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Pairing: Shiny Ninetales(Male) X Espeon (Female)


No kiddies under 13, because it will mess your sweet innocence. :3

A young boy softly padded down the beaten pathway, trees running along the sidelines. Beside him was his espeon, it's lilac velvet coat, gleaming in the sun. The espeon mewled, as for it being a sun Pokémon, like a flower, absorbed all the sun light it could get, as well as enjoying the sun rays.

"Good girl, Espi. Enjoying the sun? I hope you're hungry because mum's going to make a big dinner, and dad's home too! You haven't seen pop since you were an eevee huh?" Crouching down to pet his partner's head, looking at the village that was about a mile away.
Espeon pushed her head into her trainer's hand, and mewled again.

"Yep and now we're champions, dad will be real proud of us! Come on girl! The faster we get there, it'll be quicker to get food! Don't you miss mum's fried chicken!?" Espeon said her name in response to her trainer's enthusiasm.
A trail of dust followed the sprinting pair heading towards the village.

-Next day-

After a delicious meal, and a restful night, espeon's trainer gave his team the day off from training, and they all went their separate ways. Some stayed in the garden, lazing around, some had a lie-in and some found their own places to relax. Espeon ran through the vibrant green forest, the bush leaves barely brushing her fur, merely ruffling it. It seemed that she had been running for quite a while, until she had noticed a wide, clearing.

The trees surrounded a large lake, the high mid-day sun, reflecting perfectly in it's still, smooth surface. Every cloud passing by slowly, each fearow and spearow streaking across the sky was seen in the lake's water. A medium sized hill also resided by the lake, leaving the lake at the bottom, with some waterside flowers at the bottom of the hill. A small wind tumbled through clearance, disturbing the water and leaves, for a moment.

Then silence and calm was restored, this place almost seemed timeless, with it's sheer perfection of the preservation of nature, untouched by mankind, it was a sanctuary. Espeon trekked through quietly and carefully, not wanting to break the lovely peace, she had reached to the top of hill, faced towards the sun. Her red jewel in direct sunlight, lowered her head, and put her mind at rest.

A flash of sliver darted through the dark, thick branches of trees that were planted in the deeper parts of the vast forest. Keeping low, the strangely coloured Pokémon, crouched and padded softly over the brambly branches and dry leaves. The ninetales did it will ease, each paw was well placed, and no noise made.

The silence was unbelievable, usually there would have been some chirps from the baby spearows, some weedles chewing through the leaves and some sentret families chattering. However it was not the latter, apparently everyone was in the sunshine today. The Pokémon sighed, sun. The warmth and happiness that was entailed with it, he had missed the most. He ver seldom let himself have the luxury of the sun, as there was a high chance of Pokémon poachers. On the other hand, it was growing into an unhealthy habit, and he was pretty sure he was denying himself some vitamin D.

As he was trying to find his favourite spot, his nose detected certain scent. Cinnamon and sweet spice. Until now all he could smell was the earth, some pollen and some manure, but not once had he smelt something so tantalising.

Like the stereotypical fire Pokémon, he enjoyed chilies, spicy food and spices. Coincidentally his favourite spice was cinnamon and allspice, as it gave him the memory of his childhood home with his parents. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he continued his path through the forest. Cautiously walking past some younger, greener and healthier bushes, he entered his own private sanctuary. Another strong wind blustered through, and as though it was under his nose, the cinnamon scent was stronger than ever. His eyebrows furrowed, this was getting stranger and stranger, and he couldn't quite put his paw on it. Walking further, until he saw a small figure of purple. It was a rare sight, to see an espeon. So vulnerable, so open, so tempting to take.

Creeping closer, the shiny ninetales realised that the said creature was asleep, and would not harm him. Yet. He stalked closer, until his shadow completely covered her whole body. Judging by her smell, looks and fur, he deemed her a trained Pokémon, owned by a human. Trained and pampered and well looked after judging from her shiny gleam in her fur, her lean taunt muscles relaxed under. The clean smell emanating from her that was not tainted by the earthy fumes. A gale rushed by, her scent was pushed against his nose, taunting him.

When he looked again, her little, lithe body did look quite delicious. That slim, slender tail looked quite talented and could be useful in a lot of things.

He could imagine, how he could and would whisper sweet and dirty nothings into those thin and hypersensitive ears.
The fact that this magnificent creature was all in the open, no defence was used, no attacks either. The young female was here simply by chance and was all here for him to admire.

