It's all that super perverts' fault! Must – go – clean – brain." He made to turn around but stopped as Hinata turned up right then. Feeling more courageous today she initiated the ritual morning hug between him and her. She wrapped her arms around his waist tenderly.

"No perverted thoughts. No perverted thoughts. No perverted thoughts. No P-"

Hinata gave an extra squeeze before she let go, Naruto's eyes glazed over and thought "Those are no melons; they're more like big soft-



What the hell?! When did Ero-sannin take over my body?!" He walked over to the side of the class door and started repeatedly bashing his head against the concrete wall to banish the perverted thoughts.

Over the years Hinata had gotten used to giving and receiving hugs with Naruto without being shy about it. When Naruto went and hit his head several times after the hug she worried she had done something wrong.

"What's w-wrong Naruto-kun?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just had to clean my brain—I mean - I had to get a thought out of my head, sorry hime." Naruto apologized rubbing his now bruised head, he also apologized in his head for both worrying her and his perverted thoughts, "I'm spending way too much time with Ero-sannin."

"Okay let's sit." Hinata said concerned. They both went into the classroom to their seats at the back. Naruto automatically sat down and started gazing out into the trees as if the meaning of life would be found out there and was silent but being a ball of energy was restless. Hinata did the usual and glanced at Naruto every few seconds while they waited for the teacher to show up.

Awhile after Naruto sat down he felt like he was being watched by someone, looking over the room in a swift manner he caught the gaze of black pupils. Sasuke. He was tensed in irritation of the blonde. Already angry because of Sasuke's constant arrogant attitude, Naruto figured he should piss him off. After smirking he turned his head away from Sasuke.

Sasuke thought "How come Naruto keeps getting all the stuff I deserve? The reward for the Rookie of the Year as well as… the Hyuuga girl…" His eye's drifted over Hinata's body. "I should be handed these things not Naruto, he's trash while I'm an Uchiha." A feeling of accomplishment coursed through Naruto as an "hmph" of anger came from Sasuke.

Everyone went quiet as the door to the classroom was opened by Iruka-sensei. Hearing none of the usual class noises Naruto turned towards the front.

"Alright since all the new Genin are here I'm going to explain the duties of a Genin…"

Bored, Naruto soon spaced off.

He came out of his daze when he ended up on the thought of melons and heard his sensei tell the team's consisted of a Jonin and 3 Genin's. Then the teacher started calling out the teams resulting in Naruto pondering who the third team mate on his team would be. He knew that the old man was planning on putting Hinata on the same team as him, he mused "So either the weakest or the strongest person. Kiba, Shino or Sasuke. It depends on if Hokage-sensei wants to either balance the team or make a strong team. Although… I'll be pissed off either way. Well, not if it's Shino because he doesn't talk much and his isn't arrogant like a certain species in here. Okay, Mental note: Work on anger issues more."

"Team 7 is assigned: Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga and Sasuke Uchiha" "He went for a strong team then…" Naruto thought. "The teamwork is going to be a bitch, might be a little hard to work out with the arrogant mother– " Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by the fan girl duo that had passed the Genin exam, Ino and Sakura. They liked to screech insults at him a lot, contrary to common logic Naruto took a fancy to Sakura but was shot down immediately after asking her on a date. Ino and Sakura were obsessed with Sasuke, which was why they were now screaming in disbelief.

Iruka sighed and used his Big Head Jutsu. Even on the last day that they were here he had to do his infamous jutsu on the two girls. Both looked down in disappointment at not being on the same team as Sasuke.

Once they were quiet he started calling out teams again. "Team 8 is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Sakura Haruno. Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi. Wait here to meet your sensei they should be arriving shortly. Good luck on your career guys." Iruka waved good bye and left the room.

A couple minutes went by before the Jonin started arriving and leaving with their teams. Naruto and Hinata waited for several hours after all the other teams departed. Since Naruto tends to be slightly hyperactive he decided to meditate in the lotus position and added an "oohm" to annoy Sasuke. While meditating he mused himself with possible pranks he could use to punish his new sensei with for making them wait for going on 3 hours now.

Naruto stood up swiftly causing his black clothes to billow. Both Hinata and Sasuke looked up questioningly.

Naruto smirked. "Best plan ev-er." He said in a sing-song voice.

Naruto suddenly disappeared after a hand symbol and reappeared several seconds later with a drift of leaves, leaving Sasuke and Hinata questioning if they had even seen him vanish. Naruto's smirk turned into a foxy grin when he sensed a Jonin level chakra had entered the building. He resumed his sitting and patiently anticipated the result of his meditation.

The Jonin with silver gravity defying hair walked to the door and slid the door open reading his book, a chalkboard eraser landed on his head in a puff of chalk that turned into a cloud of smoke. Already surprised the Jonin had a nosebleed when the eraser turned into a blonde naked woman that was clinging to him while touching certain areas provocatively.

The predicted result of Naruto's prank was a success "Weird, usually they pass out…" He spotted Jiraiya's Icha Icha series in his new sensei's hand and recalculated. "Ah…Never mind…but I can work that to my advantage eventually, if he continues to be late."

Naruto was laughing on the inside as his prank had also worked on a now passed out Sasuke. He kept a straight face through the whole ordeal, while Hinata was embarrassed but still letting out giggles. Naruto gazed at Hinata "Man, I love it when she laughs."

Naruto finally put his fingers in a cross and dispersed the jutsu feeling the sensei's had enough of the prank. The Jonin came to when the lady disappeared and thought "Well that was a first. I wonder who…" He looked at his new students and saw the infamous prankster looking at him with no emotion. "Hmm. Good at keeping emotions from showing in his facial expressions, though not from his actions obviously since his emotions led him to pranking me. Good skills to be able to catch me by surprise too.[Uh huh Kakashi, whatever you say.]I should have read their profiles… Oh well."

Naruto studied the Jonin with a mask covering his mouth and nose and shinobi head band covering his right eye. "Interesting. He either has trust issues, like me. Or he just wants to be mysterious… Probably the latter." Naruto thought with curiosity.

Kakashi started "Well my first impressions of you-"

Naruto interrupted "I don't like you. Now can we start the introductions so I can leave?"

Kakashi composed himself and thought "Very unpredictable kid." "Very well, meet me on the roof balcony everyone."

Kakashi disappeared on a puff of smoke to the roof of the academy. Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand, which she blushed at, and walked to the top of the building with a gloomy Sasuke in tow. His students appeared in front of him, Naruto lay sprawled out on the steps with Hinata clasping her hands together beside him and Sasuke secluded himself off to the side.

The Jonin-sensei said with an eye smile "Okay introductions, blonde brat, you first."

"It's a little rude not introducing yourself first, don't you think?" Naruto said from the ground.

Kakashi said amused, "My name is Kakashi Hatake, I don't feel like telling my dislikes or my likes… my dreams… meh …my hobbies… well I'll keep that to myself."

"Yeah right, your hobby is in your hand right now." Naruto thought shrewdly.

"Now if you would?"

Naruto sighed. "My names Naruto Uzumaki, I like ramen and especially Ichiraku's, my precious people, hime, Jiji-hokage, Jiraiya, Teuchi and Ayame. I dislike people who degrade others and underestimate me and people who think they're big shit." Naruto pointedly looks at Sasuke then moves on. "I hate the three minute wait for instant ramen to be done. My hobbies are hanging out with hime, training and eating ramen. I intend to be Hokage to follow the path of my role model." Sasuke snorted. Naruto started emitting killing intent, which he directed at Sasuke. Sasuke felt sweat rolling down his body.

"Shit. Where did this kid learn that?... and didn't Naruto just say that he didn't like people who underestimate him? Jeez the duck-butt is a dumbass. I really should have read their files." Kakashi thought sadly.

The killer intent got so intense that Sasuke passed out hitting his head on the concrete step, to the pleasure of Naruto. "Serves you right for underestimating Naruto/me." Naruto and Hinata both thought in satisfaction.

Ignoring his passed out student he moved on to the pale, indigo haired girl sitting beside Naruto. "Your turn, pretty lady." Kakashi felt a chill and saw a murderous glare from Naruto, he concluded to never let guys at Hinata for their own safety. "Man, this guy is overprotective… this is the first and hopefully last time that I get a chill from a 16 year old." When Sasuke heard she had to go next Sasuke woke up in a daze with a little lump on his head and looked over at Hinata.

Hinata blushed at the compliment from her teacher and oblivious to the glare Naruto was giving her teacher she said softly "I'm H-hinata Hyuuga and I l-like gardening, my best f-friend N-naruto and spending time with h-him. I dislike a-anyone that undervalues Naruto a-and tries to t-take advantage of him. My g-goal is…" She looked over at Naruto and blushed then continued with a different goal "to be r-recognized as a p-person of worth to my Hyuuga c-clan."

"Interesting… Looks like she likes the brat and it sounds like she has an inferiority complex." Kakashi thought.

Naruto gave her thumbs up in encouragement, which Hinata responded to with a soft smile and a slight blush directed toward him. "Man, I love it when she smiles, awe-some-ness. I'm so glad she's my best friend." He thought wistfully.

Had Hinata known his thoughts she would have wished that he thought of her as more than a friend.

Hinata suddenly got a dazed look on her face as she thought about the possibilities if she ever reached her original goal. She often spaced out into imaginary world with her and Naruto as the romantic center, and she found herself doing so now. A chuckle from Naruto jerked her out of fantasy land.