He noticed her forked tail swishing around slowly, across the grass. It didn't look like a weapon but the Ninetales knew better than, judge a book by it's cover. Gently putting a paw on the tail, and felt the velvet fur. It was heavenly, smooth and silky, like the rarest silk in the world. Trailing up the luscious fur, he pressed a little more pressure on the middle of her back, feeling her hot fur. It was a couple degrees higher, from sitting out in the sun. His resistance had finally crumbled altogether, his slim muzzle traced her spine to her thin ears which were now quivering in her sleep. Chuckling deeply his thin tongue darted out, and traced the outline of her purple ears.

Every lick, more taste, and he came more aroused. His silvery tails unfurled to it's full length, from a distance away it looked like a mass of silver flames tipped with icy blue. Each tail wavering around, and it's cotton-like tip reached the tiny, luxurious body stroking every side it could reach.

Aside from the delicious scent of cinnamon in the air, a new fragrance of flowers was wafting in the air. 'Apparently this sweet little thing was a kinky little thing too.'

Continuing his soft caresses, a certain member was unsheathing and growing. And to his delight the espeon was enjoying his touch so much her rump was starting to lift a up and down, and on top of a rather sensitive and hardening organ.

Espeon was a deep sleeper, it took her a while to get up in the morning. She was having a wonderful dream, that she was in a meadow, and a dark figure behind was now moulding against her back. His body heat mingling with hers, his paws seemed to be made of the fluffiest cotton and were brushing her side, nearing her moist core.

She yipped at the sudden sensation of wet warmth in her ears, and it continued. Her control was weakening, as her ears were constantly at attack. Pleasurably attacked. She could feel the strong muscles pressed against her back, contorted as the 'shadow' touched her. Until she felt the sharp yet welcoming pain of a bite. Razor-sharp teeth had just grazed her ear, espeon was pretty sure that shadows didn't have teeth.

Waking up with a gasp, she tried to sit up, but actually her chest was forced right down to the ground, breathing restricted and pussy throbbing.

"Good afternoon darling" a smooth, dark voice said above her.

"Ge-ge-get off of me! Now!" Espeon used headbutt, but apparently was no use.

"Not strong enough little one. But what is strong is that particular essence. I think you know what I mean." A low, dark laugh rang in her ears. She didn't understand why her body was reacting this way, half her mind was induced by lust, her breaths in heavy pants.

"That's right, you want more, don't you?" He mocked, yet deliciously sinful. Nuzzling his muzzle in her neck, one of his nine, silver tails crept lower, tickling her puffy, exposed sex. Smashing her hips down on the tail, a purr left her small mouth. Nasal cries of raw desire were also heard.

Enjoying the results, of her and his cock hardening even more, he moved his legs and hips closer to hers. Her delectable essence of her, was dripping on his tail, as it swished, feathered over her hypersensitive clit. Espeon cried out, her hips forcing more of the tail into her, finally just the tip of it entered and the muscles came to almost suffocate the tail tip.

"Oh, yes more. I want more!"

"I see someone has come to my way of thinking." He teased, nibbling her neck, as his manhood was fully unsheathed just poking her ass. His battle against sanity was a weak one and he was the weak side, his body wanted nothing more than a mate and a good fuck. And this female seem to have the whole package. Feeling his tail drenched from fucking her, he swiftly took it away and saw the thick essence dripping off, tasting it. Replacing the tail on the swollen sex to keep his mate partially satisfied. The taste was absolutely divine.

"Ahnn, ugh, mo-moreee" claws coming out and digging into the earth to anchor herself.

"Yes, so desperate, helpless and drenched."
Her swollen, plump sex lips, puckered for the rod of steel pressing against her ass. Baring his teeth as sensation shoot through his body as the very tip of his cock grazed her clit, causing her back to arch.

"Hurry up and-"
The teasing was too much for the both of them. Ninetails shoved his thick wide rod in her, breaking her barrier at once. Espeon's back arched at the first, forceful entrance.

Her body welcoming the blazing hot intruder, her walls were burning, accustoming to his heat and size. Just like his nature, he teased mercilessly, even when in the height of pleasure. Sliding in slowly, until feeling a weak barrier. As he expected, a virgin, and taking her moans and desperate sobs of a sign. He sped up and he carried on through. Ripping through, sensing the walls spasm and the back smack against his chest, as she felt the pain.