More blush appeared. "Jeez, how long am I going to keep blushing… I can't keep boys from looking at me weirdly…. I'm not good at Gentle Fist…." Hinata thoughts went in a downward spiral until she caught herself. "NO! Stop thinking along this line and enjoy the time you have with Naruto!"

Trying to cut the blushing girl some slack Kakashi said, "Your turn emo kid."

Sasuke glared, then said seriously, "My name is Sasuke Uchiha,I don't have very many likes and I dislike a lot of things. My hobby is training and my goal is to destroy a certain man."

Kakashi sighed, while Naruto held back a snort. "So your pretty much living to kill a certain man, eh? Seems pretty lifeless to me. Sure you might be able to kill the person but what happens after that?" Naruto said contemplatively to Sasuke. He appeared stumped by the sudden comment to his life goal. "I'll have to think on that." Sasuke mentally noted. "While at it, remember to buy tomatoes after this."

"Now that we introduced ourselves let's get down to business. Tomorrow at dawn, meet at training field 7, where I'll be giving a test to see if I should make you genin or not."

Hinata nervously poked her fingers together and Naruto had a thoughtful look again.

"I thought we were all done with tests, and aren't we already genin?" Sasuke grunted.

"First of all, shinobi are never done being tested and second I need to see if you guys are all worthy of becoming genin. The academy test was for determining if you were ready to be ninja."

Kakashi's new genin team nodded in acceptance.

"Now that that's settled… Just friendly advice but don't eat breakfast tomorrow or you'll end up throwing up." Kakashi vanished with a scattering of leaves after saying his piece. If he had known that his piece of advice would end up so disastrous then he definitely wouldn't have given it.

Naruto's face darkened when his new sensei said this and left with Hinata. He was disappointed in his new sensei. He couldn't believe Kakashi said that.

Irritable after bringing Hinata-hime home, since he still got angry looks from the Hyuuga clan, he said out loud, "Well no matter guess we'll just have to teach our new sensei what happens when we don't get our food, won't we?" Of course, not realizing the weird looks he got from street bystanders, which would have been a relief to the looks of hatred or disgust he usually received.

After not sensing any chakra in his apartment he walked through the entrance and bolted the door. He sighed, closing his eyes and leaned back against the wood.

"I'm home." Naruto said like always even though he knew he would never get a response.

A creak of wood brought to his attention a big man with long white hair sitting on his couch. Jiraiya-sensei.

"Welcome home." His sensei said with a warm smile.

Naruto jolted surprised. A few tears threatened to escape, but he blinked them back.

"Uh, what are you doing here, Ero-sennin?" He said.

Silence was his sensei's response, as he looked seriously at Naruto causing him to fidget nervously under his stare.

Satisfied with the reaction Jiraiya smirked and said slyly, after relaxing into the lumpy couch again, "What am I doing here? Well to celebrate your graduation of course! My intention is to take you out drinking to celebrate getting on a team. As well as show my sympathy of having Kakashi as your sensei." Naruto was surprised, until he heard the last part and grimaced. Kakashi-sensei was definitely going to get on his nerves, but his coolness made up for it.

Jiraiya smiled wider and pulled a sake bottle out of a Seal scroll. "I know I shouldn't allow you to have alcohol since it is illegal for a minor, but Sensei always said 'Old enough to kill, old enough to drink', for good reasons. It's kind of a tradition for becoming a ninja." He opened the bottle while stretching his legs out on the table and took a swig of the pleasurable poison.

Although Naruto was eager to try the adult drink he nervously looked at the already drinking sensei and said "Sensei, I'm not sure-"

"Go ahead and have some this is just the introductory drink anyways. You'll be having a lot more." He practically forced the bottle into the young man's hand. The blonde scrutinized the bottle and brought it up to his lips for a large gulp, which he learned to never do again. He spit out a bit but didn't want to waste it so he made himself ignore his gag reflect and ended up swallowing the rest. His throat felt like it was on fire. He coughed several times with a grimace.

Jiraiya laughed boisterously at his response and they passed the bottle between them some more before a grumble sound came from Naruto's stomach, which was shortly followed by one from Jiraiya's. Naruto quickly got up and stumbled to the kitchen to fix a meal. They talked random buzzed talk while Naruto prepared a meal for them. When he finished they both ate and drank some more sake between bites.

The Sage talked about the three downfalls of a ninja in his drunken ramblings although that only lasted a while before he got more intoxicated and the more perverted thoughts came out, which brought about a thoughtless comment from Naruto. The moment Naruto brought up the subject of melons in his drunken talk Jiraiya squinted at him in pervert mode. Naruto stopped talking as a chill went down his spine and peeked at his sensei. "Shit, I knew this was going to happen eventually." He thought but he was still eager. He started fidgeting under his gaze.

Finally after several minutes of awkward silence Jiraiya said seriously, "Naruto, now that you're instated as a ninja I think it's time - for the ceremony every man needs to go through."

End of Chapter 2


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