Pumping slowly, albeit painfully retaining his crumbling self-control, nibbling her ears and curving his face around to meet her mouth. Slanting his muzzle over her mouth, swallowing her groans of pain.
Suddenly the bullets of pain morphed into bullets of pleasure, hips moving against his, loafing more pleasure onto herself. Espeon's body shot up, like an itch she never knew, ninetales's impossibly burning hot cock was hitting all the right places.

His control was running extra thin, instinctively his legs moved faster. Espeon welcoming the speed, literally started jumping on his cock. Smooth but rubbing against his soft lower belly fur.
Her juices smothered his big furry balls, matting the fur now with how much she was releasing. But that didn't matter, ninetales didn't mind at all, it was even better and kinkier for her to leave him with her essence splattered all over him.

"Ahnnno, give me more. You can give me more right? Is this all you got?" She taunted him, stepping on his pride. Turning her face to the side, sweat dripping down her wet fur, a slick, cunning smile was directed at him. With an wolfish grin, he let out a howl, pressing his muzzle deep into her throat. Knife sharp teeth bit deeply, almost drawing blood, marking his property.
Balls swinging, smacking noisly into her clit, as he rammed into her. His hot rod, constantly poked at her cervix, that was how deep he was.

"So fucking hot, tight and wet. So god damn hot." He chanted. Espeon's pussy was like a furnace, 100 degrees, and slathering ninetale's rod with her thick honey. Every thrust he brought his dick right to the tip, so the grass blades itched and tickled his long cock, as he slammed back into the espeon.

Espeon's walls gave that tell-tale squeeze, managing to hump her faster and faster, itching that scratch that she never knew.
With a loud howl, he humped faster, with seething eyes, watched and let out a content sigh, as he saw his tiny partner move violently forwards and backwards. Watching in great delight as his mate was being continued to be fucked, he gripped her hips and hind legs, managing to penetrate even deeper and faster.

Skin again skin, slapping hard against each other echoed throughout the clearing. Espeon's needy whined and grunts were loud and clear, as she humped back, bouncing on her mates cock. He was so good. So long, thick and rough. So deep and fast, she couldn't get enough. She wanted more of his dick, his scent, his teeth, his tails, his fur.

"Fuck-fuck. Fuck me har-harder! I want more of-of y-you!" She gasped between cries, her tongue lolling out her mouth. Nodding, ninetails used the rest of his stamina, to fuck his mate as hard and fast as he can. He caught her mouth; biting softly on her tongue, pushing his tongue deep into hers. His hips were a blur, as espeon's legs gave out, turning into jelly from the pleasure.

"I-I- wanna, cu-cum!" She demanded, frustrated. Ninetails responded with a feral growl, still forcing his muzzle and tongue deep within her mouth. With a final ram espeon's walls held a tight, super hot death grip on his dick, milking his cum, sighing deeply, her expression blissful and his was content.

Pulling out, espeon sighed regretfully, still flat down from the ton of pleasure that fell on her. Teeth nibbling on her mouth, lustful dusty eyes looked into her obsidian orbs. Carefully rubbing his still erect cock against her rump and hypersensitive and puffy vulva, giving a message. Throwing her head back, into his neck, she looked across, blushing. Still persistent, ninetales pushed even more forcefully into her, almost impressing his message to her. Espeon blushed, barely whispered against his mouth, her pink tongue darting out to lick his sharp canine teeth, which she found incredibly sexy.

"I want. I want to please you" blushing harder, her eyes looking away. A dark laugh left his gorgeous mouth, and simply said

"suck it". Espeon licked his mouth one last time, before turning around with deliberate slowness to face his wet, iron-steel dick. Her small mouth made the appropriate circle shape, a tongue flickered out to touch the tip. A slight grunt encouraged her, as she lowered her head down. From base to head, she found a particular vein. Biting softly on it, he jumped at the sudden sensation.

She got to his huge furry balls. Tasting the mixture of his and hers essence, unique with each other. Taking her time to play with the balls, languidly dragging her tongue across his balls. Sliding back up to the very sensitive tip, she opened her mouth wider, encasing his dick in her warm mouth moisture. He glanced down, cock twitching a lot, as he saw his mate trying to please him, by blowing him. Just the sight of his big, thick dick disappear through that childish mouth on that beautiful but childish face.

Just the thought and he lost it. Strings of hot, white cum she swallowed, with some escaped in the corner of her mouth.
Ninetales leant down, mouth to mouth, mate to mate. Smelling and seeing the familiar swell of dripping sex was once again fragrant, his shaft stirring up to it's full again. This was going to be a long day.

